This did not go as planned.

With a deep breath, Cait sat up in bed and mumbled unhappily.

"Oh my Jesus."

Her head wanted to split open as her stomach growled unladylike. Shaking it in hopes of settling the blurred vision, she realized it wasn't blurred. Blinking, she looked around the room and could see it clearly. Reaching up with one hand, she covered one eye and checked again.

"I wondered if your astigmatism would clear."

Looking to her left, Cait recognized the voice.
"Where am I, Matthew?"

One Matthew 'Lewis' Kearney stood in his blond glory at her bedroom door, leaning against the frame looking every bit the handsome man he had no idea he was. With a smile that still managed to flip her stomach inside out, despite wanting to throw up, Lewis walked in and sat down next to Cait on the bed.

"Can you tell me what you remember?"

Cait looked down in front of her and tried to remember. Jesus, how could she forget? Licking her lips, she tried to remember the last thing before waking up.

"Uh..." she closed her eyes and pictured the first time she met Lewis.
"I remember you...meeting you."

"Further back then that? Remember Indiana?"

In her mind flashed the cold afternoon in a park. An impossibly tall man catching her eye. Running. Blue eyes.
"I remember Indiana," she said opening her eyes.

"Do you remember coming back to the City?"

And there it was - a flood of memories that made her face pinch up in pain as she recalled the four days in November that, to put it bluntly, ruined her fucking month.

"I remember you, your LT, speaking to Iov Hammerthynn. I remember being under guard at your home property."

"The Den, yeah."

"I remember...." Cait paused and felt her face burn with a hot blush. She remembered swimming with Charlie, feeling hard muscles of his body as she floated effortlessly against him at the property's lake. The feel of his touch and the roughness of his soft lips. With a snort, she looked up at Lewis. "Well, I remember Charlie Hammond. I remember a lot of him."

"Oh, well." Lewis cleared his throat and blushed. "Yeah, you ended up spending a lot of time with Charlie."

Cait grinned and looked at Lewis who was turning his own shade of red when she noticed his turtle neck. Lifting her chin, she gestured to his neck.
"You ok?"

Lewis had been the unwitting recipient of a cut throat by one of his own Pipers. She had been there at the time, but the memories were jumbled trying to recall exactly what happened. He reached up and pulled the neck down, showing her a fading but clean scar that was almost ear to ear.

"This is as healed as its going to get, Charlie said. Doesn't hurt or anything."

"Your voice," Cait mentioned it - it had taken on a raspy kind of grumble that, admittedly, she found incredibly sexy.

"Does it sound different to you, too? I can't tell to be honest. Red gripes about it, but I'm not sure why."

"It makes you sound sexy," she shrugged.

Lewis looked at her strangely and seemed to consider what she said. "Oh," was all he said and with a confused expression. Shrugging, he continued.

"I'm supposed to take you down to the Situation Room when you wake up. Charlie said it would be any time now. You've been healed for a bit."

Cait immediately reached up and touched her chest, half expecting to feel the gaping holes that left phantom itching. It had been Dougie that slit Lewis' throat and almost killed her. Had killed her, she seemed to recall but wasn't sure how she knew that. She wanted to ask about the baby-faced Piper but decided to wait.

It had been a confusing and long four days on their property. Surrounded by werewolves bent on keeping her safe by holding her captive. In the end it wouldn't matter since the reach of her employers had gone further than she thought was even possible. All for what? Information on a drug combination that only seemed to affect one man, but that one man was invaluable to them and if they could somehow duplicate the results, there was no telling how much something like that would sell on the black market. Created super-human soldiers with the ability to manifest vampire abilities? It was priceless and she had it, but what no one had was Kyle Evans, subject Zero. What no one knew, except for Cait and Lewis, was Evans wasn't the only one affected by the combination of Eternity and Starburst.

"No one knows about Charlie, right?"

Lewis shook his head.

"Best we keep it that way, Matthew."

"I agree," he said without his trademark innocence. Lewis might have been socially immature, but he was no idiot. Charlie was a werewolf with vampire abilities and none of the negative side affects. There wasn't anyone who wouldn't dissect him the first chance they got.

"He's been here with you every day, you know."

Cait looked away and felt another blush creep up her neck into her face. Of course Charlie would be there with her. He had haunted her dreams and done more damage than she had ever seen someone with the dream ability do in such a short time. Unbelievably brilliant, soft spoken, easily agitated, but charming as well as handsome, he was her shadow and weirdly enough, her dream lover.

And she was in love with him.

"Where is he?"

Lewis checked his watch and then turned to look out the window. The sun was creeping in from the east and Cait marveled at the warm glow that touched the ruggedly handsome face.

"They're probably back from the run this morning. I need to call him."

"Lemme shower first? Brush my teeth? They feel gnuddy."

Lewis chuckled and got up off the bed. "Sure, Cait. Take your time, I'll wait." With a wave, he left the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

Cait sat on the bed for a few minutes more trying to fill in the blanks of her memories. She still felt the heavy bulls-eye on her back, but she felt safe with the werewolves, oddly enough. It had been a long time since she had felt like she didn't need to look over her shoulder, but there was still Simon Huntington to contend with and her employers, not to mention facing Charlie again. The thought of the latter made her heart race in her chest. With a sigh, she pushed off the bed and mumbled as she walked to the bathroom.

"Yeah this did not go as planned at all."