Around the Fire

Kiyo peeked into the clearing where most of his pack was gathered. He had never come to a fire without being expressly invited by one of his friends. Tonight though he had asked Evan to join them. Not as himself of course, sadly, but in his magpie form. He would get in so much trouble if anyone found out about this but he thought they were reasonably safe.

It gave him a lot of confidence knowing Evan was close. It made him bolder than he would normally be. That said, he was still peering around a tree sort of edging in hoping to see someone he knew. And sort of hoping someone he knew might save him too.

He was dressed in comfortable pants, fitted around the waist but loose all the way down the leg like a split skirt. On top he wore a fitted rust colored tee shirt. Around his neck was the pouch Evan had given him; he never went anywhere without it anymore. He had his poi with him as well, just in case.

Now if he could just muster up the courage to come out.

Greer Grayson 12 years ago
Gris smiled at Kiyoshi and acknowledged that his friend had brought the entertainment this time. He looked up at the night sky as he considered thoughtfully. He had been thinking of their mutual love of candles earlier and now that seemed like a good idea.

"Well then I will pick.” Gris gave Kiyo a mischievous grin before returning to spinning the poi.

He would need to build a small portable sand box to do the project that he really wanted to do but it would be fun. They would probably have some other people interested in what they were making. Gris decided that he would need to bring enough supplies so that any children at the campfire could join them. The adults were on their own; there were just too many of them for him to provide for.

Kiyoshi showed him a few more maneuvers. These were more complicated and he had to watch them several times before getting an idea of how he should move his body and the poi to accomplish the same trick, preferably without adding a bondage element to his night. Not that he had anything against bondage, but somehow it seemed less entertaining when he was the one tying himself up.

Going back to the planning for the next campfire, he said.
"I have an idea so you'll just have to come again next time.” Gris looked at his shy friend. "Okay?” Kiyoshi didn't seem comfortable here. He had stayed around the edges of the people and had moved them back away from the fire. Normally Gris would have been dancing or drumming up close with the others but he didn't begrudge Kiyoshi his comfort space. It was summer anyway and the dancing around the bonfire became unbearable far more quickly in these months than it did later in the year.

He decided that they were going to have to make some new friends for Kiyo. Because neither of them were going to want to stay way out here during the winter.
Kiyoshi Salinas 12 years ago
Kiyo found it easy to be with Gris. That didn't stop him from keeping an eye on the magpie above them; while Evan was practically invisible Kiyo knew he was there. As he spun with Gris he occasionally glanced up now and then to check in with his partner, feeling good that Evan was here even if he was up in the trees. Kiyo didn't think Evan would have spent the whole time staring at him and Gris. He wondered what his partner thought about everything he saw as a whole. Was it anything like when Evan had been younger, still living as part of a tribe?

Gris said he would pick something for next time and seemed to think Kiyo's discovery of his idea would motivate him to come back to the next gathering. It might, but the bigger motivator was Greer's company. Kiyo smiled and nodded at his friend.

"I would come back anyway, if you wanted me to," he admitted. "I've never been here with a friend before. It's not so bad."

It was actually pleasant. The thought made Kiyo smile a bit more. He began to spin far more energetically. Some of the Pack who'd been anticipating a show before hadn't strayed far. Kiyo figured he may as well give them one if they still wanted.

As it turned out, plenty of people were willing to watch an energetic poi routine. Kiyo didn't have anything planned but that was the fun of poi; you didn't need to choreograph it.
Greer Grayson 11 years ago
Gris smiled at Kiyoshi and shrugged. "That's good then. I can still have something planned for the next time.” He did wonder what was bad about the campfire without friends but he supposed that Kiyo had a harder time talking to people.

"Well, you have a friend now, several of them.” He had seen Kiyoshi's friend Tavi at the campfires before. She was usually in the thick of things, laughing, dancing and talking.

When they stopped talking, Kiyoshi stepped up his poi performance and that drew back the people who had wandered away. Gris drifted through the crowd and collected his drum and then moved back to his friend.

He took up the beat from the drummers around the bonfire while he watched Kiyoshi. Several of his friends came to join him when he started playing. They had a mini drum circle on the outside of the bigger one. After some murmuring amongst themselves, they started up a counter beat to main one which added new life into the rhythm. The other drummers were entertained by the challenge of the call and answer type beat and a few of them stepped it up with some flair thrown in. Then it was on.
Evan Talkingwater 11 years ago
Evan watched over Kiyoshi as he interacted with his pack. He wondered if the situation would have been different had Gris not been there but everything seemed to go okay for his shy partner.

The blond werewolf was more social and he seemed to bring the party to him where ever he went. Evan chuckled softly up in his tree; that was true in World of Warcraft also. Gris never had a shortage of players, especially the female gamers who went nuts for his soft British accent, who would join any venture that the werewolf cared to think up. In their time as friends, they had convinced their guild mates to do some wild and crazy things. Luckily, they always seemed to have fun, whether they were dying or succeeding.

He was grateful that Gris seemed willing to focus on just Kiyo for a while. Evan wasn't sure how Kiyoshi would have felt if Gris's entire entourage had engulfed the two of them. Watching them both, he began to suspect that Gris was just as happy as Kiyoshi with their small group of two. He knew from experience that Gris only really opened up on the rare occasions that it had been the two of them on vent, playing at some absurd hour in the morning.

Evan wondered if Kiyoshi knew how much his friendship meant to the blond. He had been touched when Kiyo had told Gris that he mattered and he could tell that Gris had been also. Kiyoshi made a bigger difference than he realized in a lot of lives, in his own quiet way. Evan felt lucky to spend so much time with him and to have a special place in his life.

The conversation ended for the moment and the activities began in earnest. Making a chuckling bird sound that Kiyo would hear and recognize, Evan joined his partner and danced, bird-like, to the music while Kiyoshi spun his poi down below. He would have to admit that bird dancing was not as graceful but it was still a lot of fun. Evan the magpie strutted and bobbed up on his branch, joining into the festivities in his own little way.

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