Half past the point of no return

These were interesting times.

The R'asa now had large numbers of their kind living in cities. Even here, Capital of the Mulo, they were powerful. The Jiro was a Nothos but an effective leader. The Mayor was their Alpha. There had been talks about creating a stronger peace with the vampires by alliance. They had connected with their cousins, the Kadzait.

None of it was possible without the vision and patience of Vaughn Emiliano.

Together the Emilianos managed to bring great change to the pack while at the same time making it stronger from the inside out. It was no wonder then that the Vyusher agreed to Vaughn's unusual request. Following the announcement that the Sarkis and Savia would be getting a divorce, Vaughn placed himself and his position at the mercy of the R'asa to do with as they saw fit.

Antoine remembered that scene vividly. His friend stood there alone in front of the elders of their people; humble yet proud, wearing faded jeans and determination as though they would keep him untouchable in the face of their scrutiny and judgment.

And perhaps they had.

Or maybe it had been the truth, spoken in plain words, poured out from an honest heart not accustomed to sharing, that touched them. Vaughn spoke of love, happiness, duty, change. He spoke of letting his people down with his selfishness but then stated that he believed that a Sarkis who could feel such love and yet be too afraid to take it could not be the man his people needed him to be.

In the end he offered to step aside if that was their wish but that he would be following his heart and no one, NO ONE would be stopping him. Antoine reflected that Vaughn never looked more like their Sarkis than in that moment, his chin high, eyes blazing, fiercely daring anyone to stand in his way.

Perhaps the council saw it also. They agreed to his solution, unorthodox though it was, that he and Etta continue leading the Vyusher R'asa jointly. He maintained, and rightly so, that though they were not right for each other, they,together, were right for the pack.

This everyone agreed on. It was the truth and these were interesting times.

The Legion 11 years ago
And Vaughn still thought of himself as simply a replacement for his long lost friend, that somehow the pack had settled for a substitute, a runner up. The man was blind to all the good that he and Etta had done together -without- Duriken and to how much the vision for their people had changed and grown beyond the simple childhood dream of one day being free. It was the Emilianos who had made it a reality, uniting their people more than ever with a purpose, not a cause or a wish, intangible and distant but a solid real goal brought close by practical steps that led to tangible progress for the benefit of all their people.

In Vaughn there was a quiet strength, an iron will and a mind open enough to believe that anything was possible for the R'asa whether it had ever happened before or not. These things the Vyusher saw in him and this was why they followed him.

But sometimes his friend could be an idiot. Antoine snorted and hoped Therese could help sort him out.