Matt 'Lewis' Kearney

Basic Information

Birth Name (Name Guidelines): Matthew 'Lewis' Kearney
Aliases: Nerd, Lewis, Lew, Matty
Place of Birth: Northern Scotland - Isle of Lewis and Harris
Age: (real and apparent) (see the age breakdown for vampires here, see the real/apparent age calculator for werewolves here) Real - 30, Apparent - 26.5 (gifted at 14) Born 1981
Male/Female: male
Current Occupation: IT Piper
Past Occupation: (If different from above) Hacker


Hair Color: blond
Length and Style: military style flat top
Eye Color: green
Skin Color: Caucasian
Height: 6'1
Weight: 240 lbs
Nationality: European
Race: (I.E. Vampire, Werewolf, human etc.) Werewolf
Body Type: Athletic, muscular, lean frame
Wolf Form (Werewolf - please read first): golden light brown with green eyes
Description (if an NPC) or name of your creator/gifter(if a PC) ( Please be as specific as possible, who your creator/gifter was, why he chose to change you, where is he/she now?):

Gifted by father - fourth cousin to Jameson family

Personal Questions

1. Describe your character's personality -

Lewis is every bit the shy nerd. Extremely proficient in computers, he has spent his entire life absorbed in them. Despite being an attractive man, he is painfully shy, nerdy, and socially unaware of women.

He is also a fanatical believer of UFO's and the government conspiracy. He will talk anyone's ear off who shows the least bit interest in it.

2. Describe how your character would appear to a stranger (I.E. typical dress, way they carry themselves etc.)

Lewis wears button ups or regular t-shirts and jeans. Rarely checks his appearance and tends to leave his shirt tails untucked.

3.What does your character like?

Enjoys computer programming
Surfing the internet
Reading manga, mysteries
UFO conventions

4. Dislike?

Being sociable
heavy drinking
ergonomic keyboards - damn his wrists, that's how he types!
IDE vs Sata drives

6. What are your fears? (please choose and explain 3 minimum)

Alien Abduction - after many years of searching the internet for information, Lewis firmly believes in aliens and alien abductions, to the point of a real, tangible paranoia that is often fed by misinformation.

zombies - After the near destruction of the city several Halloweens back, Lewis has single-handedly built a faraday enclosed Apocalypse lair two hundred feet underground, located in the Long Run. It is near completion and can hold up to thirty people. This is where he runs his parallel Piper system.

Being a Piper - a common fear that some of the Alpha Pipers seem to share, but never talk about, is their possible inability to safeguard the Alpha and maintain their position within the core. As a support Piper, he does not often participate in the physical aspects of the team, leaving him to feel inferior compared to the rest. His job as the IT Piper is invaluable, but that does not help alleviate the insecurities he has.

7. What is your character's strengths and weaknesses? (please pick 3 minimum of each and explain in detail how and why this affects your character)

Strengths -

attention to detail -

Dots his I's and crosses his T's in an almost OCD manner. The depth of Lewis' code are genius level as well as his ability to immediately find errors and inconsistencies make him an invaluable part of the Pipers and ruins every single mystery movie they have seen together.

ability to think abstractly -

Lewis can think on several levels at once and is able to compartmentalize the incalculable amount of tasks needed to maintain his ability to be the 'eye in the sky' for the Pipers. No task is impossible, no building impenetrable, no system unbreakable.

Incredible memory -

More of a semantic memory, Lewis' ability to retain knowledge learned and refer back to it immediately. Also his procedural memory, which is the unconscious memory of skills and how to do things, particularly the use of objects or movements of the body, such as playing a guitar or riding a bike, is beyond Lewis' unconscious and he has the ability to remember everything he has learned (code, types of programming and systems, flashbulb type events) in an instant and conscious recall. Similar to Vivienne's observational learning, but once Lewis learns something, he never forgets it. This only applies to the analytical portion of his mind - social mores are still beyond him.

Weaknesses -

Gullible -

An incredible analytical mind, Lewis still believes everything he hears. Does not understand why a person would feel the need to lie.

socially stunted (IE NERD) -

Social mores and situations are lost on Lewis. His innocent outlook on life has left him in many awkward situations, especially his knack for forgetting that he has an inner monologue.


He 100% believes in UFOs, little gray aliens, and the government conspiracy. He has hacked into systems and stolen data (real or not) and believes in everything.

Werewolf -

Abilities - Listed here (Include Tier Points) -

Keen Claws
Human in Wolf Form

Flaws - Listed here(Include Tier Points) -

Technology Junkie
Feline Provoker

Hobbies & Skills (for more information, read here)

Rebuilding computers
Upgrading the Piper CPU and his Apocalypse Lair
Types 150 WPM
Computer coding/programming

Cosmetic Traits(Distinct, character defining physical attributes. These should be minor and offer no real power other than to make your character appear more interesting.)

- silver burns on his fingertips from working with metal to build his computers and Apocalypse Lair
- capped front teeth from a bicycle accident as a kid
- appendicitis scar from the age of 12

Quirks and Habits worthy of mention -

Spend all his free time at his computers
Won't talk for hours at a time, then will not stop talking if engaged about his computers
Worst penmanship - completely illegible
Runs several websites about UFO conspiracies

Personal History 3rd person (1st is acceptable) but please be as detailed as possible, this can/will affect your rp with other players.

Viv walked into the Situation Room with one goal in mind: Matthew Kearney. Matt, or Lewis as he's fondly referred to, was sitting at his main console, staring intently up at the three gigantic glowing monitors in front of him. A soft, eerie green glow tinted his face and paled his baby blond hair. His eyes flick from the monitors down to the console, completely engrossed at the task at hand.

Walking up behind him, Viv cleared her throat, making him suddenly run his fingers over the multiple keypads and then swivel his chair around to look at her.

"Hi, Viv," he said with a bright smile and soft, green eyes.

Viv looked at Lewis and shook her head. "Hiya, Lewis. Am I interrupting something?"

"Uh," he turned back and looked at his monitors. "Not really? I was working on a new program. Is it my turn to talk to you?"

"Yeah, but it can wait...."

"Oh, no no. Now is great." Lewis rolled his chair back and grabbed a chair at the other end of his console and rolled it back for Viv.

Sitting down in the chair, Viv looked at the monitors in wonder. "So you built this all yourself, right?"

"Ayup. Ground up. I'm always upgrading her though."


"Well, you know. It's like Marko's engines or Charlie's biometric physics."

"Yeah I'm not even sure what Charlie does, other than R&D stuff."

Lewis narrowed his eyes in an overtly conspiratorial fashion. He leaned in closer to Viv and whispered, "Wanna see something cool?"

Snorting, Viv's eyes appraised the shy, goofy Piper. Lewis was one-of-a-kind, that was for sure. At 6'1, he was slightly shorter than the other Pipers, but by far the most handsome. Viv knew for a fact that Lewis did not work on his appearance, such as it was. His flat top curved up to the right and was bright with soft highlights that women would kill for, not to mention his absolutely green eyes and effortlessly charming smile. And that was just the icing on the cake - the rest of Lewis was just ridiculous, considering he was more of a support Piper than a Field one.

Viv looked at his biceps that were straining against the folded material of his uniform, muscles cut all the way down to his fingertips, she knew he spent only the mandatory time working out with the Pipers (their morning run) but still held a physique that she would personally kill puppies just to see. His skin was flawless, except for the silver burns on his hands, appendicitis scar, and the cleft in his chin. He was, in a word, the best looking nerd she had ever seen and just having him lean closer to her made her heart skip a beat, but she knew he had no idea of his affect on women.

What nerd would?

"You're not going to show me a dead body or anything, are you?"

Lewis snorted and laughed. Wow, hi to you, nerd, she thought. "No. Come here, lemme show you."

Lewis reached out and grabbed Viv's hand, pulling her out of her seat and directly into his lap, facing her away and toward the monitors. She was immediately aware of his rock hard thighs beneath her and the breadth of his chest behind her. Clearing her throat, she felt her legs drop to the outsides of his as he scoot forward and positioned himself underneath her. Reaching forward, she balanced herself on his knees in between her thighs and tried not to giggle like a school girl.

"Wh--, ok Lewis. What are you...?"

Lewis' arms came around and he pressed her up against the console as his hands came down on the desktop and pulled an arched panel from beneath his desk. It pulled out and came up, locking in place. Viv looked down at the panel and was immediately intrigued.

"What is this?"

"This is something Charlie and I have been working on. You know Charlie is like genius smart? Except he's not all that great in computer programming. But then I'm not that into his biological computational...stuff. But together, we came up with this."

Lewis ran his hand over the frosted panel. The material looked like a soft gel pack, but with his touch it immediately became transparent and created a light show that formed into a three dimensional cube hovering just inches above the panel itself.

"Right now I'm writing code to eventually turn this cube into a scaled model of whatever I want to represent. Check this out."

Lewis reached down and took Viv's hand and extended her index finger, touching the three dimensional hologram. The cube broke open into horizontal sections and with her other hand, he made her fingers spread the sections into single units.

Viv was acutely aware of his touch and the soft laughter behind her shoulder where he was pressing his mouth up against her skin. Despite the fantastic accomplishment displayed in front of her, she realized that Lewis had absolutely no clue, not one inkling as to the sexual tension he was creating. She chuckled at the three dimensional cube, reaching out to touch parts of it, assembling and disassembling the cube.

"Pretty cool, huh?" he asked, resting his chin on her shoulder, looking at her with those green eyes.

"Pretty amazing, yeah, Lewis."

"When I can use this in real world situations, the applications will be limitless. Can you imagine?" Lewis began to rattle off the uses the program would have and the 3D technology responding to unusual amount of terms that Viv could only barely understand when finally she held her hand up.

Twisting in his lap, Viv turned toward him, side straddling him. "This is all fantastic, Matt, but you ever consider getting out more?"

Lewis laid his hand on Viv's thigh and tapped his fingers as he looked up in thought. Again, Viv was aware of the callused feel of his fingertips. He contemplated her question and then shrugged, smiling that half smile that, even as a happily engaged woman with a man she would love for the rest of her life, still made her stomach twist into knots.

"Yeah, I suppose I should. Women don't really seem that interested in me though."

Viv's mouth opened slightly in astonishment. " are one in 7 billion."

Lewis' bright and brilliant smile spread across his ever slightly pouting lips, mesmerizing Vivienne. "Thanks, Viv."

"How? I just want to know how you do it, Lewis?!" Viv looked past Lewis and saw Red standing aghast by the door into the Sit. Room. "In your lap? How...dude...teach me!"

"I don't know what he's talking about," Lewis said in all seriousness.

Viv reached out and gently tapped his cheek. "I know dear. Just, sit there and look pretty."

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