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Cris had suggested his plan to Rowan on the way home. He hoped it gave his partner something other than the moving car to think about and possibly a little hope.

The plan, desperate as it might be, was conceived perhaps a day ago when he had spoken with Sorcha about her new job. In the course of the conversation she had mentioned that she might not be able to stay up into the wee hours of the day talking to her friend Evgeni. She had mentioned him before; he was the Tacharan that they had tried to save, only to find him missing.

Now he was free and still kept in frequent contact with his friend in Evenhet. Sorcha explained that Evgeni could sleep through the dreams of someone else if he knew them or was close by. The Tacharan had even learned to control dreams. Sorcha believed it was an evolution of the suggestion ability. The whole change from the brute force of command to the more subtle suggestion to the even more subtle use of the subconscious within dreams was something she found fascinating.

What Cris had found of interest was that this friend of her's might be able to solve Rowan's nightmare problem. With Rowan's approval, they had called both Evgeni and Sorcha to the house. It seemed like an intervention of some sort and Cris hoped Rowan didn't feel too uncomfortable with being the center of this strange attention.

He had carried his companion up to the bedroom and settled him down in the bed. Cris smoothed the hair from Rowan's forehead and told him that he loved him and that everything would be okay. He then went back downstairs to make some chamomile tea for their guests, and Rowan if he wanted it, and to find a blanket and pillow to add to the chair in the room for Evgeni so that he would be as comfortable as possible while he slept nearby if he needed to be in the room. The sofa just below was fairly close and much more comfortable but only Evgeni would know whether that was close enough.

While the water was heating up, he returned with the blanket and sat on the edge of the bed with Rowan. "You are sure you are okay with this? They could still call the whole thing off if the idea of a stranger entering his dreams was too much for Rowan. Cris was not sure he would be okay with it. His dreams were private and his alone but he was not having trouble sleeping and had never had trouble pulling himself out of a nightmare. For Rowan the nightmares seemed worse than this solution.

Evgeni 9 years ago
It was a nice house, perhaps a bit small but for a winter hideaway it was perfect. Not everything needed to be a palace. Truthfully, these days he didn't know what he would do with a palace. Evgeni followed the couple unseen, relaying the dream first to one and then the other. The mind was an interesting thing and made up for the minute gaps, seeing a movement here or a pause there.

They finished the tour in the bedroom as promised. From the looks of things there would not be a visit to the village in time for anything to still be open except for the tavern. He was okay with that and it seemed so were they.

Then Rowan said something in a language he didn't understand. Evgeni sighed inwardly and did his best....
Christian Bern 9 years ago
Cris noticed Rowan taking a long look at the bathtub and he added that on a mental to do list. They would need to be clean to go out anywhere. Of course there wouldn't be much to see in the village but perhaps they could go hiking and see a bit of the countryside.

He was in Rowan's arms once more and they had a convenient bed handy. The night was continuing on toward sheer perfection. Rowan's kiss was enough to make him want more. He wanted to feel his lover's skin against his own. He wanted to lay Rowan down and love him so thoroughly that neither of them wanted to leave the bed until the following evening. Cris wasn't sure why but he felt they needed it. He wanted to feel himself inside his partner and truly feel as though they were connected, both wholly present, mind, body and soul. Tonight he knew that would happen. It had been lacking. Why?

Rowan whispered softly in his ear and he smiled in return. "I could not agree more, Love."

And then Rowan started speaking Latin. Quoting poetry more accurately. His companion said.


Dearest dream, my soul's enchantment
Lovely guest from heav'n above,
Most benevolent attender
To the earthly realm below,
You gave me blissful satisfaction
Momentary but complete:
Bringing with you happy tidings -
Like a herald from the skies.


Cris leaned back and raised his eyebrows slightly. It was very beautiful but not exactly what he had expected from his partner in a moment of passion. Of course Rowan had once written Shakespeare on him in chocolate so perhaps he was just in a mood for poetry. Cris wasn't sure why Rowan chose Latin though.

Well who was he to thwart such a muse? He rummaged through his brain and came up with a sonnet from Petrarca who wrote 365 poems to his love. It seemed only right to say it in Italian though he was not sure whether or not Rowan spoke it.

I' benedico il loco e 'l tempo et l'ora
che sí alto miraron gli occhi mei,
et dico: Anima, assai ringratiar dêi
che fosti a tanto honor degnata allora.

((OOC: Rowan might but Evgeni doesn't so it won't be in Italian and he has no idea what Cris is saying. He might get one out of every five words. He said:

I bless the place, the time and hour of the day
that my eyes aimed their sights at such a height,
and say: 'My soul, you must be very grateful
that you were found worthy of such great honour.

Rowan Murphy 9 years ago
Rowan had no idea why Cris was looking at him like that until he realized he'd spoken Irish, which Cris only understood a few words of, and those were the ones he'd only recently learned from Rowan. He was about to laugh and apologize when Cris recited a poem to him in Latin. About celebrations. And honoring a maid from far away. Now that was unusual. Cris was definitely not one for flowery prose, nor did he regularly liken Rowan to a woman - much less a maid.

And yet, for some reason, although Rowan's subconscious recognized that that was very unlike his lover, he still moved forward rather than stop and ask questions. Why should he? Cris was here, they were alone in this bedroom in Lauterbrunnen, where they'd always wanted to visit, and poetry or not, they were both feeling appropriately amorous. Rowan just wanted Cris. It had been too long since they'd joined without worry or care. He couldn't remember just what had caused such a breach in their usual closeness. Work, probably. It was always work. They needed this vacation so badly.

So he smiled and he did laugh, softly and happily, at the situation they found themselves in, at the fact that Cris was feeling playful enough or romantic enough to spout poetry at him. He kissed his partner again, sliding his hands up beneath Cris's shirt, sighing with pleasure at the feel of his warm skin.

"I'm so glad I can inspire you to recite verses to me," he said. Then his voice took on a slightly more wicked tone. "I don't suppose I can inspire you to talk some more, can I?"

He gently bit at Cris's neck, hopeful. Cris had a tendency, now and then, to get downright dirty, a delightful occurrence that was surprising from the staid Security Chief unless you'd heard it before. Rowan had... and Rowan loved it. There was something about Cris's voice that was such a turn on when he was describing in naughty detail exactly what he wanted to do to his partner.

In the interest of fair play, Rowan decided he should probably start. He sat on the bed, tugging Cris close and spreading his legs so his lover could stand between them. Looking up at Cris with sparkling sea-colored eyes, Rowan rested his head against Cris's chest.

"I want to feel you inside me," he said with a soft sigh of desire. "I want you to take me. All of me."

Somewhere in the back of his head was the nagging feeling that they were being watched or that they weren't alone, but for Rowan that was just more incentive to be outrageous and expressive. Being watched, even in the most intimate of moments, was nothing to shy away from. If anything, it heightened the experience. He didn't want to stop for anything right now. He was aroused, they were together, and they needed each other desperately like this. Together, in each others arms, in that perfect place where only the two of them existed.

((ooc: Yeah, we know that technically Rowan started the poetry recital, but he doesn't know that. ))
Christian Bern 9 years ago
"Well you started it." Cris murmured softly in mild protest. Rowan's hands were sliding beneath his shirt and there was a request for a different kind of speech; he was hardly going to argue about who started the poetry session with all that going on.

"Hmmm...." He made a noncommittal sound as Rowan sat down and pulled him closer. Of course he would talk dirty to his lover if that was what he wanted. Cris might have talked dirty to him anyway. Still, he wasn't immediately agreeable.

His lack of comment gave Rowan time to explain what he wanted in very straight forward terms. It had been exactly what he had just been contemplating. Cris loved that they often seemed so very in tune with each other. Rowan was perfect for him as no one else had ever been.

Tugging lightly on his partner's shirt, Cris smiled. "I think you will get your wish." He pushed Rowan back onto the bed and put one knee up on it so he could lean over his lover. "I want love you until you lose yourself in it. I want to hold you in my arms while you cum, I want to see that ecstasy on your face and know that I was responsible for it." Cris climbed further onto the bed and then brought his lips to Rowan's ear. "I want to taste you as your seed runs hot over my hand."

"Less poetic?" He asked with a slight smirk.

The moments seemed to fly by. Cris didn't remember shedding his clothes or helping Rowan out of his own but they were both naked on the bed. "Sit back" He indicated the raised portion of the bed. Cris waited until his partner had scooted back and reclined comfortably. Then he moved close enough to run his fingers over Rowan's chest and down his side. With his hand, he spread his lover's legs and leaned down to plant a soft kiss on the inside of Rowan's thigh.

Not looking up, he said. "Do you remember that first time? How you told me that you wanted me?" Cris pressed his lips to Rowan's skin and sucked harder, bringing the blood to the surface. Pulling away, he blew crisp winter breath onto the heated spot. "I loved that."

Cris stopped what he was doing and looked up into his partner's eyes. "And when you said you needed me...I think I might have fallen in love with you then." If not from the first moment he laid eyes on Rowan. He couldn't say when exactly he fell in love. It tumbled from like to attraction to desire then caring and love so seamlessly that he wasn't sure which piece happened when. Maybe it had all happened at once. It was hard to look back at those first moments and think about them without thinking he loved Rowan then. He must have; how could he not?

"I want you to need me like that again tonight. Exactly like that."
Rowan Murphy 9 years ago
Rowan didn't waste too much time analyzing Cris's soft protest. If he had, it might have struck him as odd. He hadn't quoted any poetry lately. It was neither here nor there, however; the direction they were headed in was just perfect, poetry or no, and he was more than happy to go along with Cris's little push, sliding back onto the bed, humming with satisfaction as it sank a little with Cris's slight weight added to it.

He gave a soft sigh of pleasure when Cris granted his wish, looking at his partner's face, loving the expression on it when Cris was turned on. Over the last year and a half he'd memorized all of Cris's expressions, but 'about to screw you senseless' was one of his favorite ones. The deliciously naughty words, whispered into his ear, were so tempting to hear that Rowan felt a swell of desire just at the sound of them, in Cris's soft voice. He let out a soft moan so that Cris would know exactly how much his words affected Rowan.

He raised his hands and clutched Cris to him, chuckling softly, breathlessly, when Cris asked him if that was better than poetry.
"Poetry of a different sort," he said with a brief grin.

Time seemed to stand still for a moment - or did it speed up? Rowan wasn't entirely certain, but it didn't matter. They were unclothed and together on the bed. Exactly where they both wanted to be. Rowan leaned back; the bed was soft and comfortable. He barely had time to enjoy that, though, before Cris was moving downward, his fingertips leaving trails of fire or ice over Rowan's skin. He didn't know which one it was; just that he arched into Cris's every slight touch, yearning for more.

The press of lips against his leg nearly made him jump out of his skin. he clutched the bed cover and gave an 'mmm' of warm approval as he opened his legs even further, inviting Cris in, begging silently for more of his attention. He watched Cris, loving the sight before him, drinking it in with hungry eyes. Cris's breath puffed out in a chilly fog as he blew on Rowan's thigh and it felt perfect on Rowan's warm skin. His boyfriend finally looked up and Rowan smiled, his eyelids flickering closed as he considered Cris's words.

"How can I ever forget? That occasion is etched in my mind, love," he murmured softly. "I loved it too."

Cris continued to speak and Rowan looked down at him again, a slow smile curling the corners of his lips up as he realized the truth of the matter at hand. There hadn't been a moment since meeting Cris that Rowan hadn't needed him. And that need seemed to be mutual. They were good for each other. Rowan had heard people in love talk about how they completed each other, or brought out the best in each other, and all that romantic mumbo jumbo had seemed fine a well for them. He hadn't really understood it until Cris was in his life. Now he knew with absolute certainty what all the hype was about.

He wrested his grip away from the covers for a moment and reached out to Cris.
"I do need you, love. More than ever." he said, his soft voice a plea in the quiet room. "I want you to fill me, to hold me. I need you. Just you, and everything that you are."

No one else could ever replace Cris in his affections or in his heart. Maybe he had fallen prey to exactly the kind of romanticism he used to roll his eyes at but now he knew how true it could be. There was only one Cris in the universe, and that man loved him, by some miracle.

"Please," Rowan gasped softly, arching toward his partner. "Please love me, Cris. With everything you have."

He did remember their first time together clearly (well, let's face it, he told himself, it might have been the second, or third, for all they knew). He remembered Cris's fragile trust and hope, he remembered the powerful urge he'd had to be taken, the connection that was there right from the very first touch. The desire hadn't faded a bit. Rowan was trembling with need, but it was a need that only Cris could fulfill.
Christian Bern 9 years ago
He wasn't inclined to deny Rowan anything and now would be an incredibly poor place to start. Cris moved further up the bed, placing one hand against the mattress next to Rowan's chest. It would be eventual support. Leaning down to kiss his partner, Cris reached down with the other hand to the switch on the side of the bed and lowered the incline. Hearing and seeing Rowan's responses to his words and touches further fueled the fire of his kiss. It was fierce, demanding, near bruising with the strength of his desire.

"Everything that I have is yours.” When he pulled back, he favored Rowan with a small grin. It was his quiet way of saying that he fully intended to love Rowan with everything that he had because it already belonged to him anyway.

Cris didn't remember a tube of lube or preparing himself or Rowan. It seemed as though one minute they were talking of need and the next he was sliding slowly into his partner. He moaned softly; the feeling of connection was there. This time it went beyond the physical. Cris could see it in Rowan's eyes. Tonight was both like the past, the beginning, and yet better.

When he had confessed that he would not handle their relationship being a mere one night stand, well... that had been an understatement. Cris had confessed more to Rowan than he ever expected to confess to anyone of his own volition. That morning after they woke up together he had only the vaguest impression that he had stumbled (quite literally and more than once) upon something truly wonderful, something to be treasured.

As the days turned into months, his life became unrecognizable from the one that it had been for decades. On the surface it stayed much the same but now, like his home, it was filled with Rowan and his partner changed everything he touched for the better, including one cynical anti-social security chief.

Now he knew exactly what he had stumbled upon and exactly how lucky he was and he needed Rowan more than ever.

Wrapping his partner's legs around him, Cris began to move at a measured place. With another smile, he said. "Just because you said you needed me....doesn't mean that I do not plan to drag it out of you again.” Pulling nearly all the way out and thrusting deeply back in for emphasis, he added. "with perhaps a few explicatives.”
Rowan Murphy 9 years ago
Rowan got the impression that the room was spinning as Cris lowered the incline of the bed while leaning toward him. Then it really did spin as Cris knocked his socks off with a kiss that had Rowan clutching his partner desperately, moaning into that aggressive caress, meeting Cris right in the middle for a moment before surrendering himself to it entirely.

Cris must have blown his mind completely, because suddenly Rowan could feel him slipping inside of him, pushing, filling him like he'd asked to be filled. Rowan heard Cris's soft moan of pleasure and shivered even as he arched his back and pressed himself up to receive his partner fully. He loved this sensation. There was nothing like it in the world.

"Oh God, Cris," he expelled his breath in a long sigh, part moan, of utter delight. He watched Cris closely, enraptured by his lover's face. There was no hurry tonight, and every hurry. Loving Cris was always enjoyable, but it felt like lately they hadn't been doing this only for the sheer pleasure of it. There had been an edge of worry, of fear, of anxiety to it.

Oh, it had been enjoyed every time, but there was an undertone recently. Now, it had vanished entirely. Oh yes, the edge of desperation was there but only in the sense that he wanted Cris so very badly. Tonight, they were simply loving each other out of desire, out of joy, because they could. Rowan's heart pounded with excitement at that fact, even as he lifted his legs and wrapped them around Cris's back, pulling his partner close.

Cris's next words made him smile, although that delicious thrust as he pulled out and then slid home again wiped the smile from Rowan's face entirely.

"Fuck," he said simply, providing said explicative without really even meaning to. "You feel so good."

He closed his eyes briefly, and then opened them again to watch his lover. Rowan moved his hands so that he wasn't clutching the headboard or the cover, but slid them over Cris's hands. He wanted to touch his partner. Their heights were too different for an embrace in this position, but that didn't stop him from wanting as much contact as possible.

"I lied about needing you the way I did before," he said, a soft moan at the end of his words. "I don't think I can ever need you like that again, Cris."

Rowan pushed himself against Cris once more, his body demanding fulfillment.
"I need you more than that now," he murmured. "You're a part of me, and I can never let you go."

The time Cris was referring to, hadn't been a marathon lovemaking session. No, Cris had taken him hard, fast, and with an almost desperate air of abandon. Rowan wanted to feel that again, to feel Cris's need as well. They suited each other so perfectly; he had never known a bond like the one they shared and he wanted to rejoice in that tonight. Again and again.
Christian Bern 9 years ago
Cris loved his expressive partner. Rowan's responses had always encouraged him to be more expressive himself and now he was completely comfortable around his redhead. They had done things that he had not done in centuries and never expected to do again. They had even done things he had never done before. Love made the difference, love and trust.

Rowan swore as he thrust deeply inside and Cris couldn't help but chuckle, softly and a little breathlessly. "That was quicker than expected."

Feeling Rowan's touch, Cris brought one of his partner's hands to his lips. He placed a soft kiss on the inside of Rowan's wrist. "Save this for me. I will want it later." He illustrated by dragging his fangs lightly across the sensitive skin before returning both their hands to the bed.

He slowed down his movements when Rowan said that he didn't need him like he had needed him long ago. Cris was certain an explanation was coming and he wanted to hear it. Though, Rowan's thrusting against him made that very very difficult. When his lover finished clarifying, Cris smiled relieved and touched at the same time. "So do not." Problem solved. Rowan wasn't allowed to leave him, for any reason, and if those rules applied to him as well then so much the better.

Picking up the pace with renewed vigor thanks to Rowan's words, Cris was working too hard to say much more in response. Words seemed to slip away from him anyway. [I love you] That much he could always manage in one form or another. Reaching down, he brought Rowan's hand back up and laid it on his shoulder, rubbing his cheek against it in a brief caress. Then he wrapped his fingers around his lover's erection. Starting slowly, he worked his way up to the pace of his insistent thrusts and then began to move even faster, intending for neither of them to last very long. [Come for me, Love.]

((OOC: Cris's sending isn't working exactly right in the dream. His lips aren't moving but instead of Rowan hearing it in his mind like he normally would, he is hearing it as if Cris is still speaking. In fact, as they are both rather busy at the moment, Rowan might not even notice Cris didn't speak.))
Rowan Murphy 9 years ago
Rowan's eyes locked on the sight of Cris's fangs teasing over his wrist. He smiled with anticipation. "It's all yours, love."

He would never deny Cris what he wanted, and his bite was the greatest aphrodisiac Rowan had ever known. He would look forward to it with eager anticipation. He always loved the feel of Cris's mouth against his skin, biting or not biting, and took pretty much any and every opportunity to experience it.

Cris's solution to Rowan's attitude was practical, and perfect. It filtered through even the haze of euphoria their lovemaking caused, as each wonderful thrust filled him with such satisfaction, such pleasure.

He closed his eyes again, then opened them once more to look up at Cris.
"As long as you don't either, it's a deal."

Hell, he was probably lying there too. Even if Cris chose to let go of him at some point, Rowan figured he'd keep loving him. He always thought of himself as a low-drama kind of partner, one who could accept a split and go his own way with minimal fuss, but that would never be the case with Cris. Rowan would fight to stay with him always, if he needed to.

Rowan moaned softly as Cris picked up his pace. He loved the feel of each measured thrust, loved the rhythm of Cris's hips, the stretch and pressure as his body accommodated his partner so pleasantly. Cris's soft words of love were like music; Rowan rested his hand on Cris's shoulder and felt his light caress, as well, so perfectly real, everything he needed right before his eyes.

"I love you too, my own," he murmured, the words cut off with a soft gasp as he felt Cris's slim fingers upon him, then the warmth of his lover's hand enclosing him, stroking, sliding.

He moaned in response to Cris's next request, thrusting himself into his partner's touch, writhing against Cris. He lifted his other hand as well, linking them both around Cris's neck. It was a stretch but it was comfortable enough and he wanted as much of Cris as he could get.

On top of every other sensation was a feeling of euphoria that swept over him, stronger than he'd felt in some time, this feeling of freedom, of happiness, of no worries weighing them down. He wanted to share it with Cris, like he always did, so he opened himself up and let the feelings flow.

It came back at him. As Cris thrust into him, as Rowan pushed back against him, time seemed to stand still for a moment as he realized that he wasn't just sending Cris emotions, but picking them up as well. Cris's love, his desire, the rising sense of urgency and need - they matched Rowan's but weren't Rowan's. There was an undercurrent of relief he knew wasn't his, muted and in the background and curious but not curious enough to detract his attention from everything else that was happening... and nothing burned. Nothing at all. There was just perfection, a complete joining, body and soul together, as they moved with each other.

The world sped up again and Rowan's hands locked and pulled Cris toward him as the sensations hit him like a freight train, catapulting him over the edge with a cry as he came. He moaned Cris's name as his climax swept through him, wave after wave of bliss. He clenched around his partner, waiting, anticipating, wanting to feel Cris's release inside him. That was all he needed now, all it would take to complete this absolutely perfect evening.
Christian Bern 9 years ago
He was so caught up in watching Rowan that he almost forgot his promise to bite him. It wasn't until his lover's arms locked around his neck that Cris was reminded of his intention. He was loathe to turn his head, even a little but the taste of Rowan and the pleasure that it brought both of them was enough to lure him toward one of the arms placed so conveniently close.

Of course the taste of Rowan's blood was the absolute end for him, as if the sound of Rowan moaning his name hadn't been enough. As soon as his love's blood, warm, unique and so intimately familiar, touched his tongue he lost the last ounce of control he had left.

Cris came with a violent shudder. With a loud gasp, he released Rowan's arm, but then pressed his cheek against the warm wound, clinging without hands to Rowan as best he could. His lover's emotions wrapped themselves around him in a warm embrace as he was rocked again and again by overwhelming bliss.

Slowly the world seemed to return and Cris stared down into Rowan's beautiful grey-green eyes. "That was perfect." Like it had been so many times before and hopefully would continue to be for many many times after.

Wanting to wrap himself around his partner, Cris slowly pulled away. He didn't remember the necessary steps that were taken to get them both settled comfortably but soon he was curled up next to Rowan with his head on his partner's chest, an arm and a leg draped over him. They had pulled the covers up against the chill. The warmth of Rowan in the bed with him was enough that he didn't much miss the absent fire in the fireplace. They would just have to stay curled up here in bed. Cris thought he could manage that without any hardship.

Humming contentedly, he said. "I do not think we are going to see much of the village this way but... welcome to my home, Love."
Evgeni 9 years ago
Evgeni sighed and pulled himself up and out of the dream. For a while he had been wrapped up in the love the two of them felt for each other, a silent witness to its depth and beauty. Without it now, he felt empty and alone.

He opened his eyes in the strange room, somewhat more familiar after seeing the chalet that Christian called home. Another ache, a more physical one, led him down the hall to find a bathroom. The remembered scene was enough to help him reach his own release with little effort. It was hardly as satisfying as he could have hoped for but he was by himself in a stranger's bathroom doing his best to keep quiet so that he did not wake Sorcha. Wouldn't that be a pleasure to explain.

Silently returning to the sofa, he pulled out his phone and texted Jan. "Miss you."

A return message was immediate. "Then come see me. I am at Abbatoir. I could use a dance partner."

Evgeni sighed softly, doing his best to not blame Jan for his lack intimacy. His clan mate had no way of knowing the current mood he was in and what had prompted his text.

After a moment though he received another. "I miss you too. Zhenya." Evgeni smiled and hugged the phone to his chest, feeling some of the loneliness recede. He sent a quick text back saying that he could not leave yet but he would be back in a day or so.

Closing his eyes, he settled down and went in search of Sorcha's dreams.
Rowan Murphy 9 years ago
Rowan didn't have to wait long. Even before he had a chance to come down from his high Cris had turned his head and bitten Rowan's arm. He cried out again at the instant renewal of desire Cris's bite caused. Then came the rush of warmth, the heat of Cris's release inside of him. Combined with the fact that Rowan was still soaking in Cris's emotions, Rowan felt it as if it were his own all over again. It was an insane amount of sensation to process at once; the bite, the climax, his own lingering pleasure. It pushed him back into that warm familiar land of desire once more and he experienced a second, smaller climax of his own as Cris continued to shudder above him.

They came down together, and Rowan found himself somehow curled up with Cris draped comfortably over him. Cris's words of welcome made him smile, and he looked down at his lover.
"I'm always home wherever you are, Cris. But this is beautiful."

They had just arrived; of course, even though it was tempting, they weren't going to lie there all night. Were they? Rowan saw the valley in a blur of what might have been memory or actual experience. The trip seemed to fly by but he saw Cris's face, smelled snow, heard people laughing. There was love; so much of it. He practically felt Cris's heart beat against his own, interspersed with glimpses of snow-capped mountains, snow-blanketed fir trees. He didn't want to leave.

They couldn't stay here forever though (why couldn't they?). The trip had to end eventually, but Rowan couldn't shake the feel of deliciously cool air and Cris's warm embrace.

Cool air.

Warm body.

Rowan sighed softly. He took a deep breath. Clean cotton. Clean cotton and Cris, to be more specific. It was quiet but Cris wasn't asleep. Felt like he was sitting up.

Rowan opened his eyes. He was lying on his side in bed, similar to how he'd fallen asleep but not exactly, curled up against Cris who was reading a book in the gentle light of the bedroom. He opened his mouth to say something and nothing came out. God, his mouth was dry. He closed his eyes briefly and snuggled closer.

Some time later (he could swear it was only a second or two) he re-opened his eyes and smiled up at Cris.
"I just had the most wonderful dream," he mumbled sleepily.

He tried to move and succeeded in getting clingier, if that were possible. He was stiff and a little sore but he felt great. Starving and horny, but great. Rowan was horribly slow to wake though, so it didn't immediately occur to him to think of much beyond the fact that he was in bed with Cris and so comfortable he could go right back to sleep. Maybe he would. Just five more minutes.

He attempted to wriggle himself up closer, to burrow his nose into the crook of Cris's neck, but he didn't make it that far. He gave a lazy little sigh of surrender and closed his eyes once more, with a happy smile.

"I love you."
Christian Bern 9 years ago
"Truly? You will have to tell me about it." Cris smiled and looked down at Rowan. His redhead was adorable when he woke, all muzzy and disoriented but usually cheerful. It was good to see the old Rowan back.

His partner had continued to sleep for a full day and he sorely needed every hour of it. He had slept a good ten hours himself; that was almost unheard of for him. When he had woken up, he cleaned them both up and repositioned Rowan. Then he tucked him in, giving him a kiss on the temple before going downstairs to check on their guests.

It had been a bit surreal to know that he had been upstairs sleeping with two people that he did not know very well walking about inside his house. It made him vaguely uncomfortable, in the sense that his house was somewhat out of his control for a few hours. Cris told himself that Sorcha was a clan mate and that if Evgeni was a spy then he would not find anything of value in the time that Cris had been asleep. The guy seemed like a good kid anyway and Sorcha said that he felt indebted to them for trying to free him from his tormentor.

He had found them both downstairs drinking coffee from Barney's and talking quietly at his dining room table. Evgeni said that he had checked on Rowan several times just to be sure that he was sleeping peacefully but that his partner seemed fine for the moment.

The Tacharan had proposed that the biggest problem was the falling asleep and the first set of dreams. Fear caused him to be unable to sleep and when he did get to sleep fear caused him to see exactly what he was afraid to see. Once those hurdles had been past then the rest of the sleep would likely be easier especially since Rowan was a deep sleeper. It was unlikely that he would partially wake up and have to go through the experience of falling asleep again. Evgeni was still planning on keeping an eye on him and staying in the building so that he was available should Cris or Sorcha send for him.

Evgeni had called someone to meet him for blood. The dark haired teen was familiar and had been to The Towers on quite a few occasions. Simon's child, as he recalled. A girl's name. Jane...Jen....Jan. He was a friend of Theo's and Alfarinn's.

The two Tacharan, after an exchange of blood, went out with Sorcha and Alfarinn to go shopping and chatting. It had left him alone with sleeping Rowan, giving them both some much needed peace and quiet.

Cris had watched Rowan sleep for a while, gently pushing the stray strands of hair out of his lover's eyes, tracing a hand lightly along Rowan's shoulder and down his arm. It was such a relief to see his partner sleeping so peacefully. An ache filled his chest as he watched, love and sympathy but there was a much larger sense of hope and happiness. He did not know how long they would need the help of dream counselor but at least Rowan could sleep again. After a while he curled up next to Rowan again and dozed a little more.

He had done some work on the laptop and had put that down about an hour ago in favor of a book. Now he set that aside, and ran his hands over Rowan's back. Rowan had snuggled up closer and Cris helped his partner move enough to lay his head in his lap. "I love you too."

He wasn't sure whether Rowan was going to wake up completely or go back to sleep. Normally his companion had two states, awake or sleeping like the dead...with an interim of semi-wakefullness that lasted fifteen minutes or so but this was a special case. Rowan had been running on so little sleep for so long that delirium had probably started to set in. The collapse at work had been bound to happen; Cris was simply glad that it had happened without serious consequence.

"Hungry, Love?" He asked softly. "I have fed so if you want to drink and go back to sleep then you can."
Rowan Murphy 9 years ago
Rowan would have been more than content to remain snuggled up against Cris for however long his partner reclined beside him, but the insistent nagging itch of hunger pervaded. When Cris offered him blood Rowan perked up noticeably. He didn't feel guilty taking from his partner; he felt certain Cris would have planned on this. Rowan would have done the same had their roles been reversed.

"I'm starving," he murmured. Pushing himself up, he was glad when the room spun slightly, due his lying prone so long, and then settled down like normal. He couldn't have handled more vertigo. He was so done with that. "And my favorite meal is sitting right here."

He sat up and leaned against the pillows facing Cris. Rowan then curled around his partner, sliding one hand behind Cris's head and the other arm around his narrow waist. In this manner he was able to embrace his boyfriend and pull him close. He didn't immediately bite him, although he was definitely hungry for it. He was still remembering the beauty of the dream of Lauterbrunnen though, and the perfection of closeness they'd experienced together.

He kissed Cris softly, with a little sigh against his lover's lips, of pleasure and relaxation. He felt completely at ease right now. He didn't want to leave he quiet tranquility of their bedroom yet although he knew he'd soon have to. For now he was going to remain right here, though, savoring Cris in every way he could.

Rowan's hands brushed lightly at Cris's hip and the back of his neck, and after kissing him thoroughly upon the lips he traveled along Cris's jaw toward his neck, stopping to nibble lightly at his ear.

"Thank you for being with me," he whispered softly, so close to Cris's ear he barely had to make any sound to be heard. "There's no aspect of my life you don't improve by being around."

He closed his mouth over the pulsing vein in Cris's neck, sucking lightly and giving a soft moan of anticipation. Still he held off just a little bit, letting his tongue gently slide over Cris's skin, enjoying the taste of him. His bottom hand drifted down, slipping beneath Cris's clothing to come into contact with his warmth.

Finally he did bite, sinking his fangs gently into Cris's neck, uttering another moan of satisfaction as his partner's pure, perfect blood flowed past his lips. There was no one who tasted as good to Rowan. He would know Cris's blood anywhere. He drew lightly, wanting to draw the experience out, intending to bring Cris as much enjoyment as he could while his lover provided for him.
Christian Bern 9 years ago
Cris smiled down at Rowan when he mentioned being starved. He had expected as much and had gone to a few people here in The Towers that he could feed from. Ume had gladly given him some blood. She asked him about Rowan and then told him about the news in the building and among the staff, about a date she was going on and some new vitamins she had found. Cris told her that he would check in on the date to make sure she was enjoying it and didn't need a rescue of one kind or another.

Rowan scooted up further and then wrapped himself around him. Cris sighed softly, happily, returning the embrace and relaxing into Rowan's arms.

He was kissed with tender patience and, when his lips were free once more, Cris couldn't help but smile. [ It is good to see you so relaxed and cheerful, Love.] He looked, though it was hard to see his lover's aura with Rowan so close. He was within his partner's aura and he could see the vibrant colours in glimpses surrounding him where Rowan's arms held him. It was almost like being a part of Rowan, not quite as physically intimate as when they made love but still touching and reassuring.

Closing his eyes, Cris enjoyed the feel of Rowan's warm lips on his skin and the touch of his lover's hands. He waited with complete trust and a slow building of excitement and anticipation. Very little could compare to Rowan's bite, with sex or without, it was mind blowing.

There was a soft whisper against his ear; Cris hummed softly both in pleasure and in acknowledgment of Rowan's words. "I will always be with you, Rowan, and I will do my best to continue to be an improvement." Cris grinned and held Rowan tighter. "You have changed me for the better and everything around me." Rowan moved down to his neck. Cris moaned softly and continued speaking. It came in a nreathless rush because he knew that he was about to be mightily distracted but he wanted to explain. "This house was once a fortress of solitude where I came to be alone after working long hours with people. Now it is our house and it has become a little piece of private paradise for the both of us. My friendships have gotten better and even my job has improved...all because of your influence."

He gasped as Rowan toyed with his neck, leaning his head against Rowan's shoulder and arching his neck eagerly. "And you haven't even really had a chance to spend much time here while I am working..." Cris wasn't sure where he was going with that but he wanted to somehow bring up the physician's position here. Of course, right this moment was not the time.

Cris stopped speaking entirely, unless an incoherent cry of pleasure counted as speaking, when Rowan's fangs finally sank into his neck. He moaned softly at that first gentle draw and pressed himself shamelessly against Rowan's chest, wanting more. All conversation, guests and future plans were forgotten in the space of a heartbeat.
Rowan Murphy 9 years ago
Rowan heard Cris's words but his responses would have to wait; the thing that really hit him was Cris's cry of pleasure accompanied by his partner's pressing against him. Full speed ahead, were the signals Rowan got. His favorite kind. In this ridiculously cheerful mood he found himself in, he wanted to share with Cris. Everything.

Taking another long slow draw from his partner's neck he made his own soft moan of pleasure, echoing Cris's. He continued to gently massage the nape of Cris's neck with one hand while the other, which had slid beneath Cris's black pajama pants, now ventured further in, beneath the silk boxers his partner wore.

He let his fingertips drift gently down the outside of Cris's thigh. Resting them there for a moment he took another long drink, lapping at Cris's neck with his tongue and sucking lightly. Then his hand slid back up the inside of his lover's thigh until he could gently cup him in the warmth of his palm, running his thumb softly up and around the base of Cris's shaft.

The taste of Cris's blood was intoxicating in its richness. Rowan was filled with a sense of euphoria. Another long draw, and he closed his hand around Cris's erection, stroking in time with the movement of his mouth. He drank deeply now, his hand working at the same pace as each measured swallow.

He was breathless when he pulled away, his thirst sated but replaced with that of a different nature. Rowan released his hand and removed it from beneath Cris's clothing, letting his fingertips drift up his partner's side. He cupped Cris's face while he licked the last drops of blood from the closing wounds. Then he kissed Cris deeply on the lips.

"Thank you, a ghra," he murmured softly. "Now... was that all I get to taste, or will you offer me more?"

His eyes danced with mischief, and there was no worry upon his face. For the first time in weeks he was truly his old self. Carefree, happy, and looking forward to loving Cris as best he knew how. He didn't yet know how else to appropriately express his love but he was working on a few ideas. At the moment, this one desire reigned supreme.
Christian Bern 9 years ago
He almost didn't notice Rowan's hands while Rowan was taking another long pull of his blood. Cris shuddered and clung to his partner. The feel of Rowan's bite was pure bliss and this was not a simple quick taste.

Cris became aware of his lover's hand as it slid up the inside of his thigh. He gasped again, for a different reason, as that hand came to rest between his legs.

His attention was now split between the overwhelming sensation of Rowan drawing blood from him in long slow swallows and his hand now curling around his erection. He moaned loudly, forgetting completely that there might be people below, easily able to hear over the half wall that ran along one side of the loft.

The moment seemed to last for an eternity of sensation and was over all together too soon. Cris murmured a sound of disappointment when Rowan pulled away. With a sigh, he leaned back against the pillows, knowing it couldn't continue much more without making him hungry once again. Of course, after that bite, he was willing to let Rowan drink almost as much as he could want but he knew that his partner would not drink so much from him that he was then starving.

"I am yours, Rue." Cris stated in all seriousness. "Taste whatever part of me you like, Love."

With a grin, he reached for Rowan and pulled him close and whispered in his ear. "Just so long as you plan on doing more than a little sampling." Cris leaned back against the pillows and watched his partner. "I am in a giving mood."
Rowan Murphy 9 years ago
Rowan loved that Cris was comfortable enough with him to be just as expressive as Rowan was. He was clearly enjoying Rowan's embrace, his bite, and his subsequent explorations. And in Rowan's mind that was just how it should be; Cris had been through just as much stress and terror recently as Rowan. He deserved to be treated to some bliss of his own.

Cris pulled him close once Rowan released him and whispered to him, words that made Rowan's wicked little grin widen even more.
"That's my Cris," he said, wasting no time in complying as he slid his hands beneath Cris's pants once more. "Such a giver."

His bite was tease enough; Rowan didn't need to further torment Cris. He made short work of sliding away his partner's boxers, as well, moving down with them. Glancing back up at Cris he smiled and ducked his head down to slowly run his tongue up the length of Cris's cock from base to tip. He braced his partner's hips in his hands and spent a minute or so licking and teasing.

After that brief, enjoyable taste, Rowan took Cris's hands and moved them so that they rested on his head. Let Cris play with his hair, pull it, tease back, whatever he liked. Cris could guide him if he wanted; Rowan had absolutely no fear when it came to putting himself into Cris's hands - literally.
"Since you're in such a giving mood," he said softly, "well, you know what I want. Please. Come for me, love."

Nestled between Cris's legs Rowan lowered his head once more and took his partner into his mouth, moaning happily as he did, his own hands gently massaging his balls, stroking his thighs, teasing and coaxing Cris toward climax. Rowan didn't hold back; he wanted Cris to experience that perfect rapture as soon as possible. Cris didn't have to fear that Rowan received no enjoyment from this act; he already knew Rowan loved this and if he required proof it should be very plain in his aura. Rowan loved the feel of Cris in his mouth, the taste of him, the thrust of his hips and the clenching of his hands. He absolutely loved doing this for Cris, shamelessly admitting to himself that he'd do it pretty much anytime, anywhere, if his partner even so much as hinted at the desire for it. Rowan didn't think he'd ever have to be asked twice.
Christian Bern 9 years ago
"That is right." Cris smiled at Rowan's grin. "No one knows me like you do." He was joking but that was the truth. Alfarinn knew him very very well, he was privy to his feelings and connected to him in a way that no one else was but Rowan saw all of him and was a part of all of him.

Such philosophical thoughts were far too deep while Rowan was making short work of divesting him of clothing. And if that weren't distraction enough, his lover leaned down and licked him. Cris gasped and clenched the bed covers on either side of him, moaning softly as Rowan followed the one lick with more.

He was already so tightly wound with desire because of Rowan's extremely erotic bite. Every little touch was electric sending a sharp jolt of sensation that was almost painful in its intensity.

Rowan took his hands and placed them gently on his head. Cris smiled and pushed his fingers gently through the silky red strands, careful of the tangles that Rowan's marathon cat nap had caused.

Nodding in response to Rowan's request, Cris's voice was a little breathless but still even as he stated wryly. "I do not think that will be a problem."

And it wasn't. Not when Rowan lowered his head once more with that little moan of pleasure that Cris loved so much. He watched his partner, occasionally seeing his aura and the colours that swirled around him as Rowan busied himself with a task they both very much enjoyed. One of the last coherent thoughts in his head was that he was a lucky man.

All the sensation was quickly too much, Cris held Rowan carefully unable to completely stop the rocking of his hips as his lover's mouth moved up and down along his erection in an increasingly wonderful rhythm. It was just minutes until he was able to give Rowan what he wanted. Cris arched and gasped Rowan's name, along with a few other choice words, as he came. His hands moved to the back of his lover's head, fingers clenched tightly in Rowan's hair, not pushing just holding on for dear life as the waves of pleasure coursed through his body.

Eventually he dropped back against the pillows with a satisfied sigh, feeling completely boneless and utterly relaxed. He made a small noise of need and, slowly uncurling his fingers from Rowan's hair, reached for his partner. Gathering Rowan close so that he could kiss him. "Thank you."

"Come lay with me a moment?" Cris did not feel like moving very much for some reason. He should go back downstairs and be a better host but right now he could not summon up the energy and motivation to make that happen. He was not yet ready to break the wonderful intimacy of the moment with talk of other people and he wanted to let Rowan have the choice to stay in bed and sleep some more if he needed it without feeling pressured to come downstairs and join their company.

((OOC: We realize that Rowan's tangles are probably all generated in the time it takes him to slowly come back to wakefulness but after the hospital and then the long hours of sleep, he is bound to have a few tangles. ))
Rowan Murphy 9 years ago
It didn't take long at all for Cris to be at the brink of climax. Rowan enjoyed every second of it. Cris's hands were gentle in his hair, and Rowan loved the feel of his partner's fingers winding through the strands of red, careful of the few little snarls there. Rowan couldn't help but feel special, that even in the throes of such pleasure Cris was careful with him. It only made him give that much more, each movement as perfect as he knew how to make it until he heard Cris's breathless voice, felt him throb, and tasted the musky sweetness of his partner's seed as it erupted forth.

That had been just what he wanted; to experience Cris fully. The taste of his blood, the nearness of his presence, were all the aphrodisiac he had needed. Tasting him and holding him in his arms while he came, those were things that only tightened the bond between them. Rowan could feel the abandon Cris felt; he knew his partner was truly himself with Rowan, unrestrained, genuine, and Rowan adored that.

Rowan continued to gently lick until each little aftershock had faded, breaking away only when Cris finally slumped back against the pillows and beckoned to him. He would never refuse to go to Cris's open arms. He gently replaced Cris's clothing and then slid up alongside his partner, kissing him lovingly before laying beside him and wrapping and arm and a leg over him.

He sternly told his own aroused body to hold its horses; there would be ample time for it to experience its own satisfactory climax and Rowan would enjoy it all the more for waiting until Cris was ready again and the time was convenient. At the moment he was sated in so many other ways, it didn't matter what was happening physically. His heart and soul were full of love, his arms were full of Cris, and there was no fire burning in the back of his head.

Nuzzling into Cris's neck Rowan kissed him gently over the two little bruises that were almost gone already.
"I'm a little afraid to ask, but how long did I sleep?"

He knew it had to have been at least a day. Two, even, given the way he'd felt before. It had been wonderful to sleep, to wake up feeling refreshed. He could almost close his eyes and sleep some more.

"It's tempting to just lie here and be lazy," he said, trailing his fingers softly over Cris's stomach. He closed his eyes, a smile upon his lips. "I could sleep another few hours."

Part of it was because he was so comfortable it was almost unbelievable. Every once in a while you hit a perfect position, where everything felt so right you simply didn't want to move. Rowan felt like that right now. He sighed softly.

"I must thank Evgeni," he murmured. "What he did was amazing. Sorcha, too, for her help."

He tilted his head up, gently touched Cris's jaw, and turned his head so he could kiss him tenderly upon the lips.
"Mostly you though," he said softly. He knew it might seem like Cris had only been the byproduct of Evgeni's ability but Rowan meant it in so many more ways. "For being there for me through all of this. Not giving up on us. Fighting with me. For me."

Let it not be said that Rowan was ungrateful - even in his dreams, he knew a good thing when he had it. Cris was all he could ever want.