Nightmare On TAC Street Art Exchange

This Halloween season, join us at The Angry Crayon for a costume party themed exchange! Nightmare on TAC Street will be a fairly simple exchange. Give your name and a brief description, and let your fellow exchangee dress you for the party. You'll just have to wait until the party to pick up your costume!

Sign up from September 3rd through 17th.
Assignments will be handed out September 18th.
Turn in day will be Sunday, October 30th.

Character name:
Description (please make sure to include hair & eye color here):
Rating Keep it Clean, Partial Nudity Okay, or Anything Goes (Keep in mind that just because someone says Anything Goes, does not imply that you have to do nudity, only that you have that option should you choose to exercise it):
Desktop Size:

Please make sure you create a signature for your person along with the wallpaper or portrait, so they have something to show off on the board. If you have any questions at all, drop EVE a note.