Drive - The Howl (OPEN)

Sometimes, I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear
And I can't help but ask myself how much I let the fear
Take the wheel and steer
It's driven me before
And it seems to have a vague, haunting mass appeal
But lately I'm beginning to find that I
Should be the one behind the wheel

Camille pulled her ivory wrap around her bare shoulders and tried not to look nervous. Standing at the steps leading down the club section of The Howl, Cam nervously looked around as she was jostled by the quickly moving patrons heading down to see the head lining act. It was early still, hours before her Reese...Red...well he wasn't hers, per say.... Shaking her head, Cam almost turned to leave when a large group of women caught her in their wake and forced her to move down the steps. Being unceremoniously moved to the tables surrounding the stage, Cam pulled her wrap tighter around her.

Wearing tight black capri jeans with matching suede espadrille wedges and an ivory silk tank to match her wrap, Camille shifted uncomfortably, trying to ignore the rush of annoyed auras from the females. Her hesitation was beginning to annoy her, so she took a deep breath and selected a table near the back of the venue. Draping her wrap over the back of the chair, she slipped off her small purse and tried to look nonchalant.

The auras around her varied from elated, energetic, apprehensive, and aroused. She filtered the harsher emotions and concentrated on trying to read the body language of the patrons around her, connecting the dots, as it were - putting emotions to people. It would distract her for a little while hopefully. Reese had been on her mind all week, and she was fairly certain he would play later that night, but she hadn't decided if she was going to see him again. Unconsciously she reached up and pulled her hair into a low ponytail, running her fingers through her long black tresses.

Pakpao 12 years ago
She'd been on her way to the HoP, Pak still didn't quite have the courage to go among the prostitutes for her meals so the HoP had been filling in for her. But she just didn't enjoy it. Too many games, too much of an over tone. At least with a hooker you knew what you were doing, get in get your freak on (or in her case her bite on) and get out.

Half way to the HoP she changed her mind. Unfortunately she hadn't changed her wardrobe. Stupidly tight leather pants that laced up the outside of each leg and a bright red silk tank. But the shoes, the shoes she loved. Brand new Pradas black striped cotton lace up pumps. She had planned to wear them with suits or at least at work, but she thought they sort of managed here. Maybe not, she could be wrong. She didn't care, they were new and she wanted to wear them.

This place was new, at least she'd never seen it before and as soon as she wandered down the stairs she was fairly certain she'd made a bad mistake. The HoP might not have been her favorite, but at least she knew what to expect. Pak eyed the crowed dubiously and immediately retreated behind her walls, subterfuge was one of her favorite gifts. Just to reenforce that though, she immediately fled to the back of the place.

Watching the crowed she tried to find a decent bite. No one was an obvious choice so Pak did her best to be invisible and wished she had her lighter to fidget with. The invisible at least sort of worked, because she got run into and had to stumble out of the way. At least, she didn't have a drink to spill.

"God damned it." She hissed. "Why don't you look where you're going?"

Not wanting a repeat she looked around for a place to sit. There was one near by table with only one person at it. Pak decided that it was better than getting shoved around.

Far more shyly than her ensemble would seem to indicate she cleared her throat and addressed the woman in the white tank.

"Excuse me... would you mind if I joined you? For a bit? Maybe?"

It -so- wasn't too late to run back to the towers and shout at Eiryk about color schemes. At least that was safe.
Camille Sotoria 12 years ago
Cam looked up at the woman who approached her table, feeling the undercurrent of her emotions and blinked stupidly at her request. She felt the flush of her own embarrassment as she automatically pointed to one of the empty chairs, offering it to her without even realizing what she was doing.

"Of course, please."

Pulling her wrap around her shoulders even tighter, Cam tried to smile. Now would come to the rush of fear and the thrill of meeting someone new, and of course the inevitable awkward silence. Cam fought it as best she could, trying to be personable.

Gulping, she turned her face toward the woman, not quite making eye contact.
"It's so busy tonight. Are you here to see the DJ sing again? Uh, he was very...very good last week," Cam squeaked out, trying to temper down the arousal just thinking of Red did to her.
Pakpao 12 years ago
"Thank you."

Pak said with a relived sigh and flopped gratefully into the empty chair. Scowling a bit she watched the guy who'd run her over wander off and she stuck her tongue out at his back.


Crossing her legs Pak again wished for her lighter, her cloves. Why she hadn't brought them with her. Even though she'd invaded this woman's table and space Pak had more or less expected to be ignored. Apparently she needed a new invisibility cloak.

The woman's body language red 'shy' to Pak. Who wondered why some one this shy would be out at a club alone. But hell who was she to throw stones? After all, Pak had no idea what -she- was doing here.

"Honestly... I'm sort of lost. I honestly didn't mean to wind up here. I didn't know this was here."

Pak smiled and shrugged off her being lost and a little flaky. The place was too crowed for her taste, but she was getting used to it. She did a double take at the other woman though.

"Wait... the DJ sings? Isn't it usually an either or kind of gig?"

Not that she got out much or was an expert. But in Pak's experience you had a band -or- a DJ. Oh what did she know...
Camille Sotoria 12 years ago
Cam smiled at the woman. Her nonchalance was tinged with her irritation. Nodding, she agreed with the woman about happening on the place by accident as well.

"My first time here was last weekend. There is a...dueling piano bar? I think it is. Upstairs before midnight? I was going to that but it was already late for it. This place is nice though."

Cam cringed slightly at the woman's attention focusing in on her and she tried to reign in her nervousness, answering as nonchalantly as possible.

"Yes, the DJ filled in for the band last week. Apparently the head liners were arrested?" Cam shrugged apologetically. "Reese...I mean Red...he filled in for them. He'll be here tonight later. I think. That's what I heard."

Clearing her throat, she looked away and back into the crowd. The emotions filtered into her head: excitement, drunkenness, the flare of some tempers, as well as arousal. Cam zeroed in on the angry emotions and saw two men glaring at each other.

"Oh, they're not happy," she mumbled as she stared in their direction. Shaking her head, she turned back to the woman and blushed. "I am so sorry, my name is Cam."
Pakpao 12 years ago
Personally Pak thought that dueling piano's could be vastly improved if they actually fought, rapiers at sunrise and all that. But that was also an idea that she wasn't going to share that image with a new acquaintance, it might be hard to explain and you had to have a particular sense of humor to appreciate it.

"Well it is popular at any rate."

It wasn't her typical hang out. That didn't make it bad just semi uncomfortable, but she also wasn't looking to run away and hide either so it couldn't be that bad. Really, you'd think a vampire would be better at the whole night life scene. Ah well.

Pak gave a half laugh at the idea of the band being arrested. She didn't know who the headliners were, if they were any good but they seemed to have the lifestyle down.

"So you know... Red then?"

It sounded like she did. At least they'd met. Although if she didn't know his schedule for sure Pak figured they didn't know each other terribly well.

Following the other woman's look she noticed the glaring men and made a note to keep an eye on them, just in case the glaring got interesting.

"No apology necessary." She said and offered her hand. "I'm Pakpao... Pak if you'd rather."

Bao was currently the only person who really called her Pakpao any more. Something about that made Pak a bit less formal with new acquaintances. It was probably just to irritate her maker, but everyone needed a hobby.
Camille Sotoria 12 years ago
Cam cleared her throat self consciously at her inquiry about Red. "" Cam pointed toward the stage and continued, "I briefly got to meet him. I was looking for the back door exit and...ran into him."

Mentally Cam rolled her eyes and felt the blush rise up into her cheeks as she recalled seeing Reese for the first time, half naked and sweating from his performance. Smiling, she side stepped speaking of Reese and concentrated on the woman.

Looking at Pakpao's offered hand, Cam's face tightened up for a moment before she eventually lifted hers and shook it.

"Pak it is, then. Nice to meet you. Have you been in Nachton long?"

Cam waited out her anxiety, tempering it down with the mental tricks she used to calm herself. She desperately wanted to appear normal, to react to situations...normal. So, she turned her attention back to the men, feeling their anger overwhelm her own feelings, providing a nice distraction.
Pakpao 12 years ago
"There are worse ways to meet someone."

Pak said with a slightly wry smile. Kem had nearly killed her when they met (of course she was pretty sure he'd tell the story the other way around) and it had been worth it, with out a doubt. She caught the blush but didn't say anything. They hardly knew each other and it wasn't any of her business.

Waiting patently for Cam to take her hand Pak wondered if perhaps this woman was jumpier and more out of place here than she was. Unlikely, but it could happen.

Cheerfully she rolled her eyes and nodded.

"Quite some time now. I work for Meridian."

Hell Pak couldn't remember the last time she'd really traveled. Quick trips out to the coast or even Europe didn't count. Apparently she'd been hanging out in Nachton for longer than she'd realized. Maybe she should take a leave of absence... Mentally she shrugged these thoughts off and returned her attention to Cam.

"Are you a new arrival then?"
Camille Sotoria 12 years ago
"He seemed very nice," was all she squeaked out meeting Reese. Cam pulled her hair over her shoulder and twisted it. "Just moved here a couple months ago. I have family, well extended family here in Nachton. I decided to look them up."

That was the truth, more or less. Pak's occupation was intriguing, working for Meridian. Cam knew it was part of Evenhet, but who was she to assume the woman sharing her table was anything like her. It had been her experience never to assume anything, but dropping hints and searching for clues was always so difficult for her. These types of situations were quid pro quo, but it was the sharing things about herself that bothered her.

"I moved into the Leifde towers. Very spacious." Cam paused and looked down at the table. "Do you like your work with Meridian? I deal with antiques."
Reese E Deardon 12 years ago
"We're late, we're late, we're late!" Red got out of the taxi with the other Pipers and paid the cabbie as JT began pulling at the sleeve of his jacket.

"Dude, let's go. I hate being late."

Waving off the change, which would be a sizable tip for the cabbie, Red grumbled as they hit the sidewalk with both feet running.

"We're walking because we're not late," Domingo yelled out to which Red lifted his middle finger over his shoulder to the brown Piper. Their laughter filtered into the busy street as they turned the corner, looking at all the traffic lined up downtown, even in the middle of the night.

"You're in a rush," JT said with a knowing smile. "She going to be there?"

"Who? What?" Red said annoyed, knowing exactly who JT was asking about but he chose to ignore his friend. Was he rushing to see Cam? She might not even be there, she said. Wait, did she say that? The two days alone with her in her apartment had been a blur - a hot, sweaty, lust filled blur, but a blur nonetheless. He grappled with what he thought were feelings for her and his rising anxiety. Secretly Red wished, no prayed that Camille would be there at the Howl again tonight, but he wasn't about to admit it.

"I don't know who you're talking about."

"You are the worst liar, Red. Really."

They turned the corner and could see the neon light pointing down the stone steps down to the underside of the bridge. It blinked 'The Howl' brightly with a red arrow. Just below the neon sign was a poster that made both he and JT stop.

"Is that us?"

JT stepped close to the poster and began to laugh. It was a picture of them. A slightly better than average photoshop poster with close-ups of JT on the drums and Red making a god awful face as he played his guitar.

"Aw think he could've picked a better picture of me. I look like I'm cumming in my pants."

"Wow, you really do."

Red rolled his eyes and pushed JT toward the steps and they descended down.
Rowan Murphy 12 years ago
Rowan had heard about this club from a few of his co-workers. It hadn't been quick, getting in; it was pretty packed. In his opinion that was a good thing though. Empty clubs were crappy clubs.

The way in was interesting; the club was located under a tunnel underpass on the Strip. The ground floor was a dueling piano bar and the club itself was beneath that, underground. He and Cris paid their cover and headed inside and down. As they descended into the club and the tightly-packed crowd within Rowan wrapped his arm around Cris's waist to keep him close.

"I don't want to lose you," he said, leaning down to brush his lips against Cris's ear so he wouldn't have to yell to be heard over the music.

There was a minor role-reversal tonight; Cris had opted for neutral tones of grey, black, and white, while Rowan was the more colorful of the two in a dark green linen shirt with narrow white pinstripes over a white tee. The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up to reveal his usual accessories; wide black wrist bands, studded in metal. He wore a black leather collar with similar metal studs and the usual array of beaded hoops in his ears.

Looking around for an empty table Rowan quickly determined that they would be lucky just to find empty chairs. They wove their way through the crowd toward the bar.

"Do you want a drink?" Rowan asked Cris, "Or would you rather find someplace to sit?" He looked at the writhing crowd of dancers on the floor, not opposed to the idea of heading that way first either. He nodded his chin at it and raised his eyebrows at Cris. "Whatever you like."
Christian Bern 12 years ago
Cris smiled at the feel of Rowan's lips brushing softly against his ear as much as the words that his partner spoke. [I would hate to get lost.] He looked around the crowded club, considering Rowan's question. Dancing would be nice, but later. Christian did not frequent the Howl so he would prefer to get a drink first, scope the place out, look for suspicious behavior, make a note of all the exits... the usual.

[Let's get a table.] He wrapped his arm around Rowan long enough to squeeze him tightly once before entwining his lover's hand in his own and leading them through the crowd and toward the seating area. [It might be a little calmer there.] Christian smirked and added. [We can play our own live version of a drinking game while watching the crowd.] He considered the possibilities. [Perhaps one person can name something to find and if the other can't find it within a certain time limit then they have to drink. If they can, then the other person has to drink. Within reason, of course, we can limit it to garmnts or colours or something.] Or they could simply talk and watch the crowd.

The problem was going to be finding a place to sit. There seemed to be very few open tables. In fact, so far he hadn't found one at all.

((OOC: Sweater Grey stone washed denim jeans and black leather hiking boots ))
Pakpao 12 years ago
Deciding that Cam had a bit of a crush on the DJ turned band member Pak chose to let the subject drop. If she had known Cam better she might have pressed or teased, but strangers she generally stuck to being polite with.

Extended family and she lived in Leifde, Pak relaxed a bit and smiled.

"I think you've found one of them. At the very least we are neighbors."

Maybe that would help Cam to warm up just a little. Not that she was trying to force a life story out of the woman if she didn't want but there was no point dancing around each other.

"I work in IT and like it... more than a little."

Pak had, at least sometimes she had, a sense of modesty and didn't mention that she'd had more than a little to do with MARI. She knew, that was enough.

Antiques? Her eyebrows raised a little.

"That could be fun. I've got a decorator helping me out with my place he keeps trying to drag me out shopping... I've managed to weasel out of it so far. But I wouldn't mind sneaking out behind his back."

She grinned. The thought of making purchases behind Eiryk's back tickled Pak to no end. But she also wasn't about to push Cam. For all Pak knew the other woman was an auctioneer rather than a dealer, still she was happy to leave the opening.
Simon Huntington 12 years ago
"Why am I here?"

Simon slowly took the steps down to The Howl as he placed his hand along the small of Vivienne's very pregnant and yet still very small back. There were people pushing up and down the small stone steps and he tried to ignore the unwanted touches as he concentrated on what Vivienne was saying aloud.

"I thought it would be fun hanging out. Last bar we went to had horrible vodka and even worse Russian."

"That's not what I asked. Why am -I- here and not your idiot...I mean fiance'. My bad," he said with a cough.

Simon was curious as to why Vivienne asked him to come out that Saturday night. Usually they met for coffee at the Starbucks where they first met privately; granted her Pipers had long range rifles pointed at his head at the time. Meeting out past dark was a first for them, especially with her Commander not around.

"Does he even know you're out with me? I'm going to guess he does not." Simon gave her a grin as they turned the corner into the bar and the heat and smell of the humans inundated him.
Vivienne Sena 12 years ago
"Not cool," Viv muttered and elbowed him in the ribs. He laughed and blocked the blow of it. "Red is playing here, along with JT. We've been coming out to see him every weekend.

"You brought me to an evening with your Pipers? Have you lost your mind?"

"They're not going to eat you, calm down."

"You shouldn't be out so late. You are pregnant."

"Really? Is that what this huge ball is?" Simon made a face at her and Viv nudged him again. "Oh come on, that one was knee-slap worthy."

"I don't even know what that means."

"It is impossible for you to have lived how many lifetimes out here and still not know what I'm talking about."

"I've embraced proper English and forsaken pop culture. It wouldn't kill the common man to do the same."

Viv rolled her eyes.
"You are such a snob."

"It's an endearing quality."

"No, it's not," Viv snorted as they moved through the edge of the dance floor, heading to one of the two bars angled near the stage and at the back of the joint. "I need water."

Making it to the back of the Howl's bar, Simon lifted his hand and managed to get a dark beer and a bottled water for Viv quicker than they had managed in the past. Handing her her water bottle, he tipped his dark beer back and drank.

Viv watched his Adam's apple bob up and down on his long neck, a sight that suddenly seemed very erotic and their aura flashed with it. Immediately Simon looked at her as he swallowed.

"Shut up."

"I didn't say anything!"

"No, but you will." Viv reigned in the sudden arousal and filled their aura with irritable happiness. A feat unto itself.
Camille Sotoria 12 years ago
Cam looked at Pak confused for a moment. The etiquette involved with meeting her kind had been lost on her over the years, but Pak was very clearly expressing the obvious. At least it seemed obvious to her. Cautiously she turned her head, giving Pak a side look.

"I unfortunately do not know who my family members are. How to find them is an even bigger task, but it is good to know more of my neighbors." Cam smiled at Pak slowly, gauging the woman's emotions as well as her expression. Her body language relaxed and the emotions filtering into Cam's mind reflected that. Maybe this woman was an Evenhet. It would be a relief to relax.

Pak said she worked with IT and Cam made the appropriate noises of interest.
"I do love computers, but I'm not as savvy with them as I would like."

She laughed at Pak's suggestion of cheating on her decorator.
"A clandestine meeting - that definitely is sneaky. I have found some places in the city and dealers who are above board. I usually do my business alone but if you needed some help, I'd be happy to point out some places?"

Digging into her bag, Cam looked for her card. It was a simple ivory colored business card with gold embossed lettering. She laid it flat on the table and pushed it halfway to Pak - she could take it or leave it, but she wasn't going to force her to take it. The thought made her blush.
Simon Huntington 12 years ago
"I don't understand you and your mixed signals."

"They're not signals, that's where you're confused."

Simon shrugged and took another pull at his beer. It was cold and bitter with a hint of sweetness, not altogether bad but definitely not as dark as he'd like. It was the one thing he missed the most about his old life - the ale. Licking his lips, he pointed at Viv with his beer bottle.

"At least admit you find me attractive."

"Well you are just the cutest thing ever, Simon!" she said in a not at all serious voice.

"You have cut me, madam. Cut me deep. I think you're beautiful and I've told you so many times. It'll kill you to pay me a compliment?"

"The last time I complimented you, ten minutes later we ended up on the floor and I got this scar," Viv said holding up her right hand, reminding him of their ill fated first completely open sharing of their aura. He had overwhelmed it to the point of nearly destroying their friendship; recalling it made him give her a sheepish look.

"Opening the lines of communication and admitting your, albeit limited, attraction isn't going to hurt anything. Really, you're going to give me a complex soon."

"Please, there are enough brooding vampires in the city."

Simon held his bottle chest high as he stood close to Viv amongst the crowd of people moving to and fro. He was having to move closer to yell over the music and it was starting to annoy him.

/Just admit it and I'll never bring it up again./

Viv raised her eyebrows and laughed.
/You are such a liar. You'll always bring it up if I admit it./

Lifting his shoulders, he consented.
/Ok that's probably true, but it'll do wonders for my ego./

"Your ego," Viv said aloud with a laugh. She lifted her hand and did a wide circle of the woman around him.
/There isn't one woman here who wouldn't throw themselves at your feet, aiding your ego and your libido. Why does the opinion of one pregnant cow matter?/

/I don't like it when you refer to yourself as a cow. It's disgraceful, Vivienne. And yes, I could have any woman here, within reason, but I suppose it's because I can't have you./

Simon shrugged, his honesty open and naked.
The Pipers 12 years ago
The manager met them halfway through the club and shook hands with them. The tall south american man, who wasn't quite as tall as JT but saw eye to eye with Red, pointed to the stage and confirmed the receipt of JT's equipment. Turning, he saw his quilted blue Tama starclassic bubinga elite drum set. Black plated nickel hardware, bubinga shell snares...his eyes passed over the kit and practically started to drool.

Red waved his hand in front of JT's face. "Seriously. Get a girlfriend, man. You look like you want to propose."

JT shrugged sheepishly.
"I took my half from last week and bought that. Yeah," he said dreamily, "I love it."

The manager pointed to the stage and Red left to start his DJ'ing duties. JT climbed the steps to the raised stage and sat down at his drum set. The strobing neon lights twinkled brightly off the black nickel as he reached out and ran his fingers over one of the snare drum shells. Pulling his hand back, he blushed realizing he was treating the equipment like a woman's body, but it had to be cherished like one. With a girl like giggle, JT sighed happily.
Rowan Murphy 12 years ago
Rowan smiled and twined his fingers happily with Cris's, following along as Cris led them through the crowd, past the bar, and out into the seating area, which wasn't really much less crowded. "Band must be popular," he mused.

He laughed out loud at the voice in his head. [Eager for another drinking game already?] he teased. [I would have thought you'd had enough. Let's pace ourselves. I don't want to have to carry you off the dance floor.] He considered. [Well okay, I'd love to carry you off the dance floor... but not because you're too inebriated to stand up.]

Rowan wasn't sure why the idea of Cris suggesting another drinking game was amusing to him. Maybe because of the caution with which he'd regarded their Wii-fest drinking, after that initial movie-night binge.

He looked around at the tables and found that there was little or no room to be had. He shrugged to himself; just more evidence that the Howl was a good hangout. Crappy bars didn't have crowds like this. As he turned his head away from the tables near them he caught a glimpse of someone out of the corner of his eye. He looked back.

"Isn't that Pakpao?" he asked, moving close to Cris again and wishing he had the convenience of being able to send to his partner. It was awfully handy in this setting.

He had only met the woman once, in the bookstore, but she was very distinctive with her pretty golden skin and pale blue eyes. She shared a table with a woman who Rowan didn't recognize, but there were two empty chairs there. Rowan wasn't too proud to see if they'd share, not in a crowd this tight. He didn't move toward them immediately though. Cris might not want to mingle with people he interacted with at work. Rowan would understand if he preferred instead to cross the room and disappear in the crowd.

"Do you want to see if they mind company?" He asked, squeezing Cris's hand. "Or should we vanish into the raging horde and emerge out of sight on the other side?"

It didn't matter to him. Rowan was laid back and perfectly comfortable in crowds. If Cris had a preference, it was fine with him. He was just happy for Cris's company. In any capacity.
Christian Bern 12 years ago
Cris smiled at Rowan's first response and then reconsideration of the idea of carrying him off the dance floor. [Such a romantic.] He teased lightly and shrugged in answer to his partner's question. [I don't think we need a game to amuse ourselves but we could slow it down to taking a swallow of a drink instead of a whole shot. That way both of us might be able to walk out. -You- might not even notice the difference.] Christian turned to give his alcohol tolerant companion an amused grin.

Rowan spotted their clan mate while he was turned around. Following his partner's gaze, he spotted the Asian woman with a dark haired woman. [They are both clan mates, actually.] Well, there was no help for it; dating Rowan meant he had a social life which meant that sooner or later people would realize that he might be a real human being beneath the suit. Damn, he so enjoyed the assumption that he had no sense of humor.

Christian headed toward the other Evenhet, sending to Pak before they reached the table. [This is Security. You've been busted having a social life which I am sure is against some IT regulation somewhere.] He waved at the woman so she'd spot him. [Mind if we join the two of you? I promise that I didn't bring any handcuffs.] Cris thought it best not to mention the zip ties in his pocket.
Pakpao 12 years ago
"I'd offer to introduce you to more of them but..."

She could be a bit on the shy and reclusive side. Pak, however, didn't see any need to go into that right now. They all had their failings and she preferred to hide hers as much as possible.

"They are more trouble than they are worth and they destroy social skills... but they have good points too."

But she was relieved not to find herself sucked into a 'fix my computer' discussion or stories of technological triumphs and pit falls. Apparently she spent way too much time with geeks and wannabe geeks.

When Cam seemed to enjoy the idea of sneaking off behind Eiryk's back she warmed a bit to the woman. Apparently she had a good sense of humor and that was something Pak approved of.

"I'd appreciate the insight."

Of course, she probably would tell Eiryk or at least consult him on the purchases. But it would be fun to surprise her friend like that. As she was taking the car and opening her mouth to say something a voice snuck into her head. It wasn't Kem and Pak sat up a bit straighter clearly surprised. Surprise turned to tension when she realized who it was. Crap.

[Fine. You stifle MARI's development. When she turns agoraphobic and paranoid...]

Shifting about to see where Christian was she caught the wave and nodded to both he and Rowan.

[I'm OK with it... it is Cam's table though.]

But Pak turned to Cam and offered an apologetic smile.

"Were you expecting any one? Would you mind more company? Apparently we have some more neighbors looking for a place to sit down."