Cait rubbed her eyes with one hand as she held her tablet with the other. Standing in front of her wall monitor, she had been reading through the history Matthew (Lewis) was able to dig up on past ancestors for Kyle Evans. It was boring and neither one of them could glean anything from it all. JT had wandered off, safe with the knowledge that Charlie was on the floor with Cait, so she enjoyed being alone.

Maybe this ancestor thing wasn't the right path to finding out what was going on with the Pipers. It had been a leap - connecting Evans somehow with the Blood Memory. Maybe he wasn't the common denominator, but he certainly fit the profile. Someone was interested in Kyle Evans, enough to provide him with an endless amount of Eternity, despite the damage it did to his body and psyche, for that matter. When Cait saw Kyle last, he was thinner for sure, but not as thin as Simon had showed her last year. Everyone wanted him for one reason or another, Simon specifically for the mutated changes Kyle experienced because of the Eternity/Starburst mix. The only person not looking for him was his estranged girlfriend and creator of Starburst, a felling scientist in DI. One Nova Pie...Piew...Nova.

"Cait?" Matthew's voice chimed in from her tablet, making her realize she was just staring at the streaming text.

"Yeah, baby," she mumbled affectionately, making him chuckle softly and her grin.

"I managed to find a little more."

Cait yawned and slumped her shoulders.
"I don't think this is helping, Matthew. I'm not seeing any correlation."

"Well, neither am I, to be honest. It's a pretty interesting though."

"If mental disorders are your thing, I guess," she snorted.

"The human brain is a piece of work. But ok, I'll let you know what I find in this new stuff and send it your way."

"Coolio, baby."

Matthew chuckled again. "You called me 'baby'. K, bye!"

He signed off and Cait walked back around her desk and settled into the chair. On her computer monitor was more streaming text, but she closed the window and the desktop background had a picture of Charlie smiling at her. Some random picture she took with her phone. He was walking toward her in uniform and gave her that crooked smile with promises of dirty sex incoming. She wondered where he was, sighing deeply. Leaning forward onto her desk, she rest her chin down on her arms and closed her eyes.


Cait's eyes flew open and she jerked up at the figure standing in front of her desk. Kyle Evans slowly crossed his arms and looked down at her with an unreadable expression.

"Yeah, we need to talk," he said in a grumpy voice.

Kyle Evans 11 years ago
Getting into DI wasn't hard. The hard part was knowing what fucking muscle to flex.

"I forgot to ask, are you a doctor or just some scientist?"

Caitlinn looked up at Kyle with her mouth gaping open like a dying fish. It looked like she wanted to say ten things at once, but seemed to have lost the ability to speak. Relaxing his arms to his side, he looked around the office.

"Did you...you...but...."

Kyle looked back at her and gave her an annoyed look.
"Why are you stunned? You knew what you were doing to me when you gave me that stuff."

"Oh no, that's not my fault."

"Found your train of thought, I see."

"You gained weight."

Kyle raised his eyebrows and shrugged.
"About forty pounds, but I still have about thirty to go. I am a fat girl's dream." Speaking of weight, Kyle checked his watch to see if it was time to eat something again. Reaching into one pocket, he took out a Snickers bar and began to unwrap it as Caitlinn stood slowly out of her chair. Taking a large bite out of his candy bar, he let her circle him.

He was wearing jeans, a button-up white shirt, and a suit jacket. Gone were his trademark black suit and tie, but he refused to give up the jackets. He was finally nearing about 180 pounds, but on his 6'1 frame, it still looked thin on him, considering most of it was muscle. The Eternity/Starbust mix was burning the calories faster than he could put them in his body, so he had to resort to eating almost constantly, even when he knew he wasn't hungry. There were at least three more bars of candy hidden throughout his ensemble.

"How are you feeling?" she asked, finally coming to a stand still next to him. Turning, he settled down on the front of her desk and let his annoyed expression smooth out.

"Oh, just fantastic! Because of you, I lost half my body weight and can move through walls."

"I got you the Starburst, not the Eternity. You can't blame that on me."

"You didn't stop to tell me what the effect was doing, did you?"

"By the time I figured it out, I was running for my own life, thank you."

Nodding, Kyle finished his candy bar and licked the chocolate off his middle finger.
"Yeah, so what gives with you being back here again?"

Caitlinn rolled her eyes. "Dude, you have no idea. It's been a bad year."

Snorting, Kyle pushed up off the desk.
"You're kidding me, right? It's been a bad fucking five years for me." Straightening his shoulders, he got to the point of his visit.

"I need more stuff."


"Starburst. I'm almost out and there's no way I'm fucking myself, taking Eternity without it."

"Oh I'm just going to give it to you." She shrugged nonchalantly.

"Considering you're the one who fucked me, and not even the good way, yes. You are." Kyle gave her an appraising looking, making her flinch and roll her eyes. "Not that I'm oppose to you making it up to me right now."
Caitlinn Conrad 11 years ago
"Please. I'd rather risk Simon killing me for giving you Starburst than fuck you, Kyle."

"That's mean," he said with a grumpy look.

Cait was quiet for a moment as Kyle threw away his Snicker's wrapper and walked around her office, touching this, that, and the other. Every now and then he'd shy away from something or turn a frame or monitor away from him. It broke her train of thought, but ultimately she thought through exactly what was necessary for him to make it to her office on the sub-levels below DI's ground floor, North building.

"You got past security."

"Ayup," Kyle said without looking at her. "To the elevator, down to this level. Well, that took me a little longer than I'd like, but then across the main lab, that big mutt of dog Simon sent after me, to here."

"Wait, what?"

Kyle looked up at her. "The werewolf in uniform out there. Big guy."

"How do you know the Pipers?"

"How do you?"

Cait was silent, avoiding answering that question when Kyle narrowed his eyes at her. Walking slowly up to her, he concentrated on her face.

"Know the Pipers personally, do you?"

Cait remained quiet, glaring up at Kyle.

"Wow, that just sent your heart off running. So by personally, that must mean-"

"Don't be a vulgar prick, Kyle."

He laughed and grimaced. "Gross, you're fucking that big guy out there?"

"No, I am not. It's...that's none of your business."

"Well you're obviously fucking one of them."

"Really?" Cait gave him a disgusted groan. Changing the subject, she pointed toward the door. "How many abilities did you use to get down here?"

Kyle thought a moment and used his finger to do an imaginary math problem in the air, presumably carrying a remainder at one point. "Three. No, wait. Blending...the passy passy one...."

"Ethereal," Cait offered in a bored voice, trying not to be impressed with him.

"I had to push a little outside."

Cait listened to Kyle with an unimpressed expression on her face, but inwardly her mind was racing. It wasn't just a couple abilities he used, she realized, but a good half dozen to do what he did - getting into DI, a heavily secured fortress for the most part, without any of the Pipers catching a whiff of him coming through the lab. Subterfuge, suggestion, ethereal, glamour probably. It was ridiculous and the implications of it were freaking her the fuck out.

"What are you all excited about?"

Cait blinked.

"Your heart rate just tripled and you feel like you want to squee like a little girl."

"Empathy, too, huh?"

Kyle winked at her and smiled. "I am kind of a big deal."

"Meh," she snort softly.
Kyle Evans 11 years ago
Kyle grinned down at Caitlinn, enjoying the excitement he was feeling from her. It was so distracting. He tried to decide on which of the Pipers she was involved with, but it wasn't like he knew who any of them really were. His money was still on the big guy outside.

"What are you doing in here, anyway?" Kyle asked softly, unable to resist using his flirty voice. She noticed the change in his voice and suddenly she became very nervous. She looked away from him and nodded toward the large monitor on the wall.

"Looking for you, actually."

"Well," he said in a low voice, "who isn't these days?"

"Ok, really. Stop with the creepy charm? You're not impressing me."

Kyle narrowed his eyes at her, searching her expression and poking deeply into the aura of emotion coming from her. He made her uncomfortable, that was obvious, but why? Smiling slowly, he turned away from her and walked to the monitor.
"Yes, I am, but let's stick in a pin in that and get back to it later."

Intense annoyance radiated along his back as he turned it toward her, making him chuckle.

Caitlinn tapped her keyboard and information began streaming on the monitor. None of it made sense to him. It looked like some sort of family history dating back pretty far, a handful of generations, at least. Shaking his head slowly, he cocked his head to the side and realized what she was doing.

"So this is my family history? Why are you looking into that?"

"You know Evans senior isn't your biological father, right?"

He turned and glared at her.
"Well if I didn't, I know now. Way to break a family secret there, Caitlinn."

"Did you know?"

Kyle turned back toward the monitor and shrugged.
"Yes," was all he said. He had been on the flip side when his suede-Uncle, Grant Thorpe, the editor of the Nachton Times, had broken that news to him. Or rather, his doppleganger.

"My uncle told me," Kyle added quietly.

"That's not how I found out. Your uncle isn't talking. At all."

"Yeah, I know," he said almost absently. "Not sure why, though."

After that conversation, Kyle went on the lamb. Why he just didn't up and leave the city was beyond him. Well, he knew why. There was no where else in the country, in the world, he could get the amount of Eternity he needed. Between that and Starburst, you'd think the illicit drug made from dead vampires would be harder to get. Simon had such a tight lid on the Starburst now that it was impossible for him not to have to get it from DI. Really was a pisser.

"So what do you want with this information? What could it possibly tell you?"

Caitlinn moved up beside him and looked at the screen. "I dunno. It was a hunch."

"About?" he asked impatiently, looking at her.

"You seem to be in the middle of everything, Kyle. Like literally, wrong place, wrong time, every single time. Is it coincidence or is shit happening to you for a reason?"

"Yes, well, I have some ridiculously stupid bad luck."

"I don't think it's luck. I'm pretty sure you have everything to do with everything going on in this god forsaken city."

Kyle raised his eyebrows and shrugged.
"Probably, knowing my shitty luck."
Caitlinn Conrad 11 years ago
Kyle Evans always had a nonchalant arrogance that got under her skin. And not the good way. She had never seen one person go through so many different types of changes, both physically and mentally. His moods seemed to switch from paranoid, charming, sexually invested, to just plain stupid. It was a wonder, really, how he was even still alive. She wanted desperately to get a blood sample from him, but that was going to take some serious finagling.

"I can feel you scheming back there," he said in that low, sultry voice again. A very sudden and almost painful twinge ran up her spine and burned into a flush across her neck and face. He turned again and looked at her with his deep, blue eyes. "If you want something from me, Caitlinn, you only have to ask."

"I want a blood sample," she said, much to her surprise.

Kyle pulled off his jacket and threw it across the desk. Rolling up his sleeves, he held out his bare arms in front of her. He had gained weight, enough to make him look reasonable healthy instead of just scary thin. His skin had a light tan and his fingers were long.

"I'll give you what you want, if you give me what I want." Cait looked up from his outstretched arms and into his face. He was smiling down at her and again she felt a warm rush of blood tingle just beneath her skin, causing a high blush across her chest and neck.

"The Starburst?"

Kyle squinted his eyes in thought and then shrugged slowly. "Sure."

His words made her tremble. The single word implying more than just an acquiescence. Suddenly a slow throb started behind her right eye, making her wince.

"Get me the Starburst, Caitlinn."

The throbbing was starting to move to behind her other eye and she reached up, trying to rub her temples when Kyle touched her hands. Pulling her closer, Cait squeezed her eyes shut, trying to ride out the slow throb of what felt like a migraine when he whispered into her ear. He had gotten so close he was practically pressing up against her without her realizing it.

"Only you have to keep this arrangement a secret." His breath was warm against her skin and his touch soft as he pressed her hands against his chest. "You can keep a secret, right? Just between you and me?"

Cait couldn't keep her eyes open, the light was so bright in her office. She tried to pull her hands back, but he held onto them, pressing them harder against his chest.

"What's one little secret? Between old friends?"

It was the sound of his voice and feathery light touch that felt wrong. Forcefully pulling her hands back, Cait grabbed her head and pushed away from Kyle. Bumping up against her desk, she fell to her knees and cradled her head in her hands.

"Stop," she grimaced, not one hundred percent sure what she was asking him to stop doing. He knelt down in front of her and spoke so softly she almost didn't hear him.

"Will you get me the Starburst, Caitlinn? Can you do that for me?" He touched her again, making her flinch back. "I need it, Cait. Do you understand? You have to get it for me."

The pain cracked through her head, splitting her skull and almost making her vomit.


"Stop resisting and the pain will go away." Kyle reached out and grabbed her hands, pulling them away from her head and half dragging her across the floor to him. "I can do this all day, Cait. Thanks to you and whoever the fuck did this to me. All. Day."

The last two words nearly blinded her, almost to the point of unconsciousness, but not quite enough to make her miss Charlie come busting through her door with JT.
JT Paulson 11 years ago
JT stood in the hallway near the elevator bank and made a face. Looking up and down the hallway, he followed the scent of something familiar and it led him back to the middle elevator on sub-level four. Something was there with them, a new scent, but a familiar one. His senses were going apeshit, telling him to find whatever it was that was leaving a trail, a strange, faint trail, from the elevator. Turning back toward the labs, he returned to his original position when he first noticed the scent and inhaled deeply.

He was still a new wolf, not even two years gifted, and he was still unsure how long scents lasted, their nuances, and physical notes that attached to him like flypaper. JT recognized old scents on the floor, even the two Pipers he had flown to the city with that had been dead almost a year now. Their scents lingered, despite the amount of time that expired. This scent...he knew this scent.

JT had marked it.

Twisting toward the elevator, he turned away from it and suddenly the trail was bright, his senses finally honing in on the recognizable notes when Charlie came down the hallway, sprinting to the opposite side of the lab. Without thinking, JT pulled his gun and held it out, butt first, as his Lieutenant ran passed him, directly toward Caitlinn's office.
Charlie Hammond 11 years ago

It was so clear, so loud, there was no mistaking the inflection of the voice or the urgent tone that vibrated so distinctly in his head. It was a terribly painful, needful call that was so different than feeling desperate, base emotions from people. This was Caitlinn, in his head, calling out to him.

Without thinking, Charlie got up from his desk and slammed the door open, pushing himself out into the hallway and ran toward the main lab, passing only a small handful of techs that barely noticed him speed through. On the opposite side JT was standing with a concentrated look on his face, and in an instant, had his Piper issued tranq-gun, butt first, out for Charlie to take, which he did without a word. Together the two men ran down the long hallway to Cait's office.

A split second before Charlie opened the door, Cait's emotions blindsided him along with some urgent, extremely tense emotion coming off of someone else in her office. A name hit him like a ton of bricks - again, Cait's voice in his head.

Kyle Evans.

Readying the gun, Charlie pushed in the door and shot three tranq-bullets in the direction of the intense feeling, and in that place, was a man he had not seen in person, but was apparently an extremely hard person to find.

The first bullet passed through Kyle and almost hit Cait in the forehead. JT rushed the door behind Charlie and together they flanked the now disappearing form, neither having time to react to the supposed human going ethereal right in front of them. The second bullet hit the desk next to Cait and the third the far wall. JT pushed back on the door, closing it, as Charlie concentrated and aimed at what appeared to be nothing except the intense fear radiating out from the spot. Shooting two more bullets, the first hit the wall, the second hit the blended being, forcing the man out of it.
JT Paulson 11 years ago
JT immediately went to the door and checked the hallway. It was empty. Closing it gently, he turned back toward the now unconscious Kyle Evans and hovered over the man, feeling a pulse. Satisfied they hadn't scared the guy to death, JT stepped over him and toward Cait who was grabbing her head and now bleeding profusely through her nose.

Charlie was holding her, trying to look into her eyes, but she had them squeezed so tightly shut that they were thin lines where her eyes should be. "Cait, relax. Relax, relax," Charlie kept saying, trying to soothe her.

"What did he do to her?" JT asked moving the gun Charlie discarded onto the floor back into his holster.

"He must've been trying to use some of his abilities on her and she was trying to resist."

JT looked back at Evans.
"Did you feel her pain again?"

Charlie shook his head, slowly rocking Cait. "No, I heard her."

JT knew exactly what that meant. Vivienne and Simon were bonded, and with that bond was the ability to speak to each other without the use of actual speech. It was something Charlie had never mentioned having with Cait before. It was one more ability Charlie should not have.

"We have to hide him," Charlie said, nodding over to Evans.

"But Simon is looking for him."

"Yeah, so?" Charlie said easily.

More games, JT thought to himself, but nodded and called Lewis for help.
Caitlinn Conrad 11 years ago
"You've got 8 minutes."

Cait blew the blood out of her nose in the most unladylike fashion when Matthew's garbled voice penetrated through the haze of pain. Her head lifted and Charlie's blue eyes came into view, his expression angry yet concerned as he wiped the blood off her face.

"Did he use Command on you?" he asked while gently checking her eyes. "Jesus Christ, your right eye hemorrhaged."

JT moved behind Charlie, making them turn and watch as JT easily picked up Kyle and checked the door again.

"Go now, JT," Matthew's voice said clearer now through Cait's monitor. His handsome face in the center with JT's path lined up in smaller windows below his. "I'm rerouting the cameras, but I can only do it one at a time before they notice. 8 minutes, no, now 7 minutes 45 seconds is being generous." With that, JT bolted out the door and took Evans out of the building.

"He wants more Starburst. God knows how much Eternity he's taking now. That shit was powerful, way beyond what you can do, Charlie."

"Is it because he's using the abilities more?"

"I think so, yeah. Less fizzles, more intensity. That shit is no joke. He's scary strong." Cait winced as Charlie checked her other eye and grumbled angrily.

"I heard you," he said quietly, cupping her face with his hands. "Clearly."

"Is that bonding, Charlie?" Matthew asked from the monitor. Cait looked over at the screen and watched the smaller monitors as JT passed through DI to the underground parking lot. Matthew was rerouting the cameras, hacking the code to open doorways, all without triggering the system's alarms, but was still able to follow what Charlie and Cait were talking about. The true multi-tasker.

"Yeah, pretty sure it was," Charlie replied solemnly. Cait knew it disappointed Charlie when they discovered new talents within him - he just wanted to be normal.
'Can you hear me now?'

Cait tilted her head and smiled at him.
"Yeah, I heard you." 'Wanna fuck later?' she sent silently to him, making Charlie blush and grin.

"When do I not?" he said aloud.

"This kind of changes things."

Charlie nodded. "A little more dangerous, yeah. But helpful."

"I can't sneak around anymore, going to cramp my style. But then, neither can you."

"Can you feel me?"

Cait thought about it. Shrugging, she said,
"I don't even know what muscle to flex."

"He's out," Matthew interrupted. "Where do you want to take him though?"

"Can't bring him back to the Den," Charlie mumbled.

"What about your lair, Matthew?"

"God don't call it that," Charlie grumbled.

"Sure. He needs to stay sedated for now, right? Med Bay has all that stuff JT would need."

"Do it then," Charlie ordered.

"Aye, sir," Matthew responded and then closed the windows on her monitor and signed off.
Charlie Hammond 11 years ago
Cait's right eye was completely bloodshot. Her dark, brown iris was surrounded by a subconjunctival hemorrhage making all the white blood red. It would take a little bit for it to clear up, but it looked like hell till then.

"Probably going to take a couple days for this to clear."

"I can't walk around like this without people asking."

"I can fix it," he shrugged, knowing she probably wouldn't like his solution. She thought it over for a minute before nodding.

"Fine, but are you sure me taking all of your stuff is a good idea?"

"Short term, you're fine. No obvious effects. Long term we'll have to see, but I don't think there will be any problems."

Cait slipped off her desk and circled it, sitting in her chair. Reaching underneath, he heard a snap and watched as she put a small black case on the desktop. The cylinder was almost empty.

"You've used that much?"

"I told you." Cait injected herself with the rest of the Eternity mixed with Charlie's blood and her hands balled up into fists, trembling from the pain. Grimacing, she squeezed her eyes shut, riding the pain, as Charlie looked on helplessly.

"Charlie?" Charlie turned back to the monitor. Lewis was there again, his face concerned. "You read the report about Evans, right? The track that happened the day you woke up?"

He had. It was one of the first things he did read after waking up with no memory of the previous year. It was a simple track and deliver to Simon Huntington. JT had managed to mark Evans, and per Vivienne, had been sent out with Red and the team of Pipers to retrieve him. The human meant nothing to the Pack, but there were clear misgivings regarding the deal between Vivienne and Simon. The result of the mission had been disastrous. The two Pipers watching over Charlie at DI were killed, by Dougie they later found out, Red was hospitalized with massive third degree burns along with Simon, and Vivienne went into an early labor.

Kyle Evans managed to get away, and not without revealing he wasn't just human anymore.

"Yeah, I know who he is. I can see why everyone wants him."

"Why are we keeping him?"

"What do you think Simon will do with Evans, Lewis?"

Lewis paused for a moment and then shuddered. "Well, what are we going to do with him?"

"I know what I'd like to do with him," Cait growled, shaking the pain off. She looked up at Charlie and he could see the whites of both eyes perfectly again. "Better?" she asked.

Nodding, Charlie remained quiet, still unsure what to do with Evans. The human had tried to twist his mate's will into mush, and that alone made him want to be alone with Evans in a locked room. Crossing his arms, he considered their options.

"We can't give him to Simon. We can't let him loose again. We can't test on him," Charlie flicked his eyes over at Cait, ready to object, but his look silenced her, much to her displeasure. "First we have to let him burn the Eternity in him before we can even wake him up. There's no telling what he can do right now." Charlie touched the vials they found on Evans, looking at the cylinders with small, blocked lettering.

"This delivery system is pretty ingenious in its simplicity." He picked up the injector and fingered the empty slot where the Eternity capsule inserted. Evans had three on him, all labeled. Ethereal/Perception, Blending/Glamour, Command/Suggestion. "Is Glamour what I think it is?"

"He must be using it to hide his identity. People don't quite see him, instead they see whatever he wants them to see - blond hair, brown eyes, etcetera." She took the Command/Suggestion capsule. "This is a heavy hitter right here."

Charlie took it out of her hand and looked at it. He did not recognize the handwriting, but he wondered....

"Ok, I felt that one, Charlie. That's straight up suspicion. Why don't you just ask if I gave him this shit?"
Lewis Kearney 11 years ago
"That's not Cait's handwriting."

Both Cait and Charlie looked over at him through the monitor. He had already zeroed in on the capsule and magnified the labeling. He was curious, as well, if Cait had given the Eternity to Kyle Evans. He was just more direct than Charlie had been.

"It's not one of us, if it's any consolation. Nothing I have on record. And the delivery system is fairly common, just modified obviously."

Cait glared at Charlie who put the Eternity down and looked directly at her, not avoiding her stare. They weren't speaking at all, but he figured they didn't need to anymore.

Clearing his throat, he got their attention again.
"JT has Evans secured and is on his way. Might be easier to bring him in when it gets dark. I'll have to fuss with security here for a few minutes to get them both into the woods without attracting attention."

"That's fine, Matty. Get it taken care of and we'll head out there tonight." Charlie looked back at Cait again who had picked up one of the vials.

"Um," he said pausing long enough for the silence to really bug him. "Ok, I'm gonna...go now." Charlie flicked his eyes over at him again and nodded. Lewis immediately cut the feed and leaned back in his chair. "Oh my god that was uncomfortable, and for the life of me I do not know why," he mumbled to himself.

(Lewis out)
Caitlinn Conrad 11 years ago
'We shouldn't get used to talking like this, you know.'

Cait didn't reply, but continued to glare at him.

"It was a reasonable assumption, babe," Charlie said out loud. He narrowed his gaze at her. "Did you really feel that from me or just infer it?"

"Both," Cait said in a monotone voice. "Your lack of faith is disconcerting."

"Ok, now I know you're not really mad." Gathering up all Eternity and injector, Charlie pocketed them into his lab coat that was over his gray trousers and V-neck cable sweater.

"I am curious as to what Simon would do with him."

"I don't really want to think about it."

She winced and looked down at her hands. Spots of dried blood were on the tips of her fingers, caked into the fingernails.
"Kyle's behavior is erratic. Toward the end there, that wasn't him at all. Way too charming to be him."

"How well did you know him?"

Again the suspicion, this time with a tinge of jealousy ebbed out of Charlie. It was odd feeling his emotions, granted it was only barely a 'feeling' at all. Whatever bond they had, it was weak.

"If I didn't have a thing with Jake, I sure as shit didn't have one with him. Kyle was just...I don't know, creepy, kind of? Funny sometimes, but his paranoia rivaled mine big time. He's a functioning alcoholic, or was. I didn't smell anything on him this time and I always did before. He smokes now though, I caught that."

Charlie's expression turned from serious to humored as he listened to her talk. It was love, happiness, and tickled all wrapped into one.


"You use your sense of smell more now. It's cute."

She made a face and narrowed her eyes at him.
"It's your fault. I never noticed before you kidnapped me."

Charlie rolled his eyes as he walked around the desk and sat on the edge of it next to her. "We did not kidnap you."

"Right, right. It's not a felony if you're trying to help me against my will," she said with a laugh.
Charlie Hammond 11 years ago
"How much can you feel from me?"

Charlie mostly felt Cait's more primal responses to things, at least those were more powerful in his ability to feel emotions around him. It had always been stronger with Cait, even when they first met. Initially it was just flashes, but lately he had gotten so used to feeling her, he really only noticed it when it wasn't there. Cait couldn't look him in the eye without a flare of arousal or nervousness; usually the two emotions were coupled in their presence. She still very much kept to herself around other people, but her inner reactions were almost always the opposite of what she was showing. He wondered how much stronger their bond would get over time.

"It's not constant. They're like blips in on a radar. I imagine it'll get stronger as time goes by. Or, I dunno, maybe not. Your abilities aren't that consistent."

"Empathy is now. But I can somewhat control it. I got tired of Lewis' constant exuberance and Red's depression."

"Red is?"

Charlie shrugged it off. Red's life was his own and he didn't like talking about the other Pipers' personal lives. He redirected the conversation back to Evans.

"He just wanted you to get him the Starburst?"

"That was the top of his list. He pushed something fierce, he wanted that more than anything."

"Anything?" He tried to hold onto his slowly burning anger.

"Like I said, that wasn't him. He's not that charming."

Charlie let it go as best he could. He needed to stop letting the wolf in him get all territorial. He changed the subject again.
"You know I can feel you during sex."

Cait snorted and blushed profusely. "You keep switching topics on me." She looked away embarrassed. "I figured you could. The way you can...I don't want to pillow-talk right this second, come on," she laughed nervously.

"I'm just saying, imagine the next time. Could be interesting with it being a two way street." He leaned closer to her, tugging on her hair playfully as she curled up in her chair. "Knowing I like what you're doing will be incredible. It is for me."

"Ok, ok," she squirmed, covering her eyes.

"How long have we been together? A year now? And you still get embarrassed talking about sex?"

"No. Not really. There's a time and place, and after getting mentally assaulted in my office doesn't really seem like that time or place," she laughed.

"Kiss me." Charlie felt her rush of arousal with a heaping of shyness emit from her. "Come on, kiss me, and see what happens."

"I don't wanna, come on!"

He reached out and tugged on her hand, pulling her out of her seat and in between his legs as he sat up against her desk. "
Give us a kiss," he said softly.
Caitlinn Conrad 11 years ago
"Is this your way of exerting your dominance over me after the threat of another man sniffing around what you consider your territory?"

Charlie snorted and wrapped his arms around her waist. "That's just mean. I just want a kiss."

"Are you going to pee on me?"

He pulled her close, nuzzling on her ear as he laughed softly. "I'm not really into that."

"Good to know," she giggled. Touching his face, she leaned onto him, letting Charlie run his lip along her neck. His warm breath sent shivers down her spine as he chuckled softly. Slowly he rubbed his stubbled cheek against hers, making her eyes close with an ache she knew he could feel, just by the sudden aggressiveness of his embrace. "What if someone walks in?"

Charlie's hands moved to reach underneath her shirt, running his long fingers along her skin. Moving his mouth to hover over hers, he grinned slowly while brushing his lips gently against hers. "Even better," he said softly and then captured her lips with his, hungrily pushing his tongue into her mouth.

Cait pulled herself closer, pressing up against him. She immediately felt the mew of lust sigh out of her, making him chuckle into their kiss. Audibly breaking their kiss, he whispered against her lips.

"I can feel you." Then he soul-gazed her with those damn blue eyes.

All at once she felt the flush of want and need, completely inundating her senses. Cait gasped and practically moaned,
"Oh my god, Charlie."

He grinned, precariously close to kissing her again. "Told you," he said slowly.

Cait could feel Charlie's want, his desire to have her. It was aggressive and feral, almost animal like, making her wonder if this is what the wolf in him felt like when it wanted out. She felt her pupils dilate as the feeling washed over her.

"You like it," he said in his deep, throaty voice.

It ebbed in and out like the tide. The intensity fluctuating, but always there, throbbing just underneath her skin. It was addictive. Practically climbing on top of him, Cait kissed him hard, pulling on his sweater as she rubbed up against him.

Simon Huntington 11 years ago
Simon expected to see JT immediately when he stepped into the main lab area of sub-level 4, but was surprised to see only a small crew of scientists milling around. Moving through the floor quietly, none of his employees noticed him, but he was doing his best to slink by without attracting any attention. He just didn't feel like being friendly or even remotely sociable. It was time to check up on the affable Miss Conrad, so Simon made his way to her office.

There was not one single area or office in the three towers that Simon could not enter. It was only out of courtesy did he ever knock, but this time he decided to forgo the pleasantry and just let himself in. He was not surprised to see Dr. Hammond with Caitlinn, however walking in on them mid-makeout was unexpected. Simon was not proud - he watched for a few moments as they kissed hot and heavy against her desk, Hammond's back to the door and his arms so far up Cait's shirt that Simon could see the creamy brown softness of her stomach. With his hand on the doorknob, he waited patiently for one of them to notice him. It soon became clear that they were going to need some prompting.

Simon was set to clear his throat when Cait let out the most delectable moan, making him raise his eyebrows. Their breathing was fast and the creaking from the steel desk very distracting. Suddenly Hammond began to chuckle softly as Cait's hands lowered from around his neck and disappeared below.

"Right here?" Hammond moaned.

Simon turned and looked behind him nervously. Despite having no shame at all, he realized things were about to get extremely graphic between the two love birds. The sound of Hammond's belt buckle and then zipper made Simon grin. Leaning on the door frame slightly, he decided to wait for them to notice him. Suddenly Hammond picked up Cait and turned around, laying her back onto the desk, in between her legs, when they both looked up at him standing at the doorway.

"Shit," Cait yelped and pulled her shirt down as Hammond lifted her back up.

"I'm sorry," Simon said pleasantly and with a shit eating grin, "am I interrupting anything?"
Caitlinn Conrad 11 years ago
Cait turned away and stood with her back against Charlie. She could hear the smile in Simon's voice as she angrily adjusted her shirt back down and fixed her bra. The sound of Charlie zipping his fly made her want to crawl under her desk and die.

"Damn it," she mumbled and rolled her eyes as she faced Simon at the door. "Really?"

Simon grin grew bigger. "Really, really, Miss Conrad."

The intense arousal from Charlie receded, but he wasn't as embarrassed as Cait. It felt more like annoyance.
'He's here for you, more than likely,' Charlie sent to her silently.

Blinking slowly, Cait took a deep breath.
"What can I do you for, Mr. Huntington?"

Simon came slowly into the office, closing the door behind him. He still had that grin in place, no doubt thoroughly enjoying the moment. "Mr. Kearney sent me an updated file on Mr. Evans. Was interested in your thoughts." He stood in front of the desk and linked his fingers together in front of him. "But you appear to be busy. I'm fairly certain HR would frown upon this type of fraternization in the workplace."

"Alright, Simon," Charlie said.

Simon flicked his eyes briefly to Charlie, but looked back at Cait, giving her an unwanted appraisal.

'He's not subtle, is he,' Charlie sent.

"I haven't had time to look over it, no. He just sent it over." Ignoring Simon's look, she called up the information from her desk and then pointed to the wall monitors. "It might just be a waste of time."

Simon ignored the monitor completely, continuing to stare at Cait. She hoped the slightly annoyed expression she was carrying like a shield would deter his attentions, but with him Cait never knew what to expect.

"Where's Mr. Paulson?" Simon asked suddenly.

"Off property," Charlie answered evenly.

"Right, you're...covering...Miss Conrad, aren't you?" Again the grin.

"Just get it out of your system, Simon," Cait said with a sigh.

"No, Miss Conrad," Simon said slowly, his good humored tone chilled considerably, "you wouldn't want me to do that."

Cait's courage shriveled up like raisins. She hated when Simon did that - exert his dominance, as most men surrounding her seemed to want to do, just by changing the tone of his voice. Cait looked away, uncomfortable and just a little scared.

"What do you plan on doing with Evans, once you find him, Simon?" Charlie asked as he circled the desk slowly and came to stand next to Simon. He was a hair shorter than the vampire, but Charlie's presence was just as intimidating. It wasn't just posturing and Simon seemed to acknowledge that by finally looking directly at Charlie and maintaining the stare.
Simon Huntington 11 years ago
Vivienne's Charlie, or rather, Dr. Hammond was far more intimidating than he let on. Simon supposed Charlie didn't need to posture like his Commander did. But then that just could be the bitter vampire in him talking.

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested in what makes him unique, Dr. Hammond. As a scientist, the pursuit of knowledge and all that has got to have you interested in that, as well?"

"I don't want to open him up and see how he ticks, no."

"Who said anything about cracking open that nut, Dr. Hammond? Kyle is certainly unique, but I made him a promise a long time ago and I'm a man of my word." Simon paused, letting it sink in. "As you well know."

"So you want to help protect, Kyle? After everything he's done? Impersonate you, break into your underground facilities, cause mayhem wherever he goes?" Caitlinn asked from her perch behind the desk still, but Simon made no move to look at her. He kept his eyes on Charlie, watching the young man.

"Kyle has always been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Except for maybe the zombie incident several years ago, he's been involved in every major catastrophe this city has to offer. I'm surprised he hasn't gotten himself killed yet. But I don't hold it against him. He can't help himself. He's human." Simon looked at Cait and tipped his head, "No offense, of course."

"None taken," Cait said with a concentrated glare.
Charlie Hammond 11 years ago
Charlie felt absolutely nothing from Simon as the vampire leader spoke of his 'word'. He could never feel a trace of emotion from Simon, but that was part of the vampire's abilities he heard from Vivienne. Or rather, the trickle down from the Commander and leadership. Simon was apparently tougher skinned than some vampires, beyond that of what they called Ancient abilities. Harder to kill, basically. Harder to read. Easier to move around undetected and you could never get the jump on him, unless his focus was elsewhere. Charlie gauged Simon for his worth, and he had no doubt Simon was doing the same.

"Your question begs another question, Charlie." Simon rarely used anyone's first name. It made what he was going to say next an unconsciously important thing to hear. "If you found Kyle, would you tell me?"

"That's our deal, isn't it?"

"That's not a definitive answer. Would you hand Kyle over, if you had him?"

"Yes," Charlie said without missing a beat.

'You lie easier than I do,' Cait sent.

"I have your word on that?" Simon said slowly.

"My word is my bond, Simon."

Truth be told, Charlie had no problems lying to Simon Huntington, Leader of the unrecognized Tacharan clan. Despite his life, Charlie owed him nothing. He made no deal with the vampire to keep him alive. Certainly didn't agree to working in DI and helping them with their research. It was a deal done without his approval or any discussion.

He owed no one anything, as far as Charlie was concerned. He had no noble aspirations of loyalty to Simon. Doing what he was told was part of his job as a Piper, but handing over a human to the vampires? No one deserved that.

'I'd tell him I'm the cause of Cancer if he'd stop staring at you like that.'

Cait's soft laughter filled his head, making him grin, probably giving Simon the wrong impression.

"You realize what I'd do with him,
if I did anything to him, would be nothing compared to whoever else is looking for him. Someone is giving him that Eternity, a lot of Eternity, and for a specific reason."

"Maybe some men just like to watch the world burn, Simon," Cait said, quoting a popular, yet appropriate, saying.

Simon let his look linger on Charlie's mate, making him bristle. Blinking slowly, the vampire half turned to Cait. "I've been alive a long time, Miss Conrad. From the Dark Ages to the precipice of artificial intelligence. Whoever is controlling Kyle, IF someone is controlling him and what's happening, destruction is a poor excuse for originality. I'd rather build something than tear it down. Otherwise, no one would be around to see me win and where's the fun in that?"

Charlie would have given anything to know what Simon was feeling right then. A stoic man with very little facial queues, it was hard to read Simon when he spoke, other than the inflection of his voice. When he spoke just now, it wasn't quite gloating as much as it was what he saw as the undeniable Truth. Some men played the game to destroy everything and everyone and reveled in that destruction. Then there were men like Simon, who played the game, not quite liking it, but doing it to win with everything intact.

"Because where's the worth in your victory if everyone is dead."

Simon looked back at Charlie and smiled. "Exactly."
Simon Huntington 11 years ago
Simon considered the topic of their discussion. That there was, in fact, a mastermind to everything that had happened so far. But how could someone, or a group of someones, orchestrate such an elaborate plan that involved two species, one of which most of their kind had no knowledge. It almost seemed like it would have to have been pure luck that everything happened the way it did.

Caitlinn huffed impatiently, breaking Simon's train of thought again. Looking back at her, Simon let his eyes travel the length of her, reminding him of what he walked in on just minutes before. Quite suddenly Charlie's heartbeat began to beat furiously. Simon took it as his cue to leave.

"Well then," he said slowly and with a forced grin.
"I'll leave you two...to it." Turning toward the door, he walked away from the couple. "I'd still like to know your thoughts on the new information, Miss Conrad. I'll check in on you later."

"Of course," she replied easily.

"I'll knock first."

"Thank you," she muttered under her breath.

Without looking back, Simon exited quietly.

((OOC Simon out))
Caitlinn Conrad 11 years ago
Cait and Charlie stood silently in Simon's wake. Something was troubling her.

'You know up until this point, I really did think Simon had Kyle.'

Charlie stuck his jaw out to the side and made a face.
'Yeah, me, too.'

'Do you think he knew what we were doing?'

"I'm pretty sure he knew exactly what we were doing, babe," Charlie said out loud and with a salacious grin.

"That's not what I meant," she blushed. "I meant about hiding Kyle."

Charlie raised his eyebrows and leaned against the desk. "He's hard to read. I've never gotten a trace of emotion off him. Him or Vivienne, for that matter."

"His abilities are pretty defensive. He has what's called 'Coat of Arms', bonding, and an uncanny ability to be untraceable and unable to be surprised. And as for Vivienne," Cait shrugged, "maybe unconsciously you don't want to know."

Cait could not hide the pang of jealousy when speaking of Vivienne to Charlie, despite his denial of any type of feelings for her. She waited to feel something, anything, from Charlie when Vivienne was brought up, and he did not disappoint.

It was an uncomfortable feeling she was getting from Charlie. Something like guilt, irritation, but thankfully no attraction.

"Now that's a weird one."

Charlie flicked his eyes over at her, then looked away.

"No regret?"

Charlie shook his head. "None. I can't regret what I don't remember feeling. It's just..." he shrugged and let the sentence unfinished. "You have no reason to be jealous. Of anyone."

"Funny, I keep telling you that." She gave him a weak smile and squinted her eyes.

Charlie grinned and stood up off her desk. "Did you want to grab something to eat or should we just fuck on your desk?"

Without missing a beat, Cait replied,
"I brought some pbj. Let's fuck first?"

"Ok." He stood there and grinned at her. "Come here."

Cait sighed and dropped her shoulders.
"You're so lazy."

"I know," he said undoing his belt buckle.

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