Assistance - Questions and Issues (RP ONLY)

Kenley Merriweather is human and very much off limits. With a slight wave of her delicate hand, Kenley beams a welcoming smile to you.

"You're the new one! Welcome to Tacharan. I'm Kenley, the Leader's executive assistant."

Kenley is polite, efficient, and nods for you to follow her further into the Domicile. The details of your turning are known to Kenley, as is most of your background, so she seems like an old friend in how welcoming she is being. Leading you down a steel hallway, you notice that your new clan home is made completely of reflective, shiny steel. Near each door is a two by two foot black glass panel. Kenley stops near one and smiles prettily at you.

"I am always available to answer any and all questions you might have about Tacharan - whether you are new to us or returning after time away. You will always have a home here in the Domicile, decorated in any style that you wish. Just let me know. However, we do need to get you into our database, so go ahead and stand right in front of this panel for me please?"

Kenley tilts her head and you notice her soft, porcelain skin against her deep red lips. Her style is retro 50's and her hair is a deep, dark natural red. You're distracted by her and her smile deepens.

"Just place your hand on the panel."

Finally looking away from her, you notice that the computer panel is now on, bright with a three dimensional figure of a hand hovering just above a small slab that has slid out from the steel wall. Without hesitating, you place your hand through the 3D image and immediately spider-like needles shoot out and extract a sample of your blood. It is over before you even realized what has happened. Pulling your hand back, you see the small pinpricks fading quickly.

"All done," Kenley says in a soothing voice. "Again, if you have any questions about the Domicile here, living outside in the city, or you need to speak to the Leader, just let me know. I'm happy to help." Taking you by the arm, Kenley pulls you back toward the elevators.

"Now, why don't we find you a nice apartment?"