Catching up

It was cold and Panos pulled his wool jacket closer around him. The snow trickled down around the two of them as they stood before the medium sized crypt. Panos watched as Luka stuffed his gloved hands into his pockets.

"Blessed?" Luka questioned.

The entryway to Chryseis's crypt was adorned with script that read Blessed in greek.

"She was blessed in her own way. She may even be blessed still now that she's gone. Her life was longer than mine."

He could tell that Luka was fully buying into to it but it didn't bother him. He thought his aunt was blessed now that she was free from her solitude. Chryseis wasn't the friendly person to say the least and she spent most of her time holed up in her great quaters in the Anantya mansion.

"I realize it's taken me a long time to get this erected but here it is. Thank you for comming Luka, I also realize we haven't spoken much in a while."

Their last interaction had been a fight, which hadn't gone well. In fact he was surprised Luka came this evening at all.

Luka 12 years ago
This place was creepy.

Luka couldn't fathom why Panos built this marble structure complete with marble dog beasts, for his aunt. She'd been dead a long time, hell if you counted since she had been brought over it was even longer. The Greek's tradition was strange to him but he remained silent on the issue.

"Brother, you summon and I will come. Regardless of past troubles. We will have many disagreements but I will not have many brothers. We live too long to hold grudges."

Luka was happy to see Panos nod in agreement.

"It feels as if loneliness plagues you again Panos. Do not sink into those familiar tides of self woe."

Luka wasn't worried about over stepping the line and starting another fight. He could easily recognize his friends moods mostly because they were frequent and self repeating.

"Why would you feel that way?" Panos mumbled darkly, his gaze still on the marble structure before him.

Luka snorted and pulled his hand from the warmth of the sherpa lined pocket of his puffy jacket to point at Chryseis's monument.

"Really? You have to ask? I know you Panos. You do things like this to give yourself oppertunity to feel. Chryseis has been dead two years now, yet you feel the need to make her a final resting place."

"Something like that."

"Something like that? Make yourself a partner if you can not find one suitable enough for you Panos. It is what I intend to do."

Now he waited for the fury and rage that was sure to follow his statement.
Panos Mehalitsenos 12 years ago
It wasn't fair that Luka could read him so openly. Was he really that transparent?

Maybe they had been around each other too much in the past. Panos hoped that what it was. The last thing he wanted was to be a mopey cliche that everyone saw coming.

Panos closed his eyes briefly to steady the rolling fury that was quick to build up when Luka mentioned 'making' a partner. There was only one person Luka spent all his time with. Delilah. Delilah had been the source of their last argument and she looked to be the source of their next.

Opening his eyes he looked over his shoulder at Luka.

"Do you intend to do this unwillingly?"

It was a simple enough question and it should have illicited a immediate response. The twelve seconds it took Luka to adjust himself back into the warmth of his coat was too long for a response and it worried him.

"I haven't asked her yet but Im sure she will be willing. If not at first it wont be long before she changes her mind. I know it."

The matter of fact tone that Luka used trouble Panos even more. He knew what that meant.

"You can't manipulate her dreams so much Luka. Have you even told her you can do that? Do you know if its damaging her somehow. Visits are one thing but I've seen her around town. She looks tired. You can't be with her twenty four hours a day."

Luka's face darkened but Panos didn't care if he pushed the man over the edge again. Maybe it would get him to see some logic.

"I hope you've cleared this with the clan?"
Luka 12 years ago
Sighing to himself he prepared for another fight over Delilah.

When would Panos learn that she wasn't his to give away?

"Delilah isn't Holly Panos. I've taken good care of her. She is tired because she teaches dance classes to privledged brats all hours of the day. I do not keep her awake. Don't be so naive to think you know my abilities betetr than I do. Last I checked it wasn't in your skill list dream walk. When I want a lesson on perception then I'll call you."

Luka took a deep breath to slow his anger. Panos was handling this much differently than he originally thought he would. For sure he thought there would be some blood shed.

"I will speak with the clan for permission but I don't need it. It is but a formality and a curtesy. A simple show of obediance. Regardless I will turn her if I want, even if I have to take her back to Romania with me to do so."

Luka forced a smile in attempts to lightened the mood.

"You deflect my proposal of making yourself a partner."
Panos Mehalitsenos 12 years ago
"Been there done that and got the tshirt. It didn't work out so well."

"Everyone makes mistakes Panos. It doesn't mean we shouldn't try again."

"Aren't you astute tonight? This may very well blow up in your face Luka and you know that. I hope for your sake it doesn't."

Panos refused to argue with him anymore. Luka was right of course. This protectiveness he felt over Delilah stemmed from his fucked up past. Delilah was a big girl. She'd figure it out on her own. As forto turning someone for the sole purpose of having a companion? Panos didn't wish to repeat that mistake again this century.

Luka shrugged his shoulders and turned to leave. Panos could hear his footsteps in the frozen grass as he walked away.

"Don't go running to my sister now Panos. Even she cant stop me."

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