Drop Off (Att: Nara)

It was nearly dawn when he drove the 2010 Lincoln MKZ into a parking spot. Folding the note he wrote with directions and time to meet with Diane, Panos tucked it in to the envelope with Nara's new birth certificate and state ID. Placing the envelope on the passanger seat Panos then took the extra set of keys and stuck them in a celophan stuffed manilla envelope. Chryseis had a large collection of American made cars for some reason and he had no use for the every single one of them. Nara had no cars and would need a way out to the clinic. It only seemed logical that she should use one of the many things he had.

Sealing the envelope Panos went to the front desk and gave the it to the manager on duty with directions to deliver to Nara.

Once that was done Panos stepped outside and looked up at Nara's door. Hopefully things went well when she met with Diane. If not...well he would figure it out then.