Well-Deserved R and R (private)

Amir parked Jin's car carefully outside the Manor and turned the engine off. He'd been quiet for most of the ride, listening to Mara speak. She didn't give as many details as he had hoped but maybe that was for the best. As she went through her Africa trip he found himself becoming increasingly tightly wound. The thought of her requesting an audience with Subira was a daunting one; always in the past he had been there to stand between them.

He could imagine Mara standing there, her distress palpable, thrusting Amir's ruined jacket at his Creator and accusing her of killing him. Subira would have had her lieutenants with her. Her current second was a woman called Maweii who was nearly as old as Amir. Not one of Subira's children but loyal to her to an extent and an incredible warrior. That position, though, was one Amir had filled until very recently.

He was very glad to have been in the front seat. The more details Mara did divulge the shakier he felt, and facing away from Jin and Mara he could exert some control over himself. He would be there for Mara next time. If there was ever a next time.

Now, he opened the door and stepped out into the warm night air, moving to the back of the car to open it for Jin and Mara. The entire trip the two had been entwined on the small back seat of the car. Mara was clearly exhausted from her long voyage home, but she smiled at him as he opened the door and her smile was as beautiful as ever.

Amir grabbed Mara's bags from the trunk and turned to his two companions, looking at Mara.

"Where do you want to go?"

Mara 12 years ago
Mara didn't tell Amir and Jin all of the details. She might later, to Jin, but she didn't want Amir to know just how terrified she had been. Without Amir there Mara could have been killed... she wasn't ready for that. Thank goodness for Mai and Hana. Subira had kept herself in check and Mara had been left unmolested.

Knowing that Mara was under Mai's wing would keep Subira away too. She would almost certainly discover Amir was alive; he couldn't stay hidden in a cave in the middle of nowhere and he still worked for his Clan. They had bought him time to recover though, from over two thousand years of enforced subordination.

The effect on Amir was obvious to Mara. Amir was quiet, withdrawn, and, most obviously, had lost the air of confidence and command he normally wrapped around himself like a coat. She wasn't sure just how deep this new insecurity went but Jin might have a better idea.

A softer, gentler Amir wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Mara remembered the man he was at the time of her own turning. Cocky, confident, assertive... and she knew that not all of that was Subira's influence. He had also been kind, nurturing, and selfless. Those traits had persisted in spite of Subira. Amir was the best Creator she knew, not just to her but to five others. He truly cared about those vampires he'd made, which was why they were still loyal to him.

Mara had to remain positive, and had to have faith that those things she loved about him were really him, and that they would stay with him. As he opened the car door for them and then retrieved her bags from the trunk she thought her faith was not misplaced.

She stood with Jin outside the Manor. It was good to be back in Nachton, so very good. She couldn't say it enough. She clung to Jin still, looking back and forth between the two of them.

"Wherever we can all be," she said softly.

She knew Jin and Amir had been together since she'd left. She wanted Amir with them. He would be safe with them. If it was reassurance he needed, they could give it to him.
Jin 12 years ago
Jin held Mara tight and listened quietly to her tale. He occasionally glanced up at Amir, watching the set of his shoulders, his hands on the wheel and what little of the Huntsman's face that he could see in the rearview mirror. He knew that Amir would not be happy that Mara had gone through so much on his behalf but it had been necessary. Jin had hated it too, her being so far away and potentially in danger. They both would just have to show her how much they missed her and loved her now that she was back.

He stepped out of the car behind Mara and shut the door. Jin smiled at her answer and gave her a waist a brief squeeze.

Letting her go, for just a moment, he took advantage of Amir's hands being full of suitcases. Jin placed his fingers lightly around Amir's jaw and pulled him forward, planting a long tender kiss on his lips. Pulling back, he smiled into Amir's dark eyes.

"If you thought you were getting a night alone to yourself..." Jin turned to Mara and winked and then back at Amir, with a grave expression. "You were seriously mistaken, My friend."

Jin then wrapped his arm around Mara's waist again and steered them toward the Manor's entrance. "Let's invite ourselves to Amir's place." He chuckled and glanced at the Huntsman. "His is more comfortable than either of our's." He had only recently come back to Nachton and had not had time to furnish his suite more comfortably and now they had a house to decorate which would take priority. His place had a bed, a nightstand and some spare furnishings that Rupert had collected for him from the attic or somewhere. The sofa was actually very comfortable; they might have to keep it. Mara's studio place downtown was more furnished than her Manor rooms as he recalled so that left Amir's suite, which though spartan, had more comfortable and unique touches that made it seem actually lived in by someone.

"Is that alright with you?" He asked seriously. Amir and Jin had been there quite often in the past weeks but it might be somewhat different now that they were all together. A part of him also had difficulty with inviting himself anywhere, even in jest, despite knowing he was likely welcome.
Amir 12 years ago
Amir was caught off guard when Jin pulled him forward. He nearly tripped into the Nightsman's gentle hands, righting himself and regaining his balance without pulling away. Mara was right there. She was watching, he didn't want to hurt her or cause her alarm. What if this wasn't all right with her?

Amir could no more resist Jin than he could Mara, though. He had always liked Jin, had always had respect for him. He enjoyed working with him. But since waking back at the Manor after his imprisonment with Xephier's Pack, drinking repeatedly from him, recalling the burning heat that kept him safe and warm while he regenerated, he was more attached than he had believed possible. He had no interest in pursuing any other relationship. If Amir was to partner with anyone anymore, it must be Mara or Jin... or both. He had no room in his heart or in his head for anyone but them. He leaned into Jin's soft kiss with a sigh of uncharacteristic submission, enjoying the now-familiar caress.

He hadn't necessarily wanted a night alone to himself, but he and Mara had not had a chance to talk since Amir had truly woken. There was much unspoken between them, much that had to be said. Amir didn't want to make a forward move that any of them might regret before they had had a chance to speak face to face without Subira in the way. Perhaps it would be best if Jin were present for that. He deserved to be a part of it, of all of it.

The three of them were so entangled in each others' lives now, Amir wasn't sure if he could separate himself. Given that he was still pretty unclear as to who he was that was fine by him. There were elements of both Jin and Mara inside of him that he didn't want to lose. They helped define him and he desperately needed definition right now.

But more than that, he just wanted them there.

"Of course it is," he responded to Jin's question, readjusting his grip on Mara's bags as they all made their way to the Manor. "You don't have to ask, Jin."

He glanced sideways at the Nightsman and smiled softly. He understood that Jin's nature made it difficult to take anything for granted but in this case, he wanted his words to be fully understood. Jin belonged with them. he was welcome wherever Amir was, and clearly, wherever Mara was.
Mara 12 years ago
Mara watched Jin and Amir together and it finally occurred to her that she was very close to understanding the meaning of the phrase 'eye candy.' Not in the derogatory sense... but she stared at the brief, soft kiss they shared without being able to pull her eyes away. The two of them were handsome together. There was something appealing about Jin's reassuring confidence and Amir's uncharacteristic air of innocence that made them doubly attractive.

She smiled as Jin returned to her. She had been so worried when she'd told Jin of her feelings for Amir. Mara hadn't known where such a confession would lead but she'd known she didn't want to keep secrets from Jin. Amir had been there for her her entire life. She loved him steadfastly, and it couldn't be broken. But though her passion for Jin was far newer, it ran just as deeply. Mara did not love lightly. Having found it twice, she couldn't imagine anything better than having both Jin and Amir feel the same way for each other that she felt about them and it seemed like that was a very real possibility now.

As they entered the Manor and headed to Amir's rooms Mara thought it was clear that her Creator was still healing. His body was whole again but, as they had feared, there were deeper injuries that had been there for centuries that needed time to regenerate. If they could.

Mara intended to be here for all of it. Amir had, not too long ago, told her why he'd turned her. Insurance, he'd said. Only after that fact had she realized what he'd meant. He'd turned her so that one of them would remember who he was. And he had protected her, not just because he loved her, but because she was his living memory. A record of who he'd been long ago. Mara understood.

As they entered Amir's rooms Mara stopped and stared. Everything was different. This was not the same suite it had been when she'd left for Africa.

The living room furniture was the same, but there was more of it... instead of a simple couch and armchair there was an additional love seat, tucked against the far wall. The shelves were no longer as spartan as they used to be. More of Amir's recognizable memorabilia were displayed and there were several framed pictures spaced among the knick knacks. Pictures Mara didn't even realize he had, including one of her from several decades ago, sitting on top of a jungle gym in a schoolyard. She'd thought it long gone. There was a soft rectangular rug on the floor, plush and inviting bare feet to walk on it. It was still a dark color but it seemed to give some life to the room.

There was now a kitchen. Amir never cooked... hardly ever ate, himself. He'd never bothered to have a kitchen anywhere he lived. Now, a small corner of the living room, back near the sliding balcony doors, had been covered in tile instead of polished wood. In that space was a small refrigerator, a counter with a sink and a small cook-top, and a few cabinets. Sitting just on the tile itself was a small kitchen table. Everything was intimate, clearly not meant for heavy use but perfect for two - or three - people.

Mara turned to Jin, looking at him in surprise. Had he known about this? She looked at Amir, who walked into the room without turning the light on... she and Jin were sensitive to light, and he preferred it dark anyway. She noted he had not added anymore lights. Clearly, he'd had two particular people in mind when redecorating.

"You've made some changes," she said softly, stepping into the suite and looking around.
Jin 12 years ago
Jin looked around at the suite he had been in just a few days before and looked over at Amir. "You know when you said you had some cleaning and rearranging to do..." He looked around the suite and then back at the Huntsman. "I did not know this was what you meant." Jin would have helped had he known that Amir was planning on doing something that required so much work. Of course, he noted the bright jar of jelly beans on the counter, it was obviously meant to be a surprise.

He walked over to Amir and wrapped an arm around his waist, holding him close while he planted a soft kiss on his cheek. "You are wonderful."

Taking a step back, he gave the Huntsman a small bow and said "Thank you." Then Jin crept over to the jellybean jar and collected a few of them with a childlike grin.

Turning back to Mara, he smiled. "So, what do you think?" Jin popped a root beer flavored jelly bean in his mouth and asked. "and what would you like to do now? Jellybean?" He displayed the brightly coloured ones left in his hand and held them out to her.

Jin glanced over at Amir and then back at Mara. It was good to have her home. They had a world of problems still but he felt like they could conquer them all. Everything was perfect right this moment.
Mara 12 years ago
As Jin turned to her with a hand full of jelly beans Mara smiled. He was so cute. She leaned over his hand and plucked a bright pink one out of it, popping it in her mouth and chewing slowly.

"I think it's wonderful," she said, beaming at Amir. She had always liked being in his suite here at Heolfor, but her most favorite times over the length of their lives had been when they had lived together. Amir had always taken care of her; he handled her finances, he arranged for her living space most of the time. In fact, Amir had been the one who'd found her garage for her. She was excited that he would be coming to stay with them, and seeing him turn his suite into a space they could all relax in was heartwarming.

She crossed the short distance to Amir and wrapped her arms around his neck again, hugging herself to him.
"It's a new space for a new start," she said.

Releasing her Creator she glanced back and forth between him and Jin.
"I would like a shower," she said, looking down at herself as if she could see some of the grime from her trip on her shirt. "Then maybe we could spend some time together. Watch a movie. Play a game. I don't care, as long as you're both here."

Mara generally disliked the water but as a cat she was a fastidious groomer... she didn't like to feel dirty. Right now the prospect of a shower was more appealing than anything. Well, almost anything. More than either of those, she wanted her Jin close by, and Amir too.

"I will be back shortly," she said, still smiling. She took her smaller suitcase from Amir and tugged it behind her toward the hallway, turning back when Jin politely, almost innocently, inquired if she needed help.

Mara looked down at her shirt, which was a fairly simple pullover. Even as she looked back at Jin, though, her skin was warming and she felt the familiar glow of desire that she'd so missed.

"I might need a little," she said with a smile. She raised her eyes to both men, but Amir slid back slightly. It was all right; they needed to talk before they could consider anything else.

Mara continued down the hall and entered the bedroom. She sighed happily at the familiar, comfortable darkness, the puzzle box in the corner, the starry twilight scattered all over the walls, floor, and ceiling. Immediately she noticed another change. The bed was larger. Mara felt a smile creep across her lips. Maybe, with Jin and Amir together, they had needed the room. But Mara suspected otherwise. Neither one of them was a restless sleeper... she had the occasion to know. Amir was thinking for three. So even if he didn't say it, or act upon it, right away, she knew where his head was. That was good... Mara knew they had to sort things out but it seemed Amir was already starting to.
Amir 12 years ago
Amir saw Jin and Mara taking in his 'new' suite. he had to agree, it was a bit of a departure. But he wanted to find himself again and it seemed like it would be helpful to try and redefine the space he lived in. Naturally Mara and Jin were foremost on his mind. Both of them enjoyed eating on occasion; it was the sort of social activity that appealed to them. Amir could take it or leave it... but, he wanted to do things with them.

Jin's arm around his waist made him glance at Mara. He smiled slightly at the Nightsman and leaned into the brief embrace before Mara did the same. Amir tried to school his expression into something a little less smugly pleased. All this hugging and schmoopy physical affection had to be bad for the skin... or something... but it wasn't really working. He was happy to have Jin and Mara here, happy to have surprised them. And, perhaps, a little proud of himself to have broken out of his mold a bit.
"It needed to be done," he said softly, lifting his shoulders.

Mara expressed her desire to be clean and Amir didn't blame her; he'd have done the same. A trip that long would make anyone feel a little grubby. As she turned to look at them both, responding to Jin's question, he slid back slightly. He waned to go to her. He wanted to be the one to truly welcome her home... but that was Jin's place right now. He reached out, squeezed Jin's hand reassuringly, and then let it go to gently push Jin forward.

"Better go help," he said with a sly little grin. "She could get lost. There are some changes in the bedroom too."

He looked at Jin innocently, no trace of stress or jealousy upon his face. It was all right. Amir wasn't quite ready to have that conversation yet. Soon, yes, but not immediately. Tonight was for Mara and Mara needed Jin with her. He would be with them both soon enough.
Jin 12 years ago
Jin grinned at Mara's acceptance of aid. He looked back at Amir as she took her suitcase and headed into the bedroom. The Huntsman squeezed his hand and told him to go help. He paused long enough to brush his lips lightly across Amir's.

"Don't go too far. We might both get lost and need you to come help us." Jin smiled, loving the more content expression that Amir wore since they had arrived back home with Mara. He knew they needed to talk and Amir needed to be sure that Mara was as okay with him being a part of their relationship as he was. Perhaps boundaries needed to be set; honestly he had come to think that the respect and love he had for Amir did not require any limits. He wanted Amir with them and so long as Mara did as well then there was nothing complicated about the entire relationship. First things first though.
He headed into the room, peeking around the door at her and smiling happily.

"I am so glad you're home."

Coming further inside, Jin gathered her into his arms once more. He nuzzled her neck softly, breathing in the clean scent of Mara and sighing in pleasure. "You know that I might not fully believe it though until you prove it to me...thoroughly. I'm a skeptic." Jin smiled against her skin, unwilling to pull away even the smallest amount necessary to adequately show her that expression.

He did find his way to her lips, reveling in the soft warmth of them. Nibbling softly on the bottom one, Jin then requested access gently with the tip of his tongue. Now that they were alone he could express some of the other ways he had been missing her. She felt right wrapped in his arms, pressed against him. His hands slid down the soft fabric of the light knit sleeveless pullover that she wore and crept beneath it. His breath caught in his chest as his hands made contact with smooth warm skin. Jin pulled away just enough to look at her with adoration and longing evident in his gaze.

"I must confess that all of me is glad you are home. And some parts of me would like to tell you that there has been plenty of rest to ensure no zombie making for the next five centuries. In fact we could even overexert ourselves for the first hundred...if you're willing."
Mara 12 years ago
Mara was relieved to have Jin follow her. She would have liked it if Amir came too, but she knew instinctively that he would not. Her face lit up, however, seeing Jin's face peering around the door as she lay her suitcase on the bed and opened it. She turned and floated into his arms, the feeling so natural and comfortable.

"I'm glad too," she murmured. She gave a long, soft sigh. Jin felt perfect. How he could have ever feared she might leave him... never. He was one of the best things that could ever have happened to her, and that was saying a lot for sixteen hundred years.

She gave a little 'hmm' of happiness at the feel of him nuzzling her neck, wrapping her arms around his in return. She had on the necklace he'd given her for Valentine's day, a piece of jewelry she never went without. Even in the dim light it sparkled against the dark fabric of her top. She reached down and tapped it gently with her fingernail.

"I thought of you every day," she said. "All the time. But I'll gladly give you all the proof your heart desires, my Jing."

His kiss was gentle, sweet, and wonderfully tender. Mara let herself melt against him, her heart giving a squeeze at the joy of being with him once again. The weeks she'd been gone might as well have been years. She parted her lips beneath his, drank in his questing tongue, and returned his caresses with all the passion she had pent up from being away.

When Jin pulled back Mara raised her eyebrows at him. framing his face with her hands she then gathered his long silken hair up and buried her hands in it, running her fingernails gently up the nape of his neck and diving into the thick strands of starlight. Her mouth tilted up in a wry little smile.

"Rest, hmm? I heard differently."

She laughed softly.
"If you think you're up for a hundred years of overexertion, merit, you will find me a willing test subject."

Mara tilted her head up and kissed Jin again, and again after that. She could not get enough of the way he tasted, the way he felt, smelled, looked... if anyone had told her last year that this would happen to her she'd have called them insane.

Now, all she wanted was him, in this moment. Remembering his response to her somewhat suggestive behavior over a month ago in a particular little boutique Mara pressed up against him, releasing her hands and sliding them down over his shoulders and chest. She smoothed them around Jin's hips and then down to his thighs, flirting with the edge of his tunic but not diving in. She pressed her hips against his, noting the truth of his words... yes, all of him was glad to see her. Just as glad as she was to see him.

Mara lifted her hands again, to Jin's hair, hesitating at the perfectly styled knot.
"Can I?"

His answer was affirmative, and Mara gently loosened it, tugging the fastener free and letting her lover's gorgeous curtain of hair loose. She pulled free the restrained bits in the front; she did not want them to get caught in a moment of activity. Still pressed tightly against him she kissed him once more and then pressed her cheek against his.

"Never again," she murmured into his ear before nipping it lightly and sucking gently on it for a moment. She wasn't going anywhere without him again.
Amir 12 years ago
Amir returned Jin's soft kiss. Damn, he was really getting to like those. He scowled as Jin pulled away. "I wasn't planning to," he said, under the pretext of trying to pretend he hadn't enjoyed that quite so much. He softened though as Jin went to join Mara. "I trust you know your way better than that, but if you need me I'll be here."

He did smile again; nodding his head toward the bedroom. Somehow he suspected Mara and Jin would manage without him... this time. He knew he was welcome. Even Mara's glances and touches indicated that. he just wanted to have a chance to talk to her first and make sure that was what they both wanted. Mara hadn't had a chance to see him since he'd woken up. Maybe he wasn't what she'd expected. But even that, he knew, wasn't true. He and Mara had been through too much.

Amir looked around his new kitchen, needing a task to occupy himself with. He wanted to welcome both Mara and Jin to their new home away from home. Something relaxing. Social.

Amir had no idea what that entailed.

So he fell back on tradition, long past, and got out a tea kettle. He'd made some purchases; this had been one. He found tea, plain green, and a tea pot. He filled the kettle, set it on the stove, turned it on, and then panicked.

Fortunately there was a website for this. There was a website for everything. Amir pulled up Google and quickly read over the temperature the water had to be at. Rummaging through a drawer he found a thermometer. When did he get one of those?

Pulling three mugs from the cabinet Amir set them on the counter and waited. He stared at the kettle impatiently. Then he glanced at his watch and realized that surely he was underestimating Jin's stamina. Five minutes was hardly enough.

Amir reached out and turned off the burner. Well... he could research. He sat down at his desk, tucked his feet under him, and tried to learn how exactly to make three decent cups of tea.

He was going to have to practice, if they were going to share a whole house... playing Betty Crocker was not his forte.
Jin 12 years ago
Jin smiled at Mara and nodded. He would appreciate plenty of proof. "Yes, please." His hands kneaded gently the muscles of her back; sitting in one of those airplane seats, even the more roomy ones, for so many hours was not comfortable. "Every time that I worry that I am imagining, or simply dreaming that you are back, I want to be able to reach out and touch you to reassure myself that you are real and here with me."

He blushed as Mara teased him that she heard differently about him resting. How did she and Amir manage to get that reaction from him so easily? Perhaps, Jin decided, it was because he cared so much what they thought of him. "Yes...well, there might have been less actual rest and more...recreation but it was without you so I can't be your mummy, unless you and Amir are planning on ganging up on me and turning me into a mummy together." He nuzzled once more on her neck, thinking he would not mind being ganged up on at all. "That might be a bit confusing. Which name do I chant?"

She said that they could overexert themselves for the next hundred years. "Good. We shall persevere in the name of science." Jin smiled against her skin. "It will be difficult but I believe that with dedication to the cause that we will manage adequately." That was an understatement; he planned to manage far more than adequately. Leaning back he looked at her. "Don't you think?"

His questioning glance was cut short as Mara moved against him, Jin closed his eyes and moaned in agonized bliss as he felt her hands roam over his chest and down his sides. He stood patiently still, feeling her gentle touch, anticipating more of it with every fiber of his being. Please, more.

Opening his eyes when Mara reached up to his hair, he smiled. His voice was somewhat more husky than before as he replied. "Of course." He loved the feel of her hands in his hair. If he were being truthful with himself then he would admit that part of the reason he put it up tonight was the thought of Mara taking it down.

His breath eased out of him in a small gasp as she nibbled on his ear. "I agree...never again." Jin held her tightly against him as if someone might try to take her away from him this very moment. Slowly he eased his hold on her and began to explore with his hands once more.

Jin gave her neck another kiss before sliding his hands further up and taking the pullover up and over her head. He held it loosely in his fingers as his eyes roamed over her slight graceful form and small but full breasts that were pushed up in a lovely lacy bra that was a shade of pink so pale that it was almost white. A smile spread across his lips and he half sighed as he spoke. "Beautiful. For me?" He brought one finger up to brush along the scalloped edge of the fabric that covered one mound and eyed her questioningly.
Mara 12 years ago
Mara moaned her approval of Jin's gentle massage. She couldn't help enjoying the sound of every little sigh that escaped Jin's lips, too. She had missed them so; imagining and dreaming about them, and him, had become standard for her every night she was away. "I'm here with you," she assured him, "and I will not leave again."

Perhaps it wasn't entirely true; surely their paths would part for short periods now and then, but not voluntarily, and never for long if she could help it. Mara didn't want to think about that right now. She was back home, in Jin's arms. Where she belonged. Only one piece of the puzzle was missing and she was certain that matter would be rectified soon.

She laughed softly at his teasing.
"You can chant whoever's name happens to appeal at the moment," she said, smiling into his dark eyes. She nodded at his dedication to science. How very forward-thinking of him.

The time for light banter was quickly fading as she heard Jin's moan at her touch. It made her heart race, knowing she could still please him, that he still wanted her. She hoped he always wanted her.

When she stood before him, feeling his eyes upon her and his feather-light touch upon the pretty lingerie she wore, Mara could not keep the smile from her lips.

"Yes," she simply said at his question. She would never have dreamed of coming home without bringing something fun for him to unwrap. Bringing her own hand up Mara pulled carefully at the belt that held Jin's tunic closed, peering up at him mischievously as it came undone.

With a hum of satisfaction Mara slid her own hands up Jin's chest, reveling in his warm smooth skin and the hard muscle beneath. She could never tire of touching him. She always wanted to please him.

To that end, Mara let her mouth drift over the golden skin of Jin's neck, down over his collar bone until she reached the little nipple of hardened flesh on the left side of his chest. She knew he loved it, and she needed to hear it... she took it into her mouth, pressing her soft lips against his skin and sucking lightly while her hands explored his sides, his hips, the beautifully sculpted muscles of his back.

She released him after a few moments, standing straight and pressing close once more to kiss his lips again. Her hands remained around his waist, slipping with a tiny edge of urgency beneath his pants. Mara had rarely felt so conflicted. She wanted to enjoy this time with Jin, which she had missed so much, yet at the same time she was desperate to join with him, to feel him inside of her and all around her. She, too, wanted to know with absolute certainty that he was real, and, moreover, that he still loved and desired her.
It wasn't that he had ever given her cause to doubt... but she hadn't realized several weeks could feel like centuries when the people you loved were half a planet away.
Jin 12 years ago
"At least you have the first letters in common... I can mumble convincingly in zombie speak after that." Jin added absently.

He smiled that she had been thinking about him when she chose what to wear this morning. In the haste to leave Africa she still had time to choose something for him. Jin leaned forward and kissed her tenderly. "Thank you. I love surprises." He was going to comment about looking for more of them but Mara tugged the belt holding his tunic closed. Jin raised his eyebrows at her and then looked down at his bare chest.

"Sadly, I was less considerate."

Mara's hands slid up his chest and Jin sighed happily. He guessed his lack of lacy accouterments had been quickly forgiven. Holding her gently in his arms, Jin tilted his head to the side and closed his eyes as he felt her velvety soft lips on his skin.

"I'll do better...next time..."

Her mouth brushed over his collarbone and Jin stopped thinking, moving, or even breathing. Mara moved lower and her lips wrapped around his left nipple. He found his breath in loud gasp that ended in a moan. Jin's hands clenched her tighter to him, until he remembered to make a conscious effort to loosen them.

His heartbeat seemed to thrum in his ears by the time Mara's lips left his. Jin opened his eyes and looked down at her. Noting the hands that were exploring the clothing he had left on him.

"At this rate we might not make it to the shower..." Despite saying that, Jin picked her up, letting her wrap her legs around him and moved into the bathroom. He set Mara down on the counter top and stepped away to start the water running.

Jin stepped out of his shoes and slid down the silk pants and boxers in one hurried movement. Those seconds spent on the tap and his clothes were far too long; his hands missed touching her already. Jin stepped close again, burying his face in her neck.

"...seemed like forever." He murmured quietly.

Leaning back, Jin smiled. "Well, at least we've gotten to the reunion part, right? And I haven't finished unwrapping my surprise."

He knelt and pulled the knee high boots off her feet, setting them aside with his own. Jin then slid Mara off the counter so he could unbutton the curve hugging jeans she wore. He pushed those down, reminding himself to take his time by placing small kisses on the skin that he exposed. Jin noticed very quickly that there were matching lacy panties. Wrapping his arms around Mara's legs, he looked up at her and smiled. "I definitely like surprises."

Jin fingered the soft satiny material lightly, placing a gentle kiss onto it before he helped Mara out of the last of her very pretty clothing. His head was telling him to take his time but the rest of him was winning the battle against patience. Then his head surrendered gracefully by reasoning that the shower was running and that Amir was waiting on them in the other room. Jin did not want to leave the Huntsman out there for very long, despite loving this private time with Mara.

Standing up, he wrapped his arms around her. "You are so thoughtful. I love you very much, Xiao Mao."
Mara 12 years ago
"Horribly inconsiderate," Mara murmured into Jin's lips, "to make it so easy for me to get my paws on you."

She was too busy paying attention to Jin's chest with her lips to say anything further. The moan she elicited from him was deeply gratifying. That was the sound she wanted to hear from him; she loved how expressive he was. Normally so quiet and somewhat reserved, Jin truly showed his tiger side when they made love. He managed to be everything at once - ferocious and gentle and intense and patient and everything that Mara could ever want or need.

She wouldn't mind it at all if the shower had to wait.

But Jin picked her up and she clung to him willingly as he carried her easily into the small bathroom just around the corner from Amir's room. She sucked gently at his neck while he did, leaning into him when he set her upon the counter, making it as difficult as she could for him to move away. He was swiftly unclothed and she watched him with undisguised hunger, her pale eyes sweeping over his body. Mara felt no shame in the action. Several months ago she might have, but Jin had long since crossed the border around her heart and he saw her for who she was. She didn't hide anything from him, and currently she wanted him fiercely.

As he returned to her she pressed against him, her hands sliding over the smooth golden skin she'd missed so dearly. Mara breathed in the scent of him; everything Jin. Clean, subtle, feline, with a hint of Amir to him. Whether that was a remnant of her Creator himself, or the fact that Jin and Amir had been sharing very close quarters lately, Mara did not care. It was part of Amir which was now part of Jin and she loved it.

"It's over now," she said as Jin buried his face in her neck.

He set about divesting her of the rest of her clothing and Mara took a few moments to revel in the sensation of being wanted and needed. It was still new to her, and it still felt amazing to have someone such as Jin feel like this about her.

She slid up against him as he wrapped his arms around her once more, giving a soft moan of her own as she finally felt him fully against her, warm skin against warm skin, his arms strong and tight, his body hard, eager to join with hers.

"Jing," she sighed softly, "I love you too. So, so much."

Twining her arms around Jin's neck Mara lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist once again. Their bodies fit together easily; she pressed herself intimately against him, eager for him, tilting her head to capture his lips with hers once more. She was breathless with the force of her own desire. The shower was twelve inches away and it seemed too far a distance to travel when they were already so close to that delicious sensation of sliding against one another.

"I want you," she gasped unnecessarily. That much was obvious from the silken wetness she already felt between her legs, inviting Jin in, welcoming him home. They'd waited weeks; if there was much more waiting Mara thought she might explode.
Jin 12 years ago
She had come to him many nights in his dreams saying just those words. Jin blinked, watching her intently, feeling her warm and real in his arms. She was here with him; this was not a dream. And she wanted him just as much as he wanted her.

"Mara..." Jin murmured in response to her statement. If there was going to be more to it then he had quickly forgotten it. Just Mara was enough.

The pressing need for her in the booth paled in comparison to the urgency he felt now. Jin walked them both the few steps into the shower, moving sideways so that he shielded Mara from most of the water.

Pushing her gently but firmly against the back of the shower, Jin removed one hand from around her waist and used it to guide himself inside her. There was overwhelming perfection in the feel of her wrapped around him in more ways than one. Jin's breath hitched in his chest as he pushed down the near sob of joy that demanded to be expressed.

"You have me, Amaret." Jin reminded her in a thick voice. "Always."

He began moving in a slow but steady rhythm. It was faster than they had begun on many occasions but Jin was determined to try make himself last, at least for little bit. His body urged him faster wanting to lay some physical claim on her, as if that could keep her from ever needing to leave again. His mind told him that the part he most wanted and needed was her heart and that meant loving her the best way he knew how.

Jin buried his face in her hair and breathed in the scent of her, wanting to touch more of her despite being pressed up against her. He wanted to fill all his senses with Mara until the fear of her leaving was gone.

"I want to taste you." Jin spoke softly next to her ear. The very real, rich taste of her blood was something that no dream could duplicate. He also wanted at least that small physical part of her coursing through him because he was her's and he wanted to be claimed as well.
Mara 12 years ago
Mara could have wept with relief as Jin wasted no time, stepping into the shower with her still wrapped around him. The cool tile of the wall felt good against the feverish skin on her back and she leaned gladly against it. Her name upon his lips resounded through her mind, the sound of it, the timbre and tone, summing up a world of love in just one word. She was ready for him, marveling at how quickly she could be, as he slid himself into her depths and his hips came to rest intimately against her.

Mara tightened her arms around Jin, hearing the emotion in his voice and feeling the same urgency, neediness, deep down to her core. As he began to move within her she gasped with pleasure at the feel of him. Her fingertips pressed into his back, kneading strong muscles, urging him onward. She leaned her head against his as he breathed in the scent of her hair. She couldn't express to him any more clearly how much she'd missed him. Jin felt it too; she knew it. It was evident in his every move and every sound.

"And I'll always be yours," she whispered to him. Mara didn't think truer words had ever passed her lips.

She shivered with ecstasy at each measured thrust, the tension building faster than she'd expected. Jin would always be someone special for her, above and beyond any other, for igniting this passion within her. Before him there was only pain, discomfort, and fear. With Jin, though, she felt real. Alive. Unafraid to love and be loved in return. She moved against him, remembering the steps of this dance instinctively, locking her legs around his waist and pulling him into her, sighing in delight as he filled her.

At Jin's soft request Mara pulled back and looked into his beautiful dark eyes, smiling. She tilted her head, captured his lips with hers, and kissed him deeply, savoring the taste of him, gently thrusting her tongue against his. When she broke away from him she raised her hands to the back of his head and drew him close, offering her neck to him with a soft moan.

"Yes," she said simply. She wanted him to drink, to take her in and make her his own once more. It had been too long since she'd felt his gentle draw and she craved him now, working against her neck, taking her emotionally as he claimed her physically.
Jin 12 years ago
Jin savored her kiss, returning it with equal fervor. He tasted her lips, his tongue sought her's in light but greedy insistent touches.

She told him yes when he requested to taste her and then brought his head down to her neck. Jin pressed his lips to it and paused there to appreciate the moment, feeling blessed to have her close again, to be loved by someone like Mara. He was awed and thankful.

With her so close and his intent foremost in his mind, Jin found that his teeth ached with a similar need as the rest of his body, a need for Mara. He closed his eyes and very slowly, reverently sank his teeth into her neck. Jin moaned softly as the first taste of her blood touched his tongue, his body shivered in ecstasy. He drew softly and the more deeply, wanting to feel her inside him. It was what he most needed; Mara came alive beneath him. The memory of her taste was but a faded shadow of the real thing. She was no dream; she was here. Her blood was warm, rich and so beautifully unique. It was far better than anything he could possibly imagine and tasting it again marked him as her's inside and out. The emptiness her absence had caused had been filled. He was her's and he was whole again.

Moaning softly, he pulled his fangs away and licked the tiny wounds. Jin rested his forehead against her shoulder, panting with with the exertion of restraint. "That...might have been unwise."

He leaned back and gave Mara a smoldering look filled with lust and desire that had been further ignited by the taste of her blood before pressing his lips firmly against her's. Jin devoured them with fervent almost demanding kisses before moving her jaw and back to her neck, sucking and tasting Mara's soft beautiful skin. His thrusts too became more insistent. Jin tried to hold something back, measuring the pace with deep thrusts, pulling nearly out before pressing back in, each time the feel of Mara sliding around him was enough to drive him mad with need.

"It has been too long." Jin said by way of an apology; he wanted this to last but he knew that it would end all too soon.
Mara 12 years ago
Mara tuned in to feel every tiny movement Jin made. She was focused completely on him as he bit her slowly. She let out her breath in a long sigh as he moaned. She could smell the rich tang of her own blood and felt Jin's entire body quiver. She knew then just how much he had needed her, as she needed him, and she was flattered by that notion... that someone like her could bring someone as perfect as Jin such pleasure.

She still held him pressed against her neck, surrendering to the delicious feel of his mouth working against her skin. As he drew from her, buried deeply inside of her at the same time, Mara moaned again, slightly louder. Jin's name was on her lips as she gently rocked her hips against his again and again. His bite was incredible; she felt it deep inside of her, all the way through her, her body trembling in his arms, so close, so close... and then he pulled away and the stars almost faded from in front of her eyes.

"I love you," she said as he rested against her. He was so tense, she could feel his body straining as he tried to control himself. She shook her head. "It wasn't unwise. It was just right."

Mara wasn't afraid of Jin. She knew there was an edge to him, buried beneath his amazing self-control. There was still a tiger living within him and it had to have its say. As he kissed her with much more insistence than before she melted against him, giving in to him at the same time as she met him on equal ground, demanding such fierceness from him. She wanted all of him; not just the tender gentle parts. She wanted everything that was 'Jin' that she had missed. He would never hurt her.

His mouth traveled along her skin and she writhed against him, angling herself to receive each of those deep, needful thrusts. She moved her arms beneath his, reaching from behind him to pull down on his shoulders, her fingernails digging in slightly, using him as her leverage to meet him as he stroked her. Her entire body felt like silk against him, pliant and warm, he transformed her from the fearful thing she'd been in the last few weeks, bringing her back to life.

"Don't stop," she moaned softly again. He needn't apologize. She wanted him, loved every movement, loved that desperation that matched her own.

Mara gripped Jin's shoulders even harder, locking her legs over his hips and pulling him in. She curled herself in toward him and let her own mouth do the journeying this time, sucking somewhat aggressively at his neck - certainly more so than she had ever done in the past.
"I am yours," she said softly just beneath his ear. "And you are mine, my Jing."

Turning the tables on him Mara sank her own delicate little fangs into his neck with a whimper of delight, drinking lightly, just wanting to taste him. She would feed herself after this... she hoped... but the taste of him was intoxicating, to drink from him while he was loving her so well was more than she had expected. Her body shuddered again, and she didn't try to restrain herself. She wanted Jin to know exactly how he made her feel and just what result his actions had on her. Every time.
Jin 12 years ago
"And I love you, Mara." She was so good to him; he had very much felt that absence of her love and care as a daily part of his life. Right now her words and actions were what he needed to hear.

A part of him was still afraid that he was being too forceful with her but Mara soothed his fears, matching his aggressive passion with demands of her own. He could feel her nails digging into his back and that was real and perfect.

She told him not to stop and Jin moaned softly in despair. He was not sure how much longer he could continue but he would do his best to fulfill her wishes for as long as he could manage. Jin felt that she was encouraging the current fevered pace; that he was not sure he could stop even if he wanted to. At this point his body was winning the battle with his head.

Jin gasped, pressing closer, if such a thing was possible, when Mara began sucking provocatively against his neck. He wanted to feel her bite; Jin made a soft needy whimper that was at odds with his aggressive thrusts. He arched his neck against her mouth, silently begging her to take from him too.

"Yes" Jin panted in reply to Mara's statement; he was, all of him, her's.

He felt her fangs enter his skin and that delicate little draw so gentle and sweet was enough. Jin shuddered and came, crying out her name as the waves of pleasure slammed into him with overwhelming force. He continued to move even as his body trembled in her grasp.

Jin laid his head on her shoulder again, silent tears mingling with the water of the shower. He hoped she wouldn't notice but it had been more than a physical release for him, all the pent up worry and anxiety had been exorcised with their joining. He would probably still wake up in the middle of the day just to make sure she was beside him and she might have to deal with him hovering around her constantly for at least a week but he still felt freer now to fully feel relief and joy that she was home.

His voice was quiet when he spoke but the words couldn't be more true.
"You make me so happy, Amaret."
Mara 12 years ago
Her bite had the effect she'd hoped for; Mara hadn't wanted Jin to try and slow himself down for her sake. She had wanted his release, wanted to feel him inside of her, wanted him to reach that feeling of absolute joy and peace with her. She wasn't disappointed. As he cried out her name she clung tighter still, releasing his neck and climaxing with him in a sea of blinding light as she felt every pulsing sensation deep inside of her, his name on her lips as she took him in gladly.

It was still emotional for her, feeling him come. It was a joy, it was ecstasy, but it was also touched with the bittersweet vivid reminder of a time when such an act had her terrified that a child would come of it. Now that thought remained, mingled with sadness that that would never be the case with Jin. It was a small thought now but still present, and as she came back to herself she found she was trembling along with Jin, clinging to him fiercely, whispering his name softly over and over. Gently she lapped at the two already-healed wounds she'd created upon his neck, enjoying the sight and symbolism of them.

Mara nuzzled his cheek as he lay his head upon her shoulder. She kissed his face and tasted saltiness that had nothing to do with shower water. Prying her fingertips from his shoulders she smoothed them over his neck and back, murmuring softly in Chinese, soothing words of love and affection. She knew how Jin felt about being left, for any reason. He'd told her of his past love and Mara understood something of his fears. She could only soothe them the best way she knew how, by holding him close and letting time do its work. Mara didn't plan on parting from him any time soon.

"You bring me joy," she whispered to him. "I'm so glad to be with you again. I won't leave. We have a home to start putting together, don't we."

She lifted his face to hers and kissed him slowly, thoroughly, still shaking with pent-up emotion. She could kiss Jin forever, drowning in the perfection of his embrace, basking in the warmth of his every emotion.

It was with great reluctance that she pulled herself away. They could not bask beneath the shower forever. She moved against him with a sigh before dropping her legs back down to the shower floor as their bodies parted. She missed him already, wanted him back already. Mara continued to cling tightly to Jin as the hot water of the shower soaked her hair and trickled in rivulets down her back.

She stood on her toes with a mischievous smile and nipped gently at his ear.
"I want you again," she murmured. "And again."