Since coming to SA many moons ago my little village of people has grown. Each character has started out as one person and made a transformation that was most of time not what i had intended. With the exception of Chryseis who somehow managed to always be a void of creep, even in my mind.
I've been dormant for quite the few months here but I lurk from time to time and wanted to share a little bit of the evolution of my troupe because they aren't gone, they are just doing other things. Without SA and all the people who participate and run it and take care of it during its ebb and flows I would never had the chance to give life to strange people like Panos.

Whats going on?!

Luka and Delilah have evolved since here and Delilah eventually did crossover to the fanged side. Now they get to deal with Luka and all his issues resulting from his awesome life prevampire. Basically he's trying to recreate what he pictures as a ideal life that hes modeled off his sister and her partner. Which of course is not what it seems.

Panos has entered into a whole new adventure. Magda, Luka's twin sister has arrived in the states and is seeking solace with yours truly. They have a past together that Luka naturally doesnt know about and now a whole slew of new crap that is headed his way.

Diane & Trayce Diane still maintains the clinic and her home out in the boonies and still waits for her mate who she is loyally devoted to. She is doing well raising her son and with the friendship of Trayce to keep her from going insane. Trayce is still the virgin with no interest in affairs but Diane is working on him. They have a brother/sister relationship. Trayce spends a good amount of free time out at her place and even though he tells himself its too watch to make sure she isnt a loose cannon, he actually enjoys the friendship and Dianes son calling him Uncle Trayce now.

So thats where all my people stand. They all <3 this place and wanted all of you to know!
Thanks SA for always being here =)

Pakpao 12 years ago
Hey there! Good to hear from you! You should think about writing little mini updates for their bios, esp Delilah. You never know when you'll want to start or jump in a thread and you'll want to be ready
Aishe 12 years ago
Thanks for the update, I'm glad your kids haven't been sitting idle! Come back and write with us when you have time.
Vaughn Emiliano 12 years ago
What you don't put the voices in a nice cryofreeze when you aren't here?! But then they get old and stuff.
Ellis Duban 12 years ago
Updates are fun! Good seeing you Dia!!!