General Rules and Regulations

Standing at six foot three with wide shoulders and a dark, sharply creased suit, Simon Huntington is as enigmatic as he painfully quiet. He is also your Leader. If you're new, well then you've never known Tacharan to be led by anyone else, but if you've been around and are coming back to the clan after time away, well...things have changed.

Your leader can normally be found at the Abattoir, the clan club above the Domicile itself. A vampire haunt known only to our kind or our human familiars. Any other human present is lunch. This is where you find Simon, standing in front of the door of his office, overlooking the steel pit of gyrating bodies. Leaning down on the rail, his suit coat is hanging next to him; his attire clean, neat, and accenting his lean athletic physique. He does not bother to acknowledge your presence, but instead speaks just loud enough for you to hear.

"This little speech will be about your new clan. You've no doubt spoken to Kenley, my assistant, or you will - but I'm sure you know that clan safety is above all else."

It is now that the Leader chooses to look at you. His eyes are a soft, hazel brown but there is no compassion or warmth in his stare.

"Where you hunt is your business. What you hunt is your business. But if you get caught doing anything that would reveal what you are and where you're from...then it is my business. I don't think I need to be any clearer than that. Do you?"

Suddenly appearing next to him is a dark haired woman with watery green eyes. It is exactly who you think it is. Ellis Duban, the old Leader of Tacharan and the new Leader's woman, gives you a cold, slow smile.

"Welcome to Tacharan," Ellis says to you as she drapes her arms around the Leader's shoulders.