Home is Where the Heart is.

Fireflies. Adenline's eyes snapped open, a startled gasp escaping her lips as she glanced to the hand upon her shoulder. "It's your stop, Miss. We'll be leaving Nachton in five minutes, if you'd like to collect your luggage." With a slow nod the girl began to stand, fumbling with the bag in her lap a moment before slinging the leather strap across her shoulder. She'd just left behind everything she'd ever known and she was dreaming about fireflies.

Stepping off the bus, Aden made a point to thank the driver before setting off toward a nearby hotel. Cautious eyes took in her surroundings, noting the atmosphere; surprised by open venues. A quick glanced to her wrist confirmed her suspicions of the hour. And they said New York was the city that never sleeps? Arriving at the hotel, the girl proceeded to check in; signing the forums and accepting the keys.

A bellhop pointed her in the direction of her room and recommended the elevator. "Might you direct me toward the stairs?" Surprise colored the man's face, as he glanced toward the luggage in her arms and across her back. She would not give any explanation and was revealed when he did not ask, electing to simply point to his left. Even as she past the elevator and a man offered to hold the doors, Aden simply shook her head and marched on, traveling up four flights before arriving to her floor.

Unlocking her door, Miss Cain slipped easily into the room and began to examine it. First she inspected the bed, appropriately made and garnished with a few twined pieces of lavender. Next the bathroom, complete with fluffy towels and miniature toiletries. Finally, the girl crossed to the coffee maker; two cups, two bags of coffee and two straws. Pleased with the outcome of her inspection, she crossed to her bags and removed a pair of soffe shorts and a oversize t-shirt.

As she tugged off her traveling clothes and looked around the room yet again, Adenline Cain could feel the sting of tears behind her eyes, but they were trapped just there; forbidden to fall. Beating back the sudden pain that stabbed at her heart, she inhaled slowly before blowing the air out at a similar pace. Reaching up, the girl squeezed the pendent that hung from her neck; pressing it between her thumb and forefinger. "Home is where the heart is." she whispered to her self before sighing and climbing into bed.