A Moonlight Cocktail (Attn:Therese)

They were having a big band night at Eternity which was something he didn't expect to see a lot of younger kids attending. It was classy enough that being photographed at the club was not going to cause a stir. He was dressed in a suit with the loose pants and long jacket with the big shoulders of the 1940's. To keep from looking like a stereotypical mob boss, Vaughn opted to stay away from black pinstripe and instead went with a nice dark brown. He had a cream coloured dress shirt, a beige wide tie and a dark brown fedora to top off the look.

Perhaps it was their first outing together that made these events seem so well suited to Therese's polished beauty or maybe it was her own refined tastes that suggested that she would be a shining star that stood out among the crowd. He loved going anywhere with her but at times like these he felt especially fortunate. Therese had such poise and class that the evening would go well and it didn't matter who was watching. Even better, and certainly more important, they would have a good time.

The labs had been destroyed to the best of his ability. He was sure that he had not gotten all of the people involved, and in fact he suspected that they probably lost most of the major players, but it would take them some time to rebuild and begin again.

More importantly, Therese was free of the commands that the vampire had placed on her. The bastard had gone free and that still ate at him inside but they were watching the mulo closely and one wrong move from him and there would be no more lenience. Vaughn hoped that Bao was smart enough to leave his kind alone. He would prefer not to be the alpha that started a war but he was prepared to do what must be done. He could be reasonable but he was not a push-over and the safety and welfare of his people came first. If this guy proved that he was still a threat then they would deal with him lest the rest of his kind think that they could toy with werewolves without repercussion for their actions.

However, he pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind. They were here to have fun. To get on with their lives and enjoy being together as the new couple that they were. He wanted to show Therese to the world, or at least to Nachton. He was proud of her, loved being with her and enjoyed being seen with her now that he could reasonably do so. Vaughn wanted this city to know why he had made the choice that he had and that it was about love for her. They were happy together and right for each other, through good times and bad.

Reaching down, he held a hand out for Therese. Smiling, he asked quietly, "Ready for this?” They had spent much private time together since the loss of their child and the release from the mulo but now they were starting to be seen in public. The press were going to be ever present in their lives but he promised Therese that they could still have a good time.

Therese 11 years ago
Slowly Thérèse was becoming convinced that the creature hadn't really done any permanent damage, other than her miscarriage. She was more and more certain that her personality and memories hadn't been altered. Although she was now under no compulsion to stay in Nachton from the mulo she couldn't imagine leaving Vaughn or the Arch. The fact that something positive had come out of her whole experience was rather astounding.

Vaughn had been incredibly supportive through the whole experience and she was gradually relaxing and finding that she was actually happy. Although, tonight, she was a touch nervous. It was their first public 'date'. When she was younger it was probable that she would have just accepted being out with the Mayor as the way things should be. Today, she had a butterfly in her stomach. The Pack had mixed feelings regarding the relationship and part of her was still waiting for some kind of retaliation. As such she reasoned that the press would have very similar feelings. But as she was hardly a shrinking violent and wasn't daunted by the prospect at all. Just aware that there might be some less than positive comments.

The suit he had picked out was rather striking and she was frankly, envious of the hat and had told him so. There was a high probability she would borrow it at some point this evening, she had not told him that. She had chosen her dress carefully finding a well tailored form fitting, but not skin tight, green dress that hit just below the knee. It wasn't vintage but very clearly inspired by the era, the straps, the moderately deep V neckline and the neat fit, especially at the waist, unintentionally echoed some of the lines of Vaughn's suit. Like her dress, her hair and make up made nods to the Big Band era but never quite crossed into costume. In a moment of whimsy, however, she had added a pair of gloves. No woman in the 40s would have dreamed of going out without gloves.

She had, of course, heard of Eternity. She'd even driven by it but Thérèse had never been in, and was rather impressed with Vaughn's choice for their first night out. Of course, it was also probably better to make an appearance together obvious rather than something small that people might interpret as hiding a relationship. But, over course, he had played this public relations game before both as mayor and as Sarkis undoubtedly.

"I suppose it is too late to have my way with you in the back seat..." she lamented while taking his hand, "so I should say I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

Sliding out of the car with as much grace as she could manage Thérèse did not relinquish his had even as she stood.

"The question is, are you? Or they?"

He was the one who'd have to field most of the questions after all. For a brief moment Thérèse wondered if this wasn't a bit similar to how Nikhila must feel when she and her mate went out. But that thought didn't last long at all. She was much more focused on Vaughn and the prospect of a dancing; which really was as it should be.
Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
Vaughn raised his eyebrows and smiled at her words, moving forward and ducking down as thought to get back in the car. He straightened with a sigh and a shrug and said. "Well, it is something to look forward to later.”

Once they were headed toward the door, he answered her question. "I am definitely ready. The rest of them, who knows but that is their problem.”

He nodded to the bouncers at the door and the line of people waiting to be considered dressed well enough, look rich enough or be pretty enough to be allowed in. The doorman acknowledged him and Therese with an "Evening Mayor, Ma'am. Welcome to Eternity.” They were passed through without hesitation. It was one perk of the public office.

Once inside, Vaughn noticed that the interior lighting had been dimmed to a pleasant golden hue. The tables and booths had been decorated with white linen and candles flickered on each one. Live music drifted around them but, unlike many nightclubs, it was not so loud that normal conversation had to be carried on as a shout. Through an open archway, past the bar and dining area, he could see that a large raised dias had been set up and that around twenty five musicians were seated there playing music of the 1940's. Currently the song "Moonlight Cocktails” was being played. There was a well dressed young gentleman singing at a vintage looking microphone.

A hostess escorted them to a booth and said that their waitress would be with them shortly. Vaughn waited for Therese to slide into one side before doing the same on the other.

Taking off his hat, he laid it carefully on the seat beside him, giving her a sideways glance as he did. "I imagine the picture taking will start shortly but shall we enjoy a nice drink or two before then?” He looked up toward the band that he could no longer see. "And then perhaps some dancing?”
Therese 11 years ago
She was some what startled to be admitted so quickly, but wasn't going to question it. As they entered she did note more than one envious glance from those waiting, she could relate.

"I am taking you with me more often."

Thérèse teased gently squeezing his arm.

The club was gorgeous the music flowed around them smooth, almost gentle and there were already couples taking advantage of the bad dancing, swaying slowly with each other. It was the type of song that any one could manage to look good dancing too. Undoubtedly some of the more spirited numbers would bring out some flashier dancers. She'd not studied swing dance but thought they should be able to look respectable if not the best on the floor. Vaughn was an excellent dancer after all.

Casting a quick glance at the hate she concluded that she'd not be able to easily steal it and so would save her attempt.

"I doubt the paparazzi will care much about a museum curator. Culture is something people throw money to look good, not something they really care about."

Her eyes danced as she gave a light flip answer. Apparently her excitement at being out with Vaughn had put her in a very playful mood. She was excited, almost giddy, but it felt so right. Realistically it was a big step taking their relationship public and she was thrilled he wanted to.

"But, so long as they get my good side and yours I think we can manage."

The server appeared, also appropriately attired for the evening's theme and Thérèse requested a champagne cocktail.

"Or we could hide on the dance floor all night... they won't be able to find us there. Will they?"
Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
"The paparazzi care about anyone with a story.” Vaughn smiled. "Especially if they think that story is one you don't want them to tell.”

He ordered a glass of wine from the waitress in between their conversation, noting the excellent accessories that were included in her attire to make the dress and hair even more authentic. He wondered briefly whether she had to come up with the dress and items herself or if they had been provided. If she had gotten them herself then she probably had a grandmother or great grandmother with a good memory and the savvy to keep things from that era. Perhaps grandma had even been a hat check girl, cigarette girl or cocktail waitress herself in her youth.

"You don't have a bad side.” Vaughn stated when she suggested that the press should capture them at their best. "It would be hard for me to dance always facing right unless we can convince the band to play us a nice tango.” He turned his head to the side and lifted his chin, dancing a little in his seat to get the absurd point across. A tango would be perfect but it would be impossible to swing dance while not looking at your partner, not to mention silly looking.

"If they do find us there what can they say? Mayor danced with date for hours in an unseemly display of coordination.” He tsked softly. "What is the world coming to? Next they will be eating together. Out in public, like normal people!” Vaughn gave her a wide eyed shocked expression just as the waitress came back with their drinks.

The girl stifled a giggle as she set the glasses down on the table. He turned toward her and said 'thank you' with his eyes crossed and a grin of his face. It received the hoped for bubble of laughter. Eventually she managed to ask if there was anything else they needed. He shook his head, no. His spirits were incredibly high and he was willing to share that good humor with everyone. Therese was happy again and they were able to move forward with their lives, both public and private. All was right with the world for the moment.
Therese 11 years ago

She quipped with a careless eye roll, not at all serious. She was, however, momentarily reminded of her first night in Nachton and her encounter with the jackal and the stoat. What had it meant, had they anything to do with the mulo? She just didn't know, perhaps they'd never know, perhaps it didn't matter. It didn't weigh too heavily on her thoughts.

Vaughn's protest regarding her good side made Thérèse laugh. While not necessary the compliment was appreciated.

"Flatterer. But perhaps we should attempt this tango idea at another date.”

There was so much passion in the tango, passion and control and it was more than a little suggestive. In some ways it was quite perfect for them.

As Thérèse didn't exactly eat as a normal person, much preferring extremely rare protein, she found a certain irony in that statement.

"Utterly shocking I'm sure.”

The giggle from the waitress made Thérèse more aware of her. She quickly assessed the woman, she was pretty enough and certainly well turned out for the evening. There was a quick flash of jealousy, but it passed quickly Vaughn was obviously in a fine mood and playing and even if the waitress was attempting to flirt it wasn't overt and she wasn't going to worry about it, not much any way. She had enough sense to save her jealousy for a real threat. Still after a brief sip of her drink she slid from the booth lightly tugging on Vaughn's hand.

"Perhaps we should try this dancing theory out, before another woman ogles you.”

The band had switched to another number. Thérèse knew the the melody, it was still a mellower number, easily danceable, but she did not know the title. It was a charming tune though.

((OOC... I'm going with String of Pearls as the song. One of my favorites.))
Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
Vaughn placed a hand on his chest. "I speak only the truth.” He smiled. "In this case.” He could safely say she had no bad side and if someone wished to hold him to those words then he was perfectly willing to make a public statement to that effect.

No sooner than the waitress left than Therese was sliding back out of the booth. He raised his eyebrows at her words and cast a glance back toward the waitress. "I am not sure I would call it ogling. I believe she was only trying to decide whether she needed to call the police or a doctor.”

Grasping the hand that gently tugged on his, Vaughn let himself be led to the dance floor. The Glenn Miller tune was a nice one to start with, not quite as quick as many of the more energetic music of the day but not slow either. They would want a slow one for a break after a few of the faster paced numbers.

"Are we hiding already?” He smiled as he took her other hand and guided them into the first steps of the dance. It was easy to do an almost lazy swing step, nothing fancy required, and he noticed that many couples that appeared to be interested in the dance floor got up to join them, finding the music much less daunting than the earlier tune.

He was surprised to see so many young people here but the place was a nice mix of young and old, with the younger crowd still actually holding a larger population. Even better, many had gone out of their way to find appropriate clothing and hair styles. Vaughn was happy to see such enthusiastic interest in earlier times.

"So what do your artistic friends think of you dating a man that couldn't manage to paint a recognizable image, even with finger paints and a photo reference?” That was probably an exaggeration but he did not draw often. His preferred medium was wood carving but he did have some idea of what went where and how to get that on paper if necessary. Even if it was only a rough sketch to lay out a more complicated design. He hadn't done an intricate carving in a long time, preferring smaller pieces while they traveled. The pack had been in Nachton for years now but he had not had the spare time to devote to a pursuit of art.
Therese 11 years ago
"Mmmmmmm and why would you need either an officer or a physician?'"

They easily settled into an easy dance, moving along with the music, bobbing along like a ship on gentle waves. The band was probably saving some of their show stoppers for a bit latter in the evening when more people were on the floor.

"No, we are not hiding. I am rather shamelessly flirting."

Just to reinforce that she rested her head on his shoulder for a moment. It was a good crowd, the club would not be losing any money for going in on a theme evening, but, for the moment it was just the two of them. Let the press write their story however they saw fit, they were on a date and she intended to behave as such.

Thérèse chuckled at his question but answered without so much as missing a step, answering quite seriously.

"They wanted to know if you had money."

She didn't know or care the answer to that question; but it was true story, more or less. It was only natural to wonder if the curator had found a reliable patron or someone with pull who could some how help the museum. Harold had point blank said, "You're either gold digging or have fallen for some penniless artist and if it is the artist I'm resigning here and now." He was an excellent public relations manager but he was a bit blunt. Of course, she smiled at the memory of the discussion.

"But once I explained I simply was using you for your body They understood that. Although, you may get a Christmas card or two trying to lure you away."

In an exaggerated innocent matter she batted her eyelashes at him. There was simply no way she was going to let anyone lure, coax or steal Vaughn away.
Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
"I can't imagine.” Vaughn leaned over and whispered in her ear. "Though I do spend a great deal of my time in an asylum.” The story was that he had an ailing mother who was a patient at Shady Pines. It was an exclusive, very expensive and very private sanitarium. So exclusive and private that very little was known about it. It proved his dedication to his dear relative and gave reason for his coming and going to the pack grounds. To further that story he gave money to charities dealing with mental health and to research working on those areas. He was a devoted man. Vaughn wondered what they would think if they knew he raced to the asylum as the one place where he could get away from their constant nagging presence.

And to see Therese, most importantly to see Therese.

A little sigh of contentment escaped him as Therese laid her head on his shoulder and he wrapped an arm around her, squeezing her close for a moment. "I like this flirting.”

As they continued to dance she explained what her coworkers wanted to know about him. Apparently it was whether or not he had money. Vaughn raised his eyebrows. "Did you not tell them who you were dating?” The Mayor of a city like Nachton was not generally broke. His race had been funded in good part by the pack and pack owned businesses but Vaughn's personal wealth was not small, even just the part of it he could legitimately show to the outside world. He imagined that if he wanted to show up alone for a few public events that he might even give Xephier a run for his money in the most sought after status. However, he was quite content to be a kept man and wished Xeph all the best with his batch of single women. Vaughn suspected that Xephier's wife handled the opportunists with more patience than Therese. Their relationship was still new but he had grown accustomed to her somewhat possessive nature. Truth be told, he loved it.

He laughed when she explained what she had told them, pale eyes watching her intently as they danced. "Well, at least I am wanted for something of myself.” Vaughn grinned and pulled her close in time with the music. Placing a quick kiss on her lips before they both stepped back once more. "So what is it that you like the most about it?” He smiled wickedly. "I want to do my best to keep you here and happy.”
Therese 11 years ago
"Then I shall continue to do so.”

It took no thought to lean into him as he pulled her closer. Apparently she wasn't the only one who was flirting. Thérèse had absolutely no objections to that at all.

"They will know in the morning. I'm certainly not hiding you but it seemed less than prudent to tell the Community Relations director and the head of our donors office that I am dating the mayor? It could wait...”

Undoubtedly Vaughn got enough invitations to fund raisers without suddenly being buried under an avalanche of material for the Arch. And she didn't want to be expected to bring him to every little event. No it was better this way let them find out, or not, when the time came. Thérèse shared Vaughn with the city and the Pack reluctantly enough as it was.

They were going to have to find and even slower song if there were to be anything more satisfying than that quick kiss. And the odds of that were slim, the music would probably get faster before it got slower. There was something to be said for anticipation though, at least she told herself that.

She smiled back at him well aware of his playful mood and considered several retorts ranging from suggestive to very nearly raunchy. They were, however, in public and even in a place like this Thérèse knew that people were able to record just about anything, it might be poor quality but it would still be enough to put on the internet. So she contented herself with something a bit more tame.

"When we get home I can give you a detailed demonstration if you'd like. Until then, however, you might just have to wait. Can you be patient that long?”

There was a very sincere answer to that question as well, but it also would wait until a more private time.
Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
He eyed her suspiciously and said. "Just so you aren't ashamed of me. I am sure you would rather be dating some tortured artist or some philosophical academic instead of a politician.” Vaughn lamented in a morose tone. "...I understand.”

Then he smiled and let it go, knowing that she had good reason not to want to speak of their relationship too soon. And they probably would hear about it or see it in the local newspaper somewhere. That surprise might be very entertaining.

The song ended and Vaughn took advantage of the pause to pull Therese to him and wrap his arms around her once more. He leaned down and smiled at her. She had declined to answer his question here but promised a more in depth explanation later. "Will there be a power point presentation?” Leaning down to her ear, he whispered. "Or you could do things the old fashioned way and use a live model for your demonstration.” Taking advantage of their brief break, he kissed her more thoroughly, lingering happily, enjoying the soft feel of her lips and the clean feminine scent of her so close to him, the warmth of her in his arms. The music started up again before he was done.

Reluctantly Vaughn pulled away. It was a faster number and several couples were already leaving the dance floor. He smiled at her and asked. "Up for the challenge?” It was the "Choo Choo Ch'boogie” by Louis Jordan. They could do the swing to it just as they had done before but faster. The song begged some flair though.
Therese 11 years ago
"Just promise me that if you leave office you shall do something at least mildly eccentric.”

She quipped mildly as they danced. Although Thérèse wondered what his coworkers would think now that they were a bit more public. It wouldn't surprise her that one or two members of his staff knew and were even preparing for their first outing together. Politicians, especially successful ones, seemed to dislike surprises after all.

Apparently being in public wasn't going to stop either one of them from teasing and flirting. It just might drive her to distraction. This was doubly true when one considered the old adage that dancing was the vertical expression of a horizontal desire. Thank goodness most of the music wouldn't let them be quite as suggestive. At least she didn't think so, not given what she knew of American Big Band and swing. So for now she savored the kiss, wishing she could feel more of him through his suit, no matter how good it looked.

"I've always thought one learned better by doing than by just reading the materials. But we can incorporate some slides if you'd like.”

Never let it be said that she was not adventurous. Even as he pulled away, she quickly darted in and stole another quick kiss before listening to the music for a second. Noting the couples leaving the floor Thérèse had a feeling it might indeed be a bit of a challenge, but she didn't exactly shy away from a challenge.

"I think we are up to it don't you?”

It wasn't a style of dance she knew much about, but she had spent some time on line learning about it and some of the steps. It wasn't as good as doing but at least she had some idea. That and she had enough dance experience to follow Vaughn's lead more or less successfully.
Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
"Mildly eccentric, Check." Vaughn agreed with a smile. He then studied the ceiling for a moment and considered what might be worthy of such an appellation. "I could refuse to wear anything but pajamas, eat only things that are the colour green or maybe dye my hair purple." He looked at her and raised his eyebrows in silent question. Would any of those do? The latter one would take the least amount of work. Vaughn wasn't sure purple was his colour but he was willing to go with it for a while if she wanted to see his weird side. The pajamas would be comfortable, not always practical but they would be great for nights of the full moon; being generally loose fitting and easy to get out of.

They stayed on the dance floor for the next song and Therese seemed up to the challenge. Vaughn started the dance with the basic steps that they had been doing with the previous song and then twisted to the side, making his intentions clear by the shift in weight and by releasing one hand. For the first rotation or two of the music, he wrapped his free hand around her waist as they danced the steps side by side, their other hands joined in front of them.

"Ready?" Vaughn pulled her close to his side and then picked her up one handed, bringing her around to the front, trusting that she would know to give him a little hop of momentum. His stretched his other arm out and caught her legs just under the knees.

"And over you go." He warned quietly before tilting her legs up and tossing her over into a back flip, guiding and steadying Therese with the hand on her back. She was very athletic and while she might not be as fast as his daughter, Tavi had expressed respect for Therese's free running skills. He doubted a little back flip was going to upset her. Once Therese was on her feet again, he wrapped his arm around her and went back to the basic step.

"How was that?"

((OOC: Vaughn has Cult Following so I think he should be even better than most as being able to broadcast his intentions and wishes in a dance improv, just FYI ))
Therese 11 years ago
Thérèse made a face at eating only green things. She would not survive long on such a diet and wouldn't subject anyone to it. If it was their choice, well she would question their taste but wouldn't argue it. The pajamas was an interesting idea but seemed a bit too... that Playboy man and rather gauche besides. It didn't bear mentioning.

"We might discuss the purple.” She said quietly running her fingers through his hair. "Or perhaps you should only make right turns or just start wearing a beret and orange socks.”

It was a relaxed and silly conversation, one she was enjoying having. But there was a new dance to be attempted. Given the sound of things she was quite looking forward to it. Pressing against your partner and swaying gently was wonderful, but she did love to dance it was almost as good as running.

She was a good dance and could follow most leads but Vaughn seemed to relay his moments better than most. It was easy to keep her moments sharp and crisp and step lightly and avoid his feet and the other dancers. She could give herself over to the dance itself rather than all those other things.

When asked if she was ready Thérèse nodded, although, she wasn't exactly sure what she was ready for. But she wasn't exactly surprised to find she'd hopped up and flipped over him. Landing lightly and sliding back into the dance she laughed it was brilliant. Why hadn't she tried swing dancing before?

"We shall have to try that again before the evening is over.”

She said by way of an answer. Perhaps they would try that and some of the other fancy steps she'd seen online. Air steps they were called according to her research.

Making a quick skim of the floor she noticed that a few of the other couples were trying these air steps with varying degrees of success. There were, thus far, no total disasters but she had a feeling that by the end of the night some unlucky woman in -high- heels would wind up with a sprain and some daring gentleman would end up with a strained back or shoulder. These were not dance steps for the faint of heart or those lacking balance.

"Do I get to flip you at some point?”

She teased him. Wouldn't that be a site and one that was perhaps too much for this crowd.
Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
Vaughn laughed at her contributions, noticing which ones she vetoed immediately. He wasn't sure if he could pull off the beret and orange socks and making only right turns seemed difficult to adhere to while driving in downtown Nachton.

Therese landed expertly on her feet and continued on without so much as a pause. She said they would have to try that again before the night was over. He smiled and suggested. "We could try that again before the dance is over, if you like."

She asked when she was going to get to flip him and he couldn't help but laugh. Unlike his ex-wife, Therese was much closer to his own height. She looked easily capable of flipping him without the disparity being jarringly absurd. "Anytime you like....with warning."

They danced another few steps before he said. "I have an idea. It is not quite a flip exactly." Therese's dress was not made for exuberant flailing of limbs which made some of the aerials out of the question unless he wanted her body hugging dress to be gathered at her waist.

Spinning her halfway around, he slid his arms through her's, locking their elbows together. Vaughn leaned over and let her 'flip' over his back. It was more of a sideways roll but as Therese returned to the floor once more, he used the momentum to flip over her back as well. Standing up again, he returned them to the basic step. They must not have looked terribly awkward because there was a smattering of claps when they had finished. Either that or someone had chosen the exact same moment to do something spectacular behind them.

"That was a start. Next dance I can leap into your arms." Vaughn couldn't help but laugh at that mental image but he was perfectly willing to do it. A politician that can have fun and be silly once in a while was a politician that people remembered fondly. Usually...barring other more serious problems with his term, like infidelity, high taxes, criminal activity and an over abundance of stupid remarks on television. Vaughn was fairly certain that last thing killed Bush Jr's reputation worse than anything else he had done.
Therese 11 years ago
"I think, perhaps, the next dance. We don't want to be too ostentatious”

She teased him. Ostentation seemed to be the order of the day for a number of the couples. Not that she faulted them, how often did one get to use or show off these rather specialized maneuvers. Her eyes twinkled mischievously when Vaughn told her she could flip him. That was something she'd be trying sooner or latter, perhaps in private though, not that she would be telling him that.

"Do I dare ask what this idea is?”

It could be anything from sitting the rest of the dance out, to finding some where a bit more private, to another flip. She was somewhat surprised by the roll/flip but the momentum of the dance and her trust in his lead let her execute the maneuver with some grace. Perhaps not as much as some one who knew what they were doing but at least she didn't look terribly foolish. More importantly she didn't let Vaughn fall or drop him when he followed her. Much to her surprise Thérèse blushed faintly at the random applause. As she was already a bit flush from the vigorous dancing it was probably a bit hard to tell, at least she hoped it was.

"If you do that it will make the front page. Are you willing to risk it?”

This would certainly be a new spin on his public face. Her's as well although the curator of the Arch was hardly on the same level of public awareness as the mayor. She was more or less invisible, and quite happy about it. Although, it might not last too much longer. Not that she was able to consider any of this in much detail as the quick pace of the music gave her more than enough to consider.
Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
Vaughn laughed and shook his head. "That would be an interesting photo in tomorrow's paper." He sighed. "I suppose my son would also point out that it would go viral." He shrugged at her, not quite getting the fascination with technology that today's youth had. They couldn't seem to put their toys down, always bleeping, chirping, updating.

"Perhaps you are right about the ostentatiousness. We would hate to be seen as showing off." Vaughn smiled. "Wouldn't want to show up the young people. Some of them are voting age."

They finished the rest of the dance with less flair. By the end of it, he found himself breathing a bit quicker. Swing could be a great workout. "Do you want to stay for another one or go find our drinks."

There was a pause as the musicians readied for the next song. Vaughn took Therese in his arms again and smiled down at her. "I am good with either choice." Leaning closer, he whispered. "Though you look so alive and beautiful right now that I wished we had a little more privacy."

Heaving a heavy sigh, he added. "I suppose that is more of the patience thing..." Vaughn frowned slightly. "I can't say that I like it much." He was normally a very patient man but Therese was irresistible. Seeing her happy and laughing, her face flushed from dancing, was the best aphrodisiac in the world. Not that he had ever seemed to need such things when Therese was around.

((OOC: Sorry it is shorter but I couldn't have him go far without a response from either Therese or the baddies. ))
Therese 11 years ago
"We can't have that. I should not like to be re-tweeted”

Actually Thérèse quite liked it when her wine blog was re-tweeted or something regarding the museum. Random photos taken in a club, however, was a different matter. Still she understood his point and grinned, she couldn't quite spare the breath for a full laugh just then.

Her breathing was slightly heavier than usual, as if she had just been for a run or another work out. Vaughn was in much the same condition, this was not an activity for the sedentary that much was certain.

"The drinks I think, although I think that Gatorade might be more appropriate than champagne...”

Although neither one of them seemed in much hurry to leave the floor. She love standing there in his arms with the music winding down from one song slowly shifting into another. Inhaling deeply his scent overwhelming her her smile became wicked.

"It is either patience or we give them something that will truly go viral..”

After giving him a second or two to process that tease Thérèse tipped her face up and kissed him softly for a moment before they made their way back to the booth. Thérèse slid in next to Vaughn rather than across from him. She sipped her drink trying to cool herself off a bit what she couldn't do was stop smiling, it was wonderful what not having the mulo holding her would do for her overall well being.
Stranger 11 years ago
Of course they would go out on the swing night. Cecile was a little miffed about that, she had rather hoped for an excuse to do some shopping. She did actually get to do some shopping but it wasn't exactly something that would be worn after this evening. However, it wasn't her money so she wasn't too upset about it.

Keeping more or less out of sight and sipping at a cold drink watching her target. This was at least more entertaining that Hoang, chess was not a spectator sport after all. They danced well together, she was impressed. Nothing she'd read about the DuBois woman had said she could dance and certainly one never expected politicians to be real people.

When they finally sat down Cecile made her way on to the floor, dancing with whoever happened to be handy at the time, just long enough to let her target get comfortable and her to start breathing a bit hard and looking slightly flush. Seeing the couple settled she stumbled off the floor as if slightly tipsy. With a laugh she sat down, uninvited, on the unoccupied side of the booth fanning herself with her hand.

"Sorry. Sorry. I just need to sit down for a second. My date is getting us something to drink. I will be out of your hair in no time.”

She grinned apologetically. Her eyes which had been focused on the dance floor moved to the mayor and the DuBois woman as if in a bit of a double take. It was the mayor her glace was drawn back to.

"I know you don't I? It seems like I should.”
Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
"Mmmmm...” Vaughn's thoughtful musing became a sigh of disappointment as Therese pulled away. He walked with her to the table, sliding into his side of the booth. She sat down next to him. That returned the smile to his face. "It is definitely worth considering.”

Taking up his drink, he whispered softly. "You are definitely worthy of a scandal.” Vaughn chuckled before taking a sip of his drink. "I am just extremely fortunate and profoundly happy to have other options.” Having sex in a public restroom stall was still a scandal, especially for a public official but it was less of a scandal when it was with the person said public official was publicly dating. Only slightly less.

Not that he was planning to do any such thing but he could take a moment to consider it longingly and then remind himself that Therese would be accompanying him back to Shady Pines and there they could be as demonstrative as they pleased.

Their private conversation was about to be interrupted. Vaughn heard the click of heels on the floor headed in their direction. He looked up in time to see a flushed blond dropping down into their booth on the other side.

She said something about needing to sit down for a moment and her date getting them something to drink. Vaughn's expression remained neutral but inwardly he was unimpressed. That she was up to something was obvious. The place was no so crowded that she couldn't have picked an empty booth to plop down in that wouldn't have interrupted them at all. Such tactics had been used by reporters and others in the political scene in various attempts to get an "off the record” statement from him about how he felt about this thing or that. He normally took such attempts in stride but tonight it was intruding on his private life. Furthering his suspicions, she feigned vague recognition.

"Its possible.” Vaughn noted her British accent and thought it odd for a Nachton reporter. He rummaged through recent events and political agendas to see if he could find the one that might be noteworthy beyond the city. No doubt it would emerge in short order. "I used to play a bit of rugby when I was at Uni. Did you go to Cardiff?” He smiled, raising his eyebrows expectantly while taking a sip of his wine.

((OOC: He went an entirely different way than I expected. I hadn't taken into consideration how often the press would hound him in different ways to try an catch him off guard but apparently Vaughn remembered just fine. If this had been a normal night for Eternity, and therefore more crowded, he might have bought the dropping into their booth bit. ))
Therese 11 years ago
It seemed to be getting a bit warm in here, which was odd because they had stopped dancing. She gave him a sly smile.

"The feeling is very much mutual...”

Although she doubted her grand-pere would be amused in the slightest. Not that he would challenge Vaughn, one simply didn't challenge the Sarkis. He could, however, make her a bit uncomfortable and would undoubtedly take things out on Navid. Perhaps it was best that they behave themselves.

Or not.

"We would just have to make sure we don't get caught.”

And then their flirting, or possibly foreplay it was rather hard to tell, was interrupted. Thérèse wasn't thrilled with the booth crasher, but she wasn't exactly surprised people did strange things in clubs all the time. She was, however, very glad she'd sat next to Vaughn rather than across from him. As it was she still bristled slightly and placed her hand on his knee in a faintly possessive manner.

It smelled like a ploy to get an unguarded moment with the mayor, to dig up dirt as it was. Since the woman hadn't addressed her Thérèse let Vaughn handle the matter.