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Another long day at work for Miya. All days seemed to be long these days. It wasn't the life she had imagined when she wen through art school, and she hadn't had the chance to create in weeks. In fact her fingers itched to hold a paintbrush in her hands, to sketch with charcoal the quick images of life.

Instead she was in an arcade. Oh, she knew about this place - the teenagers that frequented the Museum would rather chatter about the games than pay attention to the art and history. She had played games at one point, hadn't she? Her memories about her time in college were so vague and confusing.

She skirted around two teenagers heading towards her with soda, smoothing her pencil-style, knee length skirt with nervous fingers. They actually trembled as she changed her twenty for tokens to play with. She wasn't sure what it was she was after - or even why she had come here.

Miya heard the strains of the japanese pop music before she saw the DDR machine. Stopping and leaning against the wall, she watched two girls play. Both has skill but the one on the right had more, and from the cheers as the play ended, she was the undisputed champion. Miya laughed as another challenged this girl, getting into the spirit of things. Part of her wanted to try, to beat this girl. She knew she could. She had in the past, hadn't she?

Her mind skimmed over the details, presenting her with the same pleasant fog whenever she tried to think too hard about her past. She couldn't compete, not in her work clothing and heels. And she was out of practice. Turning away, Miya headed towards the older arcade games.

It was the pinball game that captured her attention. A brief flash of her bending over one, the feeling of someone, something powerful commanding her, then it faded. A haunted look to her eyes, she shook her read hair a bit and popped the required tokens in. Softly singing under her breath the Who's Pinball Wizard, she proceeded to show that her skill in such games was hard earned. Easily it came back, much like riding a bicycle.

But she could still feel the metal scratching her skin from the memories. Whispering loud enough to be heard by any standing near,
"The past is the past, Miya and it won't come back."

Carol 12 years ago
Carol's heel was covered in what appeared to be grape bubblicious bubble gum. It didn't just appear to be, it smelled like it, too.

"Damn it, now I want some."

Walking into the arcade, Carol looked around for the manager but saw nothing but stinky teenage boys in the throes of adolescent puberty. Lord it smelled, too. She walked the path from the door, circling the more popular games in the center as it led her to the back. There were no downtrodden employees in their forties who weren't too enthusiastic about their lot in life or pimply kids forced into labor by their parents to pay for their MMO gaming habits. Carol kept walking until she saw a woman in a skirt and heels.

"Oh she has to be someone's milf mom or at least a manager." Walking up to the woman, she overheard her lament about her past.

"You could make it come back, but why would you? The future is way more fun. Hi. Work here?"
Miya 12 years ago
The game came to a close, not the highest score but in the top 5. She turned with a grin, not having met anyone like Carol before. "No, I don't work here. I work for the Arch." She grinned, a little amused. "And as for the past, it can be better than the present. Sometimes." Positive that this woman didn't want to hear about her life she smiled, a smile that did not quite reach her eyes. "I don't even know why I came in here. Something about it drew me." She shook her head slightly as if trying to dislodge a bit of confusing bit of fuzz. "Anyways. Would you like to get a coffee? And I don't think I caught your name. I'm Miya."
Carol 12 years ago
Carol blinked. An offer to coffee? Already? Was she that cute? Yes. Yes it was possible she was that cute.

"You didn't catch my name because there was nary a throw of it in your direction, but that's cool. I'm Carol," she said with a hopefully disarming smile. "Actually I came in here to find the manager and get a price on an old arcade game for my manz to prove that I do, in fact, listen to him." Carol narrowed her eyes and gave the woman, Miya it apparently was, an appraising look. Shrugging, she smiled.

"But sure, I'm always up for an IV of caffeine."

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Miya 12 years ago
Miya laughed happily, losing some of her tension. Appearances could be deceiving it seemed. She led the way over to the coffee bar, and slid onto one of the stools, long ago having mastered the art of sitting properly in a skirt. She reached out and snatched up the paper menu sitting in one of those tacky plastic display things. This wasn't exactly a Starbucks, and it tended to favor the sorts of drinks that teenagers and gamers liked. Miya wasn't exactly sure what a Zydrate was, and made the mistake of asking. The barista, a short pimply girl with electric blue hair and clothing that should have been consigned to a rubbish bin snapped her gum and proudly (and loudly) proclaimed that it came in a 'little glass vial' This was echoed by three of the other teenaged persons sitting at the bar. Surprised and a bit taken aback, she pointed towards the one thing she recognized on the menu, something called 'Better than coke'.

Politely, she waited for Carol to order something then asked,
"So your husband? is interested in gaming? Do you know which one? There are a lot of emulators out there. Maybe I can help you find something for him?"
Carol 12 years ago
"I would like," Carol started, narrowing her eyes and looking up in deep thought, "a large, or your biggest, like the BIGGEST mocha - do you have mochas, yes? Good. Your super biggest mocha with...white chocolate, like not a lot though, just like one pump or whatever, and with whip cream, I like whip cream, and uh...yes a super awesome white chocolate mocha with whip cream and like peppermint sprinkles. Do you have sprinkles? No? Do you have mints? Like those peppermints? No? What kind of place is this? Fine, I'll take it WITHOUT the peppermint sprinkles but I do want a comment card after this, thank you very much. And a muffin. No, do you have pumpkin bread? Yes? Excellent. Yes, one slice. No, two. Well....yeah just one, otherwise I might as well just rub it on my ass, right?"

Carol snorted and then smiled prettily at the barista who just gave her a blank expression. Turning to Miya, she half snorted at her calling Lothias her husband.

"No, we're not married. Not yet, anyway. Just kinda living in sin, you know. But he has this weird interest in games from the late 70's and early 80's. Centipede or whatever? I dunno. Something like that. I can just see him playing these old school arcade games with his Walkman, listening to his mixed tape of Rush or something horribly....eighties...ish."

Shrugging, Carol smiled.
"What about you? Just hanging out? Playing hookie from the museum?"
Miya 12 years ago
Miya had to grin at the way this incredible woman just ordered her life the way she wanted it. She was actually taking mental notes on how to emulate her. Miya just wasn't very good at being assertive. Both drinks arrived and Miya listened to Carol's desire to find a suitable toy for her man-interest.

"You know, there is a way to take one of the arcade units and replace the computer inside with an emulator. That way all the games are inside one unit, instead of having a whole bunch of different ones. I think there is even an operating system specially made to run it. You might want to look into something like that. I think it's called a Mame?" She sipped the very bitter drink for a long moment, "Not exactly hookey. That implies that I was doing something wrong. There was this exhibit that opened last night that I was working on for the last few months and I decided getting out and doing something fun sounded like a good idea, but..." She waved her hand to indicate the teenagers, "What I used to enjoy I don't exactly fit into any longer it seems. Anyways," She shook her head again as if to clear a mental cobweb, "You might have better luck looking on ebay. Or maybe if your guy is one of those do it yourself types you could sorta surprise him with all the pieces to make one? That might be a better gift and show that you understand that most guys have this thing about doing stuff with their hands. You know, building things. They take pride in it. Or something. Lord knows I'm not the world's expert on guys."
Carol 12 years ago
Carol considered Miya as she spoke about past pleasures and felt a little bad for the girl. "I've just never been one to dwell on the past. Ok that's a lie, I still obsess, but then common sense hits me in between the eyes and reminds me that I can't fix it, go back to it, or dress in that style ever again. Embrace life and next season's couture, I always say."

Smiling, she tipped her head and thought about Lothias. "My honey buns is a different sort of man, I guess. He likes to paint, but he doesn't know that I know. Maybe I'll just forgo the arcade stuffs and hit up an art store or something. What about you? You gotta man?"

She loved talking about Lothias, but it wasn't like he told her a lot of what he did professionally. Not that she didn't know, what with certain events revealing themselves with or without Carol's consent. She let that go though, no point in depressing herself.
Miya 12 years ago
The words slipped out before she was able to stop them, "But I want it back. I made a mistake and I want to fix it. I think." She covered her mouth in an expression of clearly 'oh shit did I say that' and tried to cover the faux pas, "I mean, I guess your right. It's the past it can't be changed. And I don't know. I did. Before I came here, to Nachton that is. I think I did. It's hazy. I remember bits and snatches of things, but they are like daydreams, not quite real. And they are all centered around one man." It was insane for Miya to be telling anyone this, but this was a stranger, and somehow that made a little bit of anonymity. "That's what I meant, I think it was a mistake to come here, and leave him. But... But whats confusing is that for a moment I know we were together then I realize that it must be crazy because we weren't. It's hazy. Like the time that I was out in the club and someone spiked my drink. All my memories of him are like that." She spoke almost obsessively, but there was also love in her voice, the hint that she cared for this man deeply and passionately. "But I guess that I should tell you it all. I'm scared about reaching out to him and telling him how much I miss him. And it isn't even the sex," And as she said that word the place had quieted down enough so it sounded like she had shouted and everyone was looking at them, most of all the barista who had a very open mouth. "It was..." Miya went on, oblivious to the awkwardness, "It was the intimacy. Of being near him. I crave it. And it's stupid because I can't tell if it really happened or was just a dream. " The last bit was bitterly spoken.
Carol 12 years ago
Aww, Carol thought to herself. She knew that feeling, having loved and not quite remembering it the way you wanted. Simon was now a blurred memory to her; tall, dark, handsome, and so far away. It wasn't that she longed for him, but love, even fleeting love, still left its mark.

"Well, I hear ya, I do. Lost love can be fucking annoying." Carol shrugged and then brightened. "I've been there, thinking I had lost something...someone...but then I met Lothias. Granted I dated his uncle first but it's not like I slept with him," she snorted.

"I thought I lost the one, but he turned out to be not quite the one. My man now, he's the bees knees." Ok so Lothias was a werewolf, she was dealing. Kinda. There were secrets. Well, lots of secrets. "It's worth it though. You gotta let go so you can grab on to something else. Where is dude now, though?"
Miya 12 years ago
Miya listened appreciatively to the woman's advice, "He's in DC. So not really that far away as such things go. But I don't have any leave time saved up yet to just go and tell him that I'm sorry. Maybe I should forget him, but I don't think that I can. Like I really don't think that I can. I wanted to send him an email and tell him that I've been thinking about him." Mentally she added, tell him more than just that, "But I'm afraid to." Her coffee was about finished and the barista was asking her if she wanted another. Anxious enough, she shook her head and asked for a coke instead. The barista of course had to ask what kind of coke she wanted. Didn't anyone just order a coke anymore? Bah!

"Maybe I should move on, but I don't know how to meet a guy here, and the only one I've met was a little crazy. His ex girlfriend I think she was his ex? Showed up and well, I don't want to tangle with her. She seemed, I dunno. Dangerous. Not in a 'I'm gonna kill you kinda way', but in the 'I've got power and know how to use it.' Actually I don't know many people here yet, I've only been here about, what maybe six months? Yeah something like that." She sipped her coke, which for some reason came with a little pink umbrella in it. "I know there are clubs and I've been to a few..." She sighed, managing to depress herself further and she had come here to have some fun. And she had met this incredible woman. "Is there someplace you would recommend?"

I feel like a dork..she thought to herself.
Carol 12 years ago
"You mean to meet a guy? Definitely not here," Carol laughed as she hooked her thumb over her shoulder to the pubescent adolescents cutting school. "I dunno, I've known too many chicks who seemed to think that they need to go from one dude to the next. There is nothing wrong with being by yourself for a while."

Shrugging, Carol reached into her bra and took out a couple bills for her snack and coffee. She held her hand up to the change and waved it off with a smile.

"I met my boyfriend through his uncle, but I don't recommend that route," she chuckled. "There's always the downtown strip. Babylon if you're so inclined to mixing flesh with your pleasure or various other joints - Terminus, The Howl, Shades. I like The Howl on the weekends. Very hoppin'."

Carol slipped off her seat and gave Miya a warm smile.
"I work at DI, the big triple towers down in the industrial district. Here," she grabbed a napkin and a pen from the cash wrap, "feel free to give me a holla. Otherwise, I'm out, yo!"

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Miya 12 years ago
Miya pocketed the number, "I'll look you up and maybe we can go out?" She felt like an overeager schoolgirl right at that moment. "Thanks, Carol. It was nice to meet you." Once Carol had left Miya sat there for a few more minutes, sipping her coke. When it was finished, she slid off the stool, leaving behind a ten dollar bill to cover her coffee and drink.

She threaded through the children. This wasn't her world anymore. She didn't fit in here. She'd come to the arcade to seek her past when what she really needed was to face the future.

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