Opening Night (Open)

((OOC: The grand opening of Terminus has been big news in Nachton for weeks. The complex is huge and puts a new spin on night clubs and gaming establishments. The owners have spared no expense in advertisement and entertainment. Come join us. Enjoy the show! ))


Opening night had finally arrived. They were doing their best to make it an event to remember. They had a big pre-show that began around mid day for the crowd that had begun to form before the doors opened. Around dusk several live bands began to play for the much larger audience as the sun set and the doors opened.

Then Evan began his magic show. Normally he was not fond of big stage acts. He preferred more up close and personal illusions but you just couldn't beat big and flashy for keeping the attention of the crowd.

He appeared on stage in a puff of smoke. That was the mandatory magician's entrance wasn't it? He was dressed all in white: jeans, boots, shirt and trench coat. The coat and shirt had a thin line bright blue PVC piping to add a futuristic flair. Evan had his hair loose and with a few white owl feathers braided into one side. A white band of face paint ran in a horizontal strip across his nose and eyes.

His performance began with taking one of the white feathers from his hair and transforming it into a small owl that flew from his grasp. Evan then produced a little replica contraption of an early flying machine. It rose from his hands and out over the stage before disappearing. Next a full scale version of of an old Vega prop plane was rolled onto the stage. He made it vanish and reappear with a woman dressed in an early aviation outfit at the helm.

Further illusions included more modern planes leading to space shuttles and eventually to a futuristic space craft.

Evan disappeared in a beam of light to be replaced by Kiyoshi.

Reign 12 years ago
Reign was having a hard time not laughing at Lewis. It really was sort of funny and at the same time she felt sort of bad for him. Boy he was going to regret this later. And apparently he really was that much of a light weight.


She asked curiously, that she thought they could talk about. And it wasn't something she'd expected to hear either. Under pressure she might admit to watching a few 'documentaries' now and then about things like Area 51, but just for fun or when she couldn't sleep or if narrated by Lenard Nimoy. That man had a sexy voice. If nothing else, she knew the X-Files version of things.

She watched as he tried to order something, had to stop to answer Red and went back to ordering. At least she wasn't the only one trying not to laugh. None of the banter was malicious though, it was casual open, well like a family.

As she she had to drive herself home she was nursing the remains of her drink for all she was worth.

"Good. I'm glad to hear that."

Reign suspected that this might only be a fuzzy memory to Lewis tomorrow. She thought about asking him to dance but didn't want him to hurt himself, and with the other guys that could be awkward.

When the bar tendered offered the advices about not chugging it she pretended not to notice, but it was good advice.

Yup, he was trying. Reminding herself that he was not sober and not to set too much store in anything, but still finding it a little sweet she sort of compromised.

"You know I haven't checked out the games yet."

That wouldn't require too much moving around and wouldn't leave any one out and would get him away from the bar before he got in too much more trouble.
The Pipers 12 years ago
Kiyo handed Lewis the beer and he eyed it suspiciously for a moment before answering Reign. Looking back at her, he left his hand on top of hers as he slid off the bar stool, his other hand bracing himself for a fall.

"Uh oh," Red murmured.

Standing on his own two feet, Lewis felt the sway of alcohol in his stomach wanting to pull him to the ground in a heap, but he cleared his throat and blinked bleary eyed down at his feet. His legs were not betraying him, not yet anyway, and he gently pulled on Reign's hand.

"Cool, ok. Just checking to make sure my legs still worked. And they do!" Pointing at the Pipers with his free hand, he yelled out, "Stay. All of you. Staaaaay."

The other Pipers erupted in laughter and stayed put, watching him attempt to woo Reign.
JT Paulson 12 years ago
"Where are you going there, hero?" JT asked as Lewis tugged on Reign's hand.

"Well, I am hoping to walk Miss Reign here over to some games. Then in, I don't know, about ten, twenty minutes, I might try and kiss her. You know, depends on what game we play first, I think."

JT rested an elbow on the counter and covered his eyes with his fingers. Lewis was so out of it he was having trouble with his inner monologue.

"Alright man. Good luck with that," JT said raising his coke to Lewis.

Red leaned in closer to JT and mumbled, "The sad thing is, this is the smoothest I've seen him with a girl. Usually he has no clue."

"See, I don't get that. Look at him." JT had noticed several women coming by, ordering their drinks but keeping an eye on their blond IT, and not once did Lewis even notice them. "He is, by far, the better looking of us all...."

"Hey hey. You're cutting me deep there, bro."

JT snorted.
"Seriously, he is positively adorable." Grinning, he shrugged. "It's just bizarre to see a good looking guy be such a clueless nerd."

"That is his most endearing quality, I have to say." Red rolled his eyes and chuckled.
Reign 12 years ago
Oh crap, she thought as he wobbled. She was going to kill him. How did you explain that? Undoubtedly the Doc would take it well. She closed her eyes, cracking just the one to make sure he didn't fall flat on his face. Wow, he was worse than she'd thought.

OK it was a little embarrassing, but way worse for Lewis. It was nothing she couldn't roll with and she was actually having fun. And, Reign would prefer he flirt (for broad definitions of flirt) with her, it had to be better for every one to keep things in the family so to speak. Reign would hate to see some one take advantage of him.

"Maybe a rain check on the game big guy."

She laughed. Although she hoped his sense of humor stayed in tact when he thought this all though sober.

At least she wasn't so out of practice she was misreading signals, even ones as muddled at Lewis'. Still her eyebrows shot half way up her forehead as he announced his game plan. Now under normal circumstances she would probably be fine with that game plan but she'd done one drunken one night stand in her life and didn't plan on making a habit of it.

"It's the best offer I've had in a while, but you might have better luck with that if you were sober sunshine."

Reign smiled at him, she'd take a rain check on that too if he wanted or was actually serious about it.
The Pipers 12 years ago
Lewis blinked at Reign. "Oh no, if I were sober, there is no way I'd even try and talk to you. You're a girl!"

"God, I hope the security cameras have audio." Dom looked at at Kiyo, pleading. "Please sell me a copy of your security tapes. This is pure gold."

"Be nice, Dom. Lewis is a very shy person, is all." Marko gently shoved Dom's shoulder, which resulted in moving him a good two feet instead.

"They're not kidding. I'm horrible at women." Lewis blinked unhappily, his eyes still feeling watery. "Are you sure I can't try and kiss you in like," he checked his watch again, "fifteen, no ten minutes. Tops. I can do it in ten minutes."

Dom said in his best auctioneer voice, "Do I hear five minutes?"

"Annnnnnd he starts to negotiate," Red contributed to the peanut gallery.

"Aw, you guys are mean," Lewis grumbled. "Don't listen to them, Miss Reign." He paused, considering his situation. "Are you sure you don't want to go play a game? Oh no wait, nothing that requires any type of coordination though."

"That's everything, Matt," JT snorted. "That's kinda the whole point of playing games."

"Hand-eye coordination is overrated," Lewis pointed out matter-of-factly.

"Probably shouldn't tell her that, dude," Red suggested.

Lewis grimaced angrily,
"Aw, go on."
Reign 12 years ago
Reign giggled at that observation.

"Thank you for noticing. But that shouldn't stop you from talking to me while sober I'm relatively harmless in the grand scheme of things. Scouts honor."

He was a werewolf, there were vampires running around the city and he was worried about her being a girl. It boggled the mind a little.

She was not above encouraging him. Keeping half an ear turned to the other Pipers she wondered at the idea. It wasn't something that would have crossed her mind. Like all of the guys he'd been nice and polite and he was a good looking guy. You had to be blind not to notice that.

Hey the count down was going down rather than up. At least he wasn't having to talk himself into it that would not have been smooth. So he wasn't totally hopeless. Reign placed her hand on his.

"If I weren't worried about you falling off your bar stool right now I'd not be above dragging you off into a corner and letting you get at least to second base."

Doing her best not to notice some of the color commentary, she leaned over and gave Lewis a little peck on the cheek.

"You can try in ten minutes if you want or you could just ask me out some time. I'd say yes."

She could count the number of times she'd asked a guy out on one hand. But maybe if she gave him an answer up front Lewis wouldn't feel as awkward asking the question.

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Evan Talkingwater 12 years ago
Evan wandered away from the couple that may or may not be headed to the Video Gaming concourse to play some DDR. They still seemed to be deciding as he waded through the crowd and walked up behind the bar. There were a whole group of guys and one girl that were all talking to each other. He had not been there long enough to find out whether they all knew each other or just became bar friends who struck up a conversation with the aid of night club atmosphere and alcohol.

"I have something for you." Evan leaned over Kiyoshi and spoke just loud enough for the werewolf to hear him. "When you have a moment."

He patted Guillaume on the arm and gave him a friendly smile. "How's it goin?"

It seemed that the group all knew each other because they were ribbing one of their friends about his lack of drinking stamina. Evan got to hear the beer request full of dramatic suspense as the poor guy tried to sort out what he was trying to say. He figured Guillaume could sort that out while he made a couple of mixed drinks for another group that walked up. Evan didn't have Kiyo's flair but he was at least fast and efficient.

Listening to the blond guy do his best to get a date or a kiss, or maybe a date and kiss, Evan did his best not to smile. It was charming in its drunken sincerity and it seemed to be working for him.
The Pipers 12 years ago
Lewis narrowed his eyes in silent contemplation.

"So...I could try to kiss you in ten minutes or I can ask you out and you'll say yes." He paused, an effect not lost on the other Pipers. "But, could I do both...right now?"

It was a fair question, at least in his mind.
Reese E Deardon 12 years ago
"I can't even begin to understand how you luck into shit like this, Matty." Red grinned, leaning back on the counter.

"Unbelievable," JT murmured next to him.

They all knew Miss Reign from around the property and as the Alpha's friend, but I don't think it ever occurred to any of the Pipers, certainly not Lewis, that she might be interested in dating one of them. Whether Lewis was scoring himself a hot one night stand or an actual girlfriend remained to be seen, but the stupid fucker was lucking out, even in the inebriated state that he was in.

"If she says yes, I will kill myself," Red mumbled under his breath.
Reign 12 years ago
She nodded as he reiterated the offer. If this was anything like his ordering a beer it could take a minute or five and she didn't want to rush him. Reign's lips twisted in amusement when he finally did say something.

"Well... I didn't say it was a one or the other did I? Sooo... yes. But,"

There had to be a 'but' here, wasn't a terrible one though.

"if you forget you asked me out, chicken out or otherwise stand me up I'm going to be cranky."

How the hell had this happened? She wasn't knocking it even if they did have an audience. Reign was a little surprised she'd always rather assumed that the Pipers were... well claimed or not interested or out of her league. Apparently some of them were more approachable when inebriated. She might tip the bar tendered extremely well.
Guillaume 12 years ago
Guillaume snorted, between serving beers, at the request for their security tapes. He only shook his head. Honestly he didn't think it was a serious request so he didn't answer. But he had to admit that at it was an interesting conversation. Although, he was a bit baffled that the drunk gentleman might actually get a date out of this. No one really understood woman did they? He would not have found the slow wobbly delivery attractive.

He looked up gratefully at Evan's appearance. Navid was in over his head and probably only barley being of any help to Kiyo.

"As long as I stick to beers and simple drinks it is going fine. How is the floor? It cannot be as entertaining as this."

Guillaume cast a quick but meaningful look at the small crowd. Evan would have enjoyed the exchange.
Kiyoshi Salinas 12 years ago
"Uh, I don't know," Kiyo said to the man who had asked about the security. "I don't really work there. I just do this stuff." Really, he was just a bartender... he had no idea if their security had audio. Should he know that?

Kiyoshi smiled with some relief when Evan came over; that was exactly the sort of thing Evan would be able to answer. But before Kiyo could redirect the
question Evan said he had something for him, and Kiyo perked up a bit.

"Um. Okay," he said, nodding at Evan.

He finished the current round of drink orders and gave a flourished little bow, excusing himself for a moment while he waited quietly for Evan to finish up what he was doing. He watched his boss's efficient movements, appreciating that he could tend bar just fine without the added theatrics Kiyo used. That's what they paid him for though... Kiyo wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't flairtend on a regular basis.
JT Paulson 12 years ago
JT's eyes went wide as Lewis seemingly stumbled into a date. Well not even really a date, but an offer to kiss a woman with a follow up date. Without even really trying.

"I am dumbfounded."

"He does this all the time!" Red grunted angrily. "How? How?!" His grunting escalated to girlish shrieking, making JT pull him away from Reign and Lewis, giving them some space.

JT had only known the Pipers since Christmas time last year, just barely eight months, but even in that short time, Lewis was a complete and utter mystery. He knew, without a doubt, that if Lewis had not become a Piper, he'd be living in his mother's basement, probably two hundred pounds overweight. But thanks to his werewolf and Jameson descendant genetics, he was the best looking nerd in the northern hemisphere.

"He is a god among nerds."

"How?? Seriously!!?" Red yelped.
The Pipers 12 years ago
JT pushed the other Pipers further down the bar, away from Lewis and Reign. Suddenly it occurred to Lewis what he was doing and with whom. He had just flat out asked a human pack member to make out, in a bar, and possibly go out with him later. Was that the right order of things? He honestly did not know.

"I have a pretty good memory." And he did, he had to with computers and programming. "I'm pretty sure I'll remember asking you out later. Pretty sure. I'm going to kiss you now, if that's ok?" Lewis grimaced with an embarrassed look and began to lean in when he realized something.

"I have beer breath. Is that ok? I don't carry," Lewis began tapping his pockets, looking for something minty, "those little tooth brush things. Those are handy. I smell coffee." It made him chuckle nervously.

"Oh my god just kiss her!" Red yelled unhappily.

"Should I just...? You know, yeah, let me just...." Lewis stepped closer to Reign and really looked at her for the first time. She was taller than most women he knew, definitely taller than Vivienne. With blond hair and pretty eyes, almost like the LT's. That was an odd thought, he decided. If he was going to kiss her, he didn't want to be thinking of the LT. Oh well.

Without delaying the inevitable any longer, Lewis reached out with his right hand and cupped Reign's face and pulled her close, kissing her directly on the lips. And not to shabbily, he thought to himself.

((OOC - Reign has permission to manhandle Lewis all she wants, by the way.))
Reign 12 years ago
How had it happened? Maybe because... oh screw it it happened. She wasn't about to go looking for logic here and decided that the question was really rhetorical. Because, yeah while sweet there was something ridiculously awkward about Lewis.

"And I've been drinking scotch. I won't hold it against you."

Thank god he finally made a move. It was good to know he could commit to something, even if he had thought too hard about it. No great sparks of wild passion but between witnesses and car bombs she wasn't worried about that.

With him standing she had to tilt her head back to kiss him, but she didn't mind that. After a second Reign leaned into Lewis a bit and wrapped her arms around his neck. Wile she didn't need things to get too hoochy Reign wasn't shy. It was quite enjoyable, she didn't even mind the beer breath.

His hands were softer than she'd expected and she was pleased he wasn't a limp lip kisser. If he actually remembered to ask her out this boded well. They'd just have to see though. She broke away before other bar patrons started to give them dirty looks though. PDA in moderation after all. She grinned up at him, her glasses slightly askew.

"Yeah, I'm gonna be disappointed if you don't as me out now you know."

She'd live, she'd might not even hold it against him, but she'd be disappoint.

((OOC... back at ya as far as Reign goes.))
The Pipers 12 years ago
Miss Reign seemed to enjoy the kiss, as far as Lewis could tell, but when she pulled away, he wasn't quite ready to stop and he felt his balance shift wildly. If she hadn't been holding onto his neck, he probably would've have fallen on top of her.

Blinking at her, he found it curious she was smiling. Licking his lips slowly, he noted the taste of her.
"Oh, you do taste like scotch."

His voice sounded suddenly hoarse to him, failing to notice the erotic edge of it and the action of his tongue across his lips. No move was calculated on Lewis' part; he wouldn't even know how to plan something like a seduction, even if he tried.

"But sure, if you still want to go out with me, we could...go to a movie or something?"

"Or something?! I hate you, Lewis," Red mumbled.

Looking down at Miss Reign, Lewis smiled.
"I never know what Red is talking about." Reaching up, he adjusted her glasses gently back up on the bridge of her nose.
Reese E Deardon 12 years ago
"See, it's not fair. Women love the clueless nerd."

"Helps he's easy on the eyes, I would imagine," JT added.

"He's like a conundrum," Marko offered.

Red rolled his eyes and let his shoulder slump.
"He's just...a mystery, wrapped in enigma, inside a nerd."

"His kind will rule the world someday," Dom sighed. "Choose your nerd masters now, guys."

Red leaned up against the counter and crossed his arms as he watched Lewis accidentally flirt with Reign. Maybe Lewis was faking the nerd act? It was impossible that someone like him physically would not know that his good looks were worth his weight in gold and then some. That every move Lewis made, which was usually purely innocent and by chance, would communicate such a high degree of erotic skill. It was impossible, Red decided.

"He must teach us."

JT snorted, "How to be a lovable nerd?"

"Yes. A lovable nerd. There in lies the key to untold sexual power, guys." Red nodded. "A god among nerds, indeed."
Reign 12 years ago
There was no way in hell she could stop him from falling but Reign slid off her stool and made an attempt to keep Lewis from toppling. He was, wow, solid. It was one thing to look and quite another to feel.

And that was just -way- too much for Reign. Her heart jumped into her throat and she blushed, not subtly either. Swallowing hard she realized it had been a while ummm... October? September? Crap almost a year. That could not be helping her right now. She couldn't stop grinning at him.

"Scotch drinker are you? Good I like you better already.”

She was rather having to concedntrate on her breathing or she be more or less panting after him and Reign didn't think that woul be attractive at all. Closing her eyes for a second she shook her head.

"I think I like that you don't know what he's talking about. But we can fix that, after the movie or something.”

Reign held her breath as he adjusted her glasses and decided it was a waste of effort. Because she'd decided that if he was shy she could be a little bit more forward, and that for one night she could be a little bit grabby in a bar, other people did it all the time, and that damned it she wanted to kiss him again. So she did and was of the opinion that this one was better.
Scott Kinney 12 years ago
Scott smiled down at her, and raised an eyebrow at her boast. "I've been practicing, though - hopefully I will be much more of a challenge for you now compared to the last time we played," he winked at Miya.

Truth be told - he hadn't been 'practicing' at all, or at least, not much. She had always beaten him - and soundly - at this game that she loved. But it WAS fun to play - and the resulting friskiness from her on those evenings following their 'competitions' was well remembered by him.

"Yeah, the owner was a real gent. If the rest of his crew is the same - I bet this place with do great. Opening night indeed! Very impressive place indeed."

He nodded to her and took up her hand, guiding her away from the bar and following the directions that the man had given them.

"I've told you a hundred times you're beautiful - and now a stranger has confirmed my accusations," he laughs. "Kinda hard for you to keep insisting that I am wrong about that anymore, young lady!"

He casually guides them along the path given them, looking for the indicated video game room in which to test his dancing shoes against those of his lady's.
Evan Talkingwater 12 years ago
Chuckling at Guillaume's answer, he shrugged. "It is pretty busy which is good. No one seems to have broken anything, the cops have yet to be called and no ambulance has been needed. I think that's a success." He looked over the large group that seemed to all know each other and shook his head. "No, I mingled and magicked with as many people as I could manage before my fingers got tired. So for a bit I will take some money instead of making it disappear. You want to try the mingling? I can give you a deck of cards..."

Turning to Kiyoshi, Evan reached into a pocket and pulled out a small necklace, handing it over without theatrics to the werewolf. They really did not have time for a whole lot of ceremony. The little choker had bits of blue sea glass and tiny white shells dangling in a small cluster at the front, some of which the bartender would likely recognize from their time walking along the beach picking up things of interest. He had attached that to some blue electrical wire that he ran through thin clear tubing. There were three small blue LEDs, two at each end of the cord and one amongst the cluster of glass and shells.

"When you attach the magnetic ends together to close it." Evan demonstrated by clicking the ends of the choker together. "then it lights up." The necklace glowed a soft blue that went well with the piping on their clothing. "You can also attach it this way if you don't want it to glow." He took the ends apart and looped them around to another catch so that the cord still made a loop but the magnetic pieces were not touching.

He shrugged at Kiyoshi and smiled a little self consciously as he handed over the little trinket. He wouldn't be hurt if the werewolf didn't want to wear it but Evan always hoped that the things he made were liked. He felt Kiyoshi should have the necklace since he helped find the things for it.

Evan smiled and nudged his fellow bartender after witnessing the kiss between the two blonds. "What did you put in those drinks? And can I have some of it?"

Listening to the other guys grouse about their friend's drunken good fortune, he laughed. "It helps to be able to fix their computers. Those late night emergency house calls for repairs get you into the door and qualify you for sainthood at the same time."