Welcome to the elekTRONicka Arcade!!

The Arcade is a two story building with large mirrored glass front, which at night is semi-transparent and during the day gives the interior a night time quality. The space its self is about 12,000 sq. feet, with a storeroom / office area in the back of the of both floors in the building.

the decor is "World of tomorrow" far future, the entire place is lit by black light and has club style colored moving light all throught, the music is loud but not so loud as to prohibit hearing your game or your companions, on the weekends the music is provided by a profesional DJ. Video screens are all over the place playing clips and short attention span video's all the time, the library of video clips is over 1000 hours so a repeat is rare to see.

The first floor is filled with Arcade games all of the latest stand-up and ride feature styles, including Several Linked competition mode games (racing, skiing, mech combat). Several of the latest Virtual reality attractions, and even some midway style features (skeeball, whack-a-mole).

The sheer number of games makes it seems that every video game scenario imaginable is represented here. But not all of the games are so high tech. The "old school" games of arcades are represented here as well, including Ms. Pac-Man, Centipede, Galaga and Missile Command. There also are a number of pinball machines, air hockey, mechanical-bull riding and other favorites.
Located near the stairs you will find a 65 foot rock wall feature, on the second floor is a number of Pool tables and a full sized bowling alley. There you will find a snack bar with basic dinner fare (hamburgers, hotdogs etc..).

On the side of the building would be a patio only accessable from inside with an 18 hole minature golf course and a batting cage as well as ample seating.