Nova pulled the tee shirt loose from her sweaty skin and stepped out of the '69 Firebird she had driven across most of the country. She could have taken a flight, and in fact that had been offered, but she had done good work with her new project and wanted very much to keep it. Some would probably say three months in the desert, with only an intern who came by twice a week to help her, had scrambled her brains. Nova thought the car had staved some of the madness that being so deeply isolated was sure to bring at some point or other, and she'd grown attached.

Ultimately, her time away had benefited everyone; her work thrived in the isolation, and the report on Simon's desk would reflect that. She had sent it ahead, knowing it might take him some time to get to. Sometimes it was good to just stick your nose in the grindstone and hold it there. Just so long as you get to let loose at some point.

And oh, Nova was ready to let loose.

She stepped into the Abbatoir and smiled, letting the music pound through her for a moment, then headed for the bar.

Carol 18 years ago
Standing at the bar Carol yelled loudly to be heard over the music.


The bartender looked perplexed. 'HAKUTA MATADA?'

At the top of her lungs, 'P-I-N-A C-O-L-A-D-A FOR FUCK SAKES.'

The bartender nodded and turned to make her drink.

Carol slumped onto the counter and huffed. Turning she saw a new comer approaching the bar. She noticed this one was female, sweaty and her face was vaguely familiar. Picking up her palm pilot she looked thru some of her recent reports forwarded from Simon. Her mouth formed an 'O'.
Nova 18 years ago
Nova grinned as she pulled up a barstool next to Carol. -Everyone- knew her; she was one of the first people Nova had encountered when Simon brought her to Nachton, and while Nova made a habit of spending only brief periods of time within the Tacharan lair, Carol was hard to forget.

She put her hand down hard on the bar and leaned over, speaking loudly so the bartender could hear her.

Two fifty two, and I'll know if you use that Wild Turkey shit so don't try it.

She turned her attention to Carol, who was looking at her with an odd expression and holding a palm pilot. She wondered suddenly if the human remembered her; she dealt with so many faces every day, it must be a chore to keep up.

Did I miss anything interesting? Been gone for three months, though the place looks the same as it ever did.

Nova liked to bring the interesting with her where she went, but it would be nice to catch up on her Clan. While more at home in the lab, visiting Tacharan headquarters had a way of recharging her.
Carol 18 years ago
'Nova!' Carol read her palm pilot, double checking Simon's recent reports. She had only met Carol a couple times and her return was a little earlier than she had expected. 'I'm just surprised to see you back. Are you looking for Simon?'

Just then the bartender returned with her drink. Carol's face dropped as she looked at the Mai Tai.
'How'd you get mai tai from pina colada?' With a pitiful sigh Carol took the drink and shooed away the bartender.
Nova 18 years ago
Nova chuckled, then finished off her shot in one smooth motion. She couldn't help but be pleased at Carol's offhanded comment regarding her early return; while Nova generally did not like to set deadlines on discovery, she thought her progress must have been quicker than expected. She would have been just as pleased if her work had taken twice the time, but it was nice to exceed expectations.

Simon? Oh, we'll see each other soon enough. I've been all work and no play for three months; I could stand for a drink or five before getting back to business.

Grinning at Carol's forlorn expression at her drink, Nova leaned over in mock seriousness to study it.

I suppose he thinks all pink drinks with little umbrellas are the same?
Carol 18 years ago
Carol took her umbrella out of her drink and tossed it behind the counter. 'Well Simon is away from the Domicile now anyway. I'm sure Marthinus would like to see you, if you haven't already swung by Duibne yet.'

The blonde drank a little of her mai tai and frowned.
Nova 18 years ago
Nova turned her shot glass upside down and slammed it firmly on the bar. The bartender took the hint, and she had another drink in her hand soon after. She turned to Carol and smiled.

I suppose you're right; I do have business to attend to.

Nova frowned, slightly disappointed to find her relaxation cut short. Then she realized how this must look; showing up in a sticky shirt with a dried soda spot on the chest and downing two drinks in the first fifteen minutes of her homecoming. Not to mention she was sweaty. And dirty. And probably didn't smell that great.

I've been away from people too long. They'll think I finally fried my brains.

Might wanna freshen up before I go over though, heh. How's Marthinus doing these days anyway?
Carol 18 years ago
Carol reached out and touched Nova's hand, 'Oh no, dont let me rush you back to work. You just got in. Take your time, your apartment should be as you left it, if not let me know and I'll fuck a few people up and get it right.' She smiled prettily.

'I gotta run though, you know where to find me if you need anything.' Carol slipped off her bar seat after glaring at the bartender.

((OOC - Carol on the way out, but waiting on reply from Nova))
Nova 18 years ago
I don't doubt it Carol, not for a moment.

Mind like a steel trap, that one. I do pity anyone that crosses her.

You take care of yourself now, like I know you do.

She watched the perpetually busy woman walk away, smiling, before turning back to her third shot, which she knocked back like a pro. She frowned down at her damp, clingy tee shirt, still sticky with mingled soda and sweat, and considered changing into something descent. Then she looked up at the dance floor and decided it probably didn't matter. She stood up, shoved the barstool back in place, and weaved her way into the crowd, brushing against countless sweating bodies and loosing herself to the pounding rhythm of the music.

/ooc Nova out, eventually