Seeing a man about a job (Attn:Xeph)

Sorcha looked at the building and then straightened her clothing for about the hundredth time. This was a job interview of sorts. The weirdest job interview she had ever experienced and she had held some strange occupations.

She had on a dress in a nice shade of pale green. It was simple, with two small closed front pockets sewn with matching buttons and princess seams along the bust line. Sorcha wore a white collared shirt beneath it. She was not completely in tune with fashion, still finding it odd not to be wearing a habit in either black, white or occasionally some other mono-colour variant. As a nun you didn't have to worry about what matched with what or what tomorrow's fashion choice needed to be. It was all the same and there was a certain security in that.

Her choice of colour hopefully made her look less dawdy and her choice of a nice well made dress hopefully suggested she was sensible.

[What do you think? Look okay?]

Gwyn helpfully barked at her but his opinion was that she looked wonderful. She was here and she was healthy; to a dog that was all that was necessary.

She had brought her dog with her and that was fairly strange but they were going to an animal clinic and Sorcha figured she could point out that she had a nice happy canine. A large, friendly, well adjusted and trained canine. It had to count for some veternary street cred. At least it proved that she wasn't likely to be afraid of large dogs and she was not secretly harboring a love of cats.

Lovely creatures...okay, no, she didn't really think so but other people liked them and that was fine with her. She just didn't understand cats.

Cris had suggested this job to her and was straight forward about who ran the clinic. Honestly, it sounded intriguing, working for a werewolf. That made Sorcha very excited. She loved learning new things and to do so first hand instead of reading or hearing about it would be wonderful.

The first thing she learned was that you don't tell the head of Evenhet Security that you are bored and between writing assignments. You certainly don't mention that you were thinking of getting a part time job.

He had made it very clear that she was not a spy. Xeph would know what she was and she was not to be anything but honest with him. Certainly there was a point where she should keep her mouth shut but if she ever had any doubt then Cris was just a mental call away. Besides, Sorcha was not exactly high up in the ranks of people 'in the know'. Cris had told her that there was a werewolf working for Meridian and that they would just be doing an 'exchange program' of sorts.

Sorcha just hoped it wasn't a hostage exchange.

Cris seemed to think that she would enjoy the job and that she would like Dr. Xephier. Apparently the man had earned the respect of the Security Chief despite his genetic background. That too was intriguing. Perhaps she would not be in on any earth shattering revelations but if she could befriend a werewolf and therefore have first hand experience to base an opinion on then Sorcha was content. She didn't believe they were all monsters any more than vampires were. Perhaps one day everyone could manage to work and live together.

Meanwhile, she'd just like to have a job.

Opening the door, she let Gwyn go in first and then followed him inside. [Here goes nothing. You -are- going to tell me your opinion, right?] That was the other reason she had brought him. Gwyn had great people sense and she wanted his opinion on this vetrinarian who occasionally ran around on all fours. If the wolf hound didn't like him then they would turn right back around and Cris could find someone else to use for the 'bring your vampire to work' day.

Xeph 10 years ago
Xeph was alone in his clinic but he hadn't yet locked the doors. Since the birth of his two children he had been forced to cut back on his hospital hours, and had abandoned his teaching job almost completely. He refused to do so with his clinic, though. Instead, he had opted to change his hours there, cutting them back during the daytime but staying open a little later into the evenings to accommodate those who worked during the day. Or slept, a little voice in his head had said, but he shrugged it off. Xephier was here in this clinic to take care of people's dogs. He didn't care who they were as long as they were conscientious pet owners.

Running a Pack was a full time job in and of itself, but Xeph slept very little. During the mornings he had time to take care of Pack business. Afternoons and evenings were for Puppy Clinic hours. Thanks to his quasi-celebrity status he enjoyed a thriving clientele, although many of them were single women still hoping his marriage might fall apart. So when yet another pretty woman entered the office he looked up from the papers he was shuffling at the currently vacant front desk and smiled warmly at her. She was red-haired and tall, very pretty. And she had at her side a gorgeous wolfhound. Xeph found that most unusual at all. Pretty woman, not carrying an obnoxious pink purse with some kind of poor little armpit-dog shivering in it with a bow in its hair... he liked this woman immediately.

"Evening, miss. Can I help you? Nothing wrong with this big guy is there?" Xeph came around the counter and crouched down to the wolfhound's level. He didn't expect a problem; he had a knack with dogs of all kinds. Something about being an Alpha wolf, perhaps, translated to them. He'd seen it in others, as well, not just himself, but with him it seemed to make sense. It had been apparent even when Xeph was young that he was an Alpha male. He looked up at the woman while he made friends with her dog, waiting for her answer.
Sorcha 10 years ago
The man behind the front desk must be the one that she was here to see. Cris had said he was really, he was tall. Apparently she had looked a little dubious, after all not many men were taller than she was and Cris was shorter than her by quite a few inches so his opinion on what was tall was likely suspect. This man was pleasantly tall; she actually had to tilt her head upward a little to look at him.

Then he sank down to Gwyn's level and looked him over. Her friend eyed the stranger and accepted being petted in the dignified and restrained manner that he was taught. She looked down at him and smiled. It was doubtful that the doctor would be afraid of Gwyn's enthusiasm but other people would be and that is the reason that she had trained him to be very calm when being petted. Once folks got to know him and realized he was a big teddy bear then he could be all happy and excited to see them.

[He wants to know if there is anything wrong with you.]

Gwyn looked up at her and then back at the man in front of him. He wuffed something that sounded close to a snort but she knew that it was actually his soft way of saying he was fine.

She turned to the man and signed, on the off chance that he would understand, that Gwyn was fine and that she was here about a job.

Holding up a hand, Sorcha pulled out a letter from her pocket from Cris.

Dr. Xephier

I has not escaped my attention that you have gifted us with one of your fine pack mates and I feel that it would be terribly impolite if we were not to respond in kind. Sorcha is a wonderful woman with some unique gifts that you might find of use in your line of work.

Christian Bern
Chief of Security, Meridian

Smiling she took out her phone and opened the text to speech app.
"I can hear. I just cannot talk.” It was best to get that information out of the way first because most people assumed the use of sign language meant that she was deaf.

While she waited for Xephier to read the small note, she looked down at Gwyn. [Seems ok?]

Gwyn didn't want to leave immediately and seemed pretty content to stay. The vet hadn't offered him a bribe to really win his loyalty so there was no glowing recommendations as of yet but the wolfhound was generally of the opinion that everyone was great until they proved otherwise.
Xeph 10 years ago
Xeph raised his eyebrows as the woman stated her dog was fine and she was inquiring about a job. A job? He looked down at the letter, read it quickly, and then laughed softly. All right, Christian. Apparently Dr. Murphy's partner was Meridian's Security Chief. Xephier made the leap of logic to assume much more than what was implied. Clearly this woman, Sorcha, was not human. he glanced up at her and nodded absently when her phone spoke.

Then he glanced at the note again, tucked it away, and signed back to her.
"If you would prefer I sign, it might keep people from asking awkward questions."

Did she often have to explain that she wasn't deaf? It might be simpler to let people assume and continue to sign.
"A pleasure to meet you Sorcha."

He looked down at the wolfhound, who seemed quite at ease. Most of Xephier's patients were. How many times had he heard fellow veterinarians bemoan the fact that they couldn't ask their patients what hurt or where? Well, not such a problem with Xeph. He could not describe how, exactly, he communicated with canines. It was a canine thing. Looks, expressions, tone of voice or whine in the dog's case, gestures sometimes. Instinctive things Xeph did that translated to canine speech.

In either case he understood the woman's companion was just fine, although it was very clear he would appreciate one of the crunchy treats in the glass jar on the desk. Xeph opened it up and glanced up at Sorcha, assuring it was all right with her. At her affirmation he handed the treats to the dog, who took them gently.

Xephier stood.
"So my friend Mr. Bern thinks you might be useful around here," he mused. Then he gestured to her. "Come on back. Let's talk."

He led the way to his small office in the back of the clinic, where not long ago he had sat with that very Christian, and a concerned Kem.

Deja vu?

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Sorcha 10 years ago
Sorcha lifted one shoulder in a shrug and then signed back, happy to be able to communicate rapidly with someone in a way that was 'normal'. "I explain if it matters, otherwise people assume I read lips.” She didn't need to explain to everyone she met but someone she might be working with should know the truth of the matter. "I am just happy you can understand me without the use of one of my gifts.” She ventured, watching Xephier to make sure that mentioning such things didn't make him uncomfortable or that confirmation of her being a vampire wasn't going to get her tossed out on her ear or worse. He had seemed to find the note from Christian amusing and that was reassuring.

"Well, I like him, if that counts.” Marcus put in, appearing from nowhere to lean nonchalantly against the counter.

"Of course it matters.” She thought to him, expecting her sister to show up at any moment to complain that Gwyn's opinion had been valued over theirs. It would be unreasonable; she could get Gwyn to accompany her but there was no guaranteeing when and where the ghosts would make an appearance.

She smiled at Xephier. "A pleasure to meet you, Dr.Xephier.”

Raising her eyebrows down at her dog when the vet went to the jar of treats on the counter. [Really Gwyn, you're shameless.]

Her dog munched contentedly on the gift and then glanced up at her. [I like him.]

[You would like a cat if it gave you food.]

This time Gwyn's snort meant exactly what it sounded like. [A cat is food.] He had not understood why he couldn't eat the fluffy white furball that occasionally slipped out the neighbor's front door but he was far too well trained to chase it without permission.

[I saw you cuddling that kitten. You don't fool me.]

[Too small to eat.] Came the immediate reply, though she wasn't sure she was buying that story.

Following Dr. Xephier back to his office, She nodded at the coffee. "Yes,please.”

To explain why Cris would think that she was useful, Sorcha said. "I can communicate directly with canines. I think that he believed that would be a useful thing in an animal clinic.” Hastily she added. "Not the only useful thing, mind you.”
Xeph 10 years ago
Xeph watched Sorcha and her dog. It was almost as if they were talking to each other, which might have seemed absurd if he hadn't seen many dog owners over the years. It didn't matter who you were; when you bonded with your pet you developed a language that belonged to the two of you alone. Xeph was just fortunate to have a global dictionary.

Apparently Sorcha was, too, as she explained once they reached Xeph's office. He considered explaining that he had a similar gift. Interesting, that werewolves and vampires might share some traits. His scientific mind wondered if that was significant even as he went about the task of making coffee. It was nothing fancy; a reasonable brew but not too over the top.

Sorcha had mentioned her gifts, as had Christian's letter. Xeph was curious, to be sure. He tried to look nonthreatening as he moved about his office.
"Have a seat," he said.

"I know several of your kind," he told Sorcha, smiling to reassure her he wasn't upset about that fact. "Some good, some bad. Enough to know you're just as human as we are."

He flashed her a grin; over the past few years he'd had experiences with vampires both good and evil, but werewolves as well. He was definitely getting even more of an education than ever here in Nachton, due to the fact that his Pack was no longer on the outskirts of society.

"I am curious about your gifts, though, and why else you and Mr. Bern think you would be a good fit here. Can you tell me more about yourself? Your background? Your interest in working here?"

For all he knew Sorcha was just doing as she'd been told. Xephier doubted it though; Bern didn't seem the type. He didn't know Christian well though. Just enough to understand he was an honorable man to a point. Xeph had yet to exceed that point as far as he knew though, so for now he was willing to talk. He wasn't opposed to having a vampire working for him but he did prefer she be here at least in part because she wanted to.

As he waited for her answer he set the coffee service on the desk between them and poured her a mug, gesturing to her to help herself to cream and sugar.
Sorcha 10 years ago
"Hopefully all of our clan have been part of the good ones.” Her smile went all the way to her eyes, crinkling the corners of them in good humor. There were bad Evenhet to be sure but she thought a lot of her clan and hoped they were representing themselves well to the werewolves. "Not that I am biased in any way.”

She was happy to hear the next question from Dr. Xephier about her gifts; it suggested to her that he was not put off by what she was and might even be curious. "I can send. Cris mentioned that he had sent to you before?” The Security Chief did not explain in any detail what mission might have brought him in contact with the werewolf but he did say that there had been cause to send to him. "I can talk to canines.” Sorcha reached down and ran her fingers along the top of Gwyn's head. He had taken up residence, laying down next to her chair. "Any canine but large dogs and wolves are the easiest. Little dogs are...well, its like talking to someone with a thick accent.” She shrugged, maybe they had been so far removed from their wilder roots or bred together too many times but often there seemed very little canine about them. "Still easily understood just different. I can get a sense of people also.” It was hard explaining the ghosts and how that worked. "I often know how they are feeling.”

Taking up the coffee mug, Sorcha absently added sugar and milk as she considered how to explain her last gift. "I have glamour which is a complicated ability. It is like illusions. It only works on one person at a time. I don't see it being necessary here unless you want to quickly get a dog away from an abusive owner or something.” She could always help with a bait and switch. Look, Sparkie is over there!” Sorcha glanced at the man on the other side of the desk. "Though I doubt you would need to resort to such wiles.” She suspected he could just say he was going to take the dog. Who in their right mind would argue with the man? She doubted he would do anything so drastic unless it was something dire and the police were being called anyway but strange things happen.

"I have always been around dogs obviously. My Creator makes sure of that. He doesn't like me being alone. I have been a nun...for a while.” Let him fill in centuries; it would be the truth. "I am a writer but I was telling Christian that I was thinking of getting a part time job because I was feeling a little restless here in Nachton.” She knew Jin and Mara and had friends in The Towers but she wanted to 'do' something and have more of a purpose. "I am really good at taking notes, even illuminated script if you like. I have excellent handwriting and clerical skills. Obviously there might be problems with answering the phone...” She waved her phone with the app on it. "But I could do that in a pinch. "I understand multiple languages if that's necessary and know basic and some not so basic dog nurturing skills though some of them might be behind the times. I am also willing to learn whatever you are willing to teach.” Being a pet owner prior to the last hundred years or so meant taking care of your pets by yourself. If it was something serious they might take it to the local clergy...which again tended to be her. She learned many odd skills as a nun: some farming,cooking, some herbalism, what passed for medical skills at the time and a smattering of languages just to name a few. Sorcha had also learned to fix their carts, shoe their horses and other things that were generally done by men outside the convent. As the strongest of her small group, she did many of the tasks that required strength but everything that needed to be done was done by the women.

"I would love to get to know you and your kind.” She raised her hands before quickly signing. "Not in an informant type situation. I promise you that Christian asked for nothing of the sort and made it clear to me that was not my purpose.” She cocked her head sideways thoughtfully before sipping her coffee and then putting it back down. Sign language and drinking did not mix. "If I were guessing, and he is hard for me to read, I would say that he is hoping for friendly cooperation. Nothing formal, just the more of us that you know that aren't all...” Sorcha raised clawed fingers and made a stereotypical 'dracula' face and then spelled out. "Bleh, bleh, I want to suck your blood. I am the spawn of Satan and think babies taste great with a nice red wine. That sort of thing.” She sighed softly and shook her head. "Never eaten a baby, if you are worried.

"You should probably stop now. I think you are rambling.” Rionach rolled her eyes skyward from her place in the other guest chair. "Guy can sign and suddenly you can't shut up.”

"I was not...”

She made it a point of not looking at her sister, appearing to be interested in the empty chair would probably label her as crazy.

"Anyway, and the reverse is likely true. There more werewolves that vampires know the more likely they will see them as people and not mythical monsters.” Sorcha stopped herself from adding that she thought nothing of the sort; that was probably obvious because she was sitting here.
Xeph 10 years ago
"So far, that's been the case," Xeph signed back to Sorcha when she mentioned her fellow vampires.

Xeph watched as Sorcha's hands talked, trying to commit to memory the details she gave him quite candidly about her particular abilities. They were impressive. She continued to go on at length about some of her background, and he didn't want to interrupt her to interject. He felt his lips twitching up in a smile as she went on, assuring him she was not there as a spy. That part made him chuckle.

"There's not much spying to be done around here, even if that was your motive," he said. He had no reason not to believe her; he was certain Kem would have relayed the reason for Drew's presence to Christian. Xeph had made it as clear as he could that Drew was one of his Pack and was there as a "spy" because Xeph had been compelled to do so. It had been a formality by that point; one of the only ways Xeph could circumvent the jackal's directives. It was only fair to have Sorcha here.

She did seem to want to help, in spite of her affiliation. He didn't mind her race; in fact he agreed with her. If they all got to know each other, there was a much higher likelihood that they could all learn to get along.

When he could speak more he did so, talking directly to Sorcha since he had his mug in his hands.
"This really is nothing more than my vet clinic. My own personal pet project, if you like. There's nothing to be gained here in so far as Pack secrets or G-14 classified werewolf information."

He shrugged his big shoulders at Sorcha.
"If your Clan wants it on official record, I am the Alpha of the Kadzait Pack. Not just here in Nachton, but for the world. Every Pack, every country."

There. Xeph wasn't sure that much had ever been stated between them. The vampires knew he led a Pack, yes, but he wasn't sure what they knew about how the Pack as structured. He did not mind letting Christian know exactly who he was. If they ever came to blows for any reason, perhaps it would save lives.

"However, this business is what I love. I do need someone to give me a hand, maybe a couple evenings a week. We're only open until eight or so, so I don't imagine your shift would be very long. The woman who currently helps me as a tech has a family at home so I'd like her to be able to go home to them by five. Can you get here by then? Is it safe for you?"

It wasn't always dark by five. Sometimes in the winter, but never in the summer. Xeph's clinic was tucked away into a side street though, which was pleasant, quiet and clean, but he did not have any windows save those in the front. If Sorcha could get herself here without mishap, he could guarantee her safety while inside the building.

"If we can manage that, this could work just fine," he said. "I think your abilities are a good fit, and I'll be honest - they aren't terribly different from my own. But there's very little call to use them around here. Most of my clients are pretty harmless."

She'd see soon enough. Xeph had a great many client who flocked to his family name and reputation, some older couples and their families, a great many marriageable women who thought they might still have a chance. Maybe having Sorcha there would be a good thing. He wasn't sure. Mostly, they needed to work out the logistics of getting her to work without an issue, and she would know best how to do it, if it were possible.
Sorcha 10 years ago
Sorcha chuckled when Xephier explained that there was no secrets to be had at the vet clinic. She shrugged. "I think we would be a little more stealthy if we were truly looking.”

She raised her eyebrows at the information, freely given that he was 'The' Alpha of his pack, much like Alfarinn was for Evenhet. That was rather important news and she suddenly felt that maybe she was in over her head just a little bit. She wanted to work with him and any other werewolves he might employ and get to know them but politics was something she stayed away from.

It was better that way; she was terrible at it. Jin and her mother were far more qualified to move in those kinds of circles. What did a nun who had spent centuries in a cloister know about such dangerous circles of humanity?

She was surprised to hear that the clinic was not open later than eight in Nachton. This city was known for all night everything. It was one of its quirks and charms. The little odd thing that made the city different. The vampires, and she had to assume this was Anantya's doing, had cultivated that special detail very carefully, maintaining it early on by calling it a safe haven for travelers. They had done a very thorough job of making sure that it appeared to be exactly that. In the earliest days of the city, killing your prey was frowned upon. Go elsewhere if that was what you were in the mood for but don't jeopardize the city's reputation of being a welcoming place for strangers at all hours of the day or night. Now it was considered a Nachton tradition, made easy by the modern age of electricity. A little side note of interest in all the travel journals and magazines. This was now a happening spot for tourists who enjoyed clubs and a busy nightlife.

However, Xephier was obviously a busy man and it was a small clinic. She suspected he simply didn't have the time to run it all night and there might not be much call for it either.

"I can get here.” She would have to take the sewers. They were remarkably clean in Nachton with raised side walkways for ease of travel. The smell of the place was not entirely pleasant but at least you weren't walking around in the muck. Her other choice was to be driven but that still required a run to the entrance, which might still be true of the sewers as well.

It would almost be better to wear a habit, which covered so much of the body but it would be hard to explain why a conservative nun was working at an animal clinic. These days most nuns tended to wear regular clothes in the United States and Western Europe, perhaps keeping the coif to identify themselves. They could be seen helping charities and giving their time in service but rarely holding down jobs.

The clinic did have a nice small back alley that served as a back entrance to the place. If she could come up there then she could use an umbrella and gloves to make it into the building without so many people wondering what she was doing when it was perfectly dry outside.

"Which ones?” Sorcha reached for her mug and sipped her coffee while she waited for Xephier's answer. She was curious about everything concerning their two species but in this case she was especially interested to hear which of their abilities might overlap or perhaps compliment each other. She wondered what it would be like working together with werewolves to accomplish something great. Briefly Sorcha wondered what Evenhet and the Kadzait could do together. How much positive change could their two peoples make? They would be a formidable team together in many ways and she doubted that Anantya would be pleased if such a union ever came to be. Teams of werewolves and vampires would be incredibly strong, physically and perhaps in the realm of their combined gifts. Each would be able to cover the other's weaknesses as well which would make such teams incredibly difficult to overcome.

Briefly she wondered if Cris had thought of these things and then laughed to herself. Of course he had. She just wondered whether he was for or against such a plan. Would the friendship of the werewolves be worth a war with Anantya.? She wasn't sure she knew the answer to that question and was glad that it was not her decision.
Xeph 10 years ago
"One could only hope," Xeph said with a short laugh. The idea of vampires who were hundreds, and thousands, of years old not managing to come up with any better espionage strategy was amusing to him. Sadly, he was very well acquainted with the many ways in which they could be devious and dangerous.

Sorcha affirmed she could get to the clinic and Xeph nodded; he wasn't going to ask her how and expect her to divulge information that she might or might not want him to have. If he really wanted to find out he supposed he could, or he could try the straight forward way, asking. Instead he let it be. She was a nice woman so far and he wanted to see how they'd work together. He liked Kem, and trusted him. He was all right with Christian from what he knew of him. Didn't know him well enough yet, but he seemed decent. Xeph was fairly patient; time would tell.

The topic of their shared abilities seemed to interest them both. Sorcha asked him which of his were similar to hers and he smiled.
"I speak to dogs as well. All of them, the breed doesn't matter. Something about being a wolf, maybe. I've never heard of any research on the topic. I can't describe it to you. It's not something I think humans or people without such an ability would have. We don't necessarily relate to each other in words."

Xeph really couldn't describe his speech patterns; they were fairly universal in the dog world but people didn't get it. It was a combination of some thought, perhaps, but a lot of body language, actions and responses, looks, and things.

"Your ability to get a sense of people," he continued, "I share that one as well. Maybe it's different. I can usually tell what drives them. What their needs are. it's an insight, I guess."

The rest of his abilities he left out. On some level he didn't want their kind to know that he had the ability to deny his full moon madness occasionally, and even when Changed under the moon, was in possession of most of his senses. There was also little point in explaining that he could take a reasonably impressive amount of abuse.Those things were somewhat more private and fairly intangible anyhow, less likely to effect Sorcha at all.

Taking a drink of his coffee he thought that this mutual exchange might work, if that was really all it was. At this point he had no reason to think otherwise. He smiled across the desk at Sorcha.

"So tell me, have you had any experience with others of my kind? It's not often I find someone who's simply curious."
Sorcha 10 years ago
Nodding in understanding, Sorcha set down her coffee mug. "No, I think I get it. I mean it is very often that I have to make myself understood to humans with a mixture of basic signs, gestures and nodding and after talking to so many dogs with my own ability I have come to figure out what some gestures and expressions mean.” Not nearly as well as he understood it; she couldn't make a language out of it alone. She knew her own dog and what his body language and sounds meant. They were all different enough for it to be hard to understand any more than the basic observant person could discern. A whine of pain was pretty obvious, as was a threatening growl; most people understood those things but that was like a tourist being able to say bathroom and beer in a foreign language. It was hardly conversation.

She liked the way he described his other similar ability. Sorcha nodded there also. "It might be somewhat different but it sounds definitely similar.” She hoped to get the chance to see. "My ability works differently from every other vampire I have ever met with the same, save one. It comes to us differently. Some feel feelings, some hear the words as if someone was narrating to them. "He's sad or she is happy with what you said, etc... Some people see things and I've met one who got a sense of hot or cold and he related those to different feelings.” Sorcha thought trying to figure out exactly how cold sad was and how warm was ecstatic sounded like a lot of work. She wasn't sure that she would have chosen to see and hear ghosts but at least they tended to be pretty clear in what they wanted to say.

Shaking her head, no, at his last question, Sorcha frowned thoughtfully and the shrugged slightly. "I have lived in a cloister for a very long time. More than half of my existence.” She smiled and added. "And I've lived over a thousand years.” A little over another thousand years, to be precise but a lady never disclosed her age. She figured that a thousand years old sounded bad enough.

"Sometimes there would be people coming to the convent seeking shelter. Several times there have been those who arrived naked at our doors. Once a woman and we figured that she had been attacked by some man and badly used. However she hardly seemed distressed and after sleeping long into the next day and eating a hearty meal she was gone. The other was a man who claimed to have been mugged.” Sorcha shrugged. "Perhaps he was. He too was gone the next day but, as he was in a convent, that wasn't exactly a surprise.” He certainly wouldn't be allowed to stay.

She smiled. "So mayhap I have but if so then we didn't speak of it. Like vampires, I imagine that I have met a few and never knew that I was speaking to them.” Sorcha concluded. "I am terribly curious about a lot of things. I am told it is not one of my virtues."
Xeph 10 years ago
Sorcha seemed to understand what he meant about discoursing with canines, but then, he had not expected her to have too much trouble with the concept. She clearly had plenty of experience with them herself and also communed with them. Any longtime dog owner evolved a language of sorts. Xeph's was just instantaneous and far more complex.

He nodded as she spoke, not one to interrupt. He found the descriptions of different kinds of empathy interesting. When she paused he said,
"Our people have different ways of sensing things, as well. I don't think any one gift works exactly the same from person to person."

No one knew why they had the gifts they did. What caused them to have them, and was it in any way related to the same gifts vampires had, which seemed widely varied as well? Now there was a disturbing thought, the idea that somehow, way back in their ancestry, the two races were somehow related. Almost like evolution. Xeph didn't want to dwell on it, fascinating though it was.

Instead he listened to Sorcha again, glad that she seemed relatively open about herself. He raised his eyebrows when she said she'd live in a cloister for half of her very long life. How did that work, he wondered? Did she go from cloister to cloister? Fake her own death after eighty years or so? Or had she found acceptance among the ranks of nuns and simply been allowed to live and pray and coexist?

And what did a vampire dine on when she lived in a cloister?

Best not to dwell on that one either, maybe. Sorcha might not eat babies but nun could very easily have been on the menu, and Xeph was pretty sure it was none of his business as long as she left his clients alone. Maybe one day they might reach a point where he could ask such questions, but now was definitely not it. She surely had her own set of questions which she considered equally out of place.

"Curiosity is a virtue in any form," he said with a shrug. "I think so, anyway. When you stop being curious about the world and the people around you, you may as well go find yourself another cloister."

It was his way of giving her permission to be curious. Xeph was a progressive; he thought there was a chance his people could exist in the same space as vampires and if he could do that through nonviolence and good will, he would. Someone had to trust first. It was one of those things you have to first give in order to receive, and Xeph felt his Pack had everything to gain.
Sorcha 10 years ago
Sorcha nodded and indicated that it was the same with vampiric gifts; though that was probably obvious from her description. She was hardly surprised to find that werewolf gifts were equally unique to each person.

She snorted softly at the idea of finding another cloister to remain in if she were to refuse to be curious. Setting her coffee mug back down she explained. "I went to the cloister because I was curious. It was one of the only places where a woman could learn so many different things. I learned many things that were considered the sole purview men because it was considered by the sisters better to do as much for ourselves as we could manage. We had to be able to survive on our own because there were only so many visits a year by the male clergy members and other specialists, like masons, blacksmiths and various tradesmen.” Sorcha shrugged. "These days a nun in a convent can still learn plenty but I have done enough reading and want to learn things more directly.”

There had never been a better time for her to experience the world. She had a device that could speak for her and she now lived in a time where even young children could read what she wrote. It was an age where so many people communicated more with electronic aid than they did face to face. In most of the world women were considered equals once more. She could do anything, within legal limits, and be whatever she wanted.

And she found herself here talking to a man, who happened to be a werewolf, about working part time in a small animal clinic. Interesting... but exciting.

"So would you like me to answer the phones?” She smiled mischievously as she signed the question.
Xeph 10 years ago
Xeph smiled as Sorcha spoke. Inside, he marveled at what it must be like to live for so long that your entire universe changed. Of course, he wasn't a woman; even females of his kind had seen enormous change in their roles in the last hundred years. Xeph knew many elder Amaroq who could clearly recall when they were to remain in the home and have children. It wasn't that long ago. Even Xeph recalled that things were different when he was a boy; of course, he was on the revolutionary edge from birth, it seemed, always trying to break out of his father's mold, not to be another Liam.

He laughed softly when Sorcha asked if she should answer phones. Xeph flashed her a grin.
"I suppose, if that's what you want to do it could be arranged," he said, "but if you want to learn you're best off helping me out. I need an assistant who can give me a hand a few hours a week. My current tech has a family at home and doesn't want to stay until eight. I can't say I blame her. Your timely intervention could be perfect for keeping her employed here. I like having her and I know she likes working here."

Xeph's clinic was only a one man affair. He stayed open four days and evenings out of the week. One day, he spent at the hospital, having cut back when his son and daughter were born. He only taught a class here and here at the school now, instead of the heavier load he'd been taking on the past few years. The rest of his time was for family, although running a Pack took up a good deal of it. If he actually needed sleep he'd probably have to cut down on his clinic hours as well. He had considered hiring another veterinarian to work there, but the clinic was his baby and he was loathe to relinquish it.

"I know it's not a lot of hours. Twelve, maybe sixteen tops. But it will get you out and you definitely won't lack for learning opportunities."

She could start with identifying the various forms of Nachton gold digger. It would be fun.
Sorcha 10 years ago
"Well, if you're sure. I have an excellent phone voice...several actually. You could have a veritable army at your disposal. Sadly, only one capable body.” Sorcha smiled and shrugged. Perhaps when she knew him better and knew how he would take her quirky sense of humor she could make up personalities for the different imaginary staff members and give them interesting back stories. If nothing else then it was an excellent creative exercise for herself.

"I am pretty well versed in how to answer the phone.” Which might surprise more than a few people. "Don't think there is much new to be learned there so helping you as an extra set of hands sounds like a splendid idea.” She certainly hadn't been serious about the phones, especially since he had already mentioned what he needed.

Finishing her coffee, Sorcha set the mug on the desk. "When would you like me to start?” She could start the next evening, but the night after might be better. She was going to have to check out which exit from the sewers came close to here and how close. Sorcha figured she would probably want to walk it at least once first to be sure that it would suit her needs.

"This should be quite entertaining.” Marcus said with a grin.

"You mean she has the opportunity to get into all kinds of trouble.” Rionach interpreted.

"Trouble can be entertaining.” Replied the other ghost, not in the least deterred from his original statement.

"Yes, we'll start the trouble by the two of you making me look completely mental.” Sorcha sighed inwardly, somewhat amused by their banter.
Xeph 10 years ago
Xeph couldn't help another wolfish grin and a laugh at the idea of a whole phone army. It was just the kind of prank he would be thrilled to pull. In fact...

"Keep that phone army in mind. We may yet make use of it."

Maybe not the way Sorcha intended, but it would be hilarious, nonetheless. When she asked when she could start Xeph smiled.
"We'll need to get everything in order, all legal and all that. I'll need you to buy a couple pairs of scrubs, any color, I don't like uniforms, and just bring me the receipt for reimbursement. I'm going to loan you a book as well. You should read the first two chapters before you start."

He stood and turned around, looking through the shelf of tomes on the back wall over his desk. When he finally located the one he wanted he turned back and handed it to her. It was a basic textbook about veterinary medicine. The first two chapters covered things any assistant should know; what normal vital signs were in dogs (and cats, but that couldn't be helped. The book dealt with both), a lot of terminology she would need, and some very basic canine and feline physiology. She would learn yet more working with him, but that was what she'd asked him for.

"Let's say next week for a start date, then?" It was the middle of the week now. He was open from Wednesday through Saturday. "If you come in next Wednesday at five, you can stay until nine. How does that sound?"

He fished around in his desk drawer for a formal application. She probably had a resume, too, which would be nice. They did have to observe the formalities, after all.

When all was said and done, though, things were filled out and signed and everything was in order. Xeph was still amused that Christian would send one of his own over to 'retaliate' for Drew's presence at Meridian but all was fair in love, and war, and apparently in times of peace as well. Xeph wasn't worried. He was looking forward to getting to know Sorcha, too.

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Sorcha 10 years ago
"Phone Army, Check." Sorcha smiled; she was happy that he was considering the potential entertainment value. Someone who had a sense of humor and could occasionally be talked into mischief was a fun person to know and that made any job better.

She took the book that he handed her, figuring she would read the first few chapters tonight and probably the rest of the book before she returned. Reading was her olympic sport. She was quick and well practiced, loving to read even after centuries of it. The invention of the kindle and other readers was the best thing ever. (Though nothing was quite the same as a nice real book. The weight, feel and smell of them were an indulgence.) She could now take a whole library with her and always have something to read.

"That sounds perfect." Sorcha stood and reached out and shook Dr. Xephier's hand. "Thank you for the opportunity."

She gestured to Gwyn that they were ready to go. The big guy seemed quite comfortable and wasn't in a hurry to leave. Sorcha wondered when he was going to realize this was a vet clinic. Those had never been Gwyn's favorite places to visit; she hoped this time would be an exception.

Walking out of the clinic, she felt content and a little excited. She had a new job to occupy her time and new people to get to know. This was perfect. She was going to have to thank Cris with a gift basket or some nice homemade bread.

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