Guillaume DuBois (Vyusher R'asa)

Basic Information

Birth Name (Name Guidelines): Guillaume Navid DuBois
Aliases: Absalom Descoteaux, Hamid Zaman, Diego Espinosa
Place of Birth: Tangier, Morocco
Age: (real and apparent) (see the age breakdown for vampires here, see the real/apparent age calculator for werewolves here) 43 gifted when he was 9 appears about 26
Male/Female: Male
Current Occupation: Pilot, working on a masters in psychology
Past Occupation: (If different from above) thief, carpenter, jeweler, mechanic, legionnaire


Hair Color: brownish black, might catch some red high lights in it in the sun
Length and Style: the back is short but the sides have some length, just to his cheek bones, easy to make it look neat and professional and easy to let be a little more relaxed
Eye Color: bright clear green
Skin Color: he favors his mother, dusty, coffee with cream, a very nice tan
Height: 6'4"
Nationality: French/Moroccan
Race: (I.E. Vampire, Werewolf, human etc.) Werewolf
Body Type: solid sturdy athletic
Wolf Form (Werewolf - please read first): Dark red brown with black points, ears and a bit on his tail and toes and a black mask - just a bit over four feet at the shoulder and apprx 250 pounds (he complains he looks like a fox or a raccoon)

Description (if an NPC) or name of your creator/gifter(if a PC) ( Please be as specific as possible, who your creator/gifter was, why he chose to change you, where is he/she now?): His grandfather Michele DuBois. Within the DuBois family it is tradition for a parent to gift their child, however, Guillaume's father Clément was hesitant about his duty, in fact he refused, Guillaume's mother had feared him once she learned of their nature had he wasn't certain he wanted that for his only son. Michele was not about to let his grandson suffer for his youngest son's weakness.

Personal Questions

1. Describe your character's personality: quiet, observant, protective, a watcher, determined, when push comes to shove and he needs to or when he is around those he considered close friend or family he can be charming and witty, but even then it is an understated charm

2. Describe how your character would appear to a stranger (I.E. typical dress, way they carry themselves etc.) He does not like to be noticed, Guillaume almost always dresses to blend in, left to his own devices he favors something more casual, khakis and t-shirts if he is working he'll throw a sport's coat over that, while usually very alert his body language is deceptively casual, he comes off as quiet and polite moderately approachable but not the sort that is easily engaged in casual conversation

3.What does your character like? The ocean, libraries, pancakes, fireworks, classic literature (except Dickens)

4. Dislike? Grapefruit and grapefruit juice, rental cars, American football, movies with subtitles, Charles Dickens

5. (For humans) Describe what abilities you see your character having if they were turned. N/A

6. What are your fears? (please choose and explain 3 minimum)

Becoming like his father - Navid believes that his father's actions (and inaction) have caused he and the pack more trouble than any one person should and made him a burden to be born he cannot let that happen to him

Rejection - Navid's mother rejected the Pack and lost a lover and a son, that same rejection lead to his father challenging his Alpha rejection has sever consequences and where would he go if his family and Pack turned on him

Being in a car accident - One of his earliest memories is of fatal car accident he witnessed and till occasionally has nightmares about it as a result he is a very nervous passenger, to the point he almost will -not- be a passenger and even though he's become an excellent offensive and evasive driver the results of a mistake are never far from his mind

7. What is your character's strengths and weaknesses? (please pick 3 minimum of each and explain in detail how and why this affects your character)

Organized/methodical - he isn't OCD but he is very deliberate about everything and everything goes in its proper place it as a result he is almost always prepared for anything and kind find things quite quickly

Improvisation - while he does prefer things to go off as planned he is quite adept and coming up with alternates and going with the flow changing things up and finding new ways to reach goals and even altering goals as a situation calls for it.

Determined/goal oriented - while he does understand that goal changes once given a task he does his utmost to see it to completion

His mother - he's been forbidden to speak of her or seek her out but Navid did so any way, she is never spoken of to the packs way of thinking she doesn't exist not only has he defied his Alpha but she does not have the protection of the pack should she need it

Gambling - he's not so bad that he bets on everything but if you get him in a casino or race track it is very hard to get him out and he isn't terribly good with limits

Telemarketers - for some unknown reason Navid had a very soft spot for them, they can be quite convincing. He has bought more things from time life than he cares to think about and donates to at least five different charities. The "No Call List" is the only think keeping him from being bankrupt

Vampire -

Abilities (Listed here) N/A

Flaws (Listed here) N/A

Werewolf -

Abilities - Listed here (Include Tier Points) -

Assess - 5
Guardian - 5
Forest Strider - 5
Sprint - 2
Lunar Apprentice - 2

Total - 19

Flaws - Listed here(Include Tier Points) -

Believer - 5
Bloodless Menu - 5
Closed off - 5
Possessive - 2
Aversion to snakes - 2

Total - 19

Hobbies & Skills (for more information, read here)

lock picking
plays flute and African tribal drums
reads (a LOT and anything he can get his hands on)
offensive and evasive driving
distance running
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Krav Maga
Other than English fluant, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic

Cosmetic Traits(Distinct, character defining physical attributes. These should be minor and offer no real power other than to make your character appear more interesting.) the scar on his right shoulder from his gifting

Quirks and Habits worthy of mention - almost always has a paper back with him, plays various forms of solitaire when trying to think, sings in the shower (has quite a good voice but doesn't sing in public as he doesn't like to call attention to himself)

Personal History - Guillaume is the oldest son of his grandfather's youngest son, Clément. Clément much like his name implies was the gentlest of all his siblings and cousins, kind considerate and empathetic. On one of the pack's stops in Morocco he fell in love with a local woman, Hala. She was exotic, kind, and breath takingly beautiful. It was impossible for Clément to take his eyes off her. Her only flaw was that she was a prostitute. Throwing aside his better judgment Clément monopolized her time for days, weeks on end although he never revealed his nature to her. When it came time to move on Clément begged Hala to come with them, offered to buy her way out of the brothel. As she was pregnant with Clément's child, she agreed.

That first night though, everything went terribly wrong. Clément tried to introduce Hala to the idea of wolves gently, but wolves, by nature, are not gentle creatures. Clément was forced into a position where he had to aggressively embrace his change and defend Hala. She was traumatized by the event and tried flee, but as she was carrying a child it wasn't an option. The pack and Clément would not not let that happen.

It was the first of many events that set Clément and Michele against each other. Eventually Hala was allowed to leave the pack, with Clément but only until after the child was born at which time the child, male or female and their father were ordered to return. When the child was born, as soon as he was safely able to take the child Clément and then infant returned to the pack. Hala couldn't be rid of him fast enough but fought for her son, who she named Navid.

Clément presented his first son to his father, but Michele was determined to cut all ties with the whore who'd birthed his grandson and the boy was immediately rechristened Guillaume. Clément stood up to the alpha only enough to insist that the boy keep Navid as his middle name. It was only the interference of one of his brothers, Benedict and his mate Ariel who was also the packs beta that kept Michele and Clément from killing each other. But the boy's name was Guillaume from then on. Now an adult he -always- introduces himself as Guillaume but a very few extremely close friends and family are permitted to call him Navid, when well outside of the alpha's hearing.

Guillaume never quite fit in with his family. Clément was torn regarding his son, he adored the boy yet he looked so like his mother that it was painful. Benedict's only daughter, Thérèse, often provided a haven for Guillaume pulling him into groups and games and providing him a safe place when Clément and Michele clashed.
Things between Clément and Michele came to a head on Guillaume's ninth birthday. The boy still had not been gifted. Clément could not bring himself to gift his son. Hala had been so afraid of them, of the pack, the wolves he did not want her to be afraid of her son. Some day it was possible they would be reunited. Michele, however, was furious he saw this as Clément shirking his duty, crippling his son. As they had every year since the boy was six they argued. This time it went beyond heated, Michele ordered Guillaume to be gifted or he would do it himself. Clément still refused. Refusing an order from an alpha brought a swift response. The wolf in the men could not be restrained but Clément didn't stand a chance. Having brought his rebellious youngest son to heel Michele turned on his grandson, Guillaume, who had witnessed the whole altercation. Michele gifted the boy on the spot. With his blood still up from the fight he bit Guillame high on the right shoulder harder and more aggressively than he strictly needed too. The scar it left is prominent and deep and is evidence that this was not a delicate or tender gifting.

As harsh as it was Guillaume understood, even at the age of nine, that Michele was simply protecting all the members of his pack and seeing to it that Guillaume was properly looked after. To this day he bears the scar of his grandfather's bite proudly, for off all Michele's grandchildren, he is the only one the old man gifted.

Since that day Guillaume and his father have almost constantly been at odds. Having taken his grandfather's view that Clement's refusal to gift him was weakness, often Guillaume would reject his father's wishes simply out of spite. He more and more looked to his grandfather for guidance and afraid that the stigma of his mother's flight fear and profession had tainted him, he looked to Thérèse for friendship. She of all the cousins seemed to understand his plight the best and didn't judge him.
Despite his fear that his parent's failing had some how contaminated him the only issue Guillaume pushed his grandfather on was his mother's where abouts. During several return trips through Morocco Guillaume often disappeared for days at a time looking for her. Michele finally sick to death of the questioning has forbidden any discussion of Hala and any search efforts. It is the only matter in which Guillaume has defied his grandfather, but he has kept his searching extremely covert. He has only recently located her and has been trying to establish a relationship with her. Hala, however, is extremely ill and does not have the means to seek proper care. Guilaume is doing what he can to help, but it isn't easy to do while preventing the pack from finding out about Hala.
Guillaume has struggled with finding a direction. He is unclear if he has rejected his father or if his father, now married with several children, has disowned him. He has often just blindly followed his alpha's plans for him but at the same time has chaffed under them. He joined the legion and served for eight years even debating taking the Kal but turning from that path when, with the help of his uncle Benedict, he realized it was an escape rather than a calling. He again returned to his pack following his grandfather's orders.
There are times that word travels quite fast among the R'asa and it has reached Michele that his granddaughter is behaving quite oddly. Guillaume has been sent to Nachton to help find out why and if needed prevent her from disgracing herself and the pack.

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