Hello from Colorado!

Wtf is up with altitude sickness?! We got here on the 28th and with 24 hrs mike and began suffering from nausea, fatigue, body aches, and dizziness. And no one told me going back to my normal workout routine would just about make my lungs burst. Anyway, today we're feeling a lot better but with body aches. Other than that, Colorado seems pretty nice hehe.

Those of you on Facebook should be able to see all the pictures I took crossing Washington, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, but weirdly enough (probably to laying near death in bed) no pictures of Colorado hehe but the drive was absolutely awesome. Having lived on the west coast or near the pacific almost all my life, the gorgeous plains were amazing. No snow (thank god we just missed that) but we got a complete white out from the windy snow drifts. Winds in upwards of 55+ mph and stronger damn near blowing us off of I80 eastbound.

We had car trouble with both our cars visiting our parents but thankfully Mike's father is an awesome mechanic. Mike drove with Cat and our dog and David drove with me in the jeep. My legs were killing me on day two but I really enjoyed the drive.

Be online soon hopefully !

Kiyoshi Salinas 12 years ago
Woot, all right roz! Keep heading east! I'm glad you made it (mostly) safely. You'll adjust to the altitude! Can't wait to see you back.

We are in NY visiting my family, it's so damn nice to see snow and temps below 30!
Pakpao 12 years ago
No one told you about that? That's just mean! I'm sure you'll like it once you get used to breathing like 90% less O2 or something...

Any how I second that woot! I'm glad you had car trouble while visiting instead of while on the road and its good to see you!

I'm gonna stay here in lounge in my 72 degrees and sunny and drink tea though... I'm just saying.
Vivienne Sena 12 years ago
WE're way better now but we looked at some houses today and a flight of stairs really left us winded. We looked at each other and was like damn!
Pakpao 12 years ago
LOL so single story houses is the order of the day... well for today any way. Just think when you go back to sea level you'll be able to run a marathon or something. i really have NO idea how that works.
Vivienne Sena 12 years ago
That's what everyone says. Although a fast walk now really wears us out lol. I just feel myself getting fatter by the second and that is freaking me out!
Guillaume 12 years ago
that is why you have 9 000 000 miles of biking and hiking trails! LOL just learn to catch your breath, then worry.
Kem`Raaisu 12 years ago
You're not getting fatter!! It'll be fine, breathe!! Nice deep calming breaths!
Evan Talkingwater 12 years ago
Snow skiing will fix that problem right up and its all down hill! They give you a nice chance to rest on the lift ride back up.

It always took us several days to get used to the altitude when we went skiing in Utah. Inevitably someone would have a cold, which meant they had less oxygen AND they were too stuffy to really suck in more. Good Times!

So did you keep telling the kids that you would get there in 20 mins while you were driving to Colorado? Cause that's the standard answer...two days, twenty minutes, totally the same!
Vivienne Sena 12 years ago
David drove with me and was really great . It was shadow who was crying in the back seat. I felt bad for her, I think her hips were bothering her by the second day. Cat drove with mike and she wore her little panda knit hat and all I could see we're the ears just above her seat. Cracked me up every time I looked.

The drive really was beautiful. Mike said he kept wanting to fall asleep but I was wide awake and snapping pics the entire time. Just gorgeous.
Evan Talkingwater 12 years ago
Awesome! I know my uncle and his wife love that trip. They drive an eighteen wheeler together. They go from the east coast to Washington state and back again along various routes and they say it is absolutely gorgeous. Have you uploaded pictures? Or just on facebook?

Did you take a picture of the panda hat? Because that sounds cute!
JT Paulson 12 years ago
I wish I got some pictures of Cat's panda hat. She doesn't wear it often now - not cool for middle school, I guess lol.
Mai 12 years ago
Aww, that's a shame. I bet its adorable!
Pakpao 12 years ago
Make her wear it in the back yard when no one is looking? that's when i wear most of my stupid things...
JT Paulson 12 years ago
We put it on David the other day and he went around the apartment roaring lol. Should've gotten that on video. Man we cannot wait to get out of here though - we've been in a 1 bedroom suite on base sine 12/28 and I'm about to eat my children I'm raging so hard. Thank god for internet. The last time we moved, the TLF place had NO internet. Talk about serial killer spree.
Octavia Emiliano 12 years ago
Lack of internet is at least a very valid excuse for a killing spree... at least in my opinion. You can totally plea stress based insanity. Hopefully the psych ward will have a room you won't have to share (cause you're obviously dangerous) and internet!