I wish

I wish that ANY of my characters would resume talking to me. Currently they sit at a old diner table with blank loosk on their faces.

I'm still lurking until they do

Vivienne Sena 12 years ago
Waiting on nanowrimo. Shhhh.
Kiyoshi Salinas 12 years ago
Oh yes, just 13 more days until the Nano begins!

Pakpao 12 years ago
you should at least give them a deck of cards...

now if my NaNo plot would just cooperate
Miya 12 years ago
Hugs. I understand this particular frustration all too well. What helps me with it is just to write anything. doesn't have to be good, doesn't have to be plausible - just write. Pick an improbable idea, like one of your characters is riding a carousel at an amusement park while trying to rescue someone. This is an exercise for you, not for anyone else to see, so don't worry about grammar or anything else. The other thing I like to do when I get like this is take my camera out somewhere and just take pictures. Usually I like a mall for this, or some other area full with people. Come home and look at the images and select one or two. What are they doing? What are they saying? Why are they at this place?

Hugs. Lots and lots of them <3 You rock.
Vivienne Sena 12 years ago
Finally finished last year's Nanowrimo so I can start this year's without any guilt. 67k words total. Once I do that, I'll start editing 2010's to e-publish it. Aren't I ambitious!?
Pakpao 12 years ago
But you're cute when you're ambitious.
Diane 12 years ago

I have entertained writing a goofy short about all my SA kids hanging out at a football get together. Maybe that will get something flowing or else be punished again to sports!