Julian Stephenson - Human

Basic Information

Birth Name (Name Guidelines): Julian Stephenson
Aliases: Julie, Jules
Place of Birth: Catskill, NY.
Age: (real and apparent) (see the age breakdown for vampires here, see the real/apparent age calculator for werewolves here) 27
Male/Female: Male
Current Occupation: Musician, both solo and in bands and symphonies.
Past Occupation: (If different from above) Student


Hair Color: Dirty Blond
Length and Style: 5-6 inches long, in loose curls styled into a wild/careless arrangement.
Eye Color: blueish green
Skin Color: tanned
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 190 lbs
Nationality: American (random European mutt)
Race: (I.E. Vampire, Werewolf, human etc.) Human
Body Type: Youthfully fit, not overly muscular but not soft.
Wolf Form (Werewolf - please read first):

Description (if an NPC) or name of your creator/gifter(if a PC) ( Please be as specific as possible, who your creator/gifter was, why he chose to change you, where is he/she now?):

Personal Questions

1. Describe your character's personality: Julian is friendly, outgoing, openminded, and gregarious. He likes being around people, meeting new people, and performing. He isn't afraid of the spotlight. He has quiet moments, and periods where he likes solitude, but for the most part he prefers company.
2. Describe how your character would appear to a stranger (I.E. typical dress, way they carry themselves etc.) : Julian doesn't stand out. He's cute enough, in shape enough, and dresses pretty casually. He has a friendly smile which he uses frequently and tries to be welcoming and approachable, good qualities to have in a performer.
3.What does your character like? Music, archery, hiking, animals, particularly dogs.
4. Dislike? Arrogance, cold weather, driving, sleeping.
5. (For humans) Describe what abilities you see your character having if they were turned. Blech, I dunno. The vampire-y kind.
6. What are your fears? (please choose and explain 3 minimum)

Driving: Julian has a lot of trouble getting behind the wheel of any car. He'd rather walk, skate, ride a bike, surf, kayak, ANYTHING, than get into a car, taxi, or on a bus... especially in bad weather. He'd prefer not to be a passenger either. He won't in bad weather but -might- if it's dry and clear.

High exposed places: Julian doesn't mind heights unless there's significant exposure. He will not stand on the edge of any cliff, rooftop, etc. Doesn't like to climb ladders. There needs to be some kind of wall there.

Blood and gore: Julian cannot stand the sight of blood, gore, tissues, meat, etc. After his recent experiences the memories are too vivid. He used to be all right with it, but now he gets lightheaded, nauseous, and shaky. Horror flicks are right out.

7. What is your character's strengths and weaknesses? (please pick 3 minimum of each and explain in detail how and why this affects your character)


Mental Fortitude: Julian can withstand a lot of emotional stress. He has been through a lot of trauma and while it had an adverse effect on him, he managed to come out of it sane. It's hard to rattle him anymore after what he's seen.

Adventurous: Julian will try almost anything once as long as it doesn't prey on any of his existing fears. He tries to fill each day and each night with interesting things to do.

Creative: Julian writes most of his own music and lyrics. For a short time he fell into a rut and turned out some horribly morbid stuff but his muse wouldn't allow it for long, and he's gotten himself out of it once again. He tries to bring some creativity to almost everything he does.


Insomnia: Julian doesn't like to sleep. He'd rather fill his day and night with activity. He has frequent bad dreams and spends a lot of time writing music, watching TV, playing video games or less frequently, reading to pass time, sleeping only when he's too tired to keep his eyes open.

Alcohol: Julian has been known to drink excessively. Probably more often than he should. He isn't an alcoholic yet but he could easily turn into one.

Animals: Julian is a little softhearted, particularly where animals are concerned. He will go out of his way to help them if they're in need, regardless of whether or not it causes scheduling conflicts or might cause him harm.

Vampire -

Abilities (Listed here)

Flaws (Listed here)

Werewolf -

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Hobbies & Skills (for more information, read here)

Music - composing, playing. Guitar, drums, violin.
Trained in numerous musical genre; rock, classical, fiddling, etc. Best known for adapting violin to play in modern genres although he plays classical as well.
Graduated from Julliard.
Loves Irish fiddling, has adapted it for electric violin and used it in modern styles.
Skiing, ice skating, various winter sports.

Cosmetic Traits(Distinct, character defining physical attributes. These should be minor and offer no real power other than to make your character appear more interesting.)

Julian has many scars on the left side of his body. The outside of his left ear is sort of notched and pitted, there's a fine web of scars over his cheek and neck on the left. A very large scar on his left bicep. Several on his left wrist and the outside of his left hand. One several inches long over his left hip. A very long one on the outside of his left leg, from knee to ankle, with corresponding staple scars.

Quirks and Habits worthy of mention - Flexes the fingers of his left hand against his leg frequently. Walks with a limp (on his left leg), more pronounced the faster he goes.

Personal History 3rd person (1st is acceptable) but please be as detailed as possible, this can/will affect your rp with other players.

Julian Stephenson is your run of the mill average guy from the outside. Inside though, he's still tormented by an accident that happened a year and a half ago, in December of 2009.

A native of Catskill, NY, a small mountain town, he thought he was used to weather of all sorts. While his younger sister, Andrea, was home on winter break from college, they went hiking up at North Lake for a few hours. The day started out cloudy and cold. There was snow in the forecast, but only a dusting.

Weather in the mountains can be unpredictable, however, and while they were coming down off the trails it started to snow. It got thicker much faster than intended. He and Andrea opted to go home anyhow; Catskill was just around the corner. It was a short, 15 minute drive.

They say most accidents happen within 5 miles of home; on that afternoon Julian and Andrea became a statistic. Julian wasn't driving fast but the snow covered the road faster than they expected. Going around a sharp turn he lost control of his car and spun out. The car careened through the rusty guard rail and over the ledge of the cliff, tumbling over and over as it plummeted toward the ground below.

Julian doesn't remember much of the fall. There was a moment when he thought the change had fallen out of the coin holder but in reality the windows had shattered. On the way down the car hit the rock face repeatedly, the passengers within subject to rocks, tree branches, and shattered glass.

They hit the trees after the rock face, which actually served to help slow the car down. As they finally reached the ground, Julian realized Andrea had stopped screaming on the way down. The car landed passenger-side down, leaving Julian hanging dazed and in pain. He was injured; he couldn't move and he felt blood running over his face and neck, into his ear, and through his scalp. His left leg was fiery pain and his left arm was lacerated all the way down to his hand and fingers.

But when he turned his head to see Andrea, he immediately realized he was the lucky one. His sister was no longer strapped into her seat although she had been when they'd begun their fall. Julian stared in horror at her mangled face, hardly able to recognize her as his sister. He didn't know how many bones she'd broken in the fall. Blood was everywhere and he could see glass in her face and chest. She moved her lips once, and said "Julian."

And then Andrea didn't move again.

Julian spent hours in the freezing car with his dead sister, his own blood dripping onto her face from his point suspended above her. By the time a rescue crew was able to get to them he was nearly hypothermic, terrified, traumatized, and delirious.

Recovery was slow for Julian. His ear, lacerated by glass from the window, had been repaired, as had his broken leg after surgery to insert several pins. His hip had broken as well, and he underwent a replacement. His greatest worry was his hand, so badly lacerated that it, too required surgical repair. For a long time Julian feared that he would never play an instrument again, to say nothing of walking or standing upright.

After a year of constant rehab, however, Julian was able to do all of those. He still worries about his hand, and has developed a habit of flexing his fingers, practicing fingerings against his leg or in the air at his side.

He attended many therapy sessions with his family to get over the loss of his sister and to help him deal with the overwhelming feeling of guilt for having lost control of the car with her as a passenger. But staying in Catskill proved to be too much for him. Julian left home against his parents' wishes, seeking someplace to try and start over, to build a life, to be surrounded by life and movement.

Nachton seemed like a good place to do that. He's close enough to home to still be able to see his parents but far enough from it that he isn't constantly reminded of his dead sister.

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