48 hours - Cam's apartment

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It's Friday night and I wanna rock.
I got 48 hours on the clock. Were runnin now 'til 6 A.M.
When Monday starts that grind again.
I spend five days waiting for two.
We'll do the things that we wanna do.
We'll tell the boss goodbye, the teachers too.
The next two days belong to you.
Rock. Rock.
48 hours. 48 hours.
To rock. To rock.
We got 48 hours. 48 hours to rock.

Pretty Boy Floyd - 48 hours

Red stretched out and fumbled for his watch on the night stand.

A soft voice murmured against his lips. "Wait, let me."

A decidedly soft body climbed over his chest. Black hair spilled like liquid silk ran down his outstretched arm.

"It's...oh it's 8:37 am."

Red looked at Camille as she sat back on her knees, holding his watch out to him. She was completely naked, save for her draping black hair and tattoos running up her arms and legs. He smiled slowly at her and said, "I just wanted you to press up against me again."

He took her hand holding his watch and kissed her fingers gently, taking the time piece. Halfheartedly throwing it over his shoulder, he heard it crash to the ground as he pulled her closer.

So his Saturday night did not pan out the way he thought it would. He had planned for another night of doing some spins until the headlining band came on stage. He would then join the other Pipers, plus Viv and Carol, in a few drinks, then they would all pile into a cab and go home or the lucky few of them would go home with other girls, but generally this was the plan for his Saturday nights. However, the last six hours of his Saturday night, or rather Sunday morning, went a little different this time.

After finally getting up and rockin' The Howl (again, the irony was not lost on him) on his guitar, he suddenly became something of a rock star. Ok, that was cool, he could live with the little bit of fame being able to carry a tune and play the lead guitar can give you. Red was in a band in Secondary school with his mates; the girls were aplenty. Now, queue the beautiful girl with long black hair, light brown skin, and purple dress watching him from the bar.

Right? Awesome, huh? Oh it got better.

From the bar said girl moved to front and center, watching him with those big brown eyes, giving him such a jolt of confidence (and adrenaline) that he actually started singing to her. Not at her. To her. And then...yes, it got better...she accidentally interrupts him half naked in the dressing room. If it wasn't fate, he wasn't sure who he should send the Thank You card to, but he was grateful.

But then it got a little weird.

Cam came at him with such a confusing array of emotions that he had no idea if she even liked him. Over coffee he convinced himself that she actually did not fancy him and was completely regretting even going to club and making eye contact with him. She wouldn't even shake his hand. What was this girl doing out with him, even just for a glass of water? So, Red went home. Next thing he knows, she's hollering after his cab and kissing him senseless.

She dragged him out of the cab, through the lobby of her high rise apartment, Liefde Towers no less, and up into the elevator where she plants yet another toe curling kiss on him.

Confused? Yeah, just a tad.

They ended up in her bed doing unspeakably dirty things. Things he insisted they do repeatedly, mind you. And she was a completely different person. Gone were the mental trappings of a S.A.D. sufferer and out came the sexual dynamo that he would theretofore compare all future women. It wasn't just porn star sex, although admittedly he thought a porno would benefit from that type talent, but she possessed this type of all consuming sexual energy that made you feel pampered as well as amazingly talented because she was not shy in bed. Not even close. If she liked it, she told you, if not, she'd show you.

"Would you like a traditional Spanish breakfast?"

Cam's voice was smooth with just a hint of a Spanish accent that hailed from Spain. Her hands were very expressive when she talked about something she liked, Red noticed. He smiled and nodded.

"Pan con tomate? Have you had that before?"

"Bread with tomato?"

"Do you speak Spanish?" she asked happily.

"I know my curse words and how to order a beer?" He had a perpetual grin on his face talking with her. She seemed genuinely happy that he understood.

"I can order beer in three languages," she said holding up three fingers.

Red held up his hand with all five fingers extended. She reached out and grabbed his hand, laughing.

"Would you like some coffee?"

Sitting up in bed, he leaned back against the dark oak headboard. "Why don't I help you? Just don't ask me to do bacon naked. It hurts!"

"Would you like me to cook naked for you?"

Red nearly swallowed his tongue. Her voice was like honey as she tipped her head to the side and gave him the best 'come hither' look he had ever witnessed. "Yes please?"

Camille Sotoria 12 years ago
Red wasn't what she expected, but then she wasn't sure what to expect when she practically dragged him to her home. A perfect stranger. In her home. She considered the oddity of what she had done as he kissed her deeply into the bed.

He was so warm. Hard but soft. The nature of his love making was completely dictated to suit her desire. Cam was never used to men who wanted to pleasure, whose excitement derived from her enjoyment. Red was constantly taking strands of her long, black hair and rubbing them against his lips, looking at her with those blue eyes. His freckled skin was adorable, so unlike Isildoro. She tried not to think of her lost love and concentrated on Red.

His namesake was literal as well as appropriate. He was passionate, vibrant, and his hair was that deep, beautiful red that women paid thousands for. Cam ran her fingers through his hair and he would press his lips against her skin, biting at her softly. In between their love making, they would talk - no, more like whisper under the sheets. Red's sense of humor was so different than she was used. Everything about the man who was kissing her in her bed was different. It was confusing as well as thrilling.

"Why did you change your mind?" he finally asked after they made love in her kitchen and ate their now cold meal.

Cam made a face. She had called out to him because she felt guilty she hurt his feelings. He'd deny it if she said it now, but of course Cam knew she had. Cutting into the cake of egg she pan baked, she picked the mushrooms out and ate them first.

"You looked sad."

His emotions filtered in and out of her mind, the most intense passion, desire, but right then it was confusion. With a tinge of embarrassment.

"Well, I was sad you didn't want to shake my hand. That cut me deep," he said with a grin.

Red hid his emotions with humor. It was the one thing she noticed first. His smile was genuine, but when no one was looking, he hurt deeply. She didn't have to feel his emotions to know it.

"I don't like taking chances. They are not worth it...to me," she said slowly.

Red leaned closer to her at her dining room table and rest his chin in his hand. "Was I?"

Cam blushed under his scrutiny. She didn't like to talk of such things, but she had shared the most intimate thing about her with this man. "I have no regrets," she said quietly.

Suddenly Red was filled with anxiety and fear. It startled her to the point of her dropping her fork loudly on her plate. His expression had not changed, curiously enough. He looked at her with a little smile from behind his fingers, but his fear was so painfully there that it was almost suffocating.

"Do you? Regret anything?"

The fear receded, albeit slowly. "Only that I had to wear that god awful polo shirt from my buddy. I haven't worn a collar in years."

Cam smiled at Red's humor as she pushed her plate away. He leaned over and kissed her softly, a chaste and sweet kiss. She liked this Red. A stranger, yes, but a pleasant one.

"Does no one call you Reese?" she asked out of curiosity. "I think it's a very handsome name."

"The literal moniker seems to be the most memorable." He pointed to his dark red hair.

"So you wish me to call you Red then?"

Red tugged on Cam until she climbed up onto his lap. He wrapped his arms around her waist and she reciprocated. "Baby, you can call me whatever you want."

Cam giggled, kissing him again. It was gentle at first, but as she pressed her body up against his, her silk robe opened, pressing skin to skin with Red in nothing but his jeans. He reached down and pulled on the tie and ran his hands up her sides to her breasts, weighing them in his hands. Their kiss deepened and turned excited. Cam moved her hips gently and he bit down on her bottom lip, capturing it. Twisting in his lap, she straddled him and undid his jeans. He shoved them down as she climbed on top of him, sliding him deep into her. Red reached down and grabbed her bottom, kneading her skin with his fingers as she rocked her hips back and forth, making him gasp.
Reese E Deardon 12 years ago
2:15 p.m. - Sunday

"So what do these mean?" Red ran his lips over the bit of Sanskrit tattoo on her rather round and shapely left hip. Cam stretched with a feminine purr and ran her fingers through his thick hair.

"You stopped," she said unhappily.

Red smiled and bit down on her hip. "I'll finish, but you said you'd tell me later. This is later." Peering over her body, he squinted at the night table clock. "Twelve hours later. I'm due," he said lowering his mouth back down on her sensitive parts. Cam made the most exquisite squeal of want as he separated her with his fingers and continued doing obscene things to her with his tongue. Wrapping his arm around her leg, he moved his mouth on her, making her arch her back.

"Don't do that if you want me to answer you," she purred. Red pulled back, only to have Cam quickly lift her head. "Don't stop!"

Red gave her a final flick of his tongue and then moved up her body, kissing along the tattoos on her left side. "Ok, so what are they?"

"They're Sanskrit."

Red narrowed his eyes at her. "I've been to enough tattoo shops drunk in the middle of the night to know that."

Cam twisted her body again. Her black hair was fanned out on her white pillows and she tucked her arms behind her head. "They're concubine tags."

Red raised his eyebrows. "Answered one of those cruise liner ads, huh?"

Cam smiled at him, closing her eyes and taking a deep, content breath. "No, I liked the look. The man who gave them to me said they were very old. Over two thousand years old, predating Christ."

"Fascinating. So...it's the concubine's master's label?" He ran his hand across her stomach as he repositioned himself in her lap, lying in between her legs. The tattoos were on the outside of her arms and legs. They were faded and black, lacking any other colors or accents but just written vertically down. He looked up at her and she nodded. Cam looked a little sad just then, her eyes having some sort of faraway look in them. "What's his name?"

"Isildoro," she said quietly.

"Old boyfriend?"

"Something like that, yes."

Red frowned slightly, "Are you married?"

"Oh, no. Not at all." She tilted her head prettily. "Is there someone in your life?"

Red lifted his hands and shrugged. He had wanted to tell her that it was just her, but that might have been assuming more than he thought maybe she wanted...or him for that matter. "I am currently looking. But, ole Izzy isn't going to be barging in with a shotgun or anything, is he?"

She reached out and touched his face. He leaned into it and inhaled her scent. "No, he's no longer in my life and he won't be back."

"That sounds ominous," he said, climbing up her body and kissing the underside of her breast.

"Does it really?" she grinned, moving her legs higher up on his body. "We missed lunch. Are you hungry?"

Red hovered over her, coming down on his elbows, "Naw, I just ate."

Cam wrapped her arms around his neck and lifted her lips to his. Kissing her, he repositioned himself in between her legs and carefully pushed inside her. Their lips separated for a moment as they both grunted softly with the pleasurable pressure of their meeting.

He had yet to sleep. In fact, he had not slept since early Saturday morning after his shift with Charlie at DI. No matter, he thought to himself, the lack of sleep was worth it as he moved against her, pushing his hips up into her center.

Cam was a curious woman. There was no doubt now that she did enjoy his company, but her guard had been up along with maximum force fields and napalm bombs at the ready the night before. Red would like to think that he was just that amazing, but he wasn't sure what changed her mind or why she called out to him in his cab. He was glad she did, grateful if only for the sex, but the part of him who worried about such good fortune was still alert, even though it had been momentarily lulled by the softness of her skin or urgency in her kiss. Red liked Cam and was fairly certain he wanted to see her again. That alone made his anxiety rear its ugly head and take notice.

Pushing the harrowing thoughts away, he quickened his pace, making her emit the most erotic sounds in his ear as he began to fuck her hard into the bed. Another thing he would've never guessed, that her sexual predilection bordered on the rough and fierce. She knew what he liked, how he liked it, and how much he enjoyed hearing her like it.

She definitely was a curious woman.
Camille Sotoria 12 years ago
4:45 am - Monday

"Is this considered a late dinner or just breakfast?"

Cam forked her eggs as she lay down next to Red. Her bare legs were kicked up into the air and she was propped up on her elbows sharing a meal in her bed. Red had been there since early Sunday morning and she had yet to let him leave. Well, obviously he could go if wanted, but she was glad he did not.

"This is breakfast," she replied picking at his plate.

"We didn't have dinner, though."

Cam blushed and looked down. "I recall that you...ate."

Red smiled at her attempt at naughty humor. Raising his eyebrows, he ate a piece of ham and chuckled. "Not sure that counts."

"Then you are correct, we did not have dinner."

Red was silent for a moment longer and quietly added, "You're dirty."

She covered her face and giggled. "I'm sorry, that was very unladylike."

"Dirty. You are dirty," he said, leaning over the plates and pulling at her hands so he could kiss her softly.

Cam could not help but smile as she felt his humor bubble over happily. They had been together the past twenty four hours and had not slept yet. Not that she needed to, but Red certainly had to; his eyes looked tired, but refused to sleep.

"Should we take a nap after our meal? You look so tired."

He was lying on his right side facing her wearing nothing but his jeans. She had thrown on her robe from the morning before - it was a silky white with tropical flower print. Red shrugged, making a face.

"If I go to sleep now, you won't be able to wake me up. I've been up since," he closed one eye and looked up in deep thought, "Saturday morning. What day is this?"


"I have to be back at work early tomorrow morning, so I might as well stay up. Are you tired?"

"Yes, but I'm the same way. I do not have any work until then, as well. So I have you till Tuesday morning?" she asked with a smile. He looked up at her with his startling blue eyes and a confusing array of emotions filled her head.

"If you want me to be," he replied easily, but there was nothing easy about what Cam felt from him.

Red had issues with commitment, she realized. But then, so did Cam. She was not interested in marriage or the like and had avoided it since Isildoro. Feeling that type of loss was something she never wanted to experience ever again. Red was fun, sexually accomplished, and generally interesting. He was an interesting distraction, for the moment, but when she brought up him staying until the next day, his emotions wavered between excitement, fear, and a growing anxiety that he managed to not show at all in his expression. Cam realized that Red was scared of being with her and did not want to leave at the same time.

"I enjoy your company, Reese. You're lots of fun." Cam had begun calling him Reese, simply because she liked his name.

His emotions twisted, changing more into disappointment than fear now. This man was confusing.

"The question is do you want to be?" Cam waited, her eyes never leaving his. She added, "Are you playing again next weekend at The Howl?"

Red avoided her first question and answered her second. "Yeah the manager asked me and my friend to come back."

"Then I might see you there again. If I stop by. And you are more than welcomed to stay with me a little longer, if you like."

Red maintained his relaxed façade but again she felt the turmoil of his emotions. He liked her, but he was uncertain in future terms. At least, that's what Cam could gather. She would leave it up to him whether he stayed or went, it meant little to her. For the most part.

He finished his plate and then stacked hers on top of his. "Well, I should stay and do your dishes at the very least."

Red's emotions changed again, the fear and anxiety slipping out of Cam's mind. His large grin was indicative of what he was actually feeling at that moment and it almost surprised her. She was suddenly very grateful that he could not read her emotions as easily as she could his. Mixed with the pleasurable warmth that his grin made her feel was the cold tinge of fear and she had to remind herself that Red was a temporary distraction in her normal day to day existence. More than likely she would avoid The Howl on Saturdays from now on and the strange fascination with this young man would fade. But, until then, she had him for another twenty four hours and she would enjoy it.
Reese E Deardon 12 years ago
1:43 am Tuesday

Cam had a really nice bathroom.

Red was impressed with the condos in Cam's building; tons of square footage, plenty of counter space, and a huge master bathroom suite. Later he would recall the details of the aforementioned, but right then he was concentrating on Cam's enthusiastic moaning as he pressed her up against the shower stall. The water running down the side of him and his back was warm and it splashed everywhere, covering them in a spray of water that beaded on Cam's skin, making it glisten.

This was the last time he could be with her until he saw her again. If he saw her again. They had spent the past two days fucking like teenagers and enjoying each others company, and he was fairly certain he was going to die of exhaustion if he made it back to the Den before the Pipers morning run. As tired as he was, Red still made love to Cam with a renewed vigor that made her squeeze her legs around his hips as she climaxed.

Running his tongue down her cleavage, he eased his thrusts for a moment, letting her catch her breath. His desire was coiled tightly in him, but he held it off, just enjoying the feel of her. Cam's lips kissed his shoulder as he bit softly down on her nipple. Her throaty laugh was content as he picked up his pace, grinding up into her. Cam's hands came up and cupped his face and they looked at each other. Red felt the coil begin to give way and he winced, trying to hold in the grunts with each thrust. She just looked at him with her brown almost black eyes. Her thumbs ran over his lips and he gently bit down on one.

"Oh, Cam," he moaned as the coil within released. Pressing his forehead against hers, he looked at her lips as he came hard up into her, his hips threatening to push her through the wall. She kept her eyes on him, watching his expression as he peaked. He had no idea how she did it, but with Cam his orgasms lasted for-ev-er. Red moaned her name repeatedly as he stared into her eyes. Finally he kissed her deeply, her arms tightening around his neck as he finally felt his orgasm wind down, leaving him breathless.

Cam slipped down his body and Red pressed her back up against the wall, almost using her for support. He reached up and touched her face, caressing her soft skin. Kissing her, he grabbed a fistful of her jet black wet hair, not wanting to move from that spot. Their lips separated slowly and they stayed that way in the shower.

"I like it when you kiss me that way," she said softly. Her dark eyes and melodious voice mesmerized him, making him want more of her.

Red flashed a grin. Sadly, he let go of her hair, but rest his arms up by her face. "I have to go."

"Do you have to?" she asked, but her expression wavered from confused to sad - neither one gaining ground.

Suddenly he realized that he wanted Cam to want him to stay. It was exhilarating and upsetting at the same time. He had not had a serious relationship...ever. Women came and went in his life, literally. There was never a desire to see anyone more than once - it implied something he just wasn't able to give, but Cam was so different. So sad and confusing. Oddly enough, he meant what he said to her next.

"I don't want to leave." He dropped an arm and cupped her face, his lips brushing hers.

"You mean that," she said in a curious voice.

What a weird thing to say, he thought and then remembered she had said the same thing to him earlier at the diner when he said she was beautiful. He meant what he said then, as well.

They exited the shower, eventually, and she watched him dress slowly. Leaving the room, she came back with Dom's blue polo shirt and he discovered she had laundered it. It smelled like her and he realized Dom would never get his shirt back.

Checking his watch, he noted the time: 4:15 am. He had to be out at the Tikerak within the hour which gave him enough time to catch a cab back to the Den and change. Cam walked him to the door.

Red looked down at her and held his hand out to shake hers with a smile. Cam gave him a wry grin and shook it.

"See, that wasn't so bad, now was it?" he chuckled softly.

"It was nice meeting you, Reese."

Dropping her hand, he encircled his arm around her waist and pulled her to him in a deep kiss. Her hands came up and she dug her fingers into his hair.
Camille Sotoria 12 years ago
His emotions were overwhelming her again - fear, excitement, and warm feeling of affection mixed with intense desire that made her toes curl as he kissed her. Cam pulled her hands away as their kiss broke slowly and she wrapped her arms around her. She could feel herself withdrawing again, per the norm; at least, she thought she did. Her normal reaction would not even be to kiss him goodbye, but when he released her, she ached for him in a way she had not felt in a long, long time.

It scared her.

"Nice meeting you, too, Camille."

Even the way he said her name sent chills down her spine. Cam took a step back as he opened the door and left. The door closed gently and the urge to chase after him surprised her. Pressing her forehead against the door, she willed herself not to open it until she heard the distinctly soft chime of the elevator down the hall. His heartbeat faded slowly and she did not move from that spot until it had disappeared completely.

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