Growing Pains

Slender fingers drummed anxiously along the jeans at Adenline's thigh, her mind positively buzzing at the idea of being able to access a computer. The staff at her hotel had graciously informed her of Qwerty Cafe and it's bountiful computers. As she entered the establishment, the girl instantly realized that the placed lived up to the hype. A vast majority of the computers seemed to be in use for various reasons. Biting back laughter as she heard a squeal of rage quickly followed by what seemed to be a rapid concession of expletive language.

Approaching the counter, Miss Cain offered an attendant a soft smile before purchasing a double shot of espresso and a days worth of computer usage. Deciding on a Mac at this moment, the girl settled into what appeared to be an abandoned section of booths before whipping up Safari and logging into her social websites. Narrow shoulders sagged, a rare thing, as she let her posture go for the briefest of moments as disappointment washed over her.

Instead of seeing information about friends and family being uploaded, Adenline found herself to truly be an outcast. Any and all who'd been deemed a true friend had removed themselves from her contact, completely. Left with only the gossips and social pariah for converstion, the girl sighed slowly before pulling up Photo booth.
"I think I'll remind them that I've still got it." she muttered before easily sliding off her black blazer and tossing it over the back of her chair.

Aishe 10 years ago
It wasn't unusual for Aishe to stop by Qwerty on her way to or from Meridian. Especially now, when it was getting somewhat chilly at night. She didn't see any reason to take her car to work yet; it wasn't that cold... but it was cold enough that she wanted to wrap her hands around a cup of hot chocolate.

The tables at the cafe were mostly full, so she did the practical thing and bought some computer time so she could sit there without feeling guilty for not paying for the spot. Armed with mittens, scarf, and extra huge hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate shavings the young vampire made her way toward the one section of the cafe that was relatively people-free.

On her way there she brushed against someone's blazer and halfway took it with her.


Aishe set her cup and mittens on the closest computer bank and righted the black blazer on the girl's chair.
"Sorry about that," she said with a smile.

She sat down at the computer she'd put her things at and stared at it blankly. She hadn't actually planned to use it but she might as well. Only, it was a Mac and she didn't have too much experience with them. She was hardly a computer person.

Fortunately, she knew someone who was. She did her best to give Kiamhaat a mental poke and was rewarded with a [???] in response.

[How do I use this thing?] she asked him mischievously, leaving him to guess at what the 'thing' was. Poor Kem. He tolerated her even wen she was in a teasing mood.
Adenline Cain 10 years ago
1..2..and Adenline turned to look up at whomever had adjusted her blazer; hearing the computer sound in her ear buds as the shot was captured. "Eh?" the girl turned in time to look up at an exotic looking female who'd said something before selecting her own computer.

Swiveling in her seat, Miss Cain turned to check the photo and found it blurred with the motion of her turning to face the lady who'd just linked up with a nearby Mac. Removing the listening device, Adenline sat in silence for a moment; eyeing the espresso she'd finished. To order another or not? The dilemma was quickly dismissed as the girl rubbed her eyes sleepily. If a double couldn't fight back a yawn, another wouldn't either. Glancing to the screen, the girl quickly deleted the photo and decided against trying again. If three attempts couldn't get the job done, clearly she would just need to start wearing more concealer.

Rising from her seat, she tugged on her jacket before glancing at the woman once more. Noting she'd yet to do anything other the computer, Miss Cain moved a bit closer and cleared her throat gently.
"Uh..Pardon, if that computer isn't working you're welcome to this one. I have no more use for it." she offered in a soft voice, nervous that the staff may dislike the computer time being shared.
Aishe 10 years ago
[Well first you turn halfway to the left and twist it upwards. Then hop up and down a few times and chant in a pseudo Native American language. Once you're done with that turn to your audience and loudly proclaim that the All-Mother has heard you and there will be a great rain coming, and that you're about to go build an Ark. Then tell them sadly, no one you see before you has qualified for passage and you've heard there's a sale on life jackets at Wal-mart.]

Aishe bit back a laugh at Kem's absurd answer. That's what she got for teasing, she supposed. He seemed to have an endless supply of ridiculous responses however, and from what she could feel over the bond he was amused and entertained by this game. [And once they're chasing me, where should I run?]

Aishe turned at the sound of someone clearing their throat beside her and smiled to see the girl whose blazer she'd almost stolen.

"Oh... oh!" she said, looking at her blank screen. "Uh, actually I hadn't planned to use it at all. I just bought some time so I wouldn't feel bad about taking up a seat. Did I interrupt you? I'm sorry. I can move down a bit if you'd rather be alone."
Adenline Cain 10 years ago
Habitually brushing her hair from her eyes, Aden's brows drew together in concern at the woman's response. "Oh, no I didn't mean to imply..that is to say, you've not been a bother at all." The girl's hand quickly reached to shove her bangs out of her face once more as they began to slip into her eyesight.

Offering a soft smile, the girl's eyes soften a bit as she gestured to the computer in front of her new acquaintance before motioning to the Mac she'd been occupying. "
I merely thought you were having technical difficulties and hoped to be of assistance. " Nodding, Aden folded her hands again before offering another smile and excusing herself, inwardly smothered with embarrassment as she turned to leave. As she moved, Miss Cain awkwardly walked into part of the partition that kept the workspace separate; inflicting a shameful nose bleed as her hand moved to grab her face.
Aishe 10 years ago
[Anywhere you like, as long as you're heading in the opposite direction as me,] Kem responded. [What is it you actually need help with?]

Aishe smiled. [Nothing now, actually. I think I've been spared... I'll explain later. Love you!]

[You too,
merit. See you in a bit.]

Aishe looked at her blank computer again.
"That's really sweet of you," she said. "Thanks! I'd probably need help if I actually wanted to use it. I'm not a Mac person."

She nodded at the girl as she turned away... and ran into the partition. Aishe slid from her chair, able to smell the blood from where she was. She quickly put her cup of chocolate down and handed the girl the napkin she'd been holding with it.

"Oh my... here, take this. I'll be right back! Tip your head back - I think."

She hurried to the front counter and grabbed a few more napkins. They weren't the most absorbent things in the universe, but they were better than dripping blood everywhere. Returning to where the other girl was Aishe handed her the stack.
"I'm sorry, again. No good deed goes unpunished, huh."

Poor girl was just trying to help her out and nearly took her own nose off on the divider. Aishe felt guilty about that. It was hardly her fault, but still... it looked kind of painful.

"Do you need some ice?"
Adenline Cain 10 years ago
Feeling a thorough blush spread across her cheeks, she shook her head slightly while gratefully accepting the napkins. "Thanks so much," she managed as she quickly covered her nose and angled her head as instructed. One hand clutched the napkins to her face as the other took a single sheet from the handful she'd received and attempted to mop up what little blood had managed to trickle down her face.

Counting in her mind, the girl waited a solid two minutes before cautiously lowering her chin, blinking slowly as she drew away the napkins and ran a finger under her nose to be certain the flow had come to an end. With a glance to the girl who'd been kind enough to grab napkins, Aden offered an apologetic smile. "
Sorry to hold you up, truly. I'm Adenline..Aden. I'd offer a hand, but.." she laughed softly and glanced to her balled fist that contained the bloodied sheets.
Aishe 10 years ago
"You're not holding me up," Aishe said with a sympathetic smile. "I like company."

She waited until the girl's nose seemed to have stopped bleeding, grinning as she explained why she didn't shake.

"I think we can dispense with the formalities," Aishe agreed. "My name is Aishe."

She hopped back up onto her seat and peered at Aden curiously, trying to ignore the scent of blood, which was fading at least.
"It seems like it's done bleeding, it doesn't hurt does it?"

Talking would take her mind off of the blood at any rate. Aishe wasn't particularly thirsty but she was young, and the scent affected her at times.
Adenline Cain 10 years ago
Relieved to hear that she hadn't interrupted anything of importance, she quickly disposed of the soiled paper before settling in a seat herself; knowing that with her luck if she left, it would start bleeding before she got to the hotel.

Lovely to meet you and no, it doesn't quiet hurt. I'm not entirely sure as to why it bled so easily." Reaching up, the girl gingerly pinched at her nose to see if it ached and felt no ill effects. Returning her sight to her new friend, Miss Cain sat quietly before folding her hands together once more. "So, you're not good with Macs?" she asked gently after a moment, drumming her fingers upon her thigh as she tried to remember how to make small talk. Conversation, in her opinion, was overrated. However, it was nice to sit in close proximity to someone, even if there was little be said.
Aishe 10 years ago
"Might be the cold," Aishe said kindly. She recalled having nose bleeds when it was chilly out, and she didn't want Aden to be embarrassed.

Aishe smiled and shrugged at the computer question.
"I'm not exactly a computer person," she said. How was she supposed to explain that at work, everything she needed to access could be easily done via MARI? Well, no need to go into it, really, she supposed.

"I don't use them a whole lot, and when I do they're not usually Macs. My fiance is a big help though, he's sort of a big computer geek."

She shrugged her shoulders.
"I thought I'd play a game or something while I warmed up a little but I'd far rather meet someone new than stare at a computer screen. Do you live here in Nachton?"
Adenline Cain 10 years ago
The question drew an awkward smile to Aden's lips as she considered her answer. "I think?" Ah. I've been staying at a local hotel, trying to investigate the area and decide if I want to put down roots or not."

Upon speaking the words, the idea began to linger in Adenline's mind; the thought of truly settling into the city and starting over. Trying to snap out of the sudden train of though, Miss Cain blinked a few times and offered yet another meager smile to her new friend.

Forgive me. A double shot and I'm still catching my mind drifting away. Have you always lived in Nachton or are you more of a drifer?" Hoping the question wasn't too intrusive, a sincere smile replaced the habitual one that had been inhabiting her lips prior as tension began to ease bit by bit.
Aishe 10 years ago
Aishe smiled at Aden; it wasn't uncommon for Nachton to attract all types. There were those who passed through and those who stayed. It was the nature of any large city.

She watched as a distant expression crossed the girl's face and waited patiently until it passed.
"I grew up about two hours or so outside the city, and I moved here about five years ago. My fiance is from here, and it made sense for me to find work in the city too."

She lifted her shoulders.
"I like it here. So, I know enough about the city so far... has your investigation turned up any questions you'd like answered? I'd be glad to help."

Aishe had had plenty of help when she'd arrived in Nachton. She thought it was only appropriate to pay it forward.

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