My IP was blocked due to some goofy email login stuffy stuff, but Las fixed it, obviously, so this should have gone up yesterday!

Hope you had a great birthday, Tara!!!!!!!!!!

Octavia Emiliano 11 years ago
Thank you! ^_^
Drew 11 years ago
oh son of a bitch... i totally forgot and i blame my phone. Many happy returns of the day! I do still have your box sitting happily here on my floor.
Kiyoshi Salinas 11 years ago
Lol... well happy something or other again, in public this time!

*does a funky birthday dance*
Christian Bern 11 years ago
Do you have a webcam video of the funky birthday dance?

Thank you both
Kiyoshi Salinas 11 years ago
I tried but the webcam screamed in pain and broke.

So, no.
Thaddeus Grey 11 years ago
Sorry I missed your birthday - I always remember like a month ahead of time that yours is just a few days before the kid's, and then I get all wrapped up in the kid's birthday stuff and forget . I hope your day was lovely though .
Christian Bern 11 years ago

Thank you. We haven't really celebrated much yet. My sister decided to wait and come up for mother's day.