Margretta Lang (Kadzait)

Basic Information

Birth Name (Name Guidelines): Margretta Elizabeth Lang
Aliases: Gretchen, Gretta, Mel
Place of Birth: Liechtenstein (Any city will do. They are all close together.)
Agereal and apparent) (see the age breakdown for vampires here, see the real/apparent age calculator for werewolves here) Actual age is 46, apparent age is 30, Gifted at 14
Male/Female: Everyone has a balance of both if you ask me, but...female.
Current Occupationiplomat, Kadzait liaison for the pack
Past Occupation: (If different from above) counselor

Hair Color: That pale Scandinavian blond that is almost white.
Length and Style: Long to her waist, She has longish fringe in the front. It is neither board straight not very curly. It is very thin, silky fine and often fly away. Gretta has a lot of it though. It often forms a vague wispy halo around her head.
Eye Color: A deep true blue.
Skin Color:golden tan
Nationality: Liechtensteiner
Race: (I.E. Vampire, Werewolf, human etc.) Werewolf
Body Type: Lean, delicate boned, appears more fragile than she really is. A closer look would show a runner's body type.
Wolf Form (Werewolf - please read first): In wolf form, Margretta is the same shade as her human hair. An pale cream that is almost white. Her eyes are a brighter blue. She is 4'8” tall, 250 lbs.
Description (if an NPC) or name of your creator/gifter(if a PC) ( Please be as specific as possible, who your creator/gifter was, why he chose to change you, where is he/she now?): Her father, Matthias Lang
Personal Questions

1. Describe your character's personality Gretta is a dreamer. She loves life and sees the good in everyone. She is unique and tends to say and do whatever she feels is right at the moment, whether it is appropriate or not.
2. Describe how your character would appear to a stranger (I.E. typical dress, way they carry themselves etc.) Eclectic, She wears things that mean something to her and what she feels like wearing that day, with no real regard to style or convention. Today might be a monochromatic outfit made up of all things pink and tomorrow might be a mix of texture, colour and style that makes no sense to anyone else.
3.What does your character like? People, compromise, teamwork, solitude, nature, people being true to themselves, french fries
4. Dislike? Bullies, closed mindedness, violence and threats to solve problems, ignorance, the nightly news cast, strict uncompromising rules, being called Margretta Elizabeth

5. (For humans) Describe what abilities you see your character having if they were turned.

  1. What are your fears? (please choose and explain 3 minimum)

Losing her independance - In one sense she fears being put away in an asylum like her mother but in a more general sense she fears losing independance of thought and action. Whether it is strict rules, standard methods or simple necessity, Gretta tends to rebel against anything that she feels is threatening her freedom.

Causing chaos - That one of her decisions or recommendations will cause further disturbance and possibly even anarchy within the pack.

Hospitals and Mental Institutions - They remind her of the place that her mother was locked away in. There is an unreasonable fear that if she sets foot in one that they will lock her up also.

What is your character's strengths and weaknesses? (please pick 3 minimum of each and explain in detail how and why this affects your character)[INDENT]Open Minded - Gretta is very open minded and willing to listen to other people's point of view. She might not agree with it once they are done explaining but she's definitely willing to consider it thoroughly.
[/INDENT][INDENT]Diplomatic - Gretta is good at finding a compromise. This might be because she is very good at seeing all sides of the story from multiple points of view but she tries very hard to make sure everyone goes home satisfied, if not completely happy.

Caring - She can easily feel for the plight of others and will try her best to see that any suffering is eased to the best of her ability. Gretta will work long hours doing something for someone in need.

Flighty - Gretta's thinking process seems completely different sometimes and she seems to jump around from idea to idea. Practical considerations are not her top priority and she might, for instance, take the scenic route to work because she did not want to wake the neighbor's sleeping dog on the corner or to see the dogwoods in bloom.
[/INDENT][INDENT]Not Punctual - Time is a concept not a concrete reality. She frequently arrives late for things or sometimes very early. Gretta becomes interested in a story with one group of friends and misses her meeting with the next.

Disregard for rules and structure - Gretta hates to be tied down to set schedules and methods. This makes it almost impossible for her to hold a steady 9 to 5 job. She has a hard time working with people who insist upon specific routines or who are rigid and uncompromising.

Vampire -

Abilities (Listed here)
Flaws (Listed here)

Werewolf -

Abilities - Listed here (Include Tier Points) -
Caretaker's Twinkle +10
Retention +5
Observant +5
Flaws - Listed here(Include Tier Points) -
Distracted -5
Peacemaker -5
Severe Fear of Hospitals and Mental Institutions -10

Hobbies & Skills (for more information, read here)

Has a degree in psychology with several different counseling courses, especially dealing with autism
Speaks French, German, English, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian and Arabic
Etiquette and customs for many different countries, especially those of Europe
Plays the clarinet and Zaphoon
Collects rocks and random things from the places she visits (usually non tourist type things)
Enjoys bike riding, hiking, sailing, spelunking, hang gliding and other outdoor activities
Gardening (when she can)
Tai chi
All forms of dancing

Cosmetic Traits(Distinct, character defining physical attributes. These should be minor and offer no real power other than to make your character appear more interesting.)

Quirks and Habits worthy of mention -
Takes in stray or hurt animals of all kinds and finds them homes.
Has no phone in her house. Frequently has her cellphone on vibrate or turned off. Often lays it down and forgets where she put it.

Personal History 3rd person (1st is acceptable) but please be as detailed as possible, this can/will affect your rp with other players.

Margretta's early life was as perfect as any child could wish for. She had a father who made her feel safe and loved and a mother who filled her days with wonder and imagination. In her earliest memories Margretta would wake up to find the living room transformed into a wonderland of couch fortresses or blanket tents. Her and her mother would take spontaneous trips to new and interesting places and her mother made a game out of everything.
At the age of six, Margretta's mother was taken away. Her father had her placed into a mental institution, claiming she was unfit to be around a child or take care of herself. In the beginning they would visit her mother in that cold and dismal place but she had changed. She did not play anymore; she was withdrawn and quiet. Often her mother would cling to Margretta and rock back and forth for what seemed like hours which was disturbing and stressful to her.
After her mother was taken away, Margretta's grandmother (her father's mother) came to live with them. She disapproved of all the make believe that Margretta indulged in and refused to acknowledge her invisible friends. Perversely this made Margretta speak of them all the more.
In time her grandmother became worried about Margretta's own sanity. She disapproved of most childish behavior and creativity, fearful that an excess of these were signs that Margretta would soon succumb to the same problems that her mother failed to overcome.
For this reason her home life was rigidly structured. She had a specific list of chores, after school activities and homework that were to be done at set times. Her grandmother did her utmost to train her to be the perfect lady, which included teaching her etiquette, posture and social customs of the countries nearest their home. The talk of these other cultures and far away places were one of the very few things that actually interested Margretta so she learned all of that willingly and her grandmother, encouraged by her granddaughter's focus, taught her everything she knew. She even taught little Margretta quite a few languages. When learning a new language, they spoke only in that language , used that country's customs and often ate food from that region. This, to Margretta, was as close as she now got to playing the games of make believe that she enjoyed with her mother and so she soaked up the information like a sponge.
She was also very good with dance, enjoying ballet and other classical forms of dance and then later more exotic dances, including many dances from the cultures she had learned about.
Margretta was a dismal failure at the piano. Her teacher said she lacked focus, interest and any talent whatsoever. Eventually her grandmother gave up on her ever learning a musical instrument. She does know how to play four or five songs on the piano but these were taught to her by her friend, Joshua. It came as a great surprise to her grandmother to hear her play a full fledged song on the piano, proving that she could be taught if properly motivated.
Worried that her dreamy lack of focus would only get worse, her grandmother strongly urged her father to gift Margretta. It was not exactly against her will but she was strongly urged with relentless vehemence by the both of them until she finally accepted becoming a werewolf. Her father believed that had her human mother allowed him to gift her that she would have not have gotten worse and she would not have had to be placed in an institution. (In truth, her mother had stayed the same but what seemed fun and romantic as two young people in love seemed irresponsible and dangerous as a parent of a child. Several times he came home to find that Melanie had wandered off and become engrossed in a different task, leaving their young daughter unattended. Once he found his wife sound asleep with Margretta playing outside in the yard with a strange dog. These lapses in judgment and the many elaborate make believe worlds that Melanie wove for their impressionable child were the things that caused him to make such a drastic decision for his wife.)
The adult Margretta displays many of the quirks of her mother much to her father's continual distress. Their relationship is somewhat distant and strained.
Her open mindedness, language skills and knowledge of customs and etiquette found a use as a liaison for the Kadzait along with her childhood friend, Joshua.

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