H.A.M. - The Howl

It was nearing midnight and The Howl was almost excruciatingly loud as it thumped deafening base beats, courtesy of Red who was already up on stage, spinning records. His bobbing red head could be seen clearly in the darkness of the club and Charlie spied JT talking to a group of girls near the stage. After coming down the steps to the basement floor of the two level club, Cait immediately stopped and backed into him. Her nerves were on the edge of exploding from fright and excitement. He put his hands on her shoulders and he felt her nervousness subside. She turned and looked up at him.

"I hate that you can do that!" she yelled over the music.

Smiling, he guided her toward the bar and got them something to drink. Rather, he got himself a beer and then made a face. "I have no idea what you like to drink."

Cait took a deep breath and seemed to give it thought. "Whiskey sour? Couple of those and then I'll want to start on pina coladas probably."

"Oh, fancy."

"Aren't I?" she grinned, squinting her eyes shut. "So, come here often?"

He gave her a wry grin and chuckled. "Only a couple times. How about you, sailor?"

Receiving her drink, Cait took a drink and made a face. "Oh man, that is tart! Actually I've never been here. I've seen it but my paranoia kept me pretty secluded." She gave it a little thought. "Which is weird because I'm not freaking out right now and I should be."

Grabbing some nuts from a bowl, Charlie ate a couple and gave it some thought. "Do you think that has something to do with what happened to you?"

"I'm sorry, you'll have to be more specific than that. Do you mean when you kidnapped me - Stockholm Syndrome, remember?" Charlie rolled his eyes. "Or were you referring to the mental battering my noodle took?" Charlie drank his beer and tried not to laugh. "Or do you think it had something to do with being shot?"

"I would think the latter would have more of an opposite effect."

"Obviously you did not get the point of my entire statement, there."

"Either way, you should be loving me right now. And I've never been to Stockholm." He raised his glass in a toast to which Cait merely snorted and half lifted her glass in return.

"Ok, nerd. Why are we here?"

Charlie pointed up to the stage with his beer, making Cait turn around. He caught Red's eye just then and Red pointed back before taking his headphones off and jumping off stage.

"Red and JT play here most weekends. Red's on guitar and sings, JT does drums and backs him up. The rest is courtesy of itunes.

"Oh, no shit?"

"Yes, that is no shit," he said standing close behind her, nuzzling her ear. "You curse more than I do."

"Oh please, I grew up military. I know you guys have filthy mouths. Don't deny it."

"I'm not denying I have a filthy mouth, just that I don't conversationally curse like you."

"So dirty," she said laying her head back against his chest.

Charlie rubbed his cheek against the side of Cait's face, relishing the warmth of her body against his. There were hundreds of gyrating bodies surrounding them, half of which were women wearing almost nothing, but he paid no attention to any of them and barely to their surroundings. It was Cait - her scent, her touch, and the fact that Red was pulling on her arm, dragging her to the stage.

"RED?" Charlie yelled out. "What are you doing with my girlfriend?"

Caitlinn Conrad 12 years ago

Red had her by the hand and was pulling her away from Charlie, toward the stage. He stopped and pointed at her, giving her a sly grin.

"You can sing."

Cait blanched and pulled back on her arm. "No, I can't!" She leaned in close and shoved him. "You were in Charlie's bedroom earlier. God damn it, Red!"

"We didn't see anything. You look nice, by the way. JT was right, that dress is kind of see thru."

"Who is 'we'?" she yelped loudly and looked down at her dress. "You picked this out?"

"It was a general consensus. LT decided it for the most part, really."

"Oh. My. God."

Red kissed her hand and then dragged her the rest of the way up to the stage. "Just follow my lead. We'll do an easy duet and -"

"Red I swear to god I'm going to cut you. Let me go!" Red had her half up the steps to the stage when she tried to twist out of his grip again, making him turn back and pick her up, cradling her in his arms.

"Oh come on, this will be so much fun. Just play it loose and let it run!"

"Red I can't do this. You don't understand. I got a thing-"

"You're not giving a speech, just do what you do when you're in the shower!"

"I like how you use creeping into your buddy's bedroom while his girl is showering as part of your argument. Really, that not only takes moxy but guts, as well."

Red set her down in front of the microphone and suddenly she felt like a spot light was on her. No, there was a spot light on her.

"Red I'm going to throw up."

JT jumped up from the floor and stood next to Cait. "Hey, you look nice."

"You are dead, mister. Both of you."

JT raised his hands and backed away to the DJ table as Red finished messing with the equipment, just in time to grab Cait's hand again as she tried to make a get-away.

"Ok, here we go."

"Red, no. Seriously."

Red stepped up to the microphone when a familiar beat came on and he wasted no time in starting the song.

You're just too good to be true.(true)
Can't take my eyes off of you.(you)
You'd be like heaven to touch.
I wanna hold you so much.( hold you so much)
At long last love has arrived.
And I thank God I'm alive.
You're just too good to be true.
Can't take my eyes off of you.

He stepped away from the microphone and nodded toward it. Cait felt her voice freeze in her throat and she shook her head vigorously at Red, hoping the fear in her eyes was indication enough that she could not possibly sing in front of hundreds of people when she barely did it in the shower by herself.

Red took her hand and gave her the sweetest smile she had ever seen on the man. She immediately thought, 'oh you prick' and her expression reflected it, making him laugh.

Pardon the way that I stare,( the way that i stare)
There's nothing else to compare,
The sight of you leaves me weak,
There are no words left to speak,( words left to speak)
But if you feel like I feel,
Please let me know that it's real,
You're just too good to be true,
Can't take my eyes off of you,

Cait glared at Red as he pulled her close and hung his arms loose around her waist. He mouthed encouragement to her, nodding again.

'Come on, just sing,' he mouthed.

The beat rounded again and Cait pushed Red away and faced the microphone, belting out the chorus.

Reese E Deardon 12 years ago
I need you baby. if its quite alright,
I need you baby to warm my lonely nights,
I love you baby. Trust in me when I say okay,(it's okay)
Oh pretty baby, don't let me down I pray,
Oh pretty baby, now that I found you, stay,
And let me love you,
oh baby let me love you. oh baby

Red sang the hook end of each line, sharing the microphone with her as she really dug down deep and sang the chorus. It was far better than what he heard during her shower and he could not help but laugh at her squeezing her eyes shut.

He leaned in close and said in her ear, "Open your eyes."

Cait did and looked at him, shaking her head as she finished. They sang the next part together, facing each other and smiling.

You're just too good to be true,
Can't take my eyes off of you,
You'd be like heaven to touch,
I wanna hold you so much,(hold you so much)
At long last love has arrived,
And I thank God I'm alive,
You're just too good to be true,
Can't take my eyes off of you,

Like the good showman he was, he worked the crowd by pulling Cait close and half singing to her, making her laugh. Together they sang alternating parts of the chorus, adding to each other like they had rehearsed it a thousand times. The crowd ate it up.

Looking down in the crowd, Red saw Charlie making his way to the front of the stage, smiling up at Cait. Pointing at him, Cait looked down and finished the song while looking at Charlie.

I need you baby, if it's quite alright
I love you baby, you warm the lonely nights
I need you baby, trust in me when I say it's okay

Reaching out, he took Cait's hands and kissed them both before turning toward the crowd and pointing at her. Cait gave an embarrassed wave and gave Red a friendly slap on the cheek before stepping off the stage and into Charlie's arms.

Red ran over to his guitar stand and grabbed his flaming red guitar as JT got up into his seat behind the drums. Rushing back to the microphone just as the next song started, he called out.

"Aww, let's hear it for the pretty lady, Miss Cait!"

A fast and furious guitar laden song started ramping up the club again as he started 'Tongue Tied' by GroupLove.

Take me to your best friend's house
Goin' 'round this roundabout
Oh yeah
Take me to your best friend's house
I loved you then and I love you now
Oh yeah

The crowd sang with him, getting the club nice and loud. JT on the drums, his best friend alive and finally with a girl who loves him, and a flash of Cam by the bar made him look in her direction as he played the guitar flawless without even thinking about it.

For a solid few minutes, he was happy.

Charlie Hammond 12 years ago
Charlie walked slowly to the front of the stage as he watched Cait nervously argue with Red when finally he felt her frightened ball of emotion just...dissipate and an incredible surge of...something - adrenaline, euphoria, excited glee - a massive wave of emotions hit Charlie, stunning him. It was nothing he had felt from anyone before, not even the crowd around him which was, thankfully, a watered down version of excitement. Then Cait was suddenly very happy, especially when she locked eyes with him.

Normally Charlie would be seething at Red. It was not uncommon for him to ingratiate himself to whatever girl Charlie might be dating. It was just Red's way - not that his buddy was that competitive, but now that Charlie could feel the almost drowning tide of depression within Red from time to time, Charlie realized Red did it to keep from feeling insignificant. Better to be the clown than be made fun of, especially with that red hair.

Red pointed at Charlie and Cait finished the song, singing directly to him. Red was all over Cait, playing the crowd, but it didn't bother Charlie in the least, not when he could feel Cait's complete attention on him. He'd break Red's hands later.

The song ended and Cait stepped off the stage into his arms instead of going down the steps. He gladly reached out and grabbed her as she jumped the four feet. Letting her slide down his body, he gave what was meant to be a soft kiss but turned into a slow burn of a deep kiss. Red started to sing something faster and upbeat, but Charlie could see nor hear anything but Cait.

"I didn't know you could sing," he said with a smile.

Cait rolled her eyes and made a face, the blush still fresh on her brown skin. She blew a raspberry and mumbled something incoherent in her embarrassment and led him back to the bar. Her excitement was fresh and pulsing, making him grin. Leaning on the bar counter, he ordered two more drinks.

"Ok, I gotta pee something awful now."

Chuckling he pointed over her shoulder toward the bathrooms and before leaving she reached out and hugged him with a nervous giggle. Her scent floated around him as she hurriedly ran off into the crowd.
Caitlinn Conrad 12 years ago
Cait looked at the extremely long line to the ladies bathroom and muttered a rather colorful expletive. There were two more doors with weird symbols on them at the far end. Both had men coming in and out, but one less than the other. There was never a line to the mens bathroom, but she couldn't quite figure out which was which judging by the signs. She took a deep breath and took the one at the end of the hall on her left.

It led to another hallway and two more doors. "What the what," she muttered and just picked the first one on her right.

The door swung open to the outside. She poked her head out and then looked behind the door as it began to swing closed.

"Oh hi...uh...Lothias?"

Charlie's LT was currently pressed snugly in between a girl's legs, rocking the hell out of her and the crate she was half sitting on. She had long blond hair - correction, her hair looked golden spun, even in the fluorescent lights blinking erratically in the alleyway. She had big, luminescent blue eyes - just pure crystal blue and was looking right at Cait.

"Hi!" The blond waved as LT stopped thrusting and glared at Cait.

Cait cleared her throat. "Hi?"
Carol 12 years ago
Lothias pressed her up against the exit door into the alley and kissed her - like...kissed her, kissed her.

"Wow, I need to work more often," she mumbled into his kiss.

Because of the situation with Lothias and his Pipers, Carol was forced to erase her presence at DI as quietly as possible and disappear to another facility in the city. This changed her hours and kept her at work later in the evening so Lothias was in her home by the time she got there. As of late she had been working on side projects Simon had delegated to her and the subject of his latest inquiry interrupted her fucking Lothias with reckless abandonment.

Carol knew who Caitlinn Conrad was.


"How is he is still getting the Eternity?" Simon asked handing the tablet back to Carol.

"I checked into that." And she had. The Eternity, like all illicit drugs, had a way of getting out to the streets despite their tight control on its production, considering how it was made. It was also the highest priced drug out there, not easily accessible by your neighborhood junkie, but he had to be getting substantial quantities of it from somewhere. And where else could he get that much E?

"Your name carries a lot of weight around here, obviously."

"You think I'm giving it to him? I haven't seen him since he got arrested."

"No, no I don't. But you declared him untouchable and he did save you."

Simon sighed and nodded, putting two and two together.

"Yeah, he just walked in and asked for it. From this person." Carol pulled up an image of a high level DI scientist attached to Nova's team and showed it to Simon.

"Have you talked to her?"


Simon made a face, "Why not? Let's talk to her now. Get her up here."

"I'd love to, but she's gone."

"I don't understand. Gone? She quit?"

"No, she's just gone. Like into the wind, gone. Like stopped showing up to work, gone. It's been a couple months now. So where ever Kyle is getting his Eternity, it's no longer through her or anyone else on the team."


And there she was, mouth gaping open like a fish out of water. And she was Charlie's new girl. Fantastic, Carol thought. Showtime.

"Hi!" Carol sat up and wrapped her legs around Lothias' hips, leaving him in her. This was not awkward for Carol and she thought it would be for Lothias, but he was busy glaring at Caitlinn. Probably because he didn't trust her as far as...well as far as Carol could throw her.

"Babe, this is Caitlinn," he said in a monotone voice.

"Oh hey hi! I'm Carol!"

"I...certainly hope so." Caitlinn pointed over her shoulder and backed into the door and seemed disappointed that the door locked behind her. "God, I had a nightmare just like this."

"So you're Charlie's girlfriend?"

Caitlinn pulled on the door knob and looked over her shoulder. "Wha-, uh, yes. I am...Charlie's girlfriend. This door won't open."

Lothias rolled his eyes and then looked at Carol. "Can this introduction wait, Carol?"

"What? She's here now. Hey," she called to Caitlinn who turned around and then averted her eyes. Carol reached out with her right hand to shake hers. "It is really nice to meet you. Lothias told me you and Charlie hit it off like right off the bat? Isn't he dreamy?"

"Yes, isn't he?" Lothias said glaring at Caitlinn again.

Caitlinn reached out and shook Carol's hand with the most confused look on her face. "The door won't open," she said again.

"Charlie is the sweetest guy ever. I'm so glad he's back in town after the thing with his family out of country."

"What? Right, yeah. I met him...after...that." Caitlinn looked at Lothias who merely raised his eyebrows.

The door opened up on Caitlinn, pushing her back, and Charlie poked his head out. "Hey...oh," he said looking around the door and seeing her and Lothias.

"Hi Charlie!"

"O...k. You've met Carol, I see."

"I did. Nice meeting you," she said and shoved Charlie back through the door, closing it behind her.

Carol looked at Lothias. "I see now why you like her."

"I do not like her. You know my penis is still in you, right?"

"I do. Just saying. Continue."

Lothias reached down and pulled on her hips, forcing her against his body in a rough and unbelievably hot thrust. He hooked his arm under her right leg and pushed so hard into her that Carol pushed back on his chest, moaning unladylike.

"Angry fucking. Yes...yes angry fucking!"

Carol reached up and grabbed Lothias' face, pulling him into a deep kiss as he grunted with each hard thrust.
Caitlinn Conrad 12 years ago
"I guess you never made it to the bathroom?"

Cait looked at Charlie who was grinning so hard she thought his face would crack. She pointed at him, then over her shoulder as they walked back out to the club.

"I kinda don't have to go anymore."

Charlie winced and draped his arm around her shoulders. "That's Carol. She's...unique."

Cait closed her eyes and laughed. "Unique? Ok, yeah that's one way to put it. And she's dating LT?"

"For a couple years now."

"He's so fucking uptight. How is someone like her - a very carefree girl, obviously - with someone who could press coal into diamonds just by looking at them?"

"They met through his Uncle. He and Carol dated briefly before he introduced her to LT."

Cait cringed and shook her heard. "That is awful," she laughed.

"Well, yeah, but he loves her."

"Yeah, obviously."

Charlie led her back to one of the two bar counters in the club, getting her another whiskey sour. "Hey, be right back a second."

Cait took her drink from the bartender with a smile and nodded. "I am not going anywhere, believe you me."

Charlie leaned in and kissed her softly on her cheek. Cait gave him a strange look, pointing to her lips.

"No, I told you. No kissing in public. I cannot be trusted."

Cait blushed but rolled her eyes with a grin. She watched Charlie walk off to who could only be Marko - there weren't many 6'6 white boys in the club, aside from JT who was still on the drums. She had barely a couple sips from her last drink, so considering her evening thus far, she felt slamming this drink would be in order, so Cait toasted herself and drained the glass.

"Woof," she muttered and turned to put the glass on the counter. Twisting back she nearly bumped into LT as he reached in front of her to get a beer from the bartender. Jumping, she rolled her eyes and stepped back, letting him reach without touching her. He leaned an elbow on the counter and tipped his beer back, staring at her.

"Where's Carol?"

LT pointed over his shoulder toward the bathrooms.

"Good luck to her on finding it. I have yet to," she said, letting her statement trail off as she looked away from him. He continued to stare at her, looking her up and down, drinking his beer silently.

"I'm going to have to say you're a hard guy to figure out."

LT raised his eyebrows as he swallowed another swig. He ran his teeth over his bottom lip and sucked it in.

Cait narrowed her eyes as she looked at him. "Is this air of sex and violence really a thing for you? I mean, you do it well. Maybe a little heavy handed sometimes, but you do seem to try your best."

She watched his adam's apple rise and fall as he continued to stare. Finally she looked away and tried not to fidget under LT's gaze.

"So does Carol know you're a werewolf or should I not bring that up?"

"I'd rather you didn't," he finally said. His abnormally confident expression faltered, surprising Cait.

"Dang, you look nervous. Haven't told her yet?"

LT straightened from his casual pose on the counter and set his empty beer bottle down. "No."

"Would it be rude if I wrung my hands evilly? It would, wouldn't it?"

LT leaned in close, making Cait stiffen as he nearly pressed his body up against hers to whisper in her ear.

"We all have our secrets, Cait," he said loud enough for her to hear him over the base of the music. "Don't we?"

"You know me, don't you, LT? Picked this dress out, didn't you?" she said back, not bothering move.

He pulled back to look at her dress and then flicked his blue eyes back up to her brown ones.

"Who's the red one for?" A small smile tugged at his lips and Cait wasn't sure if the knots in her stomach meant she wanted to jump him or puke.

"I'll give you three guesses and two don't count." Cait pushed away from the counter and had to brush up against LT to move past him. When she fully turned away and walked into the crowd, she opened her eyes wide and whistled to herself. Lothias Jameson was either playing an angle or he wanted to fuck her - either way, it made her nervous.

Moving through the crowd, she spotted Marko's head and found Charlie standing with the giant and the brown Piper, Domingo.

"Gentlemen," she said with a smile. Both greeted her politely and then broke off, heading toward the bar. Charlie's smile dropped slowly.

"Why are you upset?"

"Because LT creeps me out, dang."
Charlie Hammond 12 years ago
"It's no fun you can feel when I'm upset."

Charlie pulled her close and pressed his mouth against her ear. "I didn't feel it, you look it. What did he say to you?"

"I don't know, he's just unnerving. Forget I brought it up," she said looking up at him. He nudged her. "Whatever I say will look like I'm playing him off you because he doesn't like me. He's your best friend - I'd never ask you to draw that line and I wouldn't do it for you."

"What the hell did he say to you?" Charlie said, feeling his anger boiling in him. Where Red had a way of ingratiating himself into Charlie's relationships, LT was always a little more passive aggressive with his destruction. Lothias was, after all, a Jameson. They were notoriously ladies-men, and although LT wasn't have the charmer his uncle the Commander was, Charlie had experienced the unrelenting sexual charm of a Jameson first hand on his girlfriends before. Unintentional or not.

"He's just fucking with you because he can. Don't take anything he says seriously."

Cait raised an eyebrow and even she could see the veiled bullshit he was pulling on her. LT was anything but full of empty threats. Charlie put his arm around Cait and touched her face. She looked up at him just as his lips came down on hers. Their kiss was chaste, at first, but before he knew it they were making out hot and heavy in the middle of the dance floor. She pulled at his jacket, balling her small hands into fists as he ran his fingers down her throat and then back up into her hair, grabbing at it. She pressed her body against his and immediately felt himself respond rather inappropriately.

"Ok wait," he said breaking their kiss, but she pulled at him, capturing his lips again. He reached up with both hands and cupped her face, kissing her deeply, getting more aggressive by the second.


Charlie jumped and broke their kiss, looking up at the stage. Red had stopped playing and pointed at him.

"Dude I'm trying to work here. Do I come to your job and make out with my girlfriend? Wait. Could I do that?"

Charlie rolled his eyes as Cait pressed her face against his chest laughing. 'I fucking hate you,' he mouthed to Red.

"Is that a no? Just to be clear, now?"

Charlie closed his eyes and glared at Red. Cait continued to laugh hard into his chest, hiding her face.

"That's a no then. Maybe not?" Red cupped his ear. "Dude, I can't hear you."

"I hate you," Charlie said loud enough for him to hear.

"Ok, just checking!"

Then Red continued playing his song, getting the crowd excited again after the teetering laughter subsided. Charlie pulled Cait back and pinched her chin.

"See, I told you. No more kissing in public."
Carol 12 years ago
Carol stepped out of the mens bathroom and winked at the women waiting in line. "Seriously - why are you all waiting?"

Walking out to the club, she looked up at the stage just as Red stopped playing and pointed to a couple in the crowd. Charlie was looking red faced with Caitlinn hiding hiding her face on his chest.

"Man I miss everything," she whined as she looked away to find Lothias. He was standing at the bar across the room watching the scene with an absolutely disgruntled look. When she first met Lothias he was the shy, quiet gentleman who kissed like lightning and fucked like thunder. So shy, but oozing such smoldering sex that Carol often thanked god for meeting him, especially after Simon. He was everything to her, even if he was a werewolf. But now....

Carol had found out more about Lothias. He was the Piper's LT and his uncle their Commander. Something was happening within their ranks and it was changing Lothias, or maybe something else was happening. The werewolves had their pack mentality, especially when it came to authority, but there was something darker about him. The way he was glaring at Caitlinn out in the alley - the obvious dislike mixed in with the certainty that he would fuck Cait, despite Charlie being his friend. Carol would have never even suspected that Lothias would be interested in anyone other than her, and she didn't doubt his love for her, but there was hate sex mixed in with that suspicious glare.

Carol moved toward him and he immediately caught her eye. For a moment she didn't recognize the look he gave her. Then it was gone. He straightened up from his easy stance and put his beer away.

"What did I miss?" she asked curling up in his arms.

Lothias wrapped an arm around her and smiled as he squeezed her tight. "Just Red being a dick. Nothing new."

Carol made a face and then looked back out to the crowd. She could see Charlie and Caitlinn move to the edge of the crowd, away from the stage.

"I think they're cute. Are they happy?"

Lothias shrugged. "I don't know, I suppose so. Charlie's happy, at least."

"Don't trust her, huh?"

"I don't want to talk about them, Carol."

She pulled back and looked at him. "He's your best friend."

"Exactly. Charlie's on his own with this one."

Carol searched Lothias' expression as he watched Charlie and Cait at the other bar. She nudged him, making him look at her.

"At ease," she said smiling. It took a moment, but Lothias smiled back, giving her a soft kiss.
Lothias LT Jameson 12 years ago
Carol fluttered about like she always did. Dancing suggestively, talking with the other Pipers, and just generally being Carol. God, he loved her for it. They had been together now a couple years, practically lived together, and talked about the future with every certainty that they'd always be together.

But he hadn't told her what he was yet and it troubled him.

He had never been with anyone long enough for the issue to come up, but when he looked at Carol, he knew she was it. How could he possibly want anyone else? Despite distractions, there was never anyone that caught his eye long enough to even doubt what he had with Carol, but lately he felt - wrong. It had to be the silent territorial dispute he was having with JT that was affecting him. Suddenly he felt the need to exert his authority, mark his territory, and claim every taken woman - almost out of spite. More than once Viv had brought up his personality change, especially with her. She belonged to his uncle, was practically his aunt, their daughter his cousin - but part of him wants to...just see.

Then there was Caitlinn.

He did not like her in the least. Trusted her even less. But he found her undeniably appealing, to the point that he very nearly crossed that line with her. The scary thing? Part of him would have done it without her permission and that wasn't him.

Charlie was his oldest and best friend, but over the years the rivalry had been there, nothing serious, but boys will be boys and they fight over their favorite toys, especially women. LT kept his conquests to himself, much like Charlie, but as young men he admittedly stole a girl or two, but nothing ever serious - not that Charlie ever said anything or stayed angry longer than a couple days. Girls came and went.

Then there was Caitlinn.

He had never disliked a woman to the point that he wanted to grudge fuck her. That was not Lothias and he'd never do that to Charlie. This was it for his friend, 'the' girl - quotations and all. Something happened between the two of them in the stretch of four days that changed everything for Charlie. It was hard enough watching Charlie carry a torch for Vivienne, but to completely erase that part of his life and ignore Viv was almost harder for the other Pipers to take than it was for Charlie. Then he focuses all his attention on Caitlinn. An admitted thief and professional liar. LT watched the way she walked, the silky sheen of her brown skin, and her god awful sarcastic personality grated his nerves raw.

Getting another beer, he asked for shot with it and proceeded to get incredibly drunk.
JT Paulson 12 years ago
JT's vantage point on the stage gave him an almost complete view of the club. A lot of what Red lined up on their playlist was easy enough to manage without his complete concentration, so he spent most of his time trying to make eye contact with girls in the audience, lining up the later evenings activities. There wasn't much of anything else to do - Red mostly winged it anyway. So when LT made a bee line to Caitlinn at the bar, he saw the startled and suspicious look on Cait's face, making the wolf in him want to tear through his skin.

He had not known LT before being under his command. To JT, Lothias was just another deluded, self centered officer who felt entitled because of his rank, or in LT's case, his name. JT just didn't see the benefit of being a Jameson, not anymore. Descendants are inducted to revere them as some sort of nobility, but JT didn't see it that way. Not even as an Alpha did JT think he was entitled to anything he didn't earn. The CO, the Elders - they were accomplished men with accolades well deserved, as well as the respect they were given.

Lothias Jameson was a spoiled brat.

His drum sticks twirled in his hand as he continued to play along with Red, but he almost lost his place when he saw the LT stand so close to Cait he could have kissed her. The look on her face said confusion and fear, not arousal and want. LT's attentions were unwanted and it made the wolf in him almost leap off the stage. He liked Cait, she was a nice girl, but more importantly she was his Sergeant's mate and some things were just not done, lines not crossed. JT was, at best, her friend and he was just fine with that. But as his Sergeant's right hand, he'd be Cait's protector against what ever...whom ever. When Cait moved away, JT kept his eye on the LT and most assuredly would from now on.
Charlie Hammond 12 years ago
"I am tipsy," Cait said with a giggle.

"Are you? Then I can have my way with you?"

"Baby, I don't need to be tipsy for that," she said in a slightly slurred voice.

JT came walking up to their table, pulling on his jacket he greeted them with a nod.

"You guys heading home? Can I share a cab with you?"

"Don't you have groupies to attend to?" Charlie nodded to a group of inebriated girls still in the club.

"That's a bachelorette party. I don't do groups," JT said with a shiver.

"That is the weirdest thing I have ever heard a man say about easy drunk women," Cait snorted drunkenly.

"Nice, you're drunk."

"One funny look and I will kick your teeth in, mister," Cait said closing an eye and pointing at JT.

Charlie stood, holding a hand out to Cait who took it and managed to stand on her own two feet. Looking around, he saw Marko and Domingo talking to Carol, but no LT. Lifting his chin, Marko caught Charlie's eye and he walked over with Carol on his arm.

"Where's Lothias?"

Carol shrugged and tried to smile. "He got drunk and wandered off somewhere. He's probably passed out. I'm going to head home."

Charlie avoided the looks from the other Pipers and gave Carol a smile. "Ok, we'll find him and drop him off at your place?"

"Don't bother. He needs to sleep whatever-" then Carol stopped herself. She looked around at the other Pipers faces. Charlie realized that Carol was doing LT a favor by not ripping him a new one in front of his men. It made him wonder why she would do that - or know to do it. "I'll see him tomorrow night," she said finally.

"Ma'am, could Dom and I see you home, then?" Marko asked politely.

Carol wrapped her arms around Marko's huge one and smiled beautifully up at him. "Of course, my darling!"

Marko blushed and cleared his throat. With a nod, Dom, Marko, and Carol left. JT shrugged and pointed behind him.

"I'll check upstairs for him."

Cait had a strange look on her face when he looked at her. "I really have to use the bathroom now. God I'm going to break the seal and then it'll be over."

"Break the...god your Amerian slang is dirty."

"I keep forgetting you're a Euro. That's why you're so dirty in bed," she said with a wink and walked off to the bathrooms for another attempt at them.

Charlie walked off, searching the dark corners of the basement club, looking for LT.
Caitlinn Conrad 12 years ago
"WOOOO!" Cait said coming out of the bathroom stall. Washing her hands, she gave her reflection a quick look and then dried off. Charlie and JT would be looking for their LT, so she hung around the hallway near the bathrooms for a bit before deciding to check the alley. Maybe he passed out in the dirt and grime, she hoped. Passing through the door to the back hallway, she opened the door and peeked out.

The clink of bottles and giggling drifting in caught her attention. Pushing the door opened, she looked behind it and found LT.

"Dude, what are you doing?" she asked, sighing heavily as she watched LT flirt with another rather drunk red head.

LT looked at her, his eyes narrowing. "Oh, this is Caitlinn. Cait, this...." He paused and laughed drunkenly. "What's your name again, sweet heart?"

Cait winced and rolled her eyes. "Her name is get the hell out of here. Now."

The red head looked at her, sizing her up.

"Really? I'm brown baby, you don't want to go down this road with me. Beat it."

LT looked put out as the girl pulled away from him and walked past Cait, entering the club again. Cait held onto the door as she waited for LT to decide on what he wanted to do.

"Let's go. Carol left without you."

LT shrugged and then dropped his bottle, sending it crashing on the asphalt. He moved with unsure balance toward Cait, but she didn't flinch as he breathed his drunk beer breath on her.

"I was just playing with it," he said with a grin.

"Oh, that's nice. You know the way Charlie talks about you, this doesn't really seem like something you'd do."

LT seemed to consider what she said and then shrugged. "Did you want to find out what I'd do."

"Not in a million fucking years. I can say that with 100% confidence," Cait said blandly.

His face fell as he wobbled on his feet. Reaching out, he put his hand on the door and slammed it shut, pushing Cait into the alley. Somehow, Cait didn't really feel the threat LT was trying to convey. He was just too drunk to take seriously.

"I don't trust you," he slurred. "I don't know what Charlie sees in you."

"Does it matter what you think?"

"I'm a Jameson."

Cait laughed. She really had to - the snobbery was one thing, but the bloated self worth and using his last name to gain validation was just sad and she told him.

"It's not what you are, Lothias. Your uncle doesn't trade on his name, why should you?"

"It got my uncle your job back to keep Charlie away from his mate, didn't it?"

Cait smiled at Lothias, trying to calm the drunk confidence out of LT's libido. "I know about that and I care about Charlie loving Vivienne about as much as he does - which is not at all. Your uncle did me a favor, maybe for personal reasons, but - seriously you are too drunk to even be looking me in the face, why am I bothering?"

LT was staring at her chest as he tried to act hard and important which did nothing for taking him seriously. He kept wobbling on his feet, his balance nearly giving out a couple times.

"Come on," she said, taking his arm and putting it over her shoulder. "You grab me, I'll punch you in the nuts, Lothias, so let's just go."

He belched and then said sadly, "Ok."

They turned the corner to the front of the club leading to the outside stairs when JT met them.

"What was he doing out here?"

"Being stupid."

JT shook his head and took LT from her, draping his Lieutenant's arm around his wide shoulders.

"He's too drunk to even remember."

"You ok?" JT asked looking down at her.

Cait looked down at her shoes, four inch stilettos, and then shrugged. "I can run in these pretty good - I would have been ok," she said with a grin.

"Well yeah, I bet you could," JT mumbled.

"Where's Carol?" LT mumbled sleepily.

"I told you, she left. She said she'd see you tomorrow."

LT made a face and looked like he was going to cry. "I love her so much. I wouldn't hurt her. I don't want to."

Cait and JT looked at each other and then back at LT. Suddenly his body went limp, but JT easily managed his dead weight.

It was a curious thing, what LT had said. That he didn't want to hurt Carol. He was obviousy talking about the red head, Cait thought, but her nosy mind was telling her otherwise. She didn't know LT before two months ago, but Charlie's known him all his life and even Charlie seemed confused by LT's actions as of late.

Something to think about.
Reese E Deardon 12 years ago
Red kissed Cam softly, letting the kiss linger as they stood outside the club. She pulled away, smiling up at him with those beautiful eyes.

"Off again this weekend?" she asked in that purring voice.

He pulled her close and nuzzled her, "If I have to kill someone, yes, I am all yours this weekend."

A whistle caught his attention, making him stiffen. He sighed and turned.

"Well, right after this, I am."

He held a finger up, leaving Cam on the sidewalk and walked toward Charlie's whistle. They were around the corner, standing with a passed out LT.

"You guys are not ruining my weekend, do you hear me?" he said pointing at LT.

"Just wanted to give you a head's up before leaving. You good?" Charlie said.

Red pointed over his shoulder. "I'll be good all weekend, thank you very much. Do not call me."

"What, I don't get to meet your 'someone you occasionally see'? Because I would love to meet her." Cait smiled, looking a little drunk herself.

He pointed at her, narrowing his eyes with an unpleasantness reserved only for kittens, when Cam called out behind him.

"Hello," she said shyly.

Red curled his finger back in and sighed. "Babe, this is Caitlinn. Caitlinn, this is my girlfriend Camille."

Cait smiled really big and reached out with a hand. "Hi, Camille," she said much like a third grader would say to another little girl.

Red opened his eyes wide at Cait and then turned to pull Cam closer to him. She grinned knowingly and wrapped her arm around his waist.

"JT, Charlie," she said nodding politely.

"Ma'am," they both said in unison.

"Is your frend alright?" Cam asked pointing to LT.

"Liiiitle too much to drink," Red said sadly. "A red head who cannot hold his liquor shall be known as a ginger lightweight...so say us all."

"So say us all," JT and Charlie repeated together.

"Oh my god," Cait said making a face. "Nerds. You are all nerds."

Red leaned in and kissed Cait on her cheek, making her laugh drunkenly, then he turned away with Cam.

"Boys and girls - I will see you monday in the am. Do not call me unless something blows up. No...damn it, I just jinxed us."

"Yeah you did, you idiot," JT complained.

Sticking his tongue out at him, Red walked off with Cam snuggled softly against him.

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