Things are wonkers here and I may be gone for longer than expected depending on if I find a new job or not. Yeah that situation at work got worse. Won't go into it here. I know I will be out of pocket for June at the very least though. Cross your fingers that it won't be more than that. I'll try to peek in from my parents' computers, but can't guarantee anything till I know where I will land.

Rowan Murphy 13 years ago
I'm sorry to hear things aren't looking up yet... I hope you manage to land yourself in a better situation soon! We will be here, we're not going anywhere!
Eiryk 13 years ago
that sucks. it can (and will) get better!
Simon Huntington 13 years ago
Good luck!!
Jin 12 years ago
Hope it gets better! If we could all manage to get paid to write on the boards we'd be set!
Panos Mehalitsenos 12 years ago
Good luck! We'll still be here when you come back!
Hopefully everything works out in your favor by the end of it all.
Miya 12 years ago
Hugs! I know what it feels like to be in a scary situation! Just remember that it will get better! Hugs Hugs Hugs!
Scott Kinney 12 years ago
Best of luck to you! I know I am new here, but wanted to offer my own words of encouragement, as well.

Also, I wanted to commend you on your avatar/sig. Simone Simons is one of the most beautiful women in the world, in my book. I LOVE her work with Epica, and she sings on some of my favorite Kamelot songs, as well! Beautiful choice! Red is AWESOME.

Keep your chin up!

Nara Baker 12 years ago
Thanks everyone. I got information that backs me up on my position at work at least for the self doubt they had started to build within me. I feel stronger about my own knowledge about the quality of my work and myself as a person. They will likely ignore it or turn the focus on something else now and continue the situation in progress (legal issues) but I know I'm a good teacher and do my job well. (85% passing the state tests for my group... take that and smoke it admin that claims I am not teaching what I am supposed to be teaching)
Evan Talkingwater 12 years ago
Glad to hear that its going a little better at least. Its a shame that they are giving you so much trouble. Good teachers are hard to find especially ones who still care about who they are teaching. I hope it all works out.
Panos Mehalitsenos 12 years ago
Man they shouldnt chasing off teachers who actually want to teach!
Im glad at least youve got some silver lining in the situation