Fun with Flying Disks

The Frisbee flew toward him and Drew jogged the last few feet, snatching it out of the air just leaving large slobbery jaws to close on nothing but air.

"Ha. I win again mutt!"

Sirius just wagged his tail and waited for the disk to fly again. Drew got the feeling the dog didn't keep score.

"You know some day he's going to be faster than you and bite your hand off and all I'm going to do is laugh."

Reign cheerfully snarked at him from a ways down the beach. He really didn't like her being out and exposed like this at night. Why the hell every one and their brother seemed to be after her Drew didn't understand. But until he did, it made him edgy. Of course, they'd had this fight already and he'd been forced to accept these were just the hours she kept and he tried to deal with it. At least he was here tonight and the moon wasn't full so... well it wasn't as bad as it could be.

He threw the Frisbee back to Reign, careful not to put too much into it, watching the dog tear off just behind it.

"What you wouldn't kiss it and make it better?"

He asked doing his best to sound hurt and shocked.

Reign 12 years ago
She'd thought about carrying the little gun Diane had given her, but truthfully the thing kind of freaked her out. That and she was around wolves to often to carry it in good conscious. Reign had just been keeping it in her bedside table. Although, since becoming Kem's familiar she hadn't been going by the Den as often. She wondered if any one really noticed. One or two of the kids had said something but not much. But it was only now getting nice enough to play outside again so that had covered her for the most part.

More concerning to Reign really was that she was seeing less of Drew. She wondered if he sensed something. Could they do that? Did she smell like a vampire or something? There were still a -ton- of unanswered questions. She did miss having him about though. Kind of missed rolling in the hay with him too, hell she missed rolling in the hay with any one right about now. Even Bas would be welcome back for a night or two.

"Hell no. I don't know where your hands have been. I do, however, have some super glue back home. I'll help you reattach it."

Reign jogged back a bit to catch the Frisbee. Not waiting for Sirius to tackle her she threw it toward the ocean letting the dog run after it, he'd bring it back to either her or Drew.
Drew 12 years ago
"My hero."

Drew let some sarcasm slide into that answer as he watched the dog charge off into the ocean. Nothing seemed to faze Sirius and Drew couldn't help but be glad Reign had the dog since he hadn't been about as much. Of course, that was her doing maybe his fault but her doing. She'd lost her temper about his constant presence, apparently some people didn't do well with incessant hovering.

She'd been talking to Kem a lot more too, which made him want to bristle and growl. Granted his boss was a good guy, he really was, but he was also suilu. There was just no two ways about that and Drew hated the idea that any vampire could be taking advantage of a member of the Pack, especially Reign. She was, at least in his mind, sort of his responsibility.

Drew had gotten a bit lost in thought and didn't notice Sirius standing there until the dog, who was now all wet jumped up and put soggy sandy paws on his chest. Snapping out of his reverie Drew immediately began playing, wrestling, with the dog and finally got the Frisbee away from him. He tossed the disk to Reign who caught it easily.

"Penny for your thoughts."

She said simply. Apparently it was easy to tell when he was lost in thought. After a second's hesitation he shrugged and went for it. Part of him was wondering if he wasn't holding back with Tavi because of Reign. Of course, part of him knew that wasn't true too.

"I met a girl."
Reign 12 years ago

Reign said with a grin lightly tossing the Frisbee back. That sounded good, she was sort of happy for him.

"Cute? Serious?"

Not that Reign was looking to drive Drew off, he was a good friend and she liked his company. Hell he'd been good for her after Bas, now she didn't have to worry about being on the rebound. She'd like to see him find some sweet, cute, earnest, girl. Not a wuss, some one had to keep his enthusiasm in check, and she didn't have much respect for push overs.

And if the Boy was bringing her up, Reign wanted to meet her. He and Sirius weren't the only watch dogs on this beach. You had to take care of your friends.

"Definitely cute. Not so cure about serious."

"Yeah, what's wrong with her?"

"Not her, you."

What the... Reign was slightly stunned and couldn't really say anything to that. How was she impacting his relationships?

"You can explain that any time you want."

Drew had the good grace to look slightly off kilter. Well he was a guy, relationship conversations never seemed to be easy for guys. Hell they weren't easy for her. Maybe they just plain weren't easy.

"What are... I mean where do we... stand I guess."

He finally managed to get out. Reign suddenly felt bad. She thought that she had been very clear with him, that they had been straight forward with each other, but maybe not.

"We're friend Boy-o. Good friends I think, and friends who used to screw around but we haven't done that in a while and I don't see it starting back up."

He was pretty hot, she had to admit that but there was just no desire there. When all she had wanted was some one to play with it was fine but now Reign would like a little bit of an emotional attachment. Or at least the chance of it. Even with a one night stand (not that she'd had any of those) there was a chance, not a good one but a chance. With Drew... there were never going to be sparks.

"I didn't think you wanted that any more."

She asked, concerned about him.
Drew 12 years ago
Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. Drew wasn't quite sure. No, he didn't. He couldn't it just wouldn't work. Much as he liked Reign he didn't Love her, not with a capital letter. More like love and it was more like a sister than anything else. She was fun, she had a good sense of humor, was cute in an unconventional manner, amusingly snarky and had a very solid feeling of family, Pack even, but it wasn't Love and never would be.

But, even if he did have capital letter feelings for her, Drew was no fool, she'd not fit in back home. The Pack was only just starting to really accept his mother, an Illamar, and she was part of the clan. Reign would be a total stranger to them; alien even. Odds were she'd find a way to fit in, to be accepted but it would be an uphill battle and she probably would never be happy. She was a city girl and he could not give up his family out in Arizona. So there was no long term here. Or maybe, yeah, he wasn't looking at her like that any more and it was probably just as well.

Great now he was going to feel guilty about worrying her.

"Yeah... I mean no... I mean... I mean it was great but yeah, it has run its course. I suppose I just wanted to be sure."

Reign cocked her head at him questioning and then nodded significantly to the dog and the Frisbee. Realizing Sirius had been waiting Drew threw the disk, hard, well past Reign making the dog run.
Reign 12 years ago
Reign didn't know what that meant. Maybe he really was trying to be sure that things were over, at least on that level, and that he wasn't cheating. Maybe she was a handy excuse to not get too involved with the girl. Maybe something else entirely was bothering the Boy.

She rolled her eyes as Sirius took off into the night.

"God damned werewolves -never- remember their own strength."

"That or I wanted you to myself for a minute."

Drew walked toward her, picked her up and gave her a big old kiss, right on the lips, but nothing. It was nice enough but nothing. He looked at her and she looked at him. They both grinned at the same time and Drew set her down.

"I told you we're friends."

She said softly. He nodded and smiled, the truth of that statement was reflected in his eyes, he hadn't felt anything either. There was no desire to kiss her again, no effort to hold back. Thank god he didn't look relived though, she would have killed him for that. Instead he hugged her and gave her a quick kiss, but on the cheek this time.

"You can't blame me for wanting to make sure though can you?"

Reign laughed and punched him in the arm.

"That is the nicest thing any one has said to me in a long time. Now, where did you put my dog?"
Therese 12 years ago
Patience is a virtue, posses it if you can, found seldom in a woman and never in a man. Her mother had taught her that rhyme when she was a child, before she was gifted. Thérèse, however, was patient, especially when she was hunting. Even when hunting prey she had no desire to harm.

She lay flat in the long grasses at the edge of the beach watching wolf, woman and dog. She knew what she was going to do. It was stupid, foolish and desperate, very desperate but it was one of the very few avenues her keeper had left open to her.

Waiting upwind for what seemed like an hour or more Thérèse watched from a safe distance. It was the dog that finally found her. The Kadzait male had thrown the Frisbee and was now kissing the woman, the male that Tavi was seeing was now kissing this other woman, the one
he had set her to watching. Thérèse was distracted enough by that kiss that she momentarily lost track of the dog. A low wary growl brought her attention back to the animal.

He was a big dog, but not stupid and not afraid. Even when she echoed his growl and stood, showing him she was bigger and baring her fangs asserting herself the dog didn't move. He stayed outside of her reach staking his territory, but not infringing on hers and staying between her and the woman and wolf. Given the way the dog was handling this Thérèse could only guess he had dealt with wolves before. Wonderful. Her keeper was quite clear the dog was not to be harmed.
Reign 12 years ago
"Sirius! Come here mutt."

Reign called as she walked companionably down the beach with Drew. She was a little worried the dog usually stuck right with her. But she wasn't overly concerned, he probably found a rabbit or a raccoon or something, he never went -too- far. She just hoped it wasn't a skunk because that would be... smelly.

She was not expecting to find Sirius growling at what could only be a wolf. It wasn't Bas, she knew what he looked like, but the markings were similar. So, his pack then. Diane maybe? Who ever it was, they did not look happy. Maybe she should have started carrying that little guy after all.

Without looking she could feel Drew tense and grow very wary beside her. He stepped in closer, obviously prepared to defend her. His voice was low, cool, commanding, borderline menacing. Not something she had heard from him before, Reign had to turn and look to make sure it was him. It was, but gone was the light easy expression he almost always wore and there was a focused determination in its place.

"Sirius, come."

Was all Drew said. The dog, however, refused to turn his back on the wolf. Not that Reign blamed him. She wouldn't much care to give a growling wolf her back either. At least he wasn't advancing.

She wanted to ask the Boy if wolves did Mexican stand offs, but she wasn't sure he'd appreciate that right now. Hell she wasn't sure he'd hear it.
Drew 12 years ago
And this was exactly why he didn't like the idea of Reign out alone at night. He didn't over react though, so far everyone was playing mostly nice. The Vyusher wasn't being obnoxious, just not happy with the dog. Sirius wasn't being stupid, just protective. Everyone could still take a giant step back and go on with their night with out any issues. Not that Drew totally believed that, as evidenced by the way he stood to put Reign slightly behind him.

He listened intently and breathed deeply looking for signs this she wolf was not alone. It seemed she was, but he wasn't ready to believe that whole heartedly just yet. He called Sirius again, the dog backed off a little, but not entirely. At least the Vyusher could see they were making a good faith effort here. Would it hurt her to make the same kind of showing? But no, she just stood there, at least she didn't claim what ground Sirius was giving up.

Without warning the she wolf literally leapt over Sirius and was apparently coming for Reign. Drew didn't hesitate as he threw himself into his own change. He didn't even notice the pain or think about the fact that he'd just shredded his clothing. His only thought was to get between Reign and the Vyusher.

Drew barreled into the other wolf using his superior size and weight to knock the smaller female off course, away from her target. And then they began the same dance she'd been doing with Sirius. Neither giving an inch, Drew solidly between the gray wolf and Reign, both snarling hackles raised teeth bared.
Therese 12 years ago
Thérèse had been expecting a move like that and was able to recover herself quickly and immediately went to challenge the Kadzait. Even though she'd just run with them recently she had forgotten how big they were, of course that run had been friendly, this was not as social. Perhaps that made him seem bigger, because this one, young or not, was no exception. Sheer size did not intimidate her though.

Launching herself at him again, Thérèse did what she could to hairy and harass him, he countered well and made her job difficult. Her intent was not to harm, but to pass him. To get to the woman. Her goal really was to demonstrate she was the target, they needed a reminder. And maybe, just maybe some one on their side would question what she had done. She only hoped this wouldn't start a hunt. Their Alpha had on several occasions now impressed her as logical, more likely than to think and then act over just reacting. Thérèse was counting on that if this reached him.

Her speed relative to the black male's size, not that he was a lumbering brute, finally allowed her to pass him to charge at the woman. Human or not Thérèse was impressed, she didn't scream or flee she did look for away to avoid the attack and lunged out of the way of Thérèse's attempt. But over all, the woman stood with her packmate.

Even as her attack missed, she was brought up short by the dog. The smaller canine prevented her from making a second attack. Between skidding to a stop and the dog being on a leash at this point neither touched the other. But it also gave the Kadzait time to recover and catch up and get a hold of her. The feel of teeth in flesh caused her to turn sharply and resume her attack on him.
Drew 12 years ago
Quick. This damned little female was fast and determined and damned if Drew was going to let her get at Reign. The gray slid past him and he spun to stop her. He was irritated that Reign hadn't run for cover at this point. It was stupid. At least she'd managed to get Sirius on his leash, not that he knew how or when that had happened. But the dog was helping their cause and gave Drew a chance to get a grazing bite on her flank. Nothing too damaging, but an attention getter.

The gray was again paying attention to him, Drew wheeled to once more get between the Vyusher and Reign. Thankfully Reign was slowly backing away. OK irritated as he was with Reign it was probably smart not to run, that would only get gray's attention.

Gray refused to break off her attack, and since he'd made contact, the Vyusher had become more aggressive. It was odd though, She wasn't trying to hurt him, not seriously, not even disable just slow him down and get to Reign. Gray was mean about it though, she fought dirty and she was bouncy. She tried another leap by him, but Drew was ready and again blocked her attack, forcing her back a few steps. She went from retreat to advance faster than he could blink and sank her teeth into his shoulder.

Rather than shying away from the bite Drew threw himself into it and returned the favor, giant paws, and claws striking a solid blow. While her fur saved the Vyusher from the worst of the damage he did manage to daze her a bit. At least gain the upper hand for the moment.
Therese 12 years ago
Shaking off the blow Thérèse snarled, genuinely resenting the Kadzait right now. She wanted to make him pay for that. As she started a slow deliberate approach to the woman, who was steadily backing off, she managed to get enough of a hold on herself to remember this was a message in a bottle, a cry for help. She was not actually fighting this male, she did not actually want the woman or her dog.

She darted forward as if to try and pass him again, he charged and she sprung out of the way. The big male's momentum carried him a few steps forward and then his first instinct had been to guard the blond. It gave Thérèse a good head start as she sprinted back into the wood. She could hear him hot on her heels, but knew he wouldn't last long. If nothing else he'd break off the pursuit to check on his charge. As soon as she was able Thérèse would disappear into the city and let her scent become muddled. It was still possible they'd find her, know who she was but she did not intend to make this easy. After all if her keeper found out about this, she'd pay. Of course, if it gained her freedom, she'd be willing to deal with the price.

((OOC... Thérèse out.))
Reign 12 years ago
Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Fuck. This was not good. Just not good. Reign wanted to help, her instinct was to charge into the fray and take Drew's side. But she knew full well that would be stupid, and there were no handy buckets of water so she hung back and some how wrestled Sirius onto his leash.

The action was fast and furious, sand flying every where, growls, snarls and short angry barks filled the still night. She should probably run, but if you run from a predator they give chase. She did not want the gray wolf chasing her. Besides, she wasn't about to abandon Drew. Although, he'd probably yell at her for not running later.

The gray wolf made an attempt on her and Reign felt cold dread run through her veins. She'd not been on the receiving end of a wolf attack before. Sirius, however, was more alert and lunged at her would be attacker, wrenching her shoulder badly but forcing the wolf to back off and letting the Boy take over.

Some where in all of this she heard Kem's voice in her head. It was surreal. As if watching two werewolves try and kill each other wasn't strange enough, let's add a vampire! But this was a good example of why she'd agreed to take Kem up on his offer. Lord this was the second time. She was going to have to work on being less interesting, or maybe, she thought wildly, it meant she owed Kem another plate of brownies. She did her best to answer his questions and let him know what was going on and that she was fine so far, just scared but the disagreement between the two wolves held most of her attention and she might not have been giving the most articulate answers ever. They seemed to satisfy Kem though.

It was like watching something out of a nature documentary. A very scary nature documentary. Neither wolf gave an inch or backed down in any way. Reign flinched each time she heard the heavy bodies collide with a muffled thump. Backing slowly away at every opportunity she racked her brain trying to figure out why this was happening and came up with nothing. The last time, geez who thought 'the last time', her house had an attempted break in it had been humans and according to the Boy one vampire. But she hadn't done anything to piss off Bas' pack. At least she didn't think she had. Who knew. Maybe Diane was a renegade and by talking to her Reign was now a security risk. Or maybe she was grasping at straws as adrenalin pumped through her body and she battled her own fight or flight instinct.

The fight honestly didn't last long, without warning the gray wolf broke off its attack and ran back into the woods. Drew started after it and Reign knowing she couldn't keep up headed back to the parking lot as fast as she could. She wasn't ditching the Boy but she was going to wait for him. In the car. With the doors locked and Kem keeping her virtual company until Drew showed back up and she got them both the hell out of Dodge.

((OOC... and Drew and Reign out too))