The Sun Was Shining On That Day... (attn: Tavi)

It was a beautiful spring day out. So perfect it was almost cliché. A bright blue sky punctuated by billowy cotton ball cloud that drifted lazily over head as if there were in no great hurry to get where they were going. Guillaume found the attitude of the clouds rather infectious. He'd like to be flying with the clouds but, for now, was happy enough to just watch.

Rather unfortunately, however, this little bought of spring fever conflicted rather dramatically with a dead line for his classes. He had two major papers due in the next week and his thesis was due in the middle of May. But Navid just couldn't seem to keep his mind on anything. He'd left Terminus in favor of the library hoping the more studious atmosphere would be a cure. It had worked, for about five minutes, before he found himself staring out the windows mind wandering again. Snapping back to reality Guillaume made several more attempts to wrestle with this disease before giving up, perhaps if he were out in the sunshine it would help.

So he packed up and found his way to a little café on the strip. It rather reminded him of some of the nicer sidewalk cafés in France and made him think of his cousin. He was still rather worried about her and unofficially keeping an eye on things. He had faith in the legion and the Alpha, but she was family and he wouldn't just ignore things. Of course, even those thoughts were currently no match for the mellow sun on his face and the rather soothing drone of Nachton on a Saturday afternoon. The whole city seemed to be aware it was a weekend and responded accordingly.

Although, he had set up his laptop and had worked at one of his papers for a half an hour or so, perhaps more, Navid had finally succumb to the day; while his laptop was still set up under the pretense of accomplishing something, or in case inspiration should suddenly strike, he sat, relaxed, eyes half closed with a touch of a half smile playing on his face simply enjoying the sunshine and the gentle warmth of the day.

Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago

Spring is here, a-suh-puh-ring is here.

Life is skittles and life is beer.

I think the loveliest time of the year is the spring.

I do, don't you? 'course you do.

But there's one thing that makes spring complete for me,

And makes ev'ry sunday a treat for me.

Tavi smiled as she listened to the music that was being piped directly to her ears via the skull candy ear buds in bright pink. Her helmet was not her usual racing helmet today. It served its purpose very well when she was hauling down the streets at illegal speeds but she wanted something different for today. The weather was too nice. Instead, she wore a bell shorty helmet which had an open face with a short visor and a high back. It looked the love child of a German WWII helmet and a little Italian scooter helmet. It was pink with white detailing in the stripe than ran over the top, chin strap, and the tiny little visor. It let wisps of her very blond and peach hair fly in the wind.

Today was perfect for a leisurely motorcycle ride. She was not normally a fan of anything that the word leisurely could be added to but the weather was just that nice. Everywhere trees were blooming and the world looked fresh and new.

All the world seems in tune

On a spring afternoon,

When we're poisoning pigeons in the park.

Ev'ry sunday you'll see

My sweetheart and me,

As we poison the pigeons in the park

As she rounded the corner, Tavi noticed quite a few people sitting outside at one of her brother's favorite little hangouts. It was not for the great coffee or the scones; though those were excellent. She knew he enjoyed the free wifi.

A tall man with dark hair really seemed to be enjoying the sun. Tavi smiled at the open, yet ignored laptop in front of him...and well at him. It was too far away to get a good look at the man but he seemed to be rocking a nice frame from what she could see over the table and computer.

She got closer and nearly ran someone over when she realized she recognized the face that went to the body. Making a disgusted noise and a 'what the hell' expression and gesture directed at the girl who walked out into the road while texting, Tavi drove past Guillaume and found a nearby place to park.

When they see us coming, the birdies all try an' hide,

But they still go for peanuts when coated with cyanide.

The sun's shining bright,

Ev'rything seems all right,

When we're poisoning pigeons in the park.

She snorted softly at the song and then turned off the ipod and stuffed it in her pocket. Today's fashion was a mod little sixty's styled dress in white with two round front pockets. She had that paired with light blue tights and white calf high lace up boots.

Tousling her currently longish choppy bob with her fingers to rid herself of helmet hair, Tavi was glad that she had chosen the artfully messy style for spring. Her hair was currently dyed very pale blond with bold streaks of two shades of peach, pale and bright, with larger pieces framing her face.

Sliding into the seat in front of Guillaume, she leaned forward, resting her elbows on the table and her cheeks against her hands. "So....whatcha doin?”

((OOC: Lyrics to "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park by Tom Lehrer. Dress is a solid white version of the red and white dress here ))
Guillaume 10 years ago
The warmth of the sun on his face and through the soft, worn but still neat brick red t-shirt and was lulling him into an extremely relaxed state. Even relaxed Navid tended to be rather self possessed, not exactly closed off but people didn't often bother or approach him without some reason. Even the server had only paused and refilled his water, waiting for him to say something rather than asking if there was anything he needed. Since there was nothing he wanted, Guillaume had just let the woman go.

He'd heard some one moving around and it seemed like they were sitting down with him. This wasn't terribly uncommon behavior in Europe and so he didn't say anything, just half cracked an eye to see if he was right. It wasn't until she spoke that Guillaume opened both eyes and straightened up rather awkwardly.

Blinking several times to clear the sun dazzle out of his eyes he smiled slowly and languidly. He didn't know this young woman terribly well but what he knew of Tavi, he liked. This new look, he decided was good for her. Although, why he should think that he didn't know.

"Working terribly hard can't you tell? I have two papers and a my thesis all do in very short order.”

He said with a surprisingly relaxed and easy going smile. As long as he was working so very hard, company might be a welcome diversion. After all he wasn't totally antisocial and apparently catching him half dozing in the throws of spring fever did make him more approachable. That or Tavi was a very brave soul. Possibly both.
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
Tavi smiled at Guillaume and shrugged. "You could have some incredible mental ability that I am unaware of.” The grin got bigger as she added. "Or you could be totally slacking.”

She waved in the direction of her motorcycle. "I cannot claim to be working terribly hard either.”

The waitress came over and looked at her hard and then glanced sideways at Guillaume. She wasn't sure what the woman was implying but it seemed to be that someone of her pack mate's esteemed personage should not be hanging out with an obvious degenerate such as herself. Maybe she was just surprised that he had company at all; he had been trying to work. The woman looked like she was on the verge of asking Guillaume if Tavi was bothering him but she declined and after pausing another moment, turned to her and asked if she would like a drink or something to eat.

"A glass of the raspberry lemonade, please.” It seemed to go with the weather. Some nice lightly flavored fish would make for a perfect meal but they didn't really have that here. Tavi resolved to get some later at her favorite sushi restaurant.

She gave the parting waitress a saccharine smile and then turned back to Guillaume. "So tell me about this thesis that you are obviously working so very hard on.”
Guillaume 10 years ago
"That's me the only psychic R'asa known to man. I type with my brain." He grinned. It was a mile expression but did add some warmth to his features. "Or option B might be closer to the truth. Spring fever might be terminal."

He nodded appreciatively at the bike. You almost had the same freedom as flying when riding, almost. Either way he couldn't fault Tavi. He was, however, impressed she didn't have a rather vicious case of helmet head.

"It is a nice bike and the perfect day out for it."

There was an interesting silent exchange between the waitress and his packmate and he was curious how it would come out. The server, Beth as she'd introduced herself, had been nothing but polite to him so Navid suspected nothing would come of it. Still one could almost hear the question not being asked. He almost laughed when Tavi won.

Discussion of his thesis, something he usually enjoyed quite a bit, brought a bit of a wince today. Further evidence of how much the perfect weather had affected him. But Guillaume stretched and considered the question.

"It is a comparative analysis of several different profiling standards both for criminal and therapeutic purposes."

He was also working on ways to use it for businesses so they knew what kind of employee they needed and how to find them but that was a bit more theoretical and had some issues. His adviser was trying to steer him away from it and Guillaume was starting to agree so he did not mention it. He was probably going to cut what work he'd already done in that regard and it was going to set him back. But he would deal with it.
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
"Hmm, don't let that out around the campfires. Someone might decide to study you or put you into some sort of breeding program.” Tavi smiled and then the expression grew somewhat more wicked when she added. "And lest you think that last part sounds like a good deal, I am sure what it really involves in some tired old porn movies being played on the side of lab wall while some latex covered scientist tries to help you get off into a plastic cup.” That was probably too graphic. She had not known Guillaume very long; she should probably tone it down. Ah well, Tavi decided that this was who she was and being someone more 'normal' was just hiding the truth. He could either like her candidness or not but she would be herself.

... well most of the time.

She did have a case that she was working on and that involved a woman who had her shop destroyed. The business was a small organic grocery store and the woman was of mixed Caucasian American origin. Tavi could not find any obvious motive for what appeared to be a hate crime. The woman, Ms. Kurtz, believed that nothing had been stolen. However, the windows had all been busted, the counters all dented and bashed in, and the food cracked, bruised, cut, smashed, or in some other way made inedible. There was no graffiti or message left by those responsible. It was truly baffling. Tavi was considering going undercover as teenaged new hire to see if any of the employees or customers knew something that they had not told the owner.

That would have to wait until the store reopened. Before that happened she had gone in several disguises and asked around at the neighboring shops. She had also had her brother help her take a look at police reports of the incident and their questioning of the locals. They did not know anything more than she did.

Luckily for Ms Kurtz, the insurance company was willing to pay for the repairs to the shop and they would be open again in a couple of weeks.

"Yeah that was what I thought also.” Tavi glanced over at her bike and then back at Guillaume. "I normally feel the need for extreme speed but I actually feel like taking it easy today. I am out sight seeing.” Or she was, now she was sitting in a cafe chatting. Tavi supposed there were sights to see in the stationary location. There were people walking around and others chatting at the nearby tables. And her pack mate was a nice sight; she could stay and watch him some more also.

Guillaume explained what his research was about and she leaned forward a little more. "Really? Interesting.” She elaborated in case he did not believe that she might find his research worth discussing and was merely making polite conversation. "I was a police officer in Britain for a while before becoming a private investigator. I find profiling techniques are utilized with mixed success.” It was a great place to start but not the only one. Law enforcement should not rely solely on the use of profiling techniques to determine who the guilty party was in a crime. Most policemen understood this but others did not, which was how cases of prejudice in the judicial system tended to end up on the evening news.
Guillaume 10 years ago
Guillaume was not quite as taciturn or surly as he often came off. It was simply in his nature to wait, to watch and to protect when necessary. This did not mean he lacked a sense of humor or an appreciation of the absurd. Tavi rather startled it out of him. Half coughed half snorted as he set his own drink down, but a quietly amused smile played about his lips.

"And just when I was thinking being put out to stud was a good idea. Although, it might still work depending on the scientist and the color of the latex.” For just a moment he flashed a brighter more mischievous smile, "But perhaps not my first choice for a career change.”

He didn't mind Tavi's more forward personality. In fact he found it rather refreshing. Although he suspected she was equally blunt when angry and that her remarks could turn quite cutting there was something to be said for knowing where you stood with a person. He appreciated that.

Unlike his cousin Guillaume made an effort to blend in, including shedding his accent, where ever he traveled. It hadn't taken him long to stop appearing to be a tourist and become one of the city's citizens. Tavi, however, was out sight seeing? He raised a quite eyebrow.

"You have been her longer than I. I'm surprised there is anything left to see. How many historical markers and tourist attractions can there be?”

That was a pleasant surprise. Navid had not expected Tavi to be at all interested in his studies. Thank goodness he hadn't taken up something dull, like accounting. When she explained her prior profession though it made more sense and he found he had an added respect for Tavi.

"Really? That must have been challenging. Did you enjoy it?”

He nodded agreement with her about the success rate.

"It seems that too often both the officers and the profilers get looked into one way of thinking and miss things that fall outside of what they have determined. You can narrow the odds but there is no reason to be locked into one way of thinking. But of course, you know this I'm sure.”

And she must too. Given what she had run down on the mulo holding Thérèse Guillaume assumed Tavi must be rather proficient in law enforcement and similar professions.
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
Tavi raised her eyebrows at Guillaume and nodded her head. She had not expected him to so easily go along with her joke and she was even more surprised when he added to it. "Latex fetish, got it.” She tapped the side of her cheek and asked. "Is there a specific colour that does the trick? I only want to know for...the scientist, of course. All in the name of science.”

When he questioned her about her sight seeing, Tavi clarified. "Oh, I don't mean the landmarks. I scoped those out the first week I got here and then went exploring for the less...” She rolled her eyes skyward in search of the right word. "mundane places after that. Today I was enjoying all the flowers and such.” That sounded completely and utterly lame. This enjoyment of nature was going to ruin her tough girl image.

The waitress came back with her raspberry lemonade. She made sure to ask Guillaume if he needed anything else before she departed. Tavi sipped at the straw and happily ignored her.

The discussion about profiling and police work was more interesting than the waitress anyway. Tavi nodded her head. "Yeah, it was different over there than here but definitely.” She shrugged. "As you can guess, I made an excellent undercover cop for certain cases and so I got put on those quite often.” She was glad that she had been in England. Guns were becoming more prevalent there, well at least before all the spying from space, but it was still a much smaller problem than in the US. It seemed here that every street punk owned a gun and some of them had small arsenals. Not that she would likely be killed by the little thugs but she would have hated to see people she cared about shot and killed in the line of duty. Only once did one of her co-workers in London get sent to the hospital by a suspect and that had involved a staircase and not a firearm.

"Yeah, that's my thoughts exactly. You see they often want it to be the disgusting husband in the murder case of the wife. Statistics back them up but he didn't do. Still they hound him and all the while the real trail is becoming colder and colder.” Tavi threw her hands up in exasperation and leaned back in the chair. "That's part of the reason I went into private investigation instead. That and my inability to keep my mouth shut in the face of stupidity, apparent distaste for authority, my appearance, and well... you can guess some of the other reasons.” It was hard coming up with ways around the need to be out on the three nights of the full moon. Luckily the Vyusher had another couple of people on the force there in London, which was why that was one of the cities suggested to her, and they found ways to work around it. One of the girls worked in dispatch and was actually a very good computer hacker. She kept tabs on everything that went on there all while appearing to be the harmless blond gossip. Occasionally, she would simply change the schedule as soon as it was made. Other times Tavi had to swap it around with some of her fellow officers or pretend to be sick. She had not been there long enough for anyone to catch on to the time table of when she was not around.

"So what do you do when you aren't studying so hard and working at Terminus?”
Guillaume 10 years ago
"Of course. For the scientist... what did you say you had studied again?”

It was very easy for him to assume an impassive expression even as he continued the joke. But he did go on to answer her question.

"Black and red are rather cliché don't you think? Blue, perhaps green but it would have to be just the right shade.”

Guillaume allowed himself to crack a small smile. He did not openly joke with many people, especially people he did not know terribly well but he liked Tavi. She had made quite a good impression. If one looked past the unconventional appearance (which, incidentally was not unappealing) it was simple enough to see she was a good and caring person. Tough girl image aside. He laughed aloud, but only for a second.

Asking for another iced tea he let Beth disappear before continuing.

"Dare I even ask what type of un-mundane places you took to lurking before the posies and gentle hum of the bees lured you out in to such civilized surroundings?”

He was rather surprised to find himself teasing her just a little. But, she was a charming young lady and he was after all half French so, he reasoned, borderline flirting especially on such a beautiful day was not out of the question and in fact might be inevitable.

"I do not envy you those cases.”

She did look young, very young it was rather difficult, even for him who knew how their kind aged, to guess Tavi's actual age. It didn't take much imagination to guess where the police would have her working under cover. It was disturbing and he chose not to dwell on it.

"Bah the money becomes a factor it is faster and more cost efficient to go after the most obvious suspect than to follow the evidence. And when more often than not the evidence does take you to the obvious... it is not a perfect system the officials at the local level often lack resources...”

He shrugged rather than continue on his tangent. While never haven't been in law enforcement he'd done a great deal of research as well as ever ride alongs and other observational opportunities. So Guillaume had a fairly well informed balanced opinion on the issues, but he could not claim the same first hand experience.

"Stupidity, especially when in a position of authority deserves to be challenged. But I do think perhaps you made a wise chose to remove yourself from the system.”

He did admire her for trying though. His own work history was a bit checkered to say the least.

As Beth returned with his iced tea Navid let Tavi turn the subject. It was a fascinating discussion and one he would like to continue. He might even use her as a resource for his thesis if it was appropriate and she approved. But it was time to talk of other things apparently.

"I fly. Quite a bit. Mostly charters and cooperate work not commercial no confining and if you are the bottom of the seniority list it is hard to get the right days off. Acting as a contractor I do much better. Perhaps not as interesting as private investigating.... But I love it.”
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
Busted. Tavi gave Guillaume a sly smile and shook her head. "I wouldn't wear a hazmat suit and latex gloves....unless you're into that.” She grinned and sipped her drink. "And if you, kinky.”

He then suggested blue or green latex gloves which did sound like the ones used in hospitals and labs everywhere. She was wondering whether she accidentally came across a secret fantasy of his. Like to play doctor, Mr. werewolf? It would be an interesting fetish for one of their kind, perhaps even understandable. They were rarely injured enough to need a hospital and usually when they were it involved silver, take it out and the werewolf is likely to become better all on his own. They did not get sick and have someone care for them. Aside for the sick part, the whole process seemed pretty cool. Tavi thought she could go for some pampering and attention in bed herself. She heard hospital food was hideous and the bills were outrageous. It would be an expensive fantasy to pursue if you wanted to go for the real thing.

He had a nice smile, Tavi thought he should use it more.

They moved on to her sight seeing endeavors and she shrugged. "The local raves, the underground market, even a...” She crooked her fingers in the air to make little quote marks. "vampire night club.” It might actually have been a real vampire hang out under the guise of something more fad driven but she couldn't say that out here. Guillaume would get it though; mulo were just as real as werewolves.

She shrugged about the teenage case work. "It let me help out some kids from time to time. Get them out before they got themselves into something worse.” The work helped her out as well; she saw where she was headed by blindly rebelling against her mother. It didn't hurt anyone but herself and her life was worth more than that. Tavi sometimes still had moments of petty defiance but at least she had some goals in life that had more to do with what she wanted and less to do with whatever thing would wind up her mother.

Guillaume seemed to have a handle on the true problem with the system. Lack of resources for the investigators and too much resources for the scum. "That is another, sadly more common, problem.”

They moved on to talking about her police work and Guillaume agreed with her about stupidity needing to be challenged. She liked that and her opinion of him rose a little higher. She had not seen him do such a thing in actuality but she thought he would. He did not not seem like the type of person to be very patient with idiocy or to spare someone's feelings when they are horribly wrong . That was okay; she was not likely to win any Ms. Congeniality awards either. "Yeah, I set my own hours, take my own cases....back up would be nice sometimes, stake outs get boring when you're the only one in the car.”

She smiled at him. "Oooh a fly boy.” Tavi raised her eyebrows. "I don't suppose you have a uniform. You know a lot of girls are suckers for those.” It seemed unlikely since he sounded more like a private contractor, which he then confirmed by saying as much. "Though I suppose a nice leather bomber jacket and a fedora would work also.” Looking him over, she decided that he would look good with the leather jacket and a pair of aviators. The whole Top Gun pilot thing was coming back in style too.

"Do you do the same work as Evan?” If so then it was interesting that they had not met already but often she did not stick around to meet the pilot who had flown people away from whatever trouble was chasing them. When she picked them up they needed new appearances and new ID's and full-life make overs did not happen quickly.
Guillaume 10 years ago
He gave a low chuckle, a sound with just a hint of a growl to it, as Tavi gave tit for tat and half teased, half flirted back. While aware this was the Sarkis' daughter and he probably should mind his manners Navid couldn't quite help himself. She was an attractive and engaging young woman, and Guillaume had never really cared for shrinking violets.

"Every one has a few minor kinks here and there, I'm sure that I'd be happy to return the favor.”

A sly smile slid slowly across his features. Without meaning to he also found himself wondering what kinks Tavi might have. It was entirely possible she was prim and proper behind her rebel facade but he doubted it, and rather hopped not.

He nodded at her city surveillance. It made a great deal of sense for a private investigator to have knowledge of such scenes and it would be a good way to develop contacts. He raised his eyebrows at the idea of a vampire night club.

"Teenagers in too much eyeliners with porcelain fangs or something more authentic?”

Did her father know she was doing such things? Of course Tavi was a grown woman and obviously capable of taking care of herself. While it might be a bit dangerous, Navid respected her for being so through in her research of the city.

It didn't surprise him that Tavi would extend herself, her assistance, to troubled children.

"Quite admirable. Not every one would do as much.”

His own life had placed him on the other side of the law more than once. While he couldn't say he'd been in trouble, he could say he'd not seen the system step in and offer assistance to himself or others. So if she had done so, it was a very good thing and something of an exception.

Again he shrugged. It was a very philosophical and rather expressive gesture that managed to both agree with Tavi and to say 'but what are you going to do about it?'.

To his surprise without a second's hesitation Guillaume found himself offering his assistance.

"Do let me know if you need any help if you find yourself in such a situation. If nothing else I might be fair company or provide some sort of cover.”

Where had that idea come from? It didn't matter, he had meant it.

He laughed again at her apparent interest and her own suggestion that uniforms and leather jackets might be as appealing as latex.

"I have one regular client that does have and require a uniform, complete with the hat and glasses, although I do much prefer the leather jacket.”

Some people didn't care what the pilot looked like as long as he stayed behind the cockpit door. Navid, however, always looked professional and sharp no matter who he was flying for. It was a shame that the weather would soon be rather incompatible for the leather jacket though, especially as she seemed almost interested.

"Only occasionally when I have been in the right place at the right time.”

He wasn't able to help as much or as often as Evan as the family moved so much and his absence would be noted and his grandfather often relied on him of odd jobs here and there.

"Perhaps if I remain here I will be able to be of more assistance though.”
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
"Oh? So you'll play doctor with me if I play the attentive nurse for you?” She smiled. "Well lab coats aren't quite as sexy as military uniforms and the like but I am willing to try just about anything once.”

When the talk turned to the vampire club, she shrugged. "It wasn't the most easy place to get into. You had to know someone who knew something about it, that kind of thing. So its either the best underground marketing campaign strategy in the world or the real deal.” Tavi shrugged. She didn't know if vampires started the place and then let it slip to the right crowd in order to bring in the food or if some human wannabes made the place ultra exclusive and it just took off amongst the goth crowd. She suspected that even if humans were responsible for the original creation that vampires still came there quite often. It was underground which meant a certain lack of nosy policemen and they had plenty of humans walking around in fangs and pretending to be the real deal. It was perfect. She wished they could make werewolves the cult favorite and have their own place in the city but wolves, big ones, were hard to fake. Terminus was the closest place they had to a public sympathetic venue.

Tavi shrugged and sipped her drink when Guillaume complimented her on her civil minded services to wayward teenagers. "I knew what they were going through so I could relate. Sometimes just having someone listen without judging is a blessing.”

"Be prepared to be called on.” Tavi smiled. "Stake outs are almost always dull work.” Why couldn't suspects pick an interesting part of town to live, do business, cheat on their spouse, in? Instead she got dullsville ninety percent of the time. "I hope you like soup in a cup, coffee and beef jerky.”

Her eyes lit up when Guillaume mentioned the client who liked a uniform. He was probably quite handsome in it, unless that client required something strange. Even Mr.Tall, Dark and French couldn't pull off an oompaloompa costume. "Now that has potential.” He added that he preferred the leather jacket and she added. "So does that.”

It would seem that she had missed him helping out with the relocation service project because he did not often participate. "Hey, I understand. We all have lives to live and such.” She helped the R'asa with the this underground money maker because you helped your family, and she liked it. Tavi would have done it anyway even if the pack hadn't been involved. She loved seeing people get second chances. "Well, I doubt you will get more time now. You're studying, flying and you are part owner in a large successful nightclub slash gaming facility.”
Guillaume 10 years ago
"I'm sure we can come to some mutually satisfactory arrangement. After all what is good for the gander is good for the goose...”

It was much more fun if such games went both ways. Navid couldn't help but smile rather slyly and speculatively as she declared herself willing to try anything once. It was... an admirable quality and there was nothing wrong with a sense of adventure.

"Anything though? Really?”

He teased, hiding his smile behind the ice tea. It was starting to occur to Guillaume that all work and no play might make him a dull boy. It had been some time since he'd gotten out, which only made Tavi's company all the more refreshing.

There was a slight sneer as she discussed the vampire club. With the exception of Evan he have much regard for most vampires. He did his best to take them as individuals and not make judgments based on memory and his impression of them as a whole. Of course, his cousin's current difficulties made that all the more difficult.

"Undoubtedly it is the genuine article. Even if it is exclusive and hard to get into I'm not sure what to make of them being so... obvious. They have too much power and influence.”

Even that though, however, couldn't ruin the day for Navid. It was just lovely out and he was quite enjoying the conversation and company.

That was something of a surprising revelation. He would have thought that Tavi would have had a rather supportive family environment. But obviously one couldn't tell and of course he'd not met her mother; and then look at his situation and how different it was from Thérèse and they were practically raised together. Out of respect though he didn't pry or dwell.

"That is a very true statement. An objective or sympathetic listener is incredibly valuable.”

He only nodded acknowledgment. Guillaume never offered unless he was sincere. He was more often comfortable taking the roll of an observer and very rarely offered to help, but would almost always help when asked.

"I shall bring travel Scrabble to help pass the time.”

Laughing a bit Guillaume found himself encouraging Tavi's apparent interest, if not enthusiasm.

"Should I tell you the next time I have a flight or would you prefer to stalk me?”

Not that he minded being stalked. Hunter, hunted, it was all quite relative after all.

Hearing his own work load from Tavi's lips was daunting. It never seemed like quite that much, perhaps it was because he was used to it.

"Still I might make the time. After all I should be done with my masters quite soon.”

No sooner had those words passed his lips than a man walking by the little sidewalk café picked up his laptop, slammed it closed and started running down the street. The bastard was quick too. Navid was only stunned for a second, glancing at Tavi to see if she had also seen some one so brazenly steal the computer, and then leaving all his other materials behind charging after the thief, hurdling the fence that separated the eatery from the sidewalk as he did so.

It was a high end machine, but more important all of his work was on that. He couldn't afford to lose it or wait for the police to possibly consider finding it.
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
"I said -almost- anything.” Tavi corrected with a grin. Certainly the fun stuff or the potentially fun stuff. She doubt he had anything to worry know, if he were worried.

They continued talking and flirting; because that was definitely what was going on. She even passed up the chance to give the waitress and evil smile. The day, which had already been good, just got better. Sightseeing might become a new hobby.

"Definitely stalk you..." Tavi was paying far too much attention to the guy in front of her because she totally missed the one coming up behind her. Everything was fine until the man ran by and scooped up Guillaume's laptop and then ran off with it. There was a brief moment where she and Guillaume both looked at each other like 'Did that really just happen?' before her pack mate got up and headed after the guy.

Tavi picked through her pocket and found some money. Catching the waitress's eye was not difficult; the woman had been keeping an extra close watch on Guillaume so she saw what happened. Tavi held up the money, nodded at her and then took off after the two men.

"Bad day to wear a dress.” She muttered to herself as she rounded a corner. At least she had worn boots. Finding a gutter, Tavi grabbed onto it and used it to help her climb up the building. Catching up to the men wouldn't be a problem for her but running at crazy speeds down the middle of the street would be asking for trouble. Besides, maybe this way she could cut him off.

He had been moving pretty fast. Tavi wished she had gotten a better look at him. If he was human then he should try out for the US Olympic Team and if he was not then he could be only one thing this time of day.

Running along the roof, she hopped to the next one and then the next. Down below she could see Guillaume.
"I'm up here. We'll get him.”
Guillaume 10 years ago
The thief was twisting and turning sliding through clusters of people and knocking things down in Guillaume's path. Ordinarily he would applaud all these things as they were what had to be done in order to get away. It was even rather impressive that he was making an attempt to get away rather than just giving up; the odds were that he had not expected a pursuit or he wouldn't have been so brazen. Right now, however, those things didn't impress or otherwise please him. They just irritated him. This bastard had interrupted his flirting -and- was running off with his life's work. Guillaume was pissed.

He leapt what fell in front of him, tried not to knock people down, but did barrel through a bit of a crowd at one point. At least he did shout at them to move before just pushing through. Tavi's voice made him look up, and was the only thing that had taken his eyes from his prey. Having grown up with Thérèse he didn't find her appearance on the rooftop unusual. He was, however, rather impressed she'd managed it in a dress. The sun created a bit of a halo effect about her and even in the heat of the moment he noticed she seemed to have nice legs. He'd like a better look.

This wasn't much different than running down a deer and was much easier done together. It appeared that Tavi was going to be the quicker of them and he anticipated her trying to get in front of them. His job then was to keep the prey moving in a direction she could work with. It looked as if the thief was going to cross a major intersection, which might be too far for Tavi to leap so he found an extra burst of speed, swung wide and forced their prey down a narrower side street where the buildings were closer together.

He was not the fastest of the Rassa but he could run for ages, Tavi was quite right. They would get him.
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
She had to give it to Guillaume; he was keeping the man moving. Of course, the guy was still ahead of her pack mate and that meant he had to be one of them. There was no way a human would be continuing to elude Guillaume even with the short head start.

The two of them were making quite a scene and she noticed several people looking around for movie cameras, talking in excited voices about it had to be something for a new action movie. You know because crime doesn't really happen. Though she would say that it did not usually happen so boldly in broad daylight.

What a dumbass. He better not be one of their people.

Seeing where Guillaume herded the man, Tavi smiled and ran ahead. There was a dead end down that way that would require the guy to climb on of the fire escapes of the apartment complex if he wanted to continue to run. Tavi figured she could be there waiting for him if he decided to go vertical.

With a direction to go in she was able to run much faster than she had been when she was trying to watch the progress below and navigate roof tops at the same time. Putting on the speed, she leaped over the next and the next until she came to the place where she expected this little journey to come to an end. Tavi then hung out with her elbows on the rooftop railing and waited for the thief and Guillaume to arrive. It wouldn't be too long now and she would like a good seat for the action.
Guillaume 10 years ago
Thank goodness there was a dead end. He hadn't known that would be the case and it was rather fortunate. He didn't like causing more of a scene than he had to. He slowed down a bit as he realized their prey was cornered and glanced around for Tavi. He found her perched quietly watching.

A cornered animal could be the most dangerous, and the bastard did still have his laptop which he could smash at a moments notice. So Guillaume approached slowly, almost cautiously. Waiting for this rabbit to decide to try and bolt back, destroy his property or pull a weapon.

The man looked anxiously for options, looking up he found Tavi as well and started backing away from her and toward Navid. Something that only made him smile wolfishly. Yes, that's right come here little bastard.

"Set it down gently and I might not kill you."

Might, he wasn't entirely sure. Even though he hadn't shifted the hunt had his blood up and he really didn't think that letting this punk go unscathed was an option.

His nostrils flared as he approached, he had the thief's scent now and it was tinged with fear. The man was scrappy, wiry, not what any one would call built or a bruiser. But he still didn't look like he was ready to give up.

It would have been so much easier to just rush the punk and take what he wanted but the thief reached into his pocket and pulled something out. He couldn't tell what it was and while most weapons wouldn't be fatal, he really didn't relish the idea of being shot or stabbed. He'd wait until he could tell what it was before he responded.
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
Tavi stood up top and watched the show with interest. This wolf didn't appear too bright. Then he looked her way, right at her like he expected her to be there. No one ever looked up but this guy did.

That was when she recognized him.

Leo backed toward Guillaume but not close enough to get his neck wrung. The taller R'asa swore not to kill the man if he returned the laptop. It didn't seem to escape Leo's notice that Guillaume didn't say anything about not hurting him.

The blond man reached inside his jacket carefully and pulled out... his cellphone.

"I have an explanation. I swear!” Leo looked up at her and held out the phone then went back to watching Guillaume warily.

Hopping up onto the ledge, she walked over to the fire escape and then lept down onto it, making her way quickly down to the ground.

"He's one of us.” She told Guillaume, reaching out a hand and placing it on his arm. "I am sure he has a very good explanation because I would not have expected him to be this stupid.”

Leo nodded, yes, empathically. "Right, not stupid. Maybe a little crazy at times, perhaps somewhat unethical, some might say morally ques...” He glanced between them both. "Right, so uhm. I saw Tavi sitting in the cafe with someone. I figured she might be with another R'asa... or at least that person was a friend. I figured it was perfect. Like fate or something.”

She frowned at him and raised an eyebrow. "Fate told you to steal a pack mate's laptop?”

"Yes!” Leo smiled at her for getting the gist so quickly. "See, Antoine wanted me to go under cover with one of the gangs but I was looking a little too squeaky clean.” Tavi rolled her hand in a circular motion for him to continue. "They wanted something big. I didn't want to kill know, with witnesses. Or steal something from someone who would press charges. Then I saw you.” He took one hand off the laptop and waved to her hair. "You're kind of hard to miss even from behind... So I told my new gang buddies to drop me off and watch. I was going to do something daring and crazy. See?”

Tavi laughed and then covered her mouth with her hand. She did see. Turning to Guillaume, she smiled, tried to look serious but that just made it worse. So, Leo saw her, knew that even if her companion wasn't R'asa, that she would chase him down and catch him after he had run out of sight of his adoring new 'friends'.

"Yeah, but you know you're not keeping that, right?”

Leo looked down at the laptop and then quickly held it out to Guillaume. "No, of course not. Here, sorry man. All fun and games, right? No harm done?” He explained to them the rest of his plan. "I figure I will tell them I stashed it somewhere safe and then go back to the home front and bum a old computer off your brother.” No one else got a good look at the laptop so that would probably actually work.

"Nice day for a little run in the city, right?"

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Guillaume 10 years ago
This was the first time he'd ever been threatened by a man brandishing a cell phone. Guillaume was confused, which didn't help his temper. He took a deep breath and raised an eyebrow as the thief and Tavi seemed to know each other. Wouldn't it just be his luck to be growling at one of her informants or contacts.

He glanced down at the hand on his arm and gestured for the man to give his explanation. It had better be a good one too, just because he was one of the Rassa didn't guarantee Guillaume wouldn't cream him. It did mean he probably wouldn't kill him though. The man half explained and half rambled. Tavi was far more patient about the explanation than he was, whether that was because it was in her nature or because it was his thesis that had been threatened Navid wasn't sure but he had no issues letting her run this little chat. After all she knew this man and he didn't.

Guilluame did listen though, and it did make sense. Perhaps he wasn't entirely sold that he would have just gotten his laptop back, but you did what you had to to help the Pack. He might find Antoine, buy the man a drink and grumble at him though. Just on general principle.

Tavi saw the fun in the situation and her good humored reaction checked his grumbling. He didn't exactly smile but it was something similar. He took the laptop back and held it rather protectively.

"No harm done. Tell them you tripped me in an alley and gave me a black eye if it will help."

At that he did bark out a short sharp but truly amused laugh.

"Yes a wonderful day for a run." He looked to Tavi with a rather twisted sheepish grin. "How many people did I knock down?"

That probably had not been the best impression of himself that he could have given. Perhaps Nachton was not quite the city for him. First his cousin takes up with the Sarkis, while he is married. Then Tavi finds out she is being controlled by a mulo and now he manages to make an ass of himself at the first sign of trouble. Yes he must be making a fine impression.

For the love of... he had left all his other materials back at the cafe and had neglected to pay his bill. Well they'd just have to walk back that way so he could correct that. Even realizing all of this, Guillaume couldn't quite bring himself to apologize. But then again, if he hadn't run like a mad man after his property this blond man wouldn't have any credibility with the gang members.
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
"Oh, you might have knocked a few people out of the way. One or two, that's all.” She looked thoughtful. "And that old lady with the walker and a bad hip, but really, who's counting?” She gave him a sweet smile and a small laugh. There had been more than one or two but luckily none had been geriatric pedestrians with metal structures used to aid posture and walking.

Tavi watched Guillaume and slowly took her arm away when it became clear that he was not going to pound Leo into the asphalt. He was being very good natured about the whole thing. She was not sure she would have been. Yes, she would have let Leo go without injury but there would be some grousing about it and maybe some negotiations on the favor that the man would owe her.

With that in mind, she turned to Guillaume and smiled, giving him a wink when she was fully facing away from their other pack mate.

"You know, Leo, I know just how you can make it up to our friend here.” She looked at the blond and smiled. His response was a wary worried expression, as it should have been. "Guillaume here has a paper to write.” She gestured to the laptop that Leo had so recently stolen. "It just so happens you might be in the perfect position to do some research for him.”

"Oh yeah?” Leo did not look very enthusiastic about this plan but there was nothing he could really say about it. He had just taken Guillaume's property, sure he had given it back, but it still was worthy of recompense.

"Yeah, you can take some notes on the personality types of your fellow gang members,right? Any quirks, habits, maybe what you learn of their families and backgrounds.” Tavi grinned at him. "And who knows, Antoine might find all that useful as well. So you'll be the wolf of the hour.”

Turning to Guillaume, she said. "Anything in specific you might want him to take note of and write down other than that?” It might be that this little run down the sidewalk would be very beneficial for Guillaume in the long run. He could have his own research assistant out in the field. Of course, he might not find any of the information useful at all. If she were him, she'd still make Leo take it all down. Just for the hell of it.
Guillaume 10 years ago
Guillaume frowned, but Tavi let him know she was teasing and he grinned a little.

"Do you plan on holding that against me?"

He knew that he had indeed knocked people down and out of the way but apparently it hadn't been -too- bad.

Having his laptop back had done a lot to keep him from flying off the handle. Granted he wasn't totally happy with the situation, but he was willing to understand and let bygones be bygones. Tavi's expression, however, suggested that perhaps she wasn't quite as satisfied with the results. He listened with interest to her proposal.

"Three actually."

He amended. It couldn't hurt to add some detail and weight to whatever it was Tavi was planing. Leo looked less than enthusiastic about the situation he was in but there was no way Navid was going to stop it. After all, he hadn't been happy about having his laptop ripped off either, some restitution was due. Her suggestion was rather inspired he fought down a smile and managed to nod sagely.

"That would be extremely helpful for the one paper.... it would be a view point one one else would be able to present if it were done right."

There was no harm in adding a little pressure to this assignment after all.

"There would be several things that would be valuable. I could give you a more detailed run down in the next day or two, when you have time. Or I can just give you a basic overview now. Which ever would be more convenient..."

While he wasn't certain that he would use Leo's observation and certainly couldn't stand behind the circumstances under which the information was gathered it was rather tempting. Regardless he was -more- than happy to play along with this.