A Few Supplies (Attn: Ambrose, Gris)

Kiyoshi had to do some shopping. Thanks to Terminus (and Evan and Guillaume by association) he now had the means to do so. He'd been getting a little tight before coming to Nachton, but now that he was settled in with Evan and rent wasn't an issue he was saving hand over fist. He really should try to convince Evan to pay him less, but for now he had a use for some of his cash.

He found what appeared to be the only outdoors store in Nachton and entered it, a little bell tinkling on the front door to let the owner know he was there. Kiyoshi was greeted buy the guy working, a man a few inches taller than he with tan skin and dark hair, wearing a pair of cargo pants and a white thermal shirt with a tee over it. The tee had no words on it, just a picture of the Staypuft marshmallow man face down, sandwiched between two chocolate-coated graham crackers. Kiyo couldn't help chuckling at it. He told the guy he just wanted to look around a bit and was happy when he didn't push; Kiyo hated pushy salespeople.

The store was reasonably sized, much bigger than Kiyo had thought it would be. There wasn't a huge variety in the items he was looking at but they were all quality. He meandered through the displays for a little while, trying to get an idea of what he'd need.

Evan had mentioned camping out under the stars, and he'd also said something about sun-warmed rocks. Kiyo couldn't provide sun-warmed rocks, but he knew fires and he knew how to play with them appropriately. He could fire-warm a rock. He wanted to take Evan camping and do things nicely for his partner, as close as he could get to how it had been described to him.

He had second-guessed himself numerous times. Maybe Evan wouldn't like this at all. Maybe it was completely off base. He should have asked. But that would ruin the surprise. He was just going to have to go for it.

Greer Grayson 9 years ago
Gris strolled down the strip with no particular goal in mind. He needed things for his new condo but he was not in any particular hurry to get anything. He did not have time to shop for everything the place needed in order to make it a comfortable living space. His few possessions had been moved into the place recently and he had pulled out the essentials for living.

Now he needed to call a decorator and get down to the business of sorting out what he wanted and how it should look. Then he would give the designer a criminal amount of his money and let them go shopping in his name. A part of him balked at this process; he had a sense of style and a firm grasp on what he liked and did not like. A designer was not necessary.

One would be very convenient.

He was working long hours at the firm and then had occasional duties for his pack on top of his day job. Gris often found himself still in the office after dark finishing up some paperwork or collecting all the details of a case from sources that were finally able to speak with him. It always seemed that he had a visit from Mr Hoang. The man stood over him with an impassive expression like a gargoyle. It almost always meant some extra work of some sort. Gris swore the man was not human. He just appeared, asked questions, pointed out other things that needed to be done and then disappeared.

Gris entertained various different theories. He had immediately dismissed the idea that the man was a vampire. All lawyers were considered blood suckers so that theory was far too cliche. One of his first theories was the Mr. Hoang was a ghost of some past lawyer that failed a case and now hounded young lawyers with demands that minute details be covered. He dismissed this particular theory because the other lawyer appeared fairly solid. Besides Hoang was always seen attired in the very latest styles. A ghost would appear in some outdated suit and, one hoped, be very transparent. His second theory involved a sort of Frankenstein's monster with various parts of different lawyers being used to create an unstoppable litigation machine. So far this second theory was his favorite and Gris spent idle moments deciding which parts of past lawyers were used to make the current creation.

Deciding whether or not to add John Adams to the list of lawyers in the composite, Gris looked up and saw what appeared to be a familiar figure. He was curious. Following along behind the other man, he looked up as he entered the shop and noticed they were entering a sporting goods store.

Amused, he tapped the other werewolf on the shoulder. "Getting another sleeping bag?” He had first met Kiyoshi outside in the forest near Shady Pines. The other man had been practicing his poi and intending on having a peaceful night of solitude. Those plans were spoiled when Gris and Guillaume had appeared from a hunt and disturbed the peace.

Since then they had played online together from time to time. Kiyo mostly played with Evan. They currently had an adorable healer and tank duo. Sometimes Gris would bring an alt to add some dps and to hang around for a bit. It was fun to listen to them talk. Admittedly, Evan did most of the talking but that was normal even before Kiyoshi joined the mix.

Despite his glib manner, Gris found that Evan was very good at listening; he had told many of his personal details to the man over the years that they had known each other. Somehow, after playing together for so long, Gris considered Evan to be one of his closest friends. This was helped by the consistency of their friendship despite his different geographical residences over the years. It was different now though and sometimes he felt like he was intruding on a couple so he let them play by themselves more often than not.

"Is this one for Evan?” He teased with a suggestive waggle of dark blond eyebrows. He had told Evan to treat Kiyoshi well when he had heard that Kiyo had gone over to Evan's to spend the night. His assumption had immediately gone to a romantic situation but he figured that was because his own interests in Evan had not always been so chaste. He realized that is was far more likely that they were just friends and co-workers who enjoyed the same games. However, if Kiyoshi was seeing Evan then it was a lucky thing for his werewolf friend that Gris had not met Evan in person until lately. Had he known how well the deep sexy voice went with a hard muscled hot body then he would have been more adamant about visiting Evan in person much sooner.

Sadly, relationships never went smoothly for him. He was a werewolf and a gay werewolf at that. It was against the laws of nature and the wishes of his family to be as he was. Gris had to be careful who he dated and his extreme secrecy and reticence to give personal details almost always led to the end of the relationship. Gris had not wanted to lose his friendship with Evan that way.

Now, he had a new friend in Kiyo. Holding up his hands in surrender, Gris added. "I'm just winding you up, mate. No harm, I promise.”
Kiyoshi Salinas 9 years ago
Kiyo caught a familiar scent as he moved into the outdoor store. He knew it intimately because it was similar to Evan's, but not Evan's. It was Gris. He breathed in happily; Gris reminded him of Evan now and that made him happy. It was coming closer. He tuned in now and heard faint breath, a heartbeat. The shoosh of fabric behind him.

"Hi Gris," Kiyo said quietly when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He blushed at his friend's words and turned to look at him with a little smile, shuffling his feet with embarrassment.

Gris was really too damn hot for his own good, Kiyo thought as he looked up at the blond. Evan was, too. What was up with all the hotness in Nachton? And how come some of it couldn't rub off on him? He blushed deeper as he then thought about how he was rubbing up on some hotness every morning, noon and night, just about.

"No, uh, not exactly."

Gris made it plain he was just joking - at least, Kiyo thought that was what he was saying. Winding him up meant teasing, right? He thought Gris meant well so he smiled a little wider.

"Okay, exactly. I kind of wanted to ask Evan to go camping with me," he said a little shyly. Kiyo was good at hiding things and that meant his relationship, but this was how he'd have reacted asking anyone to camp with him, not just Evan.

"Do you think that's weird? I mean, you know... Evan. He's my boss. But my friend. I like hanging out with him."

He looked up at Gris with big innocent eyes. No, he wasn't planning to drag Evan out into the middle of the woods and then proceed to get shagged rotten until the sun threatened to turn his vampiric lover into a pile of ash. Not at all. Just an innocent weenie roast. Teehee... weenie roast.

Who would ruin perfectly good pork by processing it into a hotdog, anyway?

Belatedly Kiyo realized that Gris might think he was insinuating that they weren't friends, since he had not asked Gris to go camping. He thought for a moment on how to extricate himself from that pitfall gracefully.

"We could go camping sometime too. I mean, not that I ask all my friends to go camping. It's not a euphemism or anything. I mean, camping. Oh my God I sound like a stalker. I'm not stalking you."

Nope, not going to happen gracefully. Kiyo bit his lip and looked back at the store clerk, as if hoping he might rush in and save Kiyo from his own mouth. Sadly, the man was pointedly looking down at a catalogue, very plainly trying not to overhear.

Kiyo sighed.
Ambrose 9 years ago
Ysabel and the waif were off somewhere, not a long trip and probably more educational than he'd have the patience for at that. It was the girl's spring break and Ysabel was exposing her to culture or something. Ordinarily he would have gone with but he'd had a few gigs he couldn't blow off and so he was home. Alone. Apparently he was getting soft because Ambrose had very much noticed Ysabel's absence and missed her a great deal. He'd even voluntarily socialized with Damaris once or twice.

The girl had ordered something through the store and even though they wouldn't be gone terribly long Ambrose had decided to be helpful and collect it. It was more or less half way on the way to Shades any way.

As he opened the door there were two men just inside, he didn't know either of them but that was hardly surprising. Nachton was a big city and Alex had a pretty decent business here. On first glance though, blondy he wouldn't have pegged as an outdoors man.

The other one was half babbling something about stalkers. Damned good thing the boy wasn't a stalker he seemed a bit squirly for that job.

"You get points for being an open forthcoming stalker if you are though.”

He offered casually with a slight and wry grin while giving Alexander a chance to look up and catch his eye. Marie's boss/friend would know why he was here.
Greer Grayson 9 years ago
"No, its not weird.” Gris smiled and shook his head. Had they been in a less public place then he might have pointed out that they were wolves and sharing the outdoors with friends seemed fairly natural to most of them.

Instead he listened as Kiyoshi explained that they could go out camping some time as well. His eyebrows then rose to his hairline as Kiyo stammered through an explanation that camping did not mean more than it was. Interesting, he had thought that just maybe it had.

Well, if they were seeing each other and wanted to be private about it that was fine. If he had jumped to the wrong conclusion then that was also fine. Maybe then he could chase down Evan...or Kiyo. Gris gave the man a quick appraising look. His pack mate was pretty hot as well, even while blushing and putting his foot in his mouth. In truth it was kind of adorable. That was not the normal thing he looked for in a partner but he did think it somehow worked very well for Kiyoshi.

He couldn't help but laugh at the idea of Kiyo stalking him. The idea was just so odd that it was funny. It was made even more amusing by the fact that stalking was normally one of his jobs within the pack. Greer managed to get control of his mirth and then reached out to put two reassuring hands on his friend's shoulders.

"Its okay. I didn't think you were a stalker.” He shook some of his hair out of his face and then grinned playfully at Kiyo. "Feel free to try if you like.”

Gris was about to say that he was all for a game of hide and seek, they could even go to the woods and make it more challenging if Kiyoshi wanted, when a stranger added his commentary on the discussion.

Smiling at the guy who just walked in, he shrugged. "Perhaps Kiyoshi is so good at it that he enjoys making it more difficult. I would imagine telling someone you were going to stalk them before actually stalking them would be a decent handicap if you wanted a challenging experience.” Gris turned and winked at Kiyo. "Are you going to give me a head start?”
Kiyoshi Salinas 9 years ago
Kiyo thought if the Earth wanted to open up and swallow him right about then, he'd be okay with it. Aaaaaaany day now. Come on, Earth. It didn't happen. Stupid Earth, he thought uncharitably.

Gris, by some miracle, seemed more amused than horrified by his awkward behavior. Kiyo breathed a sigh of relief when Gris assured him he didn't think Kiyo was stalking him. Then his Packmate shook his hair away from his face and Kiyo had to resist the urge to reach out and brush away the curly blond locks. He almost flinched at the notion. What the hell? He wasn't attracted to Gris that way... was he? He didn't want to be! Maybe without Evan but no! It wasn't the same as being attracted to Evan. Evan was... well, he was Evan. Gris was his friend, but so completely untouchably frighteningly handsome that he flustered Kiyo. And now... was he flirting with Kiyo too?

He felt his face burning again.
"I, um, I could find you. If I had to. Easily."

Gris didn't smell bad or anything, but he did resemble Evan's scent and Kiyo thought he could follow Evan's scent from hundreds of miles away. In fact, it might be the similarity to Evan that was throwing off his senses. Identical, no, but related, yes. It made Kiyo want to reach out and touch when he shouldn't. The sudden revelation made Kiyo relax a little. He was having these odd urges around Gris, very possibly because he smelled a little like Evan. He wasn't cheating on Evan. He never wanted to do that!

Suddenly, as if Kiyo's humiliation had reached its one-person limit and needed some help, a stranger with a cane appeared to comment on his idiocy. Kiyo groaned softly and tried to sink through the floor again while Gris kindly did his best to salvage Kiyo's pride.

When the blond turned back Kiyo was relieved to find that Gris was once again just his friend, a frustratingly perfectly polished and beautiful friend who happened to smell a bit like a man he was madly in love with. Kiyo relaxed an iota more.

"You'll need a head start," he said with a little grin at Gris. Too bad Gris didn't know... Kiyo would definitely chase that scent. Everywhere. It was a significant handicap, running around smelling as if you'd rolled around with the detection wolf's boyfriend.

Turning to the new guy Kiyo gave a little grimace.
"Honesty is the best policy?" He framed it liked a question.
Ambrose 9 years ago
There had been a few times Ambrose had told some one he was coming for them. It wasn't really an issue of a head start it was an intimidation tactic. At least it had been for him. The world hadn't changed so much that that means of intimidation was no longer valid. But you had to have a reputation to go with it and a presence. Even though he'd only seen this non-stalker for a few seconds Ambrose some how doubted he intimidated any one.

Blondy might be able to pull it off though.

Ambrose thought he might have to revise his opinion on the 'stalker'. That was more confidence than he would have expected. Well in this city people had hidden skills didn't they? Interesting.

"And who doesn't like a good challenge? You two might need a referee for this game from the sounds of it.”

He half laughed. Honesty had its place but it could be troublesome too. Ambrose tended to be flexible on that point, only three people -always- got the truth out of him.

"Depends on who you ask and what the consequences are.”

See that was an honest answer and now he just sounded like a sociopath. Didn't bother him though.
Greer Grayson 9 years ago
Gris narrowed his eyes at Kiyo, started to speak, cast a sideways glance at their friendly spectator and decided that now, no matter what vague words he might choose to use, was not the best time. It was an interesting air of confidence from his friend; one that he did not hear often from Kiyoshi. He was not talking about tracking another human but another werewolf and he seemed to think he could do it with ease. So did he have the ability to mark? Gris and his kind were the ultimate trackers, once marked their prey could never hide from them again.

He looked over at the stranger who decided that they needed a referee for their game of hide and seek. "How would that work? Would you follow the hunter or the hunted? And what would be cheating? Not counting to a thousand before he comes after me? Calling in a few buddies to help do recon?” Gris shrugged. "I guess it doesn't matter. I don't think they have a trophy for winning the Hide and Seek Championship.” We would like to present you with this trophy for Seeker of the Year...only one catch, We hid it. Its yours if you can find it. Good luck!

Turning back to his friend, he said "Head starts are good...but I don't feel like running today.” Gris smiled and patted Kiyo on the shoulder. "I'll take a rain check.” At least he was not in a suit. Today he was wearing a pair of dark brown chino pants, a short sleeve, light weight, bone coloured shirt that was so thin that it was translucent. It was buttoned up low on his chest and the ankh he always wore hung on the outside; a couple of chunky hammered steel cuffs and some loose leather bracelets completed his non-work attire.

Walking past Kiyoshi, Gris looked around the store. "So if you aren't getting a sleeping bag. What were you needing for this trip?” He turned back and grinned at his pack mate. "Or am I being too nosy.”

He held up one of the fancy new personal GPS devices as high as its little tether to the counter would let him. "Now one of these.” Gris waved it gently to demonstrate to the other two. "Might be cheating.”
Kiyoshi Salinas 9 years ago
When the stranger didn't excuse himself and go about his business Kiyo edged toward Gris. Gris, he knew. This guy he didn't. Shrinking back a bit he couldn't help but notice, now that he was face to chest with Gris, that his Packmate had some fantastic pecs. How come Kiyo's couldn't look like that??

He glanced up at Gris, who knew what he was. Every R'asa who met him knew what he was. He was nobody. He didn't want to talk to a stranger, and he certainly wasn't about to when another, more confident, Packmate was close. He would let Greer talk.

"Okay. Another day," Kiyo said, not really sure quite how to joke with Gris yet.

Gris, who walked past him to the camping equipment. Kiyo stuck close behind Gris, casting a glance at the dark-haired stranger. When Gris turned back again Kiyo was right behind him.

"You're not too nosy," he said. "I just need some things to... to take Evalyn camping. She's never been before and I want her to be comfortable."

He looked at the shelves.
"Sleeping bag, pillows, firemaking gear, lanterns, uh... you know. Stuff."

What other stuff, he couldn't really go into. Several other items sprang to mind, none of them appropriate in this company.
Ambrose 9 years ago
Generally, when he played 'Hide and Seek' the rules dictated that the person left alive won. Hell even when he played Damaris one of the two of them could wind up in need of regeneration. That, however, didn't work so well for playing with humans.

If there was one thing he'd learned in all his werewolf research though, it was that Google knew everything. Until such time as he could research it, he decided to bluff.

"International standard rules. You'd both have to agree to them of course.”

Not that he had any idea if there were international standard rules for hide and seek but there very well might be.

Given the way blondy was dressed and they way the other one was Ambrose decided they might be a couple, no one had ever accused him of being terribly open minded. He let the two of them wander off looking for whatever it was they were looking for. Apparently he was wrong about the lover thing, the shier one sounded like he had a girl friend.

Ambrose wandered up toward the registrar but Alexander had disappeared. He was either was helping another customer or had gone into the back for something. He half listened to the list of supplies that were being looked for and again marveled how much things had changed from his days.
Greer Grayson 9 years ago
Gris gave the stranger a cocked eyebrow and a dubious expression. He doubted there were standard rules to the game. It was fairly simple and he had played it many times as a child in several different countries; the rules did not change with the exception of the time one counted before going to look for people. "Great, next there will be helmets, safety gear and torches required for hide and seek.” He rolled his eyes. "Why do people these days have to complicate everything?”

Gris and Kiyo chose to play at a later date and their would-be referee moved on toward the counter.

He turned his attention to back to Kiyoshi who told him that he was not being nosy. Gris was pretty sure that his friend was being very polite, because he was also very sure that he was indeed being nosy.

"Evalyn, is it?” Gris smiled and turned around. When he did, he found that Kiyo had been following him very closely. His friend bumped right into his chest. Reaching out to steady Kiyo and hopefully forestall an apology, he smiled mischievously. "So Evan is cross dressing now, is he?” He looked up thoughtfully and then back down at Kiyo. "Because I could have sworn you said you were going with Evan.”

Gris wrapped an arm around Kiyoshi's shoulder and leaned down to his friend. "It doesn't matter. Evan or Evalyn, I'm happy you have someone.” He reached out and pulled one of the lights on a head strap off the shelf. "He's a good guy. I know he'll treat you right.” That had been his warning to Evan the first night he had met Kiyoshi but Gris knew that Evan would be good to his friend. He still wasn't sure about the Evalyn thing though. Gris couldn't imagine Evan in a dress; he was huge. Sasquatch the drag queen.

"I would say get one of these.” He held up the head lamp. "But its hard to look sexy with a big square light strapped to your forehead.”

Setting the head lamp down, he moved on, taking Kiyo with him. "Ooh this is nice though.” Gris pointed to a lantern that also had a flickering candlelight mode. It actually had a sensor that made it move with wind and sound so that its flame was more realistic. "Ambiance?” He turned to Kiyo and raised his eyebrows.
Kiyoshi Salinas 9 years ago
Kiyo looked at the stranger slightly wide-eyed when he mentioned international standard rules for hide and seek. "There are rules?"

He had no idea hide and seek was so popular. But, well, if you played anything enough people would come up with rules for it, and hide and seek was certainly a pretty old game. Why wouldn't there be a set of rules? Maybe he was just being gullible. He didn't know.

In the meantime Gris had his full attention; not just because he was suddenly nose-to-chest with him but because Kiyo had done the unthinkable and actually slipped up, confusing Evan and Evalyn. He cursed himself silently; he was usually so very good at hiding things and keeping secrets but between the stranger and Gris he was definitely off-balance.

Looking at Gris in confusion for a moment he suddenly realized his friend couldn't really know about Evan's ability, could he? He gave a little laugh.
"Evan doesn't cross dress," he said in slight disbelief. "He'd make a horrible woman."

He tried to correct himself even though he wasn't sure Gris would buy it.
"Evan knows how to camp but I still need some supplies. I need a sleeping bag for Evalyn for when I take her, and some other things. I don't think she could rough it the same as Evan."

Still, his cheeks flared red when Gris said Evan would treat him right. If only he knew... memories of the previous night after work drifted into his head; Evan had loved him into exhaustion and he'd passed out covered in blankets pressed up close against his vampire partner, drowning in utter contentment. Evan treated him more than right. Evan was... well, perfect.

Gris changed the subject but Kiyoshi's mind was still stuck on it. He made a face at the headlamp and wrinkled his nose at the lantern.
"I'd rather have the real thing," he said distractedly. He looked at Greer, then back at the other guy in the store, making sure they were somewhat out of earshot.

"What about you? Don't you have someone, too?"

Every time he'd seen Gris he'd been alone. It was surprising to think he might be single; he was kind, he was pleasant company. Maybe he had someone who wasn't here in Nachton, that could be the case.
Eiryk 9 years ago
Roughing It wasn't that far from his studio and so Eiryk would occasionally wander over to Alex's store if his own work was slow. Or if he was bored, or lonely, or... if he just felt like it. Tonight was the later.

It had been a nice walk and he hadn't fallen, walked into anything, or broken anything. Right up until he got there. He immediately opened the door up and hit himself in the face. Shaking his head and feeling his nose to see if it had broken, it hadn't but that was a relatively common injury for him, he looked for Alex and didn't see him right off the bat but didn't worry about that too much.

Ambrose he recognized right off the bat, he'd come to pick up Marie a few times but the other two must be customers. Neither was terribly hard on the eyes, but neither was Alex either. Wondering what Ambrose was doing there Eiryk nearly collided with the carabiners. They were the bane of his existence. Wrenching his body wither very little grace but a great deal of determination away from the damned things Eiryk kept from knocking them over but nearly ran into the two men.

"Sorry. Sorry. Everyone OK I hope?”

He hadn't done any damage but it was just so much simpler to apologize than not, besides it was the polite thing to do. He smiled brightly, broadly and openly, a smile that in the old days had gotten him into and out of a lot of trouble.

"That is a great lamp though and surprisingly sturdy and you don't have to worry about using it with fire restrictions.”

It was possible that Eiryk paid attention to the inventory at the shop. He wasn't much help, but he was interested.
Greer Grayson 9 years ago
There was still some confusion about the two similar sounding names. Did Kiyo mean Evan the whole time and say Evalyn for some other reason? His friend was a werewolf and if anyone knew how difficult that could be then it was him. Gris figured that it was possible that Kiyo was dating Evan and used the name Evalyn when talking to his family and his pack from where ever he came from, knowing that they would not approve of him dating a man. He had done that once or twice himself; it was best to pick a name that was easy to remember, Harry becomes Harriet, Carl becomes Carlotta or whatever else worked. It helped save him a few times when he accidentally spoke of his lover by his actual name when speaking to his family. Admittedly, the situation did not happen often but his mother at least tried to pretend she was interested.

It could also be that Kiyoshi was dating someone named Evalyn and had a boss and friend named Evan. The only thing that bugged him about it was in the beginning Kiyo had said he was taking Evan camping and then later said Evalyn. It sounded so much like one of his own slip ups that he caught onto it and just couldn't let it go. He would believe that Evan and Evalyn were the same person until he had good reason to believe otherwise.

Knowing wasn't telling though, Gris felt a little closer to his pack mate. For him there was a bond of being an outsider that he had with Kiyoshi and it made him like the other Vyusher a little more. Gris would also admit that he liked not being alone in being the odd wolf. He was used to it by now but that did not mean he wouldn't like to try something a little different.

He shook blond curls and then laughed quietly at Kiyo's question. "No, I haven't been here long. I'm still running solo, my friend. If there is someone out there in Nachton for me then I haven't seen them yet.”

Gris set the cute little white lantern down and made a sad face at Kiyoshi. "Its adorable.” He patted it once like Kiyo had hurt its feelings and considered what he could use it for himself. "I do understand what you mean about the real thing though. I have some that I made at home if you want some.” He turned and smiled at his friend.

That was when another blond stumbled through the store and almost into them. Gris smiled and shrugged at the new guy. "Hey, its okay. Could happen to anyone.”

The guy then told them that the lantern was nice and sturdy. He checked the man's chest for a sales name tag and then looked over at Kiyo. "I agree with you but my mate here believes in kicking it old school.” Gris grinned at the absurdity of those words with his accent and gave Kiyo a little clap on the shoulder, his arm still wrapped protectively around his shy friend.
Kiyoshi Salinas 9 years ago
Kiyo blinked up at Gris in disbelief. "Running solo? But... you're... I mean, wow. Intentionally?"

He realized how very wrong that sounded. As if there were something wrong with Gris. He blushed yet again.
"I'm sorry Gris, that came out wrong. It's just, you're so kind, and funny. And very handsome. I can't imagine you don't have women falling all over you. Uh, men too, you know. If you wanted them."

He was mumbling by the end of his short speech, a little embarrassed to admit he found Gris handsome. He figured Greer probably heard such things all the time.

"Are you looking for someone?"

It was the next logical question, he thought. He wanted everyone to be as happy as he was now. Sure, things weren't perfect but those things were hardly Evan's fault, and his partner had sort of convinced him to look a bit more kindly on his own race. If he hadn't been made a R'asa he might never have met Evan at all. So at least one good thing had finally come of it.

Gris told him he made candles, or lanterns, and Kiyo perked up.
"Yeah? Evan told me you made things like that. I make candles. I love them. Maybe we could trade?"

Kiyo liked seeing the work others did; Evan's carvings fascinated him along with the jewelry he created. He very much enjoyed making candles for others. If he didn't give them away they would just pile up and pile up and more often than not he was moving around too much to keep them with him.

They were interrupted by a rather entertaining entrance by a well-dressed blond. He stumbled into a display of carabiners, managing to not knock any of them over. He followed it up with an attempt to sell the lamp that Gris was holding. The entire thing made Kiyo flinch away but Gris patted him on the shoulder and had an arm around him, something that made Kiyo very happy.

He peered out from around Gris and said,
"Are you all right?"

He wasn't sure what 'kicking it old school' meant but he nodded anyway. He was just going to stick by Gris. It seemed safer that way, without Evan here.
Eiryk 9 years ago
It could happen to any one? Eiryk laughed, he couldn't help it the poor man had no idea did he. No that could not happen to any one, it was his gift/curse. It was nice to believe even for a second, even vicariously that he wasn't a total disaster area. It cheered him up, not that he had been down to begin with but it did.

He half over heard the conversation and knew half a dozen people, over either persuasion, that would be more than happy to at least go have a drink with the blond. But Eiryk wasn't a match maker. At least not when he hadn't been asked and he didn't know the blond in question.

"Perfectly fine thank you. I'll do an encore in a bit if you'd like. Although management does get a touch cranky if I actually run over patrons or break things so we'll have to be cautious."

Realizing that made him sound a bit like an employee, although he certainly wasn't dressed to sell out door gear, Eiryk continued.

"As I don't work here, he can't even fire me so... well..."

Eiryk broke off with an easy going grin and a bit of a shrug. Let them assume what they wanted. For all either of these two knew he was a regular and an enthusiastic rugged trail hardened mountain climbing butch go getter, so no one's reputation was on the line just yet.

"Oh? Well I'm sure we can find you something with an actual flame. I've read good reviews on a couple if you'd like some help." He paused and shook his head realizing what he'd done. "I really don't work here I swear. My name's Eiryk I work not too far away I just happen to be in here a lot."
Greer Grayson 9 years ago
Gris laughed and shook his head. "No, not intentionally.” He shrugged. "I move around a lot and I have yet to meet anyone that I wanted to...bring into the family.” The reference would make sense to Kiyoshi but he also meant it literally; the Graysons were not an easy bunch to get close to. He had yet to meet a guy that he was willing to risk his family's wrath over and he knew that such a meeting would be the final straw for them. His lack of an heir to their branch of the family tree would be last disappointment that his father would be willing to take. Gris knew that for a certainty; there would be no hope of him being anything other than a dismal failure after that. He could take over a small country, win a nobel peace prize, and he would still be the second rate son that lived instead of his perfect brother. "Or even subject to the family.” He finished more softly.

He looked over at his friend as Kiyo listed all his wonderful qualities in a rush and then said that he could have women falling all over him. Possibly true, too bad he didn't really care for such things. At least Kiyoshi added some men as well. "Thanks Kiyo.”

His friend then asked if he was looking. "I wouldn't call it looking exactly but if the right person were to magically appear, fall from the sky, or in some other way make themselves known then that would be nice.”

It appeared that Kiyoshi made candles also and that Evan was talking about him. He'd feel more happy about that last bit if he weren't so certain that he was standing here with Evan's boyfriend. Could still be untrue...the hot American could still be a free agent. He told himself that and it cheered him up a little; he'd harbored a crush on Evan for a few years now and it was sad to think that he'd somehow missed his chance.

"Absolutely. I love handmade things. They have more personality. I would love to trade you for some of yours.”

The guy in front of them was enthusiastic. Gris would have taken him for a salesman on commission if he did not tell them several times that he did not work at the store. He seemed cheerful and wanting to be helpful. Gris just wasn't sure why. Was he still feeling guilty for nearly knocking them over or did he just really like this store?

"That's up to Kiyoshi. He's the one looking for supplies for a trip.”

Since it appeared they had help, who did not actually work at the store, Gris turned to Kiyoshi. "So what would you like to start with? Perhaps our new friend here might have some ideas.”
Kiyoshi Salinas 9 years ago
Kiyoshi looked up at Gris in complete understanding when he mentioned moving around a lot. "I know how that goes," was all he said, but there was feeling behind the words that gave them credit.

When Gris further added under his breath the little bit about subjecting someone to his family Kiyo's heart squeezed a bit. He rested his hand on Gris's arm briefly, as if worried the other wolf would shake him off.
"I know how that goes too," he said sadly.

It was hard to say anything else with their current company but such conversations weren't meant for the middle of a camping store anyway. Kiyo wondered if Gris would like to go out sometime, just to talk. He was surprised to have friends here in Nachton and he definitely counted Gris among them. It felt like maybe they had some things in common.

"I'll let you know if anyone falls from the sky with your name tattooed on their forehead," he said with a grin, before they both agreed to a crafting trade-off. That made him happy. He liked sharing with people.

In the meantime he turned to the new guy, Eiryk, who seemed to be doing a reliable sales job in place of the man behind the cash register, who was dealing with the first man who'd walked in. Gris introduced him and Kiyoshi peered at the new blond with a murmured,

They were looking at him, and that made him nervous. He hadn't expected company. Gris he didn't mind but Eiryk he didn't know at all.

"I, uh, I'm taking my girlfriend camping. I just need some stuff to make her comfortable. A sleeping bag and a tent."

He didn't need a tent really but how could he explain that it wasn't necessary without mentioning his girlfriend was a two thousand year old Native American vampire? Somehow, it seemed wrong.
Eiryk 9 years ago
Eiryk frowned a little. He didn't think that he should intrude on this conversation but he did feel a bit bad for the blond. It sounded like it might be slightly reminiscent of Alex's situation. He hated to see or hear of any one in such a position.

Not sure exactly where to go with things, he tried to lighten the mood a bit by joking a bit.

"Ah... well I went sky diving last weekend.”

Eiryk said with a bright cheerful expression. It wasn't flirting, or at least not intended to be, but he also didn't mention Alex as he didn't want to sound like he was bragging if this gentleman was having romantic difficulties. He did, however, want to know about this man's hair. It was rather remarkable.

It sounded like they were both candle makers. Again, if he had known them better he would have offered to trade for something knitted. But he didn't want to intrude too much.

It seemed like Kiyoshi, as he'd been half introduced, was a bit nervous. He was sensitive to it and tried to scale his personality back a bit. He wasn't sure exactly how successful he was, but he did try.

"Nice to meet you Kiyoshi. That sounds like a great weekend out. I'm sure there is something here for you. Has she done much camping or have you coaxed an indoor girl out?”

It made a difference after all, if she was a novice you wanted to take extra care.

"Oh and where are you going?”
Greer Grayson 9 years ago
Gris laughed and thanked Kiyoshi for looking out for him. Eiryk then said that he had gone sky diving last week. Getting closer, he reached up and lightly took hold of the man's chin and tilted his head up. He peered at his forehead for a moment and then shook his head with a sigh.

"No tattoo anyway.” Gris turned back to Kiyoshi and winked before giving the other blond a forlorn look. "I am sorry but you're just not the one, mate. It was a nice thought but obviously just not meant to be.”

Changing the subject, he pointed himself and then to Kiyo and said. "I'm Greer and this is Kiyoshi.”

He looked over at his pack mate who explained that he just needed some things to make his girlfriend more comfortable. Gris thought that a good romantic time in the forest required the right things. It could be next to nothing or it could be elaborate. He wondered which Kiyo was going for.

Eiryk asked his friend where they whether his girlfriend was a novice and where they were going camping. He knew for a fact that Evan was not a novice. They had spoke of the great outdoors quite a few times over their years of virtual friendship and he knew that Evan's druid character was in many ways a reflection of himself. For the other question, it was possible that Kiyoshi did not have a place in mind yet or maybe it was on pack grounds. That seemed a little dangerous but there was certainly plenty of woods to get lost in around Shady Pines. If that was what Kiyoshi was thinking then he probably wouldn't want to mention it.

Gris took Kiyo gently by the wrist and led him over to the sleeping bags.

"Okay, well you have to start somewhere. I suggest you start at the most important thing.” Gris pointed to the selection of bedding and turned back to Kiyo and raised his eyebrows. "In my humble” He bowed slightly with a hand to his chest and a grin on his face. "opinion, you need a bag big enough for you both to fit comfortably inside. Perhaps one that could be opened and zipped together with another so that you have plenty of room for you both....just a thought.”

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Kiyoshi Salinas 9 years ago
Kiyo watched Gris playing with the newcomer, wishing he had that sort of self-confidence, to just mess with someone. Eiryk took it in stride, the two of them seemingly comfortable with joking around.

In the meantime Kiyo tried to think if he and Evan had discussed Evalyn's comfort level with camping. He didn't know. Evan, obviously, was a pro and needed no help. Kiyo had specifically requested they make Evalyn as different as possible so he could keep them organized in his head, so he answered with that in mind.

"Uh, she hasn't camped much if at all. I don't know the specifics, just that she isn't really all that used to it. And we're staying local, a campsite just outside of Nachton near the Park."

Gris took him by the wrist and Kiyo followed along a little helplessly. He sort of thought this all might be unnecessary but he did need a few things, which he couldn't really detail here with Gris and Eiryk. He looked at the sleeping bags and blushed at Gris's words.

"Oh um yes... that's a good idea. I mean she'd love it if we slept together. It should be roomy. So we can... move around."

His face was flaming by the end of his statement. Really, it had to be large because Evan was tall. And also because if he had his way this trip would certainly have a lot of... activity. But talking about that here embarrassed him, whether it was Evan or Evalyn.

"Whatabouthisone?" he said quickly, reaching out toward the first one he saw. It was pretty thick, but obviously only meant for one person, one of those mummy bags. Kiyo had a sleeping bag of his own already though.

"I could get one to zipper onto my own. So it will be big."

He looked up, down, sideways, anywhere but at the two blond guys with him. He might die of embarrassment any second.