The detour

Panos staggered down the sidewalk, a girl hanging from each arm giggling immensly. As they walked down the dark street Panos straightened his back.

Ladies, ladies I am having a great time this evening but really i must depart.

Aww, Panos not yet! The evening is still young! One girl pouted.

He grinned and squeezed her close.

Well, we'll see. What do you have in mind for keeping me out and about with you two?

She thought for a moment and looked to the other girl who only shrugged. Scanning their surroundings a great building loomed up ahead blocking out the moon. She pointed to it the massive building and her eyes lit up.

Let's go there!

The Arch Museum? That old place? It's just full of dusty old historics from the past, really not that interesting.

His brows arched and he looked incrediously towards the girl. Her lip began to protrude and she looked up at him with pleading eyes. He was not fond of the dry old place. It contained stored memories of the past, a past which he chose to forget.

Her face was irrestible though and he sighed, a small laugh escaped his lips. The girl squeeled.

I know a way in around the back. he used his head to point down the alley.

He lead the girls through the barely lit alley keeping a sharp eye on his surroundings. Eyes peered at them from behind dumpsters and in shadows. He glared back at them and kept moving.

Once they found the window he was looking for he hoisted one of the girls up on his shoulders.

Use your finger nails and pry that window open. Becareful to check before you jump in, don't want to get caught just yet. He snickered.

The girl struggled for a moment and he heard a pop. The window opened and she climbed in. Motioning for the second girl to climb up on his shoulders he braced himself one more time. As the second girl haphazardly made her way through the window he heard a slight crash from inside.

Damn it. Stupid girls.With one shift jump he grabbed the windows ledge and flung himself through the window.

Inside the girls were hurridly cleaning up a broken vase who's glass pieces were scattered about the floor. He rolled his eyes.

Nice job.

He stretched his arms and kicked at a piece of vase. It was a dimly lit room containing 6 vases upon podiums with a show light to display them. Only now there was 5 instead. A noise caused his muscles to stiffen. His ears perked. The girls hadn't heard it. He backed into the rooms shadows and froze.

Panos? Where did you go? The first girl stood up from her crouched position and looked around.

He didn't answer her calls nor did he move. The noise grew louder into a faint thudding noise. It was the soft steps of a woman. Panos sucked in a breath as she rounded the corner and turned her icy cold glare onto the girls.

Breaking and entering is a crime. The law is upheld by law makers and police officers and you could be charged for such criminalities if this were any other building. But it's not. Her sharp fangs were exposed as she spoke and now she curled her lips back to reveal them even more.

The girls screamed and clung to each other.

Who are you! We're sorry it was a accident! Please!

Who i am doesnt matter because you wont be around long enough to speak my name.

The woman was beautiful in a oddly familar way. Her hair was golden brown with soft waves that fell to her chin. Her skin was like porcelin, reflecting the soft blue tones of the vase lights. She was lean and muscular and Panos watched as her legs tensed as she prepaired herself to jump. Her bohemian style skirt flared out from beneath as she lept forward. With one swift motion Panos threw himself in between the doll like vampire and his two girls. He caught her from the side and wrapped his strong arms around her chest in a bear hug. She tried to spin in his arms and only made a half turn of her torso. Her mouth opened in a hiss and he froze.

"That face" his mind realed.

The force at which he jumped carried them into a wall. The woman broke his fall and before she could react her head hit the corner edge dead center of her temple. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she collapsed into his arms. He caught his balance and gently laid her on the ground stepped back.


Breathing heavily Panos stared at the womans collapsed body. The girls voice broke through his thoughts. His head snapped around and he eye'd them. Looking like two deer that had been caught in the headlights, the second girl took a small step forward. Like a flash of lightening Panos spun on them. He grabbed the second girl by her head and quickly snapped her neck. Before the first one could gasp Panos was on her snapping her neck like a small piece of balsa wood.

Dropping the girls body to the ground he turned once more to stare at the vampire woman.

Chryseis Angelique 18 years ago
Chryseis was busy dusting the 2nd century european cat satute when she heard the crash from two rooms over.

Carefully and slowly she set down her cleaning tools and crept to the doorway. She listened for more noises but heard nothing. Light footedshe quickly made her way down the hall to the second doorway that lead to her fine collection of Asian vases. Two women were bent at the knees pickin up shattered fragments of art. Anger shot through her like a bolt of lightening and her eyes narrowed.

Breaking and entering is a crime. The law is upheld by law makers and police officers and you could be charged for such criminalities if this were any other building. But it's not.

Bearing her already predominate fangs she curled her lips back to fully expose them. The women let out a shriek of terror and clung to each other as if that would be their salvation.

She took a few steps and jumped at them fully exspecting to be recieving dinner this evening. The thought of their blood running down her throat made her salivate.

It was a surprize to say the least when she felt the bashing force of another body connecting with hers and she went flying towards the right wall. A quick turn of the head to see her attacker stunned her and her hiss was knocked silent as her head cracked into the wall. Her body went limp and she collapsed.
Chryseis Angelique 18 years ago
She woke with a start and found that she was bound.Her eyes scanned the empty room as she tried to move her limbs, testing the strength of each tie. She was still in the museum, she could tell that for certain. The dark velvet lined walls, the lack of windows, tell-tale signs of her location. She guessed she was in one of the private viewing rooms and cursed. There was only one way in and one way out in these rooms, they were set up that way to prevent theft.

She thought again about what had happened. She had heard a crash from the vase room, she had went to inspect it and.....then what? She closed her eyes hard and tried to think. She began to twitch and it interupted her thinking.

I'm thinking to hard. She said out loud to herself.

She didn't exspect what she heard next.

I'd say so too, you've gotten yourself all worked up into a fit of convulsions.

Chryseis barred her fangs and searched the room widly for the location of the voice.

A man stepped out of the darkest corner, his face still masked in shadows.

Now, now, my fair lady, don't fight just yet. Please, let's safe that for last, it is my favorite part. He chuckled softly.

She felt him come up behind her and place his hand on her head. He bgan to pet her hair and she tensed.

I have some questions for you pretty lady, if you would be so kind to answer them i may just let you loose.

I don't need your assistance! She hissed.

With a blink Chryseis was gone and in her wake a small nightingale fluttered up towards the ceiling.

The man laughed.
Panos Mehalitsenos 18 years ago
A small bird fluttered away from him as high as it could go. He began to laugh, hard.

Did she think by turning into a bird she could escape?

His laughs subsiding he spoke to the tiny creature.

Your name madame? It's all i ask. I am a bit new to this town you see. Please humor me with this request.

The bird stayed high and continued to beat its wings furiously.

Now, we both know that you can not stay up there forever. Your wings will begin to tire soon.

Panos took a step towards the tiny feathered being, the shadows unmasking his face.

Allright then, let me go first. I madame, am Panos Mehalitsenos of clan Tacharan.
Chryseis Angelique 18 years ago
I madame, am Panos Mehalitsenos of clan Tacharan.

Chryseis's cold heart stopped. Her wings stopped their furious beating and she immediatly dropped from where she had hovered.

Panos Mehalitsenos 18 years ago
He lept forward just in time to catch the tiny bird. His reflexes dead on like usual. Cupping her in his hands he watched her breath rapidly.

With his pointer finger, he began to softly caress the birds feathered breast. It seemed to calm her tiny respirations but she did not move.

Why, tiny bird, does my name startle you, and why does your human face resemble the face of my fathers so? I have so many questions for you little one.

The birds breathing had slowed and its wings were tucked neatly at her sides. Her glassy black eyes stared up at him vacantly.

He shook her frail body gently to no avail. She did not budge.

I cant get any answers from you like this little one. Please change back.

Panos felt that creeping sensation comming over him again. That familar tick of the head, flick of the hand, and stiffening in his neck.

'Your stressing unneededly' he reminded himself.

The bird remained unresponsive and it was getting late. Panos checked his watch and sighed. Looking back into his palms he shook his head.

Your just gonna have to join me madame. Promise to be a good pet my dear. I'm taking you home.

Placing the bird in one hand safely, Panos unlocked the rooms only door and let himself out. He needed to head back home, he had to many questions that needed to be answered. He couldn't concentrate like this and he needed to be somewhere comfortable. Somewhere he could wait the bird woman out. Somewhere private.

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