Answered Questionnaires

I am putting Evan's answers here. Feel free to add other character answers to it if you like. It is an enlightening survey.

Describe the perfect room. The outdoors. The Great Mystery has created the perfect rooms already and anything else we make is simply a shelter.
What is important?Status,monetary gain or self satisfaction? Self satisfaction is more important than money or status when that comes in an honorable way. You should be happy with yourself; its not like you're going to get to be anyone else.
What is the perfect time of day? Weather? I love the time just before dawn when our kind returns to the safety of their homes and the night is about to relinquish hold on the world to the day. It quiet but full of promise as the humans begin to wake up and become active.
What era in history most intrigues you? What would you be doing if you were there? I would visit the European people before the time of Christianity. I am curious how much like my own people were they? If there was a way to change the course of history that would lead to my people's freedom then I would be busy trying to make that happen.
What kind of animal would you be? I am pretty certain that I would be a magpie. I don't know why. I just get this feeling.
Describe the perfect mate Someone that I love and who loves me. Someone that I can live harmoniously with and with whom I share goals so that we may help each other through life.
What is more important? honor or success at all costs? Honor. What use is success if you gained it dishonorably? How likely are you to enjoy it?
If you had to live forever what purpose would keep you going through the long ages? I -do- have to live forever. So far my purpose has been helping my people keep their identity and helping the wolf children live in safety and peace.
What is you most vivid memory from childhood, dream or daydream? I remember learning to hunt. A few of us boys were now ready to start joining in on this important part of life. We knew how to shoot and throw and we were being allowed to join the men for the first time. We were hunting deer and of course many of the boys bragged on their way into the woods about how well they would do. I will admit that I was one of those. We did not do well for ourselves once in the forest. The hunt was for deer and not buffalo. Things were not expected to go wrong. One of the boys who had bragged the most was determined to not let this buck get away. He stood to shoot but another arrow hit the animal first. It reared and ran blindly, heading in the boy's direction. He saw that it was not down and so instead of being sensible and getting out of the way, he shot his own arrow. It did not stop him from being struck, knocked over and trampled in the head.
What is the perfect musical form? The voice. It makes all kinds of wonderful sounds. Let me show you.
If you were to go on an expedition what three items would you pack first? A bow, a knife and my camera
Would you rather be physically beautiful or unique? Unique, beauty is in the eye of the beholder anyway, at least if I was unique people would not soon forget me.
What part of your body best represents you as a person? My physical body? My feet. I stand on them, they take me where I need to go. I lose my way upon them and eventually wander back.
What is your most recurring dream? I see my Creator, her blue blue eyes. She walks as a wolf often in my dreams.
What is the perfect vehicle? color? Options? My feet. They are compact, always with me and will never need replacing. The colour matches the rest of me. While they don't have many optional features (Aside from shoes) the standard features work out nicely.
Describe the perfect meal One that was well hunted, clean and satisfying and not wasted.
What is your favorite color? Orange is nice, vivid. Greens, blues and browns of nature are wonderfully soothing.
How far could you be pushed before becoming violent? Two feet. It would depend on the situation
Describe the creation of the universe in detail. I know that some people consider me old but I promise that I was not there. Not having witnessed it I cannot describe it.

What is the purpose of war? At one time it was to show one's bravery and honor. Warring over land, money or religion makes no sense. You do not own the land, money does not make a person happy and conquering a people does not make them believe the same as you.
Describe the perfect weapon One that can be put down.
In your last 24 hours of life, what would you like to accomplish? If I have lived a good life then my last day would be a peaceful one. I would like to spend it with friends and family. If I have not lived a good life then a day would make no real difference. I would like to spend it with my friends and family. I should probably thank them for standing beside me despite my short comings.
What is your preferred way of attacking an enemy? Full frontal assault or by sneaking in through the back door? If this person is truly an enemy then whatever works to make him no longer one.
What Gods could you be descended from? We are all connected, so if there are gods, as such, then all of them.
Describe your appearance, Hair, eye color and any distinctive features Look at the bio. I am walking tree.
Is it more satisfying to achieve success or to strive towards it? I guess that depends on how hard you're striving. Achieving some success in life, in personal goals or for your family, those are satisfying moments. You celebrate and then move on to the next goal.
What emotions are appropriate to display in public? The good ones.
Who do you idolize out of famous figures in history?
I do not idolize anyone. There are many people I respect.
What is the worst crime a person can perform?Betrayal
What traits in other can you simply not tolerate? Dishonesty, wastefulness, selfishness
What quality in yourself do you respect the most? The ability to communicate
Who gains your greatest loyalty? Yourself, family,friend, mate, country or deity? My family, meaning my people and my clan. It would be difficult to choose between them and my friends. I hope never to have to make that choice.
Describe the perfect trap One that works, (with a minimum of pain)
What is sin? Greed and waste
If the phone rang in the middle of the night who would you hope it to be? A friend with good news.
What do animals think of you? It would depend on what I was doing. I hope they count me a friend.
Describe any phobias you have I fear for my people and the prospect of war again amongst my friends and family. Also having no purpose.
What languages do you speak? Lots of them
What single thing do you find to be the most irresistible motivation? Survival.