A Nice Way to Pass the Evening (Attn: Henri)

The drive back was pleasant if uneventful with light chatter and Pak occasionally playing tour guide point out or mentioning interesting places that might otherwise be unnoticed. She did end up in some odd spots now and didn't mind sharing.

The ride up to the forty second floor was quiet and efficant and she was rather thankful MARI didn't ask any awkward questions. It was fifty fifty odds with her creation and she never knew how it would go with the AI. And given that she rather wanted to pin Henri up against the wall of the elevator she was just as glad not to have to deal with MARI as well.

Opening the door Pak was greeted by the site of her cat perched on top of a book case keeping guard. That seemed to be one of his favorite things to do and she appreciated it. Sliding off her shoes, and resuming her normal height, she was glad she'd let Eiryk do the apartment for her. It felt comfortable, like home. The walls were a very pale creamy beige and played up the natural colors and textures of wood and stone in the room. There was no clear style it was a fusion of all of Pak's interest, 40s/50s modern, turn of the century French, ultra modern, all held together with a bit of an Asian thread.

"Would you mind taking your shoes off and then make yourself at home. I'll get us that drink... tea? Something stronger?"

Henri 10 years ago
Henri pulled his shoes off as requested and set them to the side of the doorway. Ambling casually into Pakpao's apartment, which was located rather high up in the Towers, he took in the decor. It seemed comfortable enough, but as he didn't know the owner very well he couldn't decide whether or not it suited her. He imagined it must, or why would she live in it? He noted the things she surrounded herself with, gleaning little details about her from them. This was something he did often enough - assassins didn't meet with much success if they didn't learn how.

He looked up at the sound of Pakpao's voice, asking what he wanted to drink.
"I'm easy enough. Wine is good, tea is fine, anything will do."

Really, drinks were just for holding onto while they flirted their way into each other's arms at this point, he figured. He hardly ever turned down a good wine either way though. Maybe it was a French thing - probably horribly stereotypical of him.

The styling of Pak's home might have seemed unusual to him if she hadn't told him what she had already. He could see pieces of her travels throughout her home. He briefly wondered how old she was, guessing from her attitude and the dates of the things he saw around him that she wasn't terribly ancient. Not entirely new either, though. She'd clearly been around long enough to understand certain things about the long-lived, or he suspected she'd have had more of an issue with his marriage.

Or, maybe she was just kinky.

Henri was fine with either one. He sat on the inviting sofa, leaning back against the arm, wondering idly what Rowan and Cris were up to. He suspected they might begin to worry if he didn't show back up in too long, but Cris could send; if they had time to worry about him and ask about him, well, he would give them an answer and cross that bridge when he came to it. Hopefully they were sufficiently distracted as to not notice the passage of time.

He regarded the cat with a smile but didn't make a move toward it. Cats were peculiar creatures. They did things on their own terms; Henri could respect that. He'd known many cats in his time. Pakpao's pet would either come say hello or not.
Pakpao 10 years ago
She wasn't at all surprised to hear him confirm wine would be acceptable. Pak wasn't a hard core wine enthusiast but she knew red from white and did keep a fair number of good bottles on hand. Disappearing into the kitchen for a second she found a 2005 Cabernet Franc from the south west of France. It was quickly opened and she returned to the living area with two glasses in hand. The wine was good enough to be enjoyed but not so good that she'd be broken up if it was forgotten at some point.

"It might need to breath a bit."

Pak half smiled as Henri was eyeing Mongkut. Her cat, however, was not apparently interested in socializing.

"Back home, Siam, brown cats were used to guard the temples. They were thought to chase off evil. Since he hasn't chased you off yet that speaks well of your character."

She smiled slowly at him before setting things down Pak looked around and was glad that it looked like the cleaning service had been through while she was out. Not that she was a slob but if you were bringing home company it was nice to have the place clean.
Henri 10 years ago
Henri watched Pakpao emerge from the kitchen with an open bottle of wine and two glasses. He smiled and nodded. Any good wine had to breathe a little. He hoped, not too much. The Asian woman's face was smiling in a soft, sultry sort of way that he couldn't help but respond to.

As she straightened up he reached out and caught her hand in his, gently, brushing his thumb lightly over her palm.
"I'm not evil," he said, with a soft smile of his own, "not usually, anyway."

He brought her a little closer to him, sitting back against the couch, leaving himself open and wondering if she would sit next to him or be more forward than that.

"I'm glad he approves, though. I don't think this would go very well with an agitated feline attempting to claw at me while I'm here. Other claws, yes, but not his."

He lifted his eyebrows at her mischievously.
Pakpao 10 years ago
A small shiver traveled up Pak's spine as Henri played with her hand. It was a light touch but it still was arousing. For a moment she linked her fingers with his and looked up at him with smokey eyes.

"A little evil goes a long way."

They were no longer in public, she didn't have to be socially acceptable she could be more aggressive, after all they both knew what was very likely going to happen at this point. Pak straddled one leg and slid her fingers up his arm to the elbow.

She gave a low throaty chuckle at his comment about claws and deliberately ran her well manicured nails lightly down his arm, barley touching him.

"Not into sweet and gentle are we? Nothing slow and and seductive?"

It was teasing, and honestly Pak wasn't quite sure what she wanted, well other than to get him into her bedroom. Not just yet, the preliminaries were to be savored after all. Part of her was also holding back, just the tiniest bit refusing to give into lust blindly.

"Tell me about this evil side of yours."

Pak purred giving Henri the chance to tell her a little about himself and give her an idea what he was hoping for this evening. It took two to tango and she wanted him to enjoy himself as well. She did have a few tricks up her sleeves after all, not that she had used them in ages but it was like riding a bicycle Pak reasoned. Certainly her lack of recent practice wasn't slowing her down or making her hesitant tonight.
Henri 10 years ago
Henri approved of Pakpao's new position over his leg. He gave a low hum of approval and slid his free hand around her waist, encouraging her to come closer still.

"Sweet, gentle, rough and fast. Does it matter if we two are both enjoying the game? I think not."

He smiled up at her and gave a little shrug of his shoulders. She asked what he wanted, and that was him in a nutshell. He didn't care what they did as long as they both had fun. Henri had long since stopped having a preference for sexual pleasure one way or another. It was a game to played and enjoyed. The only rule to observe was that everyone should be comfortable and feel pleasured.

"My evil side," he said, laughing softly, "well it's got a lot to do with manipulation." He moved her hand as he spoke, demonstrating, placing it around his neck so she had to lean closer. "Assassination. Interrogation."

He paused, rolling his eyes upward briefly.
"There are a lot of -ations," he summarized. "But trust me, it was all for the good of the Clan. I'm mostly one of the good guys."

He raised his eyebrows at her now that she was close enough for him to kiss, daring her, seeing if she would bridge that gap and come to him, or if she preferred him to be more aggressive.
Pakpao 10 years ago
"If we aren't both playing it is considerably less enjoyable."

Pak mused quietly while happily obliging by sliding a little closer. She did rather wish she'd taken off her jacket as she couldn't quite feel his hand on her waist.

Pak raised one eyebrow at his 'ations'. That was unexpected. It didn't deter her at all.

"Ah, so you are a very dangerous man. Should I be worried about being alone with you?"

Not that she posed a risk to the clan, perhaps unintentionally but that would hardly warrant any of the skills Henri claimed. She rather hoped that he was here only to visit Rowan thought, perhaps check in with Christian as they seemed to have the same job. Although, with the wolves she suspected there was some business involved. Perhaps a briefing of some kind.

But she didn't think too much about that as thanks to his hand on her neck, he was now deliciously close. It would be a simply matter to just lean forward and kiss him. She thought though that she would let him make that first move. It was nice to be perused, just a little, after all. Instead she leaned a little further forward and nuzzled his neck slightly.

Sitting back up a bit, not pulling away though, Pak placed both hands lightly on his chest. He wasn't skinny or scrawny but he wasn't built, rather somewhere right in the middle.

"It is that 'mostly' I'm concerned about."
Henri 10 years ago
"I am not dangerous to you. Not at the moment anyway," Henri admitted with a little flash of a grin. Pakpao had leaned in close, smiling, but before closing the distance between them she pulled away just a bit.

He let her, not insistent. Some women preferred to be chased. Some liked to be forward. Pakpao seemed to be neither of those, displaying instead a tantalizing mix of open desire and modest reservation. Her message was clear; she wanted this, but she wanted to be wanted. Henri had no trouble answering that desire.

He didn't look down at her hands on his chest, although they felt good. Instead he continued to look into her beautiful blue eyes.

"No one can be all of one thing or all of another," he said softly. "Anyone who tries to tell you they are, Pakpao, those are the ones you have to look out for. We're all some of everything."

He'd have been lying if he'd told her he wasn't dangerous to her at all. There were many kinds of danger. Many kinds of good guys. More kinds of bad guys. Hopefully she would realize he meant to speak honestly, not deceitfully.

In the meantime he dropped both hands to her slender little waist, his fingers gentle as they dipped beneath her jacket and touched the soft fabric of the red cami beneath. He pulled her back to him just a little bit, lifting the leg she straddled to tilt her forward a bit.

"So did you want the evil side, or the good side? Or maybe a little of both?"

Tilting his head up he gently pressed his lips to hers in a soft kiss, just a little teaser really... he didn't think either of them wanted to move too far too fast. Getting there was half the fun.
Pakpao 10 years ago
"I don't mind a little danger. It can be exciting."

The fact that he would meet her eyes and not look away was reassuring and sexy. Too often before men wouldn't meet her eyes. They only wanted one thing from her, often any other woman would do, and they wouldn't look her in the eyes. That or they did did nothing but stare at her eyes, that had always felt odd. Henri was doing neither, he was seeing her and she appreciated that.

She smiled with a bit of irony. That was advice that she had learned the hard way a long time ago, but he did get points for honesty.

"Any one who says differently is selling something."

Pak quoted from the Princess Bride. It wasn't quite right, but close enough. Where some people would find the honesty, the directness off putting, it didn't bother her. There was no point in putting rose colored glasses on, it was what it was, they were who they were no romantic dreams were going to change that.

Sliding forward a bit as he lifted her Pak's arms glided from his chest over his shoulders and around his neck as she enjoyed the quiet preliminary exploration of his hands. There were little sparks as he kissed her, quiet like fireflies rather than fireworks. Those were coming.

"I think..." This time she leaned in and kissed him very lightly. "Both might be in order."

Bringing her lips with in a hair's breath of his she murmured.

"That wine might be ready to be poured..."

It was a terrible tease and she knew it. Let it breath a little more or she'd cork it for a while. Although the cleaning service was first rate, they could probably remove red wine stains. Eiryk would kill her if it got on the bedroom rug, but she was already dead.
Henri 10 years ago
"I'm glad you don't mind," Henri said. It amused him to think of himself as dangerous; as far as looks went he hardly ever inspired 'danger' and he was well aware of that. It was one of his best weapons though, being constantly underestimated. He probably wouldn't still be alive today without that advantage.

Pakpao embellished his attempt at wisdom with a quote from one of the greatest books and movies of all time, and Henri smiled.
"Exactly... or close enough."

She returned his soft kiss and then leaned down for another one. Emboldened by her willingness he slid his hands to the small of her back and then let his fingers barely graze her warm skin beneath the red cami.

Pakpao was very close, her lips tempting as she mentioned the wine. Henri laughed softly and then leaned in to her and kissed her again, gently nipping at her full lower lip. He pulled away that time.

"Perhaps we should pour it, then."

Without dislodging her from her seat on his thigh he leaned forward, lifted the bottle of wine, and poured an inch or two into one of the glasses. He lifted it to his nose, breathed it in, and then took a sip. Offering it to her, he waited for her to drink as well before pulling her close for a wine-flavored kiss.

"So then," he said when they broke apart once more. "Is there more about me you want to know, or do you want to learn as we go?"

He raised his eyebrows at her, waiting for her answer, but his hand was already sliding up the smooth warm skin of her back, fingers brushing gently into the valley of her spine in little up and down motions. They could talk if she wanted, but Henri made it very clear where such a talk would end up.
Pakpao 10 years ago
She chuckled sightly as he suggested they pour it, it turned into something of a purr as he nipped at her lip. With minimal effort she shifted her wight slightly to ensure neither of them toppled over as he poured the wine.

Accepting the offered glass she took a sip as well and enjoyed the added flavor of the kiss.

"That was a good year wasn't it?"

With some creative use of her legs and thigh muscles Pak managed to lean back far enough to set the glass back down, before pulling herself upright again. Vampire or not those yoga classes had just paid for themselves. Perhaps she'd even go more often.

That jacket had to go Pak decided as she felt his hands playing over her back. Quickly she shrugged out of the dark suit top letting it fall where it wanted. His hands felt warm and slightly calloused but moved with a sensitivity and agility that belied that that roughness.

Pak echoed his explorations but undoing the buttons on his shirt and pushed it open. Although there was a dark blue tee shirt still between her and her goal she was making progress, they both were.

"Birthmarks? Tattoos?"

She grinned before leaning down and softly, carefully nipping at his chest through the cotton fabric. Sliding her hands under his shirt, feeling the firm abs below she answered more seriously.

"There is a lot I'd like to know yet, but perhaps we should discover these answers on the fly."

It would give her a chance to figure out answers to any questions he might have as well. After all there were only, as far as Pak knew, three maybe four people who knew the gritty details of her life and she wasn't sure that she wanted to burden Henri with them. Besides it might kill the mood, and this was going so well.
Henri 10 years ago
Henri smiled as Pakpao removed her jacket, admiring the smooth silky caramel of her skin. He dropped his lips to her shoulder, kissing a light, warm line up to the crook of her neck, sucking gently for a moment, and then continuing further to just beneath her jaw. She tasted nice, like spices.

She was releasing the buttons on his shirt, asking about any marks upon his body, and he pulled away from her, laughing.
"Find out for yourself," he said. She would find nothing, but the exploration would be a lot of fun.

When she stated her preference to learn as they went, Henri couldn't help but agree which he did by way of helping her to remove that teasing little red cami. Pretty soon it was safe to say they had forgotten about wine, or birthmarks, or anything of that nature.

They didn't make it to Pakpao's bedroom; the couch was comfortable and they were too reluctant to move from it. It didn't matter though; the night was young yet and by the time they'd caught their breath it was clear that they had plenty more energy to work out. By Henri's standards, they weren't done until they were tired.

He was nothing if not patient.

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