Risking a chance (private)

Panos wasn't stupid. He knew what he was about to do bordered on such an idea but for some messed up reason he was willing to gamble.

Standing silently in front of the house that housed the woman who had murdered Chrysies, Panos took a deep breath. He wouldn't loose his temper and he wouldn't give into the rage that was battling inside him. It wasn't ok that Diane had wiped the only member of his family left completely off the earth. He hadn't just forgotten that she originally intended it to be him. Diane had nearly killed Delilah and would have succeeded if it hadn't been for Simon and the Clan. No, it certainly wasn't ok for him to be here. Panos was still too angry and still too hurt.

So what kept him here? Why was he even contemplating doing this?

What it came down to was Nara made him feel different. He felt almost human around her. Her attitude was infectious, the more he learned about her the more he was captivated by her. Nara had been knocked down so many times yet she was still able to get back up and with a damn smile no less. She was someone he wanted to be around.

Swallowing his pride he slipped up the porch. Closing his eyes and holding his breath Panos reached forward and knocked on the screen door.

Diane 13 years ago
The knock on the door wasn't out of the ordinary. It was dark sure but it was only spring and it got dark early enough still. It could be someone from the clinic. Remote control in hand Diane walked towards the door only stopping to pause the show on the television. Setting the remote on the small stand near the door Diane pulled the steel door open and was moving before her brain had a chance to think.

She pulled the switch blade out from the side of her boot and went at Panos without pause. He blocked everyone of her moves but didn't strike back. It didn't matter to her she was going to stake his ass and be done with him. How long had she gone without running into his face? She thought she had gotten the message across the last time.

Apparently not.

Taking another swipe at his throat she stumbled forward as he easily slid past her with a shove on her shoulder.
She felt his hand snatch her wrist and bend it upwards as he held her immobile. Her rage built and she could feel the Change preparing to erupt inside of her.

"Stop!" He shouted.

Diane struggled against his grasp and Panos released her with a shove.

"I'm not here to fight with you!"

The roaring inside her head muffled out most of what Panos was saying but she stopped and readied herself for another attack.
Panos Mehalitsenos 13 years ago
It was no surprise that she attacked first before he had a chance to say anything. He heard the metal tang of the switch blade as it opened and was ready to step out of the way. As Panos blocked each blow he found it not as difficult as before. usualy she was the one surprizing him and he was reacting in anger. The fight was different this time. It was easy to guess where she was going and before long he had her arm pinned behind her back and face pressed up against the wall. Her entire body began to convulse so he let her go with and dashed back about 15 feet before she could recover.

"Stop! I'm not here to fight with you."

Panos swore to himself as she took a fighting stance.

"Listen I came here to ask you for something and I implore you to listen."
Diane 13 years ago
Diane erupted in high pitched laughter. This had to be a fucking joke.

"Ya I'll be believe that YOU would come here solely to talk with me and ask me a fucking question. You must have lost your mind if you think I'll believe that for a second. How many more of you are here right now."

The face of her nightmares stodd before her looking perplexed.

"What are you talking about? No one else is here. I'm being fucking serious and I'm trying really hard not to lose my temper but your kind of a bitch." Panos snarled.

That was more like the man she knew. She switched the blade to he other hand and decided to entertain the idea that maybe he did want something. What they hell could she give him that he'd want?

"You're no charmer yourself. Why are you here."
Panos Mehalitsenos 13 years ago
Taking another full deep breath Panos reminded himself why he was here. While it was tempting to rip Diane's head off right here and now, it would do Nara no good. Although he could always tell her they closed down...

"I'm not here for myself although I do believe you'll do what I ask simply because I could do worse to you for what you've done to my family. It's simple really. A human is going to come here for a job and you are going to hire her."

Panos stood still but relaxed. He didn't want to agitate the situation anymore than he needed to by sending out the wrong message in body language. Still he had keyed up his Perception just incase.

"This is not a tit for tat situation and I don't concider our little issues as dissolved. One day I will murder someone from your family and then we can call things even. For now, I'll stay away and leave you be as long as you do what I've asked."
Diane 13 years ago
Bastian had been worried about a back lash from last years event but she hadn't been too concerned. Diane had thought she left a big enough statement to warrant distance from the filthy Mulo. But now here he was warning her of a future altercation and basically threatening to make her life hell over another moronic human.

"You sure ask for favors in a pretty poor way. Threats don't really go over well with me. Besides why would I want to help anyone associated with you? I'm sure she has a whole list of credentials that I just can't wait to employ. Things like spying, and relating information about me and my family right back to you."

He was out of his mind. She wasn't that dense.
Panos Mehalitsenos 13 years ago
Diane was exasperating. She saw malicious intent in everything he said.

"You are very frustrating. Listen, I am not being nefarious here. I could care less about whatever type of information you think she could obtain for you. She is down and out right now. Her home burned down and no not by me, she is also new in town. Just hire her so she can get reestablished."

Panos didn't want to give her a ton of information but enough to make her want to help.

"Also, she doesn't know anything about 'us'. It would be in your best interest not to reveal our true natures."

That would be wonderful. Maybe Nara could create a vampire and werewolve town attraction for people to visit. Panos hadn't forgotten how Diane had repeated went after Delilah to warn her away from him because of what he was.

"Say you'll do it and I will leave right now."
Diane 13 years ago
Diane narrowed her eyes at Panos. Why in the world would he be helping someone down in out? Why would he even care unless it was his fault. He was a bastard after all.

Relaxing her stance she kept her blade ready. If this person was really in as much need as Panos presented Diane almost felt like an ass turning her away. Everything inside of her screamed to not listen to him and that he was just trying to trick her. She wouldn't agree on the spot to hire someone she had never met but she'd check it out herself.

"It's hard to believe that some how you have a part in her misfortune. I won't agree to hire her but I'll agree to interview her. That is IF I never see your face out here again. And if I see any marks on her she's gone, whether you like it or not."

It was against her better instincts but she was curious to find out the story of this human woman. If anything she could make sure Panos didn't suck her dry or worse make another vampire out of her. Diane couldn't expose him without potentially exposing herself but she could sure as hell give the girl clues to his danger. Maybe this one wasn't as dense as Delilah.

"Send her to the clinic in the day time, I won't see her at night until I'm sure she is human."
Panos Mehalitsenos 13 years ago
God how he hated this woman, but she agreed to at least let Nara come out and interview.

"I would say thank you but I am not sure if it would be premature."

Without another word he darted past her without giving her the chance to respond. If he stayed one more minute he may have gone back on his word and did some damage.

(both out)