Be careful what you ask for (scott)

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Miya opened her mouth to protest Scott ordering for her, then shut it again. She knew better. Her thighs were drenched with desire, she was positive she squelched
. She knew the seat was going to be drenched when she got up. It all combined in her to make her hotter. Squirming much too much, she gratefully grabbed the lemonade as it arrived. She never drank alcohol and Scott knew why. She gulped the lemonade down, needing a refill almost immediately. Unfortunately the lemonade didn't seem to cool the fire within her.

"Scott..." She begged as the salads arrived with the bread. When had he ordered salad? Hers had a tangy vinaigrette that was really rather fabulous. And as soon as the waitress had left, his hand was back under her skirt, teasing her as she gasped. She set the fork down knowing at this rate she wasn't going to actually eat her dinner. She coughed as he found an especially sensitive spot to tease. "Scott, how do you tell if someone else is, uhmm. like you?" There. She'd managed to get the entire sentence out, and only moaned once. His fingers stilled and she managed to sneak a bite of the crunchy carrot and cabbage slices. She loved a well prepared salad. Well, she loved most food. It came from a time when she was poor and couldn't afford food. Too bad she couldn't cook worth a damn. She sneaked a peak up at him, "Will you tell me about your past? When, how?" She was endlessly curious. Another gasp as he stroked up and into her.

Scott Kinney 12 years ago
Scott teased her relentlessly. Eventually, he began to feel a bit guilty - just a bit - as she tried to eat, and he removed his hand slowly from between her thighs reluctantly.

Once again, he raised his fingers to his mouth, tasting her on them. His eyes focused on her, and he imagined the various delights he had planned for her later.

"How do I... what? Know if I'm in the company of another vampire?" he asked softly, taking a quick glance around to confirm they were still alone.

"I don't. It's not like the movies or books. There is no 'vamp sense' that warns me another is around. We have to find out for ourselves. Sometimes a vampire will wear a sigil or the emblem of their clan openly, which of course announces their membership. But most - like me - don't advertise such things."

He took a bite of his own salad, chewing and swallowing quickly. When she asked him about sharing his past, he froze for a moment, but then slowly continued eating.

He had told her about his 'past'... at least, the past 30-odd years or so. There were over 600 years before that, though, that she didn't even know existed until a couple hours ago.

"I can tell you more about my past - if you would really like to hear it. But... not here. Home, where it is... safer, and quieter," he whispered to her, a gentle smile on his face.

A moment later, their meals were delivered to him, and after making sure drinks were refilled (again), Shasta retreated, leaving them alone again.
Miya 12 years ago
She narrowed onto the subject of clans and took the pause in his teasing to seriously chow down on her salad. Crunchy, salty and sweet combined and made her mouth sing with flavor. She looked up at him with her pretty eyes. Someone had told her in college that the guy who wrote Memoirs of a Geisha had her in mind when he was describing the main characters eyes. Then her meal arrived. She used her fork, pushing a little into the steak to see how 'sproingy' it was, to figure out if it was cooked to her expectations. It was, perfectly. She didn't need to cut into it to know. She looked back up at him, waiting for his permission to begin eating it. He was the one calling the shots tonight. But just the smell of the steak made her desire to have it, the juices of it exploding in her mouth. Her tummy made a gurgling sound of encouragement for her to start eating it.

When he nodded permission she asked curiously,
"Can you talk about clans here? Is it like in White Wolf? Are you a Toreador?" She grinned a little bit. She always played a Toreador in the silly larp games that were always going on. "Or is that a question that needs to wait until we are home?" She looked across the table, and a guy diagonal from them was staring at her with a very predatory expression. She sat down her knife and fork and burrowed her face against his shoulder. It was an old habit that she had, when frustrated or embarrassed. It was a desire for protection and safety.
Scott Kinney 12 years ago
Scott chuckled at the mention of the role-playing game that they were both familiar with. He had found it... oddly intriguing, being a Vampire, role-playing a Vampire in an imaginary game. He had found it to be quite fun. Unknown to those they had played with, though - including Miya at the time - his fangs were *real*.

"It's... similar in some ways, drastically different in others. I belong to..." he began, but noticed her eyes examining another customer. He followed her gaze, and his met that of the gentleman who stared at her.

A burning jealousy ignited in his heart, and he had to resist the urge to lunge at the man and rip his throat out with his bare hands. He had endured other men openly wanting Miya in the past, but that was then - and this was now.

His eyes bored into the stranger, who met his with a wicked smile. But soon, the stranger turned away, unable to hold the intense gaze for long.

"I will explain more... later," he whispered to her, as he began to check his dinner, keeping a sideways eye on the customer. Could it be another vampire? Or just some strange human attracted to Miya?

He barely touched his steak, the outside gently darkened over a flame, but juices - and blood - oozed out of it at the lightest touch. Mmmmm, perfect.
Miya 12 years ago
She knew that Scott would handle it, he always did. It bothered Miya how many people wanted her for nothing more than sex. When she felt safe she looked up, breathed a deep sigh of relief that the guy wasn't staring at her anymore and then dug into her steak. The first bite of it exploded in her mouth and she groaned a soft, almost orgasmic moan of pure bliss. Mmhmm steak. Her eyes had closed as she gave herself up to the experience of good food well prepared. She was unaware of how she affected people around her when she ate. She just knew that Scott loved to watch her eat.

She glanced back over and found the guy was watching her again. She sighed and concentrated on eating. She couldn't hide all the time behind Scott. Although they hadn't discussed what was going to happen. He'd mentioned something about making her completely his. And she knew that he would, he always kept his word. She wanted that more now, especially with the way that people were watching her.

"Scott, he's watching me again." She was nervous. She didn't like that look the guy at the other table was giving her.
Scott Kinney 12 years ago
Scott watched her eat in silence for a bit - she was good at making her own soundtrack when she was eating food she loved, and from the sounds of it, she loved this.

He smiled at her, watching and listening. She was gorgeous... so beautiful.

At her warning, Scott looked up to the other customer again, who *tried* to turn his gaze away in time, but Scott had been too quick.

"I'll be right back, love," he whispered, as he set his napkin down by his plate and rose, moving over to the table with the lone gentleman. Casually, Scott sat down on the seat across from the guy, as the stranger eyed him warily. Scott noticed very quickly how tightly the guy was gripping his own steak knife.

"So, you like my girl, I see, from the way you can't keep your eyes off of her?" Scott asked.

The man didn't answer, but his eyes flicked back to her for a moment, then back to Scott.

Scott shrugged. "You don't want her, though."

The man looked Scott in the eyes - perfect. Having eye contact, Scott leaned forward, no longer blinking, his hazel eyes almost a deep green now.

"In fact, she's not THAT attractive afterall, is she?" he asked.

The man paused, staring at Scott for a moment. He laughed, as if he were about to contradict Scott, when his mouth didn't open. He just sat there, staring at Scott.

"In fact, you probably wanna move on over to the bar. The bartender is pretty hot, as are some of the waitresses who work that area. There's a few empty seats there, I can see from here," he said. "Plus, they have those big-screen TVs, you can watch ESPN or whatever."

The stranger nodded slowly.

"That's a good idea," the stranger said, as he slowly rose, picked up his own plate, and moved himself toward the bar area.

Sighing with relief, Scott returned to Miya's side. His eyes glanced back at the stranger, seeing him over the top of the booths, taking a seat at the bar.

He looked back to Miya, hoping she could relax again and enjoy her meal.
Miya 12 years ago
Miya watched in absolute amazement as the guy moved and walked over to the bar and sat down. Then her Scott came back and she kissed him, deeply, pressing her warm lips against his, her body into his. "What did you do?" She whispered against his lips. His eternally curious Miya.

Her meal was over half gone now, and she was beginning to get full. Cutting a slice of bread, she buttered it and bit into the warm, buttery, crusty bread, a dribble of butter coming down the side of her mouth. Hot bread, so so yummy. Another of her sweet almost orgasmic moans at the taste of the bread. Oh she was happy, so so very happy. She almost radiated that happiness.
Scott Kinney 12 years ago
He shrugged, "I just talked to him. Told him you and I were trying to celebrate and wanted a little solitude. He... saw it my way," Scott grinned.

He watched as she continued eating. A bite of warm bread caused her to moan... a moan so close to one of the ones she issued forth when they were back at her place.

His hand found her thigh again, sliding upward, fingers sliding down gently into her still-wet folds.

"Are either of you looking at having dessert tonight?" Shasta asked, walking back up to their table, Scott's hand still caressing sensitive areas beneath the table.

"I'll be having some later when I get home, but... Miya? Would you like anything?" he asked, turning to face her.
Miya 12 years ago
He wanted her to talk? Talk? She cracked open an eyelid and saw the waitress there. And Scott wasn't stopping his attentions on her pussy while the waitress was there.

"Uh. Hmm. Repeat the question?" The waitress did and Miya shook her head. She positively loved cheesecake, but right now she wanted out of here and to be bent over the hood of Scott's car in the parking lot. She knew she was blushing and squirming. Badly squirming.

After the waitress wandered off in search of the bill, Miya glared at Scott, leaning in to whisper,
"Fuck me in the parking lot, over the hood of your car. Please my Sir." She knew he wouldn't since she asked for it but it made her grow wetter if that were possible. She needed him to cool this fire that raged within her.
Scott Kinney 12 years ago
Scott had to admit to himself that he had already considered doing just that. Taking her on the hood of his car had been a fantasy of his for years.

But by her asking for it - she knew that it was likely off the table, now.

"Shasta?" Scott called, and the waitress came walking back.

"Yes sir?" she asked.

"Please have another order of what we each had prepared for us, please, to go?"

The waitress nodded, "Of course! That will be right up shortly," and she walked away quickly.

And then, Scott's hand was back between Miya's luscious thighs, caressing and stroking.

"I figured an extra of each we can put in the fridge and have later sometime. I hope that's ok," he whispered, as his fingers gained speed and intensity quickly... once more taking her to the edge, and then stopping.
Miya 12 years ago
Was it ok? Was what ok? Her eyes closed, her breathing hot and labored, she nearly collapsed over the pile of dishes as he stopped with her on the edge. She cursed at him, vehemently, under her breath for his constant teasing. It wasn't that she didn't like it, she loved it. But this was rapidly approaching her limits. Her body couldn't handle much more of his teasing then stopping without something physical happening. Cramps were most likely, followed closely by the orgasm happening whether or not he liked it and when it happened she was going to be loud both vocally and physically. She clutched at his arm, trying to breath, unsure of when they got up if her legs, which right now felt like jello, would be able to carry her.

"Give me a minute, please. I need to calm down some. Please." The urgency of her tone wasn't begging in the traditional sense. And when his hand withdrew to pet her skin she just concentrated on breathing, on calming the quivering muscles in her. She had to calm down. Thinking of anything to try and help - multiplication tables, counting in foreign languages...anything.

"If you do it again I'll cum here. Please wait till we are outside. I think I saw some people from the Museum over there."
Scott Kinney 12 years ago
Scott watched her closely. He could tell by her reaction that he had pushed her too far. Perhaps because of their time apart, or perhaps because she wasn't feeling comfortable again with him quite yet, he didn't know. He just knew that she had reached her maximum.

He nodded her, "Alright, Miya. Ok," he replied, and soon enough Shasta returned with a large to-go bag, and a revised check.

Scott fished out his wallet from his back pocket and covered the meal, with a generous tip, and rose from the booth. He offered his hand down to Miya to help her up, assuming the time they waited for the second order was enough time for her to at least recover enough to walk.

He escorted her outside, and then over to his car. He opened the door for her and once inside, he shut the door then moved to his side of the car, getting in quickly, setting the carry-out bag behind his own seat. He started the car quickly, and exited the parking lot, hitting the strip.

"So where to next, Miya?" he asked. He felt somewhat guilty, having pushed her too far. He'd let her have some control, his usual way of apology. But he wouldn't torture her anymore, leaving her hands free this time around.
Miya 12 years ago
She looked at him and pouted a little that he hadn't bound her. She had just needed to catch her breath and not orgasm in public. She lifted the hem of her skirt some more, having already soaked through the bottom of the skirt.

"I'd like to go home and change and take care of desert." She said carefully. "But I'd also like to have desert at the park. I miss the thrill of being in an open place with you." She hoped that she had enough of a purr in her voice to arouse him and put him back in the proper frame of mind. She wound the tie between her wrists, trapping them but not binding them completely since she hadn't ever mastered the art of self-bondage. As they approached a red light she held her wrists out towards him with a slight pout of, "Please?"
Scott Kinney 12 years ago
Scott looked over at her for a moment, thinking.

As they came to a stop at the red-light, he reached over, grabbed the loose-end of the tie, and pulled it carefully up over her head, and then back to the metal frame of the head-rest again, securing her in place once more. This time, though, he made it a bit tighter. Less slack for her to struggle against.

Satisfied, and at the urging of horns sounding behind him well after the light had turned green, he shifts and moves the car again.

"Give me directions to this park you want to visit, and we'll go there," he decided, focusing on the road again.
Miya 12 years ago
She moaned and squirmed when he rebound her. Her breasts pushing out again, her legs parting further, the scent of her drifting through the car. Directions? She gave him the best directions she could, which ended up with them completely lost near the edge of Nachton, but not anywhere near the park. She grinned at him, "This is secluded?" She tried to make a joke out of the fact she couldn't navigate anything without the gps in her iphone. "I guess we can always ask your gps? It should know." She rubbed herself against the leather seats, hoping he would turn the seat warmer on again.
Scott Kinney 12 years ago
He nodded to her, and activated his own GPS. He input the data that she gave him, and finally had a route display for him. They actually weren't too terribly far from it.

"You were close, hon," he smiled at her. Seeing her hips slightly gyrating against his seat again, he reached down to turn on the seat-heater for her once more.

Scott pulled the Mustang around and back onto the main road, still maintaining the speed-limit, and followed the route guidance.

After some distance, he moved his hand over to her again, reaching and grasping for her nearest breast, teasing and squeezing. But he did not lower his hand, at all. Not this time.

He smiled and drove, and soon enough, they reached the Park.
Miya 12 years ago
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