Good morning, sunshine!

Continues from Et tu, Moon?, Red's storyline 48 hours with Cam

Lewis leaned back in his chair and rubbed his eyes. He had gotten up early to run more diagnostics on the core computer system that had the hidden mole. There was only so much he could do to avoid letting whoever was watching know that he knew they were there, so it was business as usual. The secondary parallel system was still running separate from the core, gathering as much information on the leak as possible. He wasn't sure what he could do with that information once he obtained it, however, seeing how he couldn't talk about it without having a severe nosebleed and migraine.

Watching the perimeter cameras as they stood vigilant and hidden along the edge of the property, he yawned loudly as his phone began to vibrate. Leaning forward he picked it up and looked at it.

"Oh shit!"

Lewis turned and almost fell out of his chair as he ran toward the door. "Damnit!" Running back, he set the system on auto and ran back out to the stairs leading up the ground level of Den.

Texting as he double timed it up the stairs, he ran down the long corridor to the wing where the Pipers were readying themselves for their morning run. Sending his text, he ran up to Marko's door and began pounding on it. Marko immediately poked his head out as Lewis ran down to the next door.

"Now?" Marko asked with wide eyes.

"Right now!" Lewis yelled, pounding on the doors.

Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
Viv curled up under the warm covers of her bed and snored happily. Snuggling behind her, Brig moved his hips provocatively as he began to kiss her shoulder.

Both their phones began to vibrate on opposite sides of the bed. Viv reached out and looked at hers.

"Get up, get up!" she said as Brig reached for his phone and read the text. Yanking the covers off them, they scrambled off the bed. Brig threw on his work out shorts and shirt as Viv ran around the room.

"What are you looking for?" Brig said, throwing a fitted black tank at her.

"My pants, where are my...ok I got them, let's go!" Stepping into her black yoga pants, Viv grabbed the matching tank from Brig and slipped it on.

Brig stood anxiously at the bedroom door. "Come on, come on!"

"Ok, I'm coming, I'm coming!" Grabbing a pair of shoes, Viv ran out the bedroom door with Brig.
Lothias LT Jameson 13 years ago
LT walked slowly to the edge of the Long Run pulling his right arm across his chest, stretching out his muscles when his cell phone vibrated in his exercise shorts. Reaching into his pocket, he checked the message.

Spinning on the balls of his feet, LT ran back to the Den, up the back porch steps and almost knocked over a table getting to the doors leading into the dining area. Cutting through the galley, he ran into the eating area and came to a screeching halt.


Lewis stood with Marko, JT, Marthinus, and Domingo at one of the larger tables. They were all dressed for exercise in their shorts and tshirts.

"Yeah, like five minutes maybe," Lewis replied.

"Fucking A," LT said in an almost giggly voice.
Reese E Deardon 13 years ago
Red paid the cab and walked slowly up the drive to the Den. With Domingo's jacket in one hand, he ran his other hand through his thick hair, scratching at his scalp as he yawned long and hard. It was quiet and not quite 4:45 in the morning yet, so he still had time to run up to his room and then grab a cup of coffee before heading out to the Tikerak.

Lethargically he walked the steps up to the front door, then down the long corridor to the Piper's wing. The others were still sleeping or already out on the grounds waiting for everyone to gather. Walking into his room, he dropped Domingo's jacket on his couch. His bedroom was down a short hallway, first door on his left and he was happy he even made it there. He began to pull his borrowed blue polo from Domingo just as his alarm clock began to go off loudly, scaring him and managing to get himself tangled in the shirt.

"Red. Wake up, Red. It's another day and it's time to get out of bed. Let's ignore the fact that you're getting up out of your own bed and not some curvaceous young thing's full sized bed with lace trimmings and fuzzy handcuffs hanging from her bed post, but you're up. You're alive. And you know what time it is."

Struggling with the shirt, he tore it off and then lunged at his loud radio, shutting it off before Prince's 'Let's go Crazy' started to play.

"Oh my god...that is annoying."

Kicking off his shoes, he changed into his exercise outfit: a pair of black shorts and black tshirt. Before leaving, he grabbed his dark sunglasses and stumbled back out of his room.

They had to be at the Tikerak at five am sharp and he was already cutting it close. He hastened his step as he turned down the corridor that led to the center section of the Den and its dining area. Stepping up to the ground floor landing, he tripped and caught himself with a curse.

"When did they put that there?" Turning the corner, he rubbed his eyes under his sunglasses and then looked up.

Brig Jameson 13 years ago
Brig was leaning next to Viv who was perched on top of one of the dining room tables, and in the flat of her hands she held a steaming cup of coffee, offering it to Red. Surrounding her was LT, Marthinus, Marko, Domingo, and JT. The other two new recruits were covering Charlie at DI. Red suspiciously wished everyone a good morning and then slowly pulled off his dark sunglasses.

"Damn!" they all said at once.

Red's eyes were so bloodshot that Brig could feel the dryness from where he was standing. Surrounding his eyes were dark circles and thick, heavy bags.

"Dude, have you slept?" LT asked, covering his laugh with his fist.

"Kind of," Red replied with a grumpy look, pushing his sunglasses up into his hair.

"You've been up for two days? Doing what?" Brig asked, grinning from ear to ear.

"Oh, snap!" Domingo yelled out when Red started to blush. The Spaniard came over and started to dance up next to Red, knocking him to the side.

"Aw, baby, come have your coffee and tell us your troubles," Viv said, pushing the chair she was resting her feet on out for Red. He came over and slumped into it backwards as he took his coffee from Viv.

"You are worthless to me now, Red," Brig said, shaking his head.

Red took a huge gulp of his coffee and then set it down. Curling up into Viv's lap, he laid his head down and mumbled. "I'm so sleepy, mom."

Viv covered her mouth with one hand, laughing with the rest of the Pipers as her other ran through Red's thick red hair. Domingo continued to mimic sexual innuendos as he danced, Marko and JT joining him with great vigor. Marthinus and LT crossed their arms and sat down on the table, laughing with the rest of the men.

Brig watched his Pipers and his mate, laughing it up, breaking their morning routine with a bit of fun and camaraderie, granted at Red's expense. It made Brig happy. Despite the troubles with Vigo and Viv, the Pipers were a tight knit group of happy men, a group he was proud to lead. He was secretly relieved that he would not have to give up his Command to be with Viv, thanks to his father's blessing, but there was still an uphill battle with the rest of the families. Brig decided he would burn that bridge when he got to it.
Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
Viv rubbed Red's back as he wrapped his arms around her now sizable waist and hugged her legs. His cheek pressed up against her belly and he rubbed it, using it like a pillow.

"Don't rub your dirty sex all over my baby, you heathen! But wow, I hope she was worth it."

Red made a face and grinned. Everyone awed at him and Viv ruffled his hair. "She was nice enough," Red replied.

"Two days with a strange woman? I hope she was," her mate said, sitting down next to her on the table.

Red closed his eyes looking exhausted. "You know I hope your stamina held up. You're pretty pooped."

"I heard no complaining from her," he said with his eyes still closed but grinned a toothy smile nonetheless.

"That is dirty, sir." Viv ran her fingernails through his short haircut, causing something just short of a kitten's purr from Red.

"You might as well go back to bed then. You're on tonight with JT." Brig reached out and grabbed Red's hair, lifting his head off her lap. "Two man team. Tracking a scent for Viv."

"Just a little job as a favor to Simon," Viv said, making Red open an eye and glare up at her.
Reese E Deardon 13 years ago
"I don't work for him," Red said as he mumbled into Viv's pregnant belly. "Did I not tell you this is a fine line we're walking here?"

"It's just a human," Viv said, pinching his cheek.

The Commander looked at the LT and nodded, sending the men on their way. Domingo turned and yelled out to Red as he left.

"Dude I want my jacket back!"

Lifting his hand, he pointed in the direction of their apartments. "It's on my couch. Thanks again."

The Pipers left out the back porch doors to head out to their run, leaving the Commander, Vivienne, JT, and Red in the dining hall. Sitting up, he looked up at up Viv and gave her a dirty look.

"I'm going to voice my intense displeasure over this duty right now."

"Duly noted, Sergeant," Brig said with an equally unhappy look at Vivienne.

It still made Red uncomfortable when anyone referred to him as Sergeant. The Pipers Sergeant was Charlie, not Red. But apparently because Charlie was under the vampire's care, they were now lap dogs.

"Why are we doing Huntington a favor, sir? Charlie saved his ass just as much as that silu saved ours."

"It's a favor to me then, Red," Viv said softly.

"Why do you owe him any favors?" Red pushed back from his chair and stood. "Suddenly we're Huntington's blood hounds?"

"At ease, Red. Like it or not, we do owe him a favor. As far as I'm concerned, we're square after this," the Commander said looking at Vivienne who merely shrugged. "Twenty four hours. You and JT track the scent, retrieve the package, and then deliver it."

"See, we're mailmen, not blood hounds," JT said with a small grin.

Red took a deep breath. "Did I miss something? Who is this human? How did we get involved?"

Viv relayed the story of the chase from Duibne Industries into the convention center and how JT managed to mark the human after he somehow got away from Huntington.

"How is that even possible? Are you sure he's human?" Red asked.

Viv shrugged, "So Simon says. No reason to think otherwise."

"Go get some sleep, Romeo. We're go at 1800 hours." Red and JT stood at attention as the Commander rose off the table. They fell out of it easily as the CO relaxed and picked up Red's coffee, drinking it.

"Thanks, guys," Viv said in that sweet voice that she knew made the Pipers do her bidding and liked it.

"Meh," Red said, but leaned in and kissed Viv quickly on the cheek before turning away. "Bring me milk and cookies later, mom."

"Har," she said with a grin.

Red and JT fist bumped as they walked back to their apartments to sleep out the day and prep for the night duty.
The Pipers 13 years ago
"So, you can mark?"

JT looked at Red who appeared to be wide awake. His eyes were still tired and blood shot, but Red looked at him with a new found fascination.

"Yeah. It's still new to me, though."

"You got close enough to the guy to bite or claw him?"

"Oh no. I winged him with a bullet covered with my saliva. I don't think he even noticed it."

"Wow. That is truly disgusting."

JT laughed with Red as they walked slowly back down the long corridor to their wing of the Den. Being able to mark targets was still a new ability to him, something he discovered at Glenveagh before the raid. Something else occurred to JT as he thought back to the incident at DI.

"Something weird happened though. Being around Huntington doesn't bother me."

"Who gifted you? The old Alpha Michaels is your father, right?"

JT involuntarily flinched. He had not thought about his biological father since the Elders and the Beta had asked him outside Glenveagh. He had not known his father, but from what he understood, it was probably a good thing. "My uncle, actually."

"That is weird. Huntington's own grandson, Marthinus, still has a hard time and it's been about three years for him." Red paused. "That bother you? Who your father was?" Red asked.

JT blinked. "Does it bother you guys?"

Red made a face and shrugged. "I don't think anyone but leadership knows. They told me after what happened to Charlie and I stepped up. But no, you don't seem bat shit crazy like your half brother did. Besides, that's what Viv is for."

"I haven't spoken with her yet."

"You will," Red said quietly.

They walked for a few more moments in silence when JT decided to change the subject. "So this girl. What's her name?"

Red immediately smiled but then shrugged it off. "Camille. Nice girl."

"Very pretty," JT added, watching Red's reaction which seemed to waver between happy, concerned, and disinterested. "Like her, huh?"

"She's all right, I guess."

JT snorted, making Red look at him as they approached Red's door first. "Yeah," JT said walking backwards to his door, further down the hallway, "you like her."

"Meh," Red grumbled and waved at JT as he let himself into his residence.

JT turned and grinned, heading to his own apartment.
Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
Viv began to scoot off the table and Brig immediately reached out and steadied her as she planted her feet on the floor.

"You know, I've survived an avalanche, but I do appreciate you helping me off a table."

"Fine, next time I'll let you fall," he said, sipping Red's confiscated coffee. Brig licked his lips and smiled at her.

Her arousal flared as Brig merely looked at her. It could literally make her heart stop. Frustrating and exhilarating that a man could do that to her, Viv glared at him as they walked back up to her apartment.

"God, stop doing that."

"Doing what?" he said, walking close to her, purposely brushing up against her.

"You shouldn't do that in public."

Brig grinned, "We're in a hallway, Viv."

"You know what I mean. Don't look at me like that. It's distracting."

"I like that I can bother you like this," he said, taking her hand with both of his. Viv rolled her eyes but still grinned. Thankfully, Brig changed the subject. "I still haven't told Hammer about tonight."

"Well, we should tell him. Better to keep him informed than have him find out later. I seem to recall his reaction can be a bit volatile."

Viv involuntarily swallowed, remembering her crushed wind pipe within a minute of landing in Ireland several months back. Hammer's reaction had been swift and almost fatal - she did not want to incur his wrath again.

Brig agreed, nodding. "After our run, I'll speak to Hammer about it."

"Speak to me about what?"

Viv and Brig turned back and saw Hammer coming down the steps they had just passed. Wearing his workout clothes, he nodded to Brig and shrugged.

"Or, you know, now works," Viv said under her breath.
Iov Hammerthynn 13 years ago
Hammer closed his eye slowly and took a deep breath. Asking why would be pointless, he knew this. Demanding why would just force Vivienne to do it herself, pregnant or not, and he knew he'd never hear the end of it from his cousin for letting her go off on her own. Not to mention that as much as it irritated Hammer, the pack still owed Huntington for Charlie.

"Fine. Do it."

"Hammer, come on...wait, what?" His cousin's mate stopped mid sentence and even Brig was giving Hammer a strange look.

"I've given up fighting you, Vivienne. You do this for Huntington and something happens to my Pipers...."

"I know, it's on me."

"No, Vivienne. If something happens to my Pipers, I take it out of your ass, do you hear me?" Hammer pointed at her, stepping close. "If this is a simple track and retrieval, then fine. If this turns out to be something else, I will hold you responsible."

Hammer narrowed his solitary eye at her and she nodded wordlessly. Straightening, he spoke to Brig but never took his eye off of Vivienne. "Pull the LT and have him choose 3 for back up. They'll ghost JT and the Sergeant."

Hammer heard Brig let out a breath. "All right," Brig answered in a tight voice. He wasn't happy with Vivienne now either, now that this had turned into something bigger than Brig's mate had anticipated. She looked nervous, eventually dropping her eyes.

With a sigh, he finally looked at Brig. "Now can we go run?"

Brig pulled out his phone, presumably to send a message to the LT. Message sent, he put the phone away and answered. "Yeah, two seconds."

Hammer turned and stepped away, waiting for Brig by the doors leading out to the back porch of the Den. With his back to them, he could still hear the tension in Brig's voice as he spoke to his mate.

"We'll talk about this later," Brig said quietly.

Vivienne took a deep breath and mumbled a reluctant affirmative. There was no kiss, no fond farewell; just Brig's foot steps behind him. Hammer pushed on the glass doors and exited.

Hammer was relieved Brig could separate the Commander from the mate when dealing with Vivienne on a professional level. For as dominant a personality that she apparently had, Brig maintained his Alpha role when it came to his job. He had no doubt their discussion would more than likely end them both up in bed, but he knew his cousin would make himself clear beforehand. At least, he hoped so.

"Is it hard?"

"Is what hard?" Brig asked.

"When Viv lets you be the man. The transition must be difficult." Hammer pursed his lips, holding back a rare smile as they stepped off the porch and onto the grass.

"Funny, Hammer," Brig growled. "Funny man."
Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
Viv exhaled as Brig and Hammer exited. It was a slow, labored sigh as she closed her eyes and turned away, cursing colorfully.

Instinctively she wanted to rail against Brig's Alpha, but in the same vein she felt the need to comply. This is why her marriages never last long; human men had no idea how to exert that aggressive Alpha in them, claiming what was theirs and having enough presence to maintain control. Brig not only knew how to command, but his ability to use that control made him a true Alpha. How he and Hammer got along was perplexing, but Vigo and Duncan had the same Alpha personalities and they almost never clashed. At least, not until the other night.

Chewing on her bottom lip, she considered eating breakfast, but it was barely past five am and her bed was calling for her swift return. She'd have to build up the strength to face Brig later, anyway. After his run he was ravenously hungry both in appetite and desire. The baby was sapping her strength making her so tired lately that the naps she was sneaking in during the day had become more necessary than just enjoyable.

She so badly wanted to run and not just in human form - that was something her doctor advised her that she could still do already being in physical shape before her pregnancy, but her wolf would not get to taste the freedom of her skin for at least another four months. She had never gone as long as a lunar cycle, so not being able to run free for at least six months was slowly driving her insane. Running helped alleviate the stress of her existence, and before Nachton there was her healthy (ok that was questionable) marijuana use. She could do neither now so with a frustrated sigh, Viv stalked back to her apartment.
Duncan Jameson 13 years ago
Duncan lowered his hand after having knocked heavily on Vivienne's apartment door for exactly five minutes. Obviously she was not there. Turning away from her door, he realized that she might actually be busy. It was too early to be with Brig yet - he would be out running with Hammer right about now, which admittedly made him sigh with relief. Seeing Brig and Hammer together again made him reflect back to that initial call that put a series of events into motion here in Nachton. The strained and upset expression on his oldest son's face as it appeared on his computer back in Canberra put him on the offensive immediately. Brig was one hundred and ten years old, but he was still Duncan's little boy. Granted what Brig told Duncan was not a boy's problem. It felt like a lifetime ago already.

On Vigo's recommendation, they sent Vivienne. It had been Duncan's request to send the elusive shadow of a female to Nachton, to do what she did best and fix the situation between his and Vigo's sons. Had Duncan known that the second she step foot in Nachton, it would cause such an unforeseen domino effect of unexpected decisions, deaths, and outright disobedience, he would have just done it himself. How could one female cause such a ripple effect, affecting the leadership of an entire pack, two of its established and powerful families, and finally making his oldest and rowdiest son to settle down and start a family...all within six months?

The families had been stretched from one continent to the far side of the globe and northern hemisphere; had lost dozens and an entire compound in the blink of an eye; pushed to the near edge of the world based on nothing but a single name. It forced Vigo and Duncan to Nachton, months ahead of schedule, to evaluate the damage caused - both obvious and unseen. Then another set of problems were brought into view; Vigo's need for Vivienne in his life was causing a rift between the families, forcing her mate, his son, and the Pipers Commander to challenge an Elder, a right Vigo did not have.

Duncan sighed unhappily as he walked down the hallway and walked right into the cause of the problem, almost knocking her down.
Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
The baby threw off her center of balance, among other things, so when Duncan walked into her, the extra weight made her misjudge her feet and she tripped herself. The fall would have been unpleasant but not dangerous and it would have really ruined her day realizing that the baby was making her less and less effective at just walking. For a man who was almost one hundred and fifty years old, Duncan was still surprisingly fast and he reached out and caught Viv gently before she even made it halfway to the ground. His large hands grabbed at her upper arms instead of yanking her by her hands and he pulled her into an uncomfortable bear hug, pressing her up against his front side.

"Whoa, I'm sorry, Vivienne," he half chuckled with surprise, reminding her immediately of his son. No matter how many times she thought it, Brig looked exactly like his father - in facial features as well as his body, which again was pressed up against hers. It also did not help that he had the same startling blue eyes that were currently looking at her with humor and concern.

Viv immediately pushed back on his chest and separated herself from Duncan. Hooking her thumb behind her back, she looked at the ground and avoided his stare.

"The Commander is with the Beta on their run. They should be back in an hour or so for breakfast, Elder Jameson."

Viv reverted immediately to professional courtesy with Duncan. It was easier to maintain a resemblance of respect with Brig's father if she treated him as an Elder instead of her future father-in-law. Taking another two steps back, she rolled her shoulders.

"I'm here to speak to you, actually."

That made Viv look up and give the Elder a strange look. "Me?" He couldn't have heard about the Piper expedition that night already, could he? "Is this about tonight, sir?"

"What's tonight?"

Oh, well ok. Maybe it wasn't. "Let's," Viv pointed toward her apartment door and held her hand out, "let's the Situation Room?"

After an insanely quick reconsidering, Viv decided she did not want Duncan in her apartment. It was bad enough he wanted to speak to her alone, something he NEVER did, but a private conversation between them would make her feel more relaxed in a stricter environment, ironically.

"Your apartment is right there."

"That works...too," she said turning away and heading toward her door. Opening it, she held her hand out again and looked at his chest, waiting for him to enter. He waited a moment and then moved slowly through the doorway, standing just behind her couch, looking down at her potted Orchid from the Alpha that sat on the sofa table directly in front of him.

"It's kind of early, Elder Jameson. Something wrong?"

Duncan turned and looked at Vivienne over his shoulder. She could see his fingertips gently touching one of the petals of her orchid. Staring at the delicate flower, she wanted to pick it up and keep it safe, seeing how it had already been through an enormous fight between Duncan and Vigo's sons. Instead she flicked her eyes down to it, concentrating on that instead of Duncan's face.

"You're always up this early."

How the hell would he know that? Viv let her expression smooth out to indifference, utilizing the skills Vigo had taught her. She wanted him to get to the point.

Looking Duncan in the eye, she asked quietly, "What is it that you wanted to speak to me about, Elder Jameson?"

"Any other time you'd call me Duncan without any regard to my position. Suddenly you're the pillar of respect?"

"You're in my home, Elder Jameson. First time. I can be a surprisingly hospitable host."

Duncan looked around, dropping his hand from the orchid much to Viv's relief. "Why aren't you staying in my son's apartment?"

"Because I like it here. Not that where I sleep is any concern for an Elder."

"Now there's the flippant Vivienne I'm used to seeing." Duncan's pleasant tone faded.

This was the Duncan Viv knew: painfully neutral and stoic, bordering on annoyed. They looked at each other for a few moments before Duncan turned toward the couch and circled around to sit down on it. Viv waited, not sure if she wanted to sit down with the Elder and have this conversation they were avoiding for some time now. Finally Duncan sighed and leaned back on the couch, draping his arm along the back of it without looking at her.

"Indulge me, Vivienne."

Rolling her eyes, Viv circled around and pulled one of her gray zippered hoodies laying on the recliner across from the couch and pulled it on over her fitted black tank. Settling down into the chair, she tucked her legs underneath her and waited for Duncan to speak.
Duncan Jameson 13 years ago
Duncan had watched Vivienne grow up from a child to a capable werewolf and eventually an extremely skilled asset to the families, albeit a hidden one. In addition to those things, he watched her bloom into an exceptionally beautiful woman. She was neither vain about her appearance nor overly concerned with currying favor with any of leadership. Vivienne lived for Vigo Hammerthynn and it was the only reason why he allowed her to assist in the intricacies of family political issues. She accepted her place in Vigo's shadow and lived her life outside the pack, living without one for all intent and purposes. Duncan wasn't blind, he could see what Brig saw in Vivienne, but he wanted to know what Vivienne saw in his son.

She was nearing her seventh month in her pregnancy, starting to show considerably now. They were having a female child, which pleased Duncan and Brig's mother to no end, but he wondered which traits would dominate. A Jameson and someone of Vivienne's innate abilities would be extraordinary, if the mix was favorable. Duncan knew about Vivienne's ability to observationally learn and that talent alone in a Piper would be incredible in a male child. The baby Vivienne was carrying now had no chance at becoming a Piper, however, since there were no female Pipers.

"I came to speak to you about my son."

Vivienne neither commented nor reacted. He wasn't even sure if she was still breathing. She was so much like Vigo it was scary.

"When do you plan on marrying?"

"That really is dependent on you, Duncan."

Duncan had given Brig his blessing, but he apparently had not told Vivienne about the decision yet. He wondered if Brig was waiting for Vivienne to speak to Vigo, after what happened that same night he vowed to stand by his son's side when he married his Vyusher R'asa.

"You know Brig hasn't asked for my blessing. Are you going to marry my son or not?"

"Of course I am. I could no sooner not breathe than be without Brig."

"I know he loves you, Vivienne. I see you love him; I'd have to be blind not to see it. But I need to know what your plans are afterwards."

"I go wherever my mate goes."

"And the Pipers?"

"Their well being is my priority here, per the Alpha. The Sergeant's recovery, integrating the new Pipers, and seeing to their mental health - I serve the Pack, the Families. Nothing has changed for me."

"Except you'll have a daughter and a husband."

"Multi-tasking isn't a problem for me, Duncan."

Duncan leaned forward, his core filling with a cold disdain for her flippant attitude. "A Piper Commander's mate isn't a joke, Vivienne. Your children with Brig will be your sole priority. I haven't tasted my wife's lips in almost six months. And as the wife of the Jameson Elder, it will be a lonely life; a good and happy one, but lonely just the same. "
Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
"Duncan, no disrespect, but have you ever known a Piper's wife like me?"

"You plan on continuing on as you have before?"

Viv leaned forward, smiling at Duncan. "You really didn't expect me to change, did you, Duncan? I don't do normal and I'd like to think that's part of my appeal for Brig. I'm his mate. I'll always be his mate - I don't have a choice in the matter - but if your son needs me, if my father needs my particular skill sets, if you need me Duncan...why wouldn't I continue to be useful?"

Duncan was quiet for a few moments, just staring at her. Viv couldn't tell if he was surprised, aghast, or just at a loss for words. Granted she and Brig had not had the conversation yet about what will happen after the baby, but she knew her mate wouldn't be as comfortable with sending her away as Vigo might have been, despite his reaction to her leaving his side permanently now. Viv was different, in every way.

Idle hands were the Devil's playthings, after all.

"What do you mean, 'you don't have a choice in the matter'?"

She had not expected that part of her statement to be the first thing he would question. "There's something about Brig. Something...special."

Viv knew no other way to explain their connection or the draw of Brig's scent. She couldn't leave Brig even if she wanted to; his scent being such a compelling and tangible attachment to her. Shrugging, she wondered if telling him something so personal would be something he'd be able to grasp. The Pipers and Hammer knew, but somehow telling her mate's father equated to discussing sex.

"I don't understand. Something special?"

Viv looked down at the floor and inhaled, closing her eyes, and tasting his scent in the room. She felt the arousal well up in her, spilling over and making her blush. A smile touched her lips as she licked them and when she opened her eyes, Duncan's startled expression at her reaction embarrassed her.

"His scent," Viv said simply.
Duncan Jameson 13 years ago
Duncan wanted to yell at her, but it just wasn't his place. Maybe things within the family were archaic, it being the 21st century, but the two families had function with the same values and traditions for centuries because it had always worked. Pipers were Jamesons and Hammerthynns descendants, but the wounded Sergeant Charlie Hammond and grandson of their greatest enemy Marthinus Steyn had changed that. Jameson Pipers married for love, yes, but all Piper wives served a purpose: bearing children and raising them. Duncan's own wife fulfilled this duty, but she walked into their marriage knowing this and accepting it without question.

Then there was Vivienne.

She was as close to the Pipers and family business as she could be without being a part of it. No one skirted the edge of the family business quite as close as Vivienne had. To lose her abilities would be detrimental, as much as Duncan hated to admit it, but as the Piper Commander's wife, it should all end. All this would have Duncan insist on Vivienne stepping down from her duties, until she mentioned not having a choice to be with Brig. Her explanation of that statement had been...startling.

Duncan watched as she inhaled deeply, taking in the scents in the room. He could taste the scents himself that lingered. Old scents from the Pipers, Hammer, and even an extremely old whiff of the Alpha and his mother, but the strongest scents were Vivienne's and his son. Vivienne closed her eyes and Duncan watched as the blush rose up into her cheeks and a knowing smile tainted her lips. When she opened her eyes, he could see the arousal in them and the way she spoke briefly about Brig's scent even made him blush.

"What about his scent?"

Vivienne's smile grew and the more it did, the more uncomfortable Duncan became. She was radiant just speaking about Brig - the flush of her cheeks and when she licked her lips, making them glisten with a want that he was embarrassed to even notice.

"He hasn't told you about our scents? When we first met?"

"No, he hasn't."

Vivienne sat all the way back in the seat and crossed her legs. Smiling, she recounted their meeting at the Park Reserve. "We crossed paths and stupidly got involved in a fight. You know me, Duncan. I have a thing about men and being dominated."

Duncan did narrow his eyes at her with a terse nod.

"We had started to square off when something happened. His scent stopped me dead in my tracks and the same thing happened to him. One thing led to another and then...ok did you want me to actually tell you what happened?"

He held up his hand and stopped her, guessing at what happened next as much as he really didn't want to do that. "Brig's scent. You're drawn to it, where ever it is?"

"And the same for him. Being away from him when I left for Siberia was," Vivienne held her breath and Duncan saw the fear in her eyes. "It was devastating. It was like losing a limb." She looked at him strangely and asked, "Have you heard of this type of thing before? With scents?"

Duncan swallowed and stood. "Yes. Just once. Thank you for your time, Vivienne."
Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
"Wait, what? When?"

"I gave Brig my blessing the other night. I'll speak to Vigo and he'll give his as well."

Viv watched as Duncan moved around the couch to the door. Quickly getting up, she followed him, reaching out and grabbing his arm before he opened the door and left.

"Wait, Duncan, wait. I don't understand. Who else has had this scent thing happen to them? I've never heard of it."

Duncan held the door open with one hand and had his back to her. He paused on his way out the door and then turned back. When he did, Viv was again startled to see so much of her mate in his father, enough to make her blush under his focused stare. Everything about the Elder exuded power and strength, instinctively making the female in her shiver in the shadow of his presence. She really had to stop reacting to her future father-in-law that way.

Duncan shook his head and gave her something akin, if not directly related to, a soft and caring look. "It's a blessing and a curse, Vivienne. It is something special and I'm almost envious of what you and Brig have together."


"You're extremely lucky to have found your soul mate, not many people even come close, but losing your mate will be something close to hell and I wouldn't wish that on anyone."

Duncan turned and pulled on the door, closing it behind him as he left.
Vigo Hammerthynn 13 years ago
Vigo wiped at the sweat running down his face as he walked his mile cool down. Duncan had not met him for their morning run, but that wasn't unusual. He knew Hammer and Brig ran together religiously, but he and Duncan were as much alike as their sons as they were different. Lifting his shirt, he wiped at his face when the distinct scent of his daughter wafted toward him in the morning sunrise.

The initial happiness that her scent brought to him was still there, but when he turned toward her, the swell of her pregnancy immediately withered it. Slowing his walk, he watched her as she made her way quickly up to him on the path leading toward the Den from deep within the well worn running tracks along the Long Run. She was breathless when she got to him.

"Hi," she said with a smile.

Vigo raised his eyebrows, granting her a small smile. Things were strained between them. The tender moments were few and far between and they no longer greeted each other with affection. At least, she never initiated it, so he assumed she did not want it.

"I was hoping we could talk."

"About your baby?" he asked in a monotone voice. Viv looked down and touched her growing belly. A spasm of disgust rippled across his face, but Viv missed it, too enthralled with the choices she had made.

"Among other things, yes. I spoke to Duncan. He gave his blessing to Brig."

Outwardly he was nonplussed, but inwardly Vigo felt his blood pressure rise, threatening to kill him on the spot. So Duncan went ahead and gave his blessing to them to marry, despite the two of them discussing it on the plane over to Nachton. Duncan had seemed dead set against it, but apparently it had changed.

"Good for Brig," Vigo said slowly, staring at Vivienne with his lone eye.

Vivienne stood there, staring up at him. Her face was clouded with pain, but only for a moment. When it smoothed over to indifference, Vigo knew he was cutting her deep. He just honestly did not care.

"So you're asking for my blessing now."

"Actually, no...well yes. I wanted to speak to you about something else Duncan had said."

"What else did Elder Jameson say?" He narrowed his eye at her, letting his irritation show with her casual reference to someone in a higher position. Every little thing about her seemed to change, to irritate him. Her disregard for authority, how she skirted the edge of disrespect with the way she addressed her betters. His was a reminder, one she had better remember.

Viv paused, her expression cautious. "What do you know about two wolves being bound together by their scents?"

Of all the things Duncan could have told her, Vigo was not expecting that.
Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
Her father's reaction was unexpected, at best. Vigo sneered and balled his fists, towering over her as he stepped closer. Intense fear rippled up her spine as he spoke to her in a quiet whisper said through gritted teeth.

"Why is that any of your business, Vivienne?"

Reeling in her fear, she swallowed once trying to get the immediately dry taste out of her mouth. Vigo's rage was palatable and was not something she was privy to in the past. He had never spoken to her the way he spoke to his Pipers or subordinates. She had been so sure he would never feel a need to speak to her in that tone, but apparently she had been wrong.

Everything was changing quickly; her body, her relationship with Vigo, Brig, Simon and within the pack. She had never considered any of it to be more than she was capable of, but Vigo's reaction to her question suddenly made a confusing situation very clear.

"You? Duncan was talking about you and Emma?"

Vigo's rage smoothed over to confusion. "Who else would he be talking about?"

Viv shrugged helplessly, "I was talking about me and Brig."

Vigo paled and took a step back. His fury was gone, replaced completely by shock.

It dawned on Viv now, what Duncan had meant about having the bond but losing your mate. Why Vigo never quite recovered from losing Emma or how he had completely turned away from his only son. Why he ignored family tradition and never remarried or fathered any other children.

It was because he couldn't.

"Duncan was talking about you." Viv rushed forward, putting her hands on her father's chest. He looked at her, confused. "Then you understand. When Brig and I first met, we were drawn to each other's scent. It put everything on fast forward for us. It made him everything to me, literally my center of the universe. I can't imagine my life without him now...but you understand."

Her father reached up and laid his large hands over hers...and then pulled her off him, pushing her away.

"You need to make a choice, Vivienne. Right now. I'm your father. I raised you. I made you what you are. Strong, intelligent...this life, it's not for you. This is beneath you. This," he pointed at her stomach and she instinctively protected her daughter and laid her hands over her, "this isn't a problem."

" my daughter."

"And what will you do with it, Vivienne? Do you plan on settling down here in Nachton with the Commander? Be the dutiful little housewife? How long do you think that will last before you grow restless? You'll resent this life - Brig and your child. This isn't what you were raised for, living the life of a common female. I raised you better than this."

Vigo was serious, she realized. Both Duncan and her father questioned her ability to function outside the life her father had built for her. They both fully expected her to resist this life with Brig and grow tired of her role as a mother and a wife. It made her question just how people perceived her. How Brig must see her.

"Choose, Vivienne. Your life is either with me or without me."
Vigo Hammerthynn 13 years ago
Vigo pleaded with her. How could she not see what she was doing to her life? What she was doing to them? He was forcing her to choose either Brig or him, but the consequences would be dire if she chose poorly.

"I don't understand," she said quietly.

"CHOOSE VIVIENNE," he yelled loudly. His rage was getting the better of him as he looked down at her. Trembling, he reached out and grabbed her arms, his fingers squeezing tightly. "Your place is with ME. Not Brig, not Nachton. It's with me."

"You want me to give up my daughter and Brig...knowing what you know now? How we're bonded by the same thing you and Emma -."


Vivienne tried to step back, but his hands were still on her, pulling her back. Her fear was as clear as the confusion on her face. Vigo gave her one last chance.

"You'll get over it, Vivienne. Losing Brig now will be easier. You have no idea what it was like to lose her. To not be able to smell her scent, to have it instantly comfort me. To look your child in the face and see...her."

He felt the anguish and pain he had pushed deep down rise up and threaten to choke him. Losing Emma had been devastating. The only reason he had not killed himself when he found her dead in their home was their son. Despite not being the father his son needed, Vigo would not force him to lose both parents, leaving him an orphan within the families. Instead he stayed and suffered so his son could have a family, even when Vigo could barely stand to look at him.

This anguish was easily forgotten looking at Vivienne now. She had changed everything coming into his life. Literally bringing him back to life, giving him a purpose he knew Emma would encourage and understand.

"I'm not Emma," Vivienne said, her face smooth of any expression and her choice made.
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
Brig and Hammer slowed their run and walked through their cool down, talking about Charlie's status at Duibne, Viv's pet project that was happening that evening, but the one thing weighing heavily on Brig's mind was how his relationship with Vivienne seemed to be changing.

"She sleeps all the time."

"She's pregnant, Brig. I think that's normal."

Brig tried to explain what he was talking about without sounding like a horny teenager. "I mean...she sleeps. All the time. All...the time."

"Why did you feel a need to repeat that three times?"

Brig rubbed the back of his neck and blurted it out. "We're not having as much sex as we used to."

"Oh! Oh. Brian, Jesus. Why would you tell me that?"

"Because I have to tell someone," he said shrugging. "We used to function on two hours of sleep, maybe four, but never more than that. Every single night I was sneaking in through her window and she'd be waiting there, usually dressed in almost nothing."

"I really don't need this mental picture."

"The floor, the couch, the table."

"We eat there, come on."

"And she does this thing. I can't even describe it."

"Then don't."

"But now we actually sleep. Well, she sleeps. We'll do it once, maybe twice, and then she falls asleep."

Hammer was confused. "So technically you're still having sex every single day."

"Well, yeah."

"Here I was thinking she was abusing you."

"The point is --"

"A point. Hoorah!"

"I can't get enough of her. Her scent drives me crazy, whenever...where ever. She's on my clothes, on my skin. She's in my office. I can even smell her on you."

Hammer looked down at himself and sniffed his shirt.

"It's all I can do to keep my hands off her when she's sleeping."

"You sound like an addict."

"I've been out running in the middle of the night, just to burn off the energy, but it's not helping at all. Do you ever feel like that? Like -"

"Duncan was talking about you. Then you understand. When Brig and I first met, we were drawn to each other's scent. It put everything on fast forward for us. It made him everything to me, literally my center of the universe. I can't imagine my life without him now...but you understand."

"And what will you do with it, Vivienne? Do you plan on settling down here in Nachton with the Commander? Be the dutiful little housewife? How long do you think that will last before you grow restless? You'll resent this life - Brig and your child. This isn't what you were raised for, living the life of a common female. I raised you better than this."

Brig and Hammer stopped in their tracks. Vigo's voice filtered in through the trees as well as their scents and Viv's curled itself around Brig, igniting his arousal, but his uncle's voice broke the trance. Brig moved quickly in between the trees, crossing over to the other part of the path they were walking on and watched.

"...I made you what you are. Strong, intelligent...this life, it's not for you. This is beneath you...."

"What?" Brig said as he and Hammer pushed through the trees and saw Vigo and Vivienne fighting. His mate and her father did not notice them watching, but their conversation floated on the wind, carrying their words.

"You'll get over it, Vivienne. Losing Brig now will be easier. You have no idea what it was like to lose her. To not be able to smell her scent, to have it instantly comfort me. To look your child in the face and see...her."

Brig broke out into a run, only to be stopped by Hammer's strong hand.


"For what? He's telling her to leave me, Hammer. For him!"

"Wait," Hammer said again quietly.

Viv was staring at her father, her face pale and expressionless. What she said next was just above a whisper, but both he and Hammer heard it as clear as if they were standing next to her and not fifty feet away.

"I'm not Emma."