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With very few exceptions Navid had made it a point to avoid the Pack grounds. That in itself had been odd for him, it was unnatural not to be around the R'asa. It wasn't that Evan wasn't fine company and he was coming to like and even relate to Kiyoshi but it wasn't the same. Even with Kiyo who was part of the Pack it simply wasn't the same, his runs had been too isolated solitary. Thérèse had kept him company here and there and occasionally he had wandered into Pack grounds but on four feet, he did not show his human face.

Now that was making his life a bit difficult, one didn't just stroll through Shady Pines and into some of the more secure areas based on good looks alone. But, he felt an need to finally meet the Sarkis, speak to him. Evan had made the arrangements for a meeting with the creature holding his cousin and Guillaume was quite looking forward to seeing the bastard turn to dust. Certainly Tavi was aware of the meeting as well and Navid was assuming that she had told her father and the legion would be able to handle this, but he refused to sit on the sidelines for this and he refused to endanger Thérèse by acting out of concert with them; no he couldn't be an unknown element too much was at stake.

As he stopped outside the Sarkis' door and knocked Guillaume for the first time wondered what kind of man his cousin had chosen. She was so proud, so independent and could be quite the snob about things, it would take some one particular to capture and hold her interest especially when it could potentially cause trouble for the Pack. He was also rather concerned what she might have told the man about him being in the city and their spat.

That short moment of curiosity didn't last long. No he was too angry with this mulo for personal speculation to keep his attention. He was too worried about Thérèse and far, far too worried about the possible ramifications to the rest of the Pack for his thoughts to keep going down those paths. For now all he could do was wait for the door to be answered and see what the next step was.

Vaughn Emiliano 12 years ago
Vaughn was in his office doing his best to work on the items that needed his personal attention, decisions, pieces of information, Shady Pines upkeep, and work for his cover job as Mayor. That last thing was a full time engagement all on its own. This was an election year. Luckily, he had a whole pack to help him with that day job but it still required his physical presence during the week which ate up time he would rather focus on his pack. Vaughn was tempted to not run for office this year. Maybe he would suggest Xephier for Mayor. He briefly daydreamed of handing the job off to the other pack and going back to leading his own.

It was a nice fantasy but he really had work to do.

The good thing about being the Mayor, aside from the fact that it meant a vampire puppet did not currently hold the position, was the wonderful networking opportunities that it gave him. Vaughn had been grooming another pack member to take his place in the election after this one. The other werewolf already had a role as a state representative. Some people might consider being Mayor to be a step backward in a political career that involed already being a part of the government as a whole and perhaps it was. However, holding as much way as possible in the city was currently more important. He hoped that they could continue to monopolize the position.

The trouble with working this past week was that he was worried about Therese and wondering what the Legion and his daughter had found. They were all excited about something. Tavi had told him and Antoine that they had a solid lead on this vampire. She had mentioned a friend among the mulo. His daughter had given him that information while squinting at him suspiciously but he had let it pass. Vaughn did not like the thought that she was befriending vampires but she was old enough to make her own decisions. She needed to know when to trust her instincts and he couldn't afford to undermine them. She would be the alpha one day.

What she said was this vampire friend of her's was going to talk to his...clan and ask around. She had heard back from him that the mulo had been successful at finding the correct vampire. Vaughn wanted to know more. Who was this bastard? Why did he torture Therese, was it for fun or did it have a purpose? Most often their kinds simply killed each other when they came in contact, at least that was their belief. Vaughn was glad that Therese remembered what was happening. He wondered if that meant this vampire was not very skilled or if he wanted her to remember. Hopefully Therese could tell him the answer to that question herself very soon.

There was a knock at the door, Vaughn shoved his chair back and hurried to open it. He hoped it was Antoine, or Tavi or a Legionnaire with news. Instead it was a tall, dark haired stranger. Vaughn eyed him for a moment, trying to place a name to his face and found that he couldn't.

"Good evening. Who might you be?”
Guillaume 12 years ago
The man who answered the door was not quite what Guillaume had been expecting. Tall, although slightly shorter than he was, and lean with light eye he wouldn't have picked this man to be an Alpha, and yet he didn't doubt it or question it at all. While his knack for this wasn't as developed as his cousin's Navid knew strength when he saw it.

"I thought that it might be time to pay my respects. I am Guillaume DuBois. Thérèse is my cousin.”

There was no effort to pretend he had been in the city, after all he hadn't been hiding he had been being discreet. There may not have been any need to clarify his relationship with Thérèse but DuBois was not exactly an uncommon name in some parts of the world. Nor did he shy away from the fact that he knew that the man in front of him was involved with his cousin.

Not entirely certain of his reception Guillaume remained alert although very carefully made sure to avoid appearing even slightly aggressive or challenging.

"I was hoping you might have a moment to speak to me.”

He'd not planed this conversation out and could easily find himself at a loss for words but he was going to have it. Even if Thérèse hadn't been held by a mulo he needed to meet the man she was involved with.
Vaughn Emiliano 12 years ago
Vaughn searched the man in front of him over with a different set of criteria after he was offered a name. He looked up at Guillaume. The man was tall like Therese, dark haired and had the same green eyes. There were differences but there were enough similarities that he would believe that the man was telling him the truth. Since Guillaume looked the part and had no reason to lie then he nodded.

"Welcome to Nachton.” He stepped back and offered the man a seat. "I heard that you had come to the city.” Vaughn also had not seen him which was interesting. He suspected that this cousin did not approve of his relationship with Therese. Since no one tells the Sarkis what he can't do then he suspected any complaints went directly to Therese. She has been quiet about it. Vaughn suspected there could be several reasons for that. They could have worked it out already, she could be keeping quiet for Guillaume's sake or it could be that she was busy worried about other more dire things in her life.

"So, may I ask what brings you to see me now?” He should probably tell Therese's family, at least the relative standing here, about the vampire and the mind control. They would want to know. It was, he felt, more Therese's call but, circumstances being what they were, she couldn't tell them even if she wanted to. Still he was cautious about it. He would wait until he heard what Guillaume was here for and perhaps get to know his temperament better before bringing up the mulo controlling his kin.

He returned to the seat behind his desk, leaning forward he steepled his hands in front of him and regarded Guillaume with patient calm.
Guillaume 12 years ago
If he had heard but also wasn't moving to throw him out on his ear then Guillaume could only assume that Thérèse hadn't said much. That was the more charitable conclusion, one could also assume that Vaughn didn't care about any family squabble that Thérèse was involved in; and surprisingly Guillaume hoped that wasn't the case.

Taking the offered seat and making himself as comfortable as possible he debated for half a moment how best to brooch this subject. Ultimately though Navid wasn't some one to beat about the bush and he doubted the Alpha would appreciate that.

Despite his anger, his disgust at this whole situation he refused to let those emotions color his speech.

"You will forgive me for being blunt about the matter I hope, but I know a meeting has been set up with the mulo holding her. I intend to be there and would much rather work with any plan there might be than complicate it. If nothing else I will be very aware of any risk posed to her.”

Even with their difficulties since his arrival Guillaume had still given his protection to his cousin. Once they had finished mending fences, both regarding how he'd handled the news she was involved with the Sarkis and her reaction to his being in business with Evan Navid was confidant their relationship would go back to normal. Until then, regardless of disagreements, he would protect her, she was family and she was dear to him.

Beyond this though he wanted to see if this man, not the Sarkis but the man, cared for Thérèse. One couldn't ask that question out right though, that had to be observed.
Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
Vaughn raised both eyebrows at the words that Guillaume spoke. A part of him bristled at the implication that the man would be at this meeting whether he was ordered to stay away or not. Most of him said other more sane things like: this is Therese's cousin, he would be the best person to be with her when the meeting happened anyway, he had not expressly said that he would defy any orders actually given and he had a right to be there anyway. It was not something that Vaughn would have been inclined to deny and he could quell the urge to assert his authority. He was, most of the time, a master of his own instincts.

"That is most likely fine.” He gazed at the man. "Do you have any combat training? We know there will most likely be at least two vampires present though my daughter...” Vaughn shook his head and sighed. "claims that one is a friend.” Tavi was not aware of their plans to capture the vampires and, since this man was a friend, Vaughn had not been inclined to tell her. She was a smart wolf; she could probably figure it out. He was an honorable man, whenever he could afford to be; if this vampire was truly a friend of the pack then he would let him go afterward. After all, without his help then Therese might have suffered longer or even died at the hands of the monster that held her. "He will have to be taken down with the rest and who knows how he will react when his friends are attacked.” He could not hold the man's actions against him if he did try to defend his people. Vaughn would expect the same of any of his own kind.

Clasping his hands together, he leaned forward. "This is the plan as of right now. If the vampire who controlled Therese is not there then we will wait and see if this 'friend' and who ever he is bringing will release Therese from the commands as promised. If the vampire responsible for her suffering and the death of her...our child is there then we will do whatever it takes to capture or kill him." Vaughn waited to see if that had sunk in and then continued on. "We have several teams of snipers who will be stationed in multiple locations for the best angles. They will be firing high dose horse tranquilizers into everyone on the scene.” Vaughn stared calmly at Guillaume, and clarified with his best professional mask in place. "including Therese.”

Leaning back in his chair, he stared out his window and sighed. "I hate to do it to her but I don't want her to get hurt. I also know that she would never forgive herself if one of the R'asa was injured or killed because of her actions. I suspect that this vampire could tell her to fight for him and she would have no choice.” He shuddered. "Its terrifying, really.” It made Vaughn a little sick inside just thinking about it,not being in control of your own actions was something that every werewolf experienced during the full moon. They all had to come to terms with that feeling and the actions of their more animal self but this...this outside control was something entirely different, evil and sinsiter. It was the worst crime the mulo had committed on their people and for this one to do it Therese. He would die for it. Vaughn would make certain of it.

He turned back to Guillaume. "If the tranquilizers don't do the job then the snipers will move on to live rounds. A bullet to the head slows down even the most hardy of vampires.” This was not a fair fight; he did not expect it to be. In fact, he wanted it to be no fight at all. The safety of his people were his priority not proving that they were a match for the mulo.

"For your own safety, when the shooting starts...I'd get down and out of the way, if I were you.” Birdie and his men were excellent marksmen but accidents happened. At least Guillaume was not likely to die from the experience but no one wanted to be involuntarily drugged.
Guillaume 11 years ago
Navid wasn't stupid, he knew he'd pushed the boundaries of acceptable behavior with an alpha and he rather admired the man's restraint not putting him his place. It was rather impressive and Guillaume would make an effort not to push again.

"I did time in the legion and have training in several forms of of combat... the same as Thérèse."

It still astounded Guillaume that his cousin could be caught and held against her will. In a sparing match she won as often as not, but he couldn't think about that now.

His eyebrows raised slightly surprised by the statement that two vampires would be there. He had no idea that Evan was planning on attending this little... get together. The surprise turned into a sympathetic wince at that pronouncement. That was a high price to pay for doing them a favor, certainly he understood why this was the plan but it seemed terribly unfair to Evan. Guillaume shook his head.

"He is a friend, I hope he will understand."

He couldn't tell his business partner this was coming, but perhaps he could make it up to Evan some how. He wouldn't let the Pack abuse, hold, or otherwise harm Evan though and assumed Tavi would feel the same. For now though freeing Thérèse had to be priority, he would deal with guilt later.

Navid nodded satisfied rather than intimidated by the Sarkis' intensity. That was what it took to lead a pack and it was the first evidence Guillaume had that the man cared for his cousin as more than just another member of the R'asa. The jury was still out but it was a mark in Vaughn's favor.

Overall he approved of the plan with any luck at all it would be fast and efficient and accomplish the goal with minimal violence. He wanted to hurt the mulo, kill him even but this was the better option it would posse less risk to everyone.

"No, she would not, she would approve of this plan."

It wouldn't be held against him, of that Guillaume was certain.

He was, however, more reassured by the idea of live rounds, one should never have only one plan. It lacked the raw emotional release and the satisfaction of inflicting as much pain on the mulo as he had on Thérèse but it wasn't worth the risk.

"Certainly. I do apologize for being abrupt before but my hope is to work with this effort not to hinder it or cause complications. I am only worried about her."

What was bothering Navid most was short of killing this mulo, how were they going to know if Thérèse had been released. Letting the creature off with a tranquillizer dart was not his idea of justice.

"What do you intend for... it," Even being friend with a vampire Guillaume could not see this one unknown vampire as anything less than a monster, inhuman. "after all of this. And... for her?"

Guillaume didn't want to alienate his friend or risk the Pack by killing the monster but it had to pay. He also worried about the ramifications for Thérèse. The rest of the R'asa would not take kindly to this if they knew and very well might hold this against her, seek to isolate or injure her. Some might even think she was cursed or had exposed them to danger.
Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
Guillaume acknowledged that the vampire was a friend. Curious. Tavi had mentioned that the vampire ran the night club and gaming establishment that a lot of the werewolf community had been favoring of late. It seemed odd to him when he heard that piece of news. However Tavi said she talked to the werewolves who worked there and they love it. Outside of the R'asa, it was difficult to find a job that was understanding of their particular needs, not just the potential monthly absences but other things like dietary restrictions, territorial behavior, acute senses and other such problems.

Tavi reported that one of the kitchens was run by a R'asa chef and they let him have complete control over it. The place was his area to keep up, maintain and run. She said that she had never seen the man so happy. He had tried to run his own restaurant but it had fallen through before it ever had gotten off the ground. He couldn't work for three nights out of every month, his defensive nature toward his domain and his cooking led to problems with the customers and his small staff. He was a good guy; he just loved what he did and was not exactly customer service material. Now he ran his own kitchen, set his own menu and never had to deal with the business side of the culinary world except for submitting his expenses to the accountant and making certain he stayed within a budget while making up his meals.

She said another R'asa helped tend bar and seemed quite comfortable working next to a vampire. Vaughn was still dubious about the whole thing but he doubted Tavi would lie to him. She had far more fun finding ways to shock him with the truth.

"Hmmph.” Was his reply to the comment from Guillaume about the man being a friend. "Then we will try to take that friendship into consideration. The R'asa has few enough allies outside of our pack to alienate the ones that already exist.”

Therese's cousin explained that he had spent time in the Legion and was trained in hand to hand combat much like Therese herself. Obviously that had done her very little good against this man. What can you do against someone who can command you not to attack him? "Good. I don't think it will be necessary but obviously what we hope will happen and what does might be two different things. We need to be ready for surprises.”

Guillaume asked him what he intended to do with the mulo responsible for harming Therese. Vaughn looked at him levelly. "I intend to kill him... eventually. First I want to know why he chose her, what she told him, who he told that information to and how he managed to find out what she was. Once those questions are answered then he will die.” He shrugged slightly about the vampires and their potential wrath. "I don't give a damn what his people think. They could start a war with us at any moment based on their old hideous treaty. They have killed more than one of our people since we have been in Nachton. This one attacked Therese first. I am plenty justified in demanding his death.” Vaughn sighed softly. "And even if I did not want it personally, I would do it for Therese. She will not live in fear that he will find her and do this again. I want her to know without a doubt that he can never, EVER, control her again.”

That was the start of what he would do for Therese. After that, well it depended on how she felt after the commands were broken but he would be patient. Vaughn could be a very patient man; he had heard that it was a very odd trait for a Vyusher R'asa alpha but then he was never supposed to be the alpha so perhaps that was the difference.
Guillaume 11 years ago
Guilluame nodded at that. He hoped the Sarkis would consider that. Evan was helping them, it might be slightly reluctantly but there was a reason for that this creature no matter how heinous his acts was part of Evan's clan and there was an issue of loyalty. Still it was help and they shouldn't take advantage of that. That and Guillaume doubted that Evan would go like a lamb to slaughter.

That seemed wrong somehow. He wasn't sure ho though, because Guillaume very much wanted to kill the mulo, wanted to make him suffer and then kill him to ensure that Thérèse would always be free of him. But war was a very real possibility and that would only risk not only his cousin but all of them all over again. Still, this thing holding his cousin did have to pay, there was no way around that. Navid chose not to answer because he didn't have a good and much of that had to do with agreeing with his Alpha. Perhaps living with Evan had made him soft, perhaps he'd started to think of at least some of the mulo as people. It was probably best he was not the Alpha in this instance, he would not know how or even what choice to make.

It was fascinating to see how quickly the man's demeanor changed when speaking of his cousin. Slowly, very slowly, his doubts about the relationship were resolving. Navid wouldn't be satisfied until he saw the two of them together but he was becoming convinced it was a genuine relationship not a power play or a moment of passion stretched beyond what it should be.

He stood to leave satisfied he'd accomplished his fairly simple goals of meeting both the Sarkis and his cousin's love.

"Thank you, for that. I hope for her sake and the packs that we can resolve this quickly. And thank you for your time, unless there is something that I might be able to do for you.”

This was not, after all, an interrogation it was a social necessity that he had put off far too long.
Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
Vaughn nodded to Guillaume. "I appreciate your assistance.” He frowned and then gave a weary sigh. "I would be very grateful if you would help me take care of Therese.”

He and the few Legion who knew of the situation were keeping a tight reign on the information but this mulo needed to be dealt with quickly before the pack found out just how compromised Therese was. Vaughn hated keeping such secrets from him people but he would be naive to believe that everyone needed to know everything. Leadership involved not only truth but the wisdom to know when and where to speak it. Should this situation ever be discovered by the R'asa there would be serious problems. The pack would not view Therese very sympathetically. She would be seen weak at best, a traitor at worst. His own willful covering up of the situation would not be looked kindly upon either but that was hardly as dire as keeping Therese from harm. Because of this, he had been spending late nights with Antoine and the few who knew of the situation. He could not afford to allow Therese to join him.

"She is no doubt very lonely just now. Even with all of this successfully over and behind her, I worry that it will take some time before Therese returns to herself again. She will need all the friends and family she can find.” Vaughn smiled. "Trust me, as soon as this situation is resolved I plan on subjecting her to my near constant presence and forcing as much 'fun' on her as I can manage.”

Worry clouded his features for a brief moment before the outer calm returned. He wanted to see Therese happy, whole and unafraid. He wanted to make a family with her. He wanted the pack to love and accept her. Vaughn just hoped that she would be able to recover from this bastard's mental taint.

"When the plan is more firmly set then I will send Antoine to you to further explain all the details.”

Standing, he came around the desk and extended his hand. "Thank you for coming. I hope our next time to speak is under better circumstances.”
Guillaume 11 years ago
That was an easy promise to give, but one that might not be so easy to keep. She had been avoiding him, rather effectively too. But he would find a way to make it work.

"She has had my protection since I arrived in the states."

It was not a slight to the Sarkis or the legion or any one in the pack, but Navid, like many of the R'asa had a gift that would let him know if some one was in danger. Just one person, and he might not have all the details but it was something and every little bit helped.

"I believe she is choosing to be lonely right now as well. I suspect she thinks it is safer for everyone."

If he knew his cousin at all that was very true. He was a little surprised that the Sarkis was allowing him to see this doubt and worry. That was unusual in the Alphas he knew. Perhaps it was because he was related to Thérèse.

Navid wanted to say something reassuring, light, but didn't have the words. No there was too much for all of them to worry about right now and he couldn't minimize that.

"I'm at your disposal and hope to see him soon."

He didn't hesitate to accept the offered hand.

"As do I."

With a quick farewell he quietly withdrew. It wasn't exactly reassuring but as near as Navid could tell they all had the Pack and Thérèse's best interest at heart.

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Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
Vaughn watched Guillaume leave and then quietly shut the door. He looked over at his desk and sighed softly. Focusing on all of this was difficult when there were more important things that he felt needed to be done. However, if he started slacking on his other duties then someone in the pack would notice and that led to a place that he did not care to visit.

Trudging back to his desk, he sent Antoine a message and asked him to come and see him whenever he managed to get a moment. They could hold a mini meeting in his office and he could try to get some work done at the same time. Vaughn was sure that the Legionnaire would understand.

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