Out of Rehab (attn: Bao)

Amir sat on the side of Bao's desk in his upstairs office, swinging his feet idly and letting his heels tap-tap gently against the desk, something he knew would grate on Bao's nerves even if his middle child decided not to show it. He did it with an amused half-smile, however, making it plain that he was looking for a reaction.

He was pretty sure most of th people who knew Bao assumed Amir was his son, or nephew, or friend's son, or something of that nature. The irony generally amused them both. Amir waited for Bao, thinking of possible reasons for his having been gone for a few months.

Juvenile prison. Boot camp. Oh, rehab. He was hooked on drugs. Totally.

Amir rolled his eyes upward thoughtfully; it could happen. If tigers and kittens could be considered drugs. Surely Jin's blood counted as an illegal substance or something, even without being turned into one. He'd have to consider it.

Bao 12 years ago
Bao frowned and tried to recall the circumstances. It wasn't that he never had physical relationships, he might have been cold and borderline antisocial but he was not made of ice, even he could be tempted. But a date implied a certain amount of emotional involvement that he didn't often even attempt.

"Late 1600s I believe. She was a lovely woman, if a bit young for me, barley one hundred and a little immature.”

Steepling his fingers Bao tried to remember her name, and what country he'd been in at the time. Ah, yes he'd been home at the time, Vietnam. Now what was her name? It would come to him.

"Do you think it is too late to call her?”

Which was even more amusing considering the telephone hadn't been invented at the time. The truth was there was a lady much closer to home, and who's name he -could- recall that Bao thought he might just be neglecting. Three, almost four, hundred years was perhaps too long to be so solitary.
Amir 12 years ago
"Yes. I think she might have moved on," Amir commented dryly. "Not that you aren't the catch of the century, but I think you might have waited a bit long on that one. Got anything more recent?"

He tilted his head back against the arm of the chair once more and shook his head slowly. The return of Bao's questionable sense of humor was good but he still wondered. How much of it was a front?

He wasn't sure if he could trust Bao now. And he wanted to be able to trust Bao. Since turning him, he and Bao had been exceptionally close. Amir had never expected this relationship to be strained, being himself.

Time would tell, he supposed. If Bao wanted time to sort things out, Amir could have patience. Sort of. It wasn't his forte but he'd give it a shot. He would lump it in with the whole having patience with himself thing, why not?

Maybe he should go meditate on a mountain top or something.
Bao 12 years ago
Bao raised on eyebrow in acknowledgment. He knew full well he was not a remarkable 'catch' or even an incredibly desirable partner. As to the more recent, he hesitated for a moment not overly inclined to discuss his private life, such as it was.

"Perhaps. I have met a lovely young lady.”

Claire might very well be older than himself, but manner dictated that she was a young lady.

"In fact, you have met her after a fashion. Claire Tremaine. She was so some assistance when we first brought you home. I had not expected to find a doctor amongst our numbers.”

It wasn't a common profession when they were rather sturdy, as Amir said they were not immortal, but most injuries only needed time and blood to heal. It was one of many things her found rather intriguing about Claire.

"She is rather charming.”

Of course, it went without saying that Bao did not discuss the recent situation that Claire had found herself in, her worry about her creator or the fact that he'd established, for want of a better word, a barrier between two personalities. Oddly enough these things that could be seen as problems did not discourage him. In fact, they made Bao want to help. It was an unusual response.
Amir 12 years ago
The last thing Amir had expected was a positive response. He restrained himself from sitting back up in complete shock and instead stayed sprawled out where he was. "Really," he said, dragging the word out in a drawl as he waited for an explanation.

It was forthcoming; perhaps the whole 'being straightforward and honest' lesson had actually sunk in. Claire Tremaine. Amir knew her. Not well, but he knew who she was.


"Does she know you find her charming?"

It might seem like a stupid question but with Bao, one didn't always know what he was thinking. Particularly not a potential romantic interest. Bao was, as evidenced tonight, not the most emotionally expressive individual. Not that Amir held any trophies himself, but Bao was a law unto himself.
Bao 12 years ago
If he had been capable of it Bao might have felt embarrassed or guilty given the way Amir had latched on to that little bit of information. While he did feel a bit like a teenager confessing he had a crush on a girl Bao only raised an eyebrow. Yes. Really. Or he wouldn't have said as much.

Bao blinked once or twice and considered this question. Finally he frowned slightly.

"Honestly I do not know. I think, perhaps she may.”

Of course Bao hadn't made a forward move toward her for some time. And one couldn't expect a lady to make the first move.

"I may... perhaps I should be more forthcoming.”

Not that he even had a clue how to do that. Even when he'd been alive Bao hadn't done much in the way of courting. He only barley remembered his wife and couldn't remember if he'd pursued her or if the marriage had been arranged.
Amir 12 years ago
Amir bit back his laughter; it wouldn't be very kind of him to express amusement at Bao's situation. As Bao second guessed himself Amir pursed his lips as if whistling to himself. It was better than hilarity. Miles better.

"So have you asked her out at all, or is she supposed to pick up on your opinion from your brain waves?"

He knew Bao. If he knew anything at all, he knew Bao. Amir was fairly certain there had been very little in the way of courtship happening.

It amused him to have this discussion. In a way there was a small amount of vengeance involved; so Amir was not allowed to freely associate with his Clanmates without drama but Bao was? Hypocritical, if you asked him.

And yet, Amir had been serious in his thought that perhaps another relationship outside of family would be good for Bao. Clearly Bao was a little too wrapped up in internal debate and conflict. Thinking of something relaxing or enjoyable that had nothing to do with recent events might help him some. Amir didn't know for sure... he wasn't a guidance counselor.

If Bao was leery of change though, a little distraction might be good for him. And if it turned out Claire was more than a little distraction, all the better.
Bao 12 years ago
Bao just blinked for a second or two he really had no idea how to answer that. Certainly Amir was being, he was being Amir. Which was a distinctly reassuring thing. It wasn't that he enjoyed Amir half taunting half grilling him but if he had done anything else Bao would have suspected more about his creator was changed than just where he spent his days.

"Perhaps with the right combination of empathy and psychometry it might be possible.”

For him this was light, witty and humorous banter. Something he almost only did with Amir. While he was still rather leery of the subject he was relaxing slightly, feeling more comfortable with his creator than he had in some time.

"But no, I have not.”

As much as Bao knew that he could not ask a lady, especially one of Claire's manners, to make the first move apparently he had been waiting for a sign. Or if there had been one he had been so preoccupied with his worries about Amir that he'd not picked up on it.

"I think I should rectify that situation. Have there been any changes in courting I should be aware of?”

Amir would certainly be more up on anything along these lines than he. Even if Amir's most recent courtship had been in the 1800s he would be more up on things than Bao was.
Amir 12 years ago
Oh, the irony. Bao was asking him for dating advice? Well, all right. Amir had actually been on dates, at least.

"I wouldn't worry about asking her father for permission to court her," he suggested helpfully. "Otherwise no. Dating today is like dating a hundred years ago. Treat her kindly, engage her in conversation, and see where it goes."

Amir knew it was still somewhat vague but what was he supposed to say? The concept stayed the same from century to century, and he did not know what Claire's preferences in that area would be. It seemed foolish and detrimental to try to give Bao advice when Amir did not know the lady in question well.

"No movies," Amir added. "The movie date - pretty lame for a first date."

Nothing said 'let's get to know each other' like two hours in front of a movie screen, no matter how exciting the movie. In retrospect Amir wasn't sure he was that much help. Was that really all he'd learned about courtship in the last few hundred years? Should that worry him? Maybe he should ask Jin, whose social skills were far, far beyond Amir's. Light years beyond.

"Oh. Don't kill anyone while you're out," Amir added. Then he thought for a moment. "Unless they try something, like stealing her purse. Then you can kill them. Just keep the bloodshed to a minimum."
Bao 12 years ago
"Ah. Good to know."

It would have difficult to ask her father for permission at any rate. Conversation could be... actually he was perfectly capable as far as conversation went it was simply that his topics gravitated toward work and art. They were simply his comfort zone.

"I would assume that that would apply to a play, the opera and the symphony as well. This does limit my options cha."

The Arch would be his next choice and there were complications there. Of course, he could simply ensure that the she wolf was not there. It would only take a moment or two in passing a day or two before hand. It would be an appropriate choice as they were hosting an exhibition of Romantics. Not his favorite movement but it would hopefully, what was the phrase, strike the mood.

"Of course not, it would ruin the suit."

Even feeding required a certain combination of aggression and delicacy. Thankfully his dry cleaner was a miracle worker.

"Should I arrange for a mugger? Or bring an obvious display of wealth and status?"

Even Bao wasn't entirely certain if he was being serious or not. Perhaps he wasn't and he simply wanted to see how far he could push Amir.
Amir 12 years ago
"Yes Bao, you might have to do something kind of, I don't know, fun."

Amir knew Bao probably couldn't see the face he was making but, blech, really? The opera?

"There's a meteor shower in a few nights. You could take a telescope, a bottle of wine or something schmoopy like that and watch it with her."

That was the sort of thing he would like to do, and had done one way or another, with Mara. He could only imagine how much more pleasant it would be with the addition of Jin. He allowed himself a brief feline daydream.

At Bao's next suggestion he laughed softly.
"Do you really think you need that much help? If so, you might want to rethink the date at all."
Bao 12 years ago
"Fun is a relative term, I shall concentrate on the 'schmoopy'.”

After he looked up the term and confirmed its meaning. Of course, even without specifics he had a good guess as to its definition and raised both eyebrows at his creator.

"Should I be alarmed at this sudden romantic side of you?”

Of course Amir was naturally more expressive than he was and it wasn't as if he'd never seen this from his father. It was just uncommon. Who was he thinking of as he said it though? Jin? Mara? Both? Neither?

Bao prodded at the thought and waited for any fear or resentment. He couldn't quite bring himself to actually use any details in these musing, it would some how violate their privacy, and make him more than a little uncomfortable. But he failed to find any negative emotion associated with the idea. It confirmed his problems were of is own making.

The suggestion was a good one though. After the Arch it would be a lovely end to the evening even if it was schmoopy.

Bao allowed himself a brief faint smile at Amir's laugh. He had achieved his goal.

"If that is the case I will save it for the second date, or as a backup plan should things not go well.”

Considering his reaction to Amir's situation perhaps Bao should have asked if his maker had any objections, but as Amir himself had more or less suggested he... make new friends it didn't seem necessary.
Amir 12 years ago
Amir's brows rose once again. He referred to first date crap as 'schmoopy' and got labeled a romantic? Would wonders never cease? If he worked in a 'yadda yadda yadda' maybe he would be labeled a hopelessly romantic poet or something. Maybe he'd try it and see.

"I don't think you should be alarmed, no," he said. Then he paused. "Wait. Should you be alarmed?"

There it was again, that momentary hesitation. He hated questioning himself. Was he behaving completely abnormally? Was his advice coming from him, or from Subira?

Subira never said 'schmoopy.' He was good.

"No, you shouldn't be alarmed," he reiterated with a quick grin. "And yes. Save the set-up for an 'out' if you need one. Don't underestimate your date though. It would suck if she actually saved your ass."
Bao 12 years ago
The minor questioning and hesitation that Amir showed on something as minor as the term 'schmoopy' was interesting. It didn't bother Bao as much as it might, he remained convinced when/if his creator needed to make a big decision or at the very least if Amir needed to decide something quickly, in the heat of the moment he would.

"If not alarmed, I shall simply be suspicious of your ulterior motives.”

The humor was not forced. Bao was relaxed, he was satisfied he had reconnected or at least reaffirmed his relationship with Amir. That stabilized his world, reassured him. Bao could stop obsessing now.

He and Amir spoke for a while longer, post the point there was anything to say really which was something of a change for them, but not a bad one. Eventually Amir seemed satisfied that Bao was more like himself and left. Bao studiously did not ask where Amir was going. Bao simply went back to work. He would try his hand at being schmoopy tomorrow.

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