Enjoying the Spring Sunshine (open)

Kai sat on the beach, the waves tripping over her toes, incredibly disappointed. In the sand a small distance behind her loomed her surfboard, and beside it her wetsuit. It had been an impulse to come here and play in the water, and she'd not checked the surf report. There the ocean was all placid and calm. It was not in the mood to play and she very much felt like a little kid who wanted to take their ball and go home. Instead she sat on the sand and soaked in the sun.

The water against her toes was cold, and she'd go sit on her towel and sun bathe in a bit, but for a moment she was going to sulk and stare at the ocean, maybe she could shame it into kicking up some waves if she sat here long enough.

A few moments later, she crinkled her nose and threw the sea shell she'd found with her fingers out into the ocean. It was silly to sit there like that. So she got up, brushed sand from the bum of her swimsuit and went to her things. From a mesh bag she pulled out her ipod, tucked bright green buds into her ears, laid down on her towel and let P!nk wash away her case of the sulks. Her body began to warm in the warm spring sunshine and she began to hum along with the music.

Therese 13 years ago
It was still a little cold out, but compared to their rainy run it was down right balmy. Of course, she'd still worn Vaughn's sweat shirt with her running shorts. No one in this group would really recognize it for what it was. It would mean she'd have to wash it... again... but that was fine it gave her an excuse to keep it a while longer. Thérèse had been wearing it in the evening, to lounge and relax in. She might, on occasion sleep in it or with it under her pillow, but she would deny that with her dying breath.

It was an odd group and she was a little worried about the dynamic. Greer could be charming when he wanted to be and Nikhila was never anything but calm and gracious, her fiance so far had given the same indication. Perhaps with a slightly more lively sense of humor, but that was for the best. Someone had to pull the professor out of herself from time to time.

Still, it made her slightly, perhaps a great deal, jealous to watch them together. Perhaps that is why she'd asked her friend and packmate, so that she wouldn't be a third wheel to a couple. At least today she wasn't wallowing in self pity about a man she wanted and couldn't have. Things had been a tiny bit easier with Greer in town. Perhaps she was leaning on him a bit more than she should, but some times one needed to lean.
Nikhila 13 years ago
She had looked at the sky once or twice to ensure it wasn't going to rain. But really, most of Nikhila's attention had been on Adian. It wasn't fair to Thérèse but since the night the Pipers had burst in to their bedroom he had been a bit preoccupied. She couldn't say she blamed him, it was no small thing to worry about.

Nikhila didn't know how much Adian's heart was in this run, but she was a little relived he had at least agreed to come out with her and extremely thankful for Lily watching Noah for a few hours. So far it had been a pleasant enough fun, both he weather and the company but she was still casting slightly worried glances at her mate, even while laughing and responding to the polite and mild chatter of the other runners.

It was stupid, but she was already a bit tired, but not wishing to slow any one down Nikhila didn't notice that. What she did notice was Kai laying on the beach and lightly nudged Aidan to call his attention to the young woman. He may have already noticed her, but she did want to be sure.
Greer Grayson 13 years ago
Gris took running fairly seriously, with the office hours that he had to keep. He was happy that Therese had asked him to join her and her friends. It was not just for the much needed exercise but to also keep her company.

He was wearing future motivation in the form of a white Adidas sports tee with green and black stripes, the logo of the 2011 Boston Marathon on the top left portion of his chest. The running shorts were a complimentary green with black because one should look good while reminding yourself that you needed to be in shape for such an event. Gris pulled his unruly hair into a low ponytail, wishing there was a way to have short hair when it was convenient and a gloriously wavy mane of hair the rest of the time.

The couple they were with seemed fairly nice and good humored. Gris was glad that Therese had found friends in Nachton so quickly. He noticed that Nikhila had slowed down slightly and was looking towards a woman laying out on the beach.
Xeph 13 years ago
Running for the sake of running wasn't Xeph's usual method of blowing off steam. He preferred games to straight up expenditure of energy unless he was running on four paws.

He knew Therese of course, and her friend Greer seemed like a decent sort as well. Socializing with their cousin Vyusher was always a good idea so he'd agreed to come along, and even to be on good behavior although he wasn't sure how long that would last.

Nikhila fell behind a little and Xeph did so too, focusing in on her briefly to make sure everything was all right. What he saw made him trip, stumble, and flail for a few seconds to avoid face planting. When he staggered upright, still at a slow jog, he grinned widely at Nikhila and shrugged.

"They call me butterpaws," he said as he ran next to her.

He was so distracted he hardly noticed Nikhila nudging him until she did it a second time, a little harder. Dutifully he turned his head and noticed Kai in a bathing suit that made him shiver; March in Nachton wasn't that warm. She must have skin like steel. Granted it was warmer than usual today but... brr.

"Kai!" He didn't mind yelling to get her attention. There weren't that many people around.

He'd only met Kai briefly so he hesitated to interrupt her. However, they were just passing by. If all she did was turn and wave he didn't think anyone would be offended on either side.
Kat 13 years ago
A soft breeze blew, causing the skin on Kai's belly to pebble. She sighed softly and ignored it as Snoop Dogg told her how he wished they could all be California girls.

The shout of her name on the deserted beach, startled an embarrassingly girly noise from her. She pushed up on her elbows and squinted out over the sand and saw Xeph, Nikhila and two unfamiliar people jogging toward her.

Waving, she rolled to her feet, and jogged down the beach to meet them.

"Nikhila!" She opened her arms to hug the woman, a bright smile on her face. "It's so good to see you! Brig told me the baby came while I was gone. I was going to come find you later today to say hello and offer my congratulations."

She looked up at her Alpha and smiled just as brightly. "And to you as well, hello Xeph."

Kai waved and smiled at the other two. "Hi! I'm Kai."
Kai 13 years ago
A soft breeze blew, causing the skin on Kai's belly to pebble. She sighed softly and ignored it as Snoop Dogg told her how he wished they could all be California girls.

The shout of her name on the deserted beach, startled an embarrassingly girly noise from her. She pushed up on her elbows and squinted out over the sand and saw Xeph, Nikhila and two unfamiliar people jogging toward her.

Waving, she rolled to her feet, and jogged down the beach to meet them.

"Nikhila!" She opened her arms to hug the woman, a bright smile on her face. "It's so good to see you! Brig told me the baby came while I was gone. I was going to come find you later today to say hello and offer my congratulations."

She looked up at her Alpha and smiled just as brightly. "And to you as well, hello Xeph."

Kai waved and smiled at the other two. "Hi! I'm Kai."

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Therese 13 years ago
It was still odd to realize that Nikhila was also a werewolf, a Kadzait. She was so quiet, so peaceful it was hard to see. But it explained so much, especially her wandering. It was amazing and when she considered that her friend was engaged to their Alpha she wanted to laugh. Irony was bitter sweet.

Xephier was rather, charming, so far he had proved very easy to like. It didn't surprise her that he would just shout to get a person's attention. It was a little more surprising that the young woman would greet Nikhila first. She nudged Gris to get him to slow down as it seemed like they might chat a bit with this young woman. Not too long she hoped, she didn't want to get stiff.

She found a smile somewhere and waved back at the cheerful blond.

"Bonjour. Thérèse, and this is Greer, a pleasure."
Nikhila 13 years ago
Nikhila frowned a little concerned when Aidan stumbled and nearly fell. That wasn't much like him but he recovered and she shook her head and grinned at him.

"I have been known to call you other things."

It was shameless flirting, but if you couldn't flirt with your fiancee who would you flirt with. Besides, he was cute and it did make her smile, although she immediately nudged him again.

There weren't too many people around to be bothered and this way Kai would know she'd been seen. Nikhila was slightly taken aback to be greeted first but she did hug the young woman.

"Welcome home. And yes he did. You'll have to come and meet Noah later."

She'd thought about bringing the jogging stroller, but it didn't work so well on sand so Noah stayed home. It was silly but today she already missed her son and they hadn't even been out that long.

Frowning at what Kai had on she went rather maternal, although she would have done this even before Noah was born.

"You must be freezing. Did you want my sweatshirt?"

At least they were running and Nikhila knew she wouldn't be that cold.
Greer Grayson 13 years ago
Gris slowed down and looked back to see Xeph stumble a bit. Hmm, he'd have thought even Kadzait would have been more graceful. He wondered what caused the problem. Looking at the taller man, he smiled and said.

"Got to watch out for those invisible rocks they will get you every time."

He turned to see who they had stopped for. Apparently her name was Kai based on Xeph's greeting, necessarily loud to be heard over whatever the girl was listening to, unless she happened to be chilling to Gregorian chants, which seemed unlikely. Ocean sounds? Would be ironic if less that necessary. Greer elbowed Therese in response to her nudge, and just because he could. He was still the younger cousin to her friend that chased the two of them around so he felt his duty to aggravate her from time to time.

Amused by Nikhila's maternal offer, he thought it would be difficult to get a good tan with a sweatshirt on, but perhaps this was some new technique he was unfamiliar with. He was less pale than some of his relatives but sunbathing was not something that he did often, as his pale English ass would clearly illustrate if he were inclined to display it.

Waving at the newcomer to the group, he said hello.
Xeph 13 years ago
Xeph's stumble was impossible to miss and Greer commented on it. Shooting the shorter man a big grin Xeph pointed down at the ground and said with self-righteous accusation, "It reached up and grabbed my ankle! Nikhila saw it. You saw it, didn't you honey? Sweetie? Angel?"

It was worth a try. Didn't every woman love a drippy Australian accent?

Xeph was sort of surprised when Kai greeted Nikhila first; it wasn't that he minded taking a backseat to his mate but he'd been the one to yell Kai's name and it seemed unusual for her to hail Nikhila. Maybe Nikhila just sounded more baritone than he'd thought. It could happen! Sort of.

Therese, Greer, and Kai introduced themselves and Nikhila, shockingly, offered Kai her sweatshirt. It made Xeph chuckle softly. Only so new to motherhood and his mate was trying to mother the world. She was the perfect match for an Alpha. Her loving consideration would do the whole Pack good.

"Good to see you back in town," Xeph said to Kai when they had all exchanged names.
Kai 13 years ago
"Thank you, it's good to be back home."

She looked more closely at the new people, and repeated their names in her head once before speaking. "Thérèse, Greer, pleased to meetcha!"

Nikhila's question made her laugh, a big bright happy sound. "Nikhila, I just spent the last four months in the Arctic Ocean. This is like midsummer to my cold bones. Thank you just the same."

She was really quite enjoying the warm spring air, the equinox was upon them and that meant they were on the warming side of the year. Kai had never been a big fan of the cold, and she still wasn't sure she'd ever really feel completely warm again. "I came out to play in the sunshine before heading into work. I'm putting it off as long as possible, paperwork makes me shiver."

She crinkled her nose and lifted her shoulders, a smile still curling her lips. "Where are you guys in your run? If you're coming back this way I have lots snacks and water, since I'd come expecting to spend the day surfing, but ah forgot to check the reports before leaving."
Therese 13 years ago
"Mon Dieu! Look at the little mother."

Thérèse said, mostly to Greer, even though there was nothing little about Nikhila who stood over six feet. She playfully rolled her eyes knowing fully well Nikhila would both hear and understand her. It was rather amusing to see the look shot back at her. She might wind up sprinting away from this little chat, she didn't think the professor would let that comment go.

It hadn't taken much to conclude that Kai was part of the other Pack. She could be wrong. At least the Kadzait were more equipped for the cold. She didn't even want to know how their kind survived summers in the desert, but she knew at least Nikhila did. Smiling politely Thérèse shook her head.

"Well then all you are missing is the drink with the umbrella."

She quipped lightly. Not knowing Kai it was hard to know where one could tease and where one couldn't. That, however, had seemed safe enough and it was much better than saying something about surfing. Thérèse had eyed the board suspiciously already, she did not enjoy or trust the sport.

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Nikhila 13 years ago
It was hard to tell if she should laugh at Aidan or roll her eyes. She was not quite so easily bought by accent and charm. Well, she was, just not right now. Nikhila settled for playing along with him.

"Yes lamb chop I saw it. Right after it grabbed you it skittered into the ocean. Shall I kiss it and make it better?"

Batting her eyelashes she turned a syrupy sweet smile at Adian. That, however, rather dissolved at Thérèse's comments which earned her a rather threatening look. So far on this beach only Greer and Kai were on their best behavior, or at least reasonably good. But it made her smile to herself, it felt rather good to be surrounded by and part of such banter. Even if she was going to have to run her friend down and make her pay.

She thought Kai was a bit nut, cold was cold, but as she said she was fine Nikhila didn't press. At least the young woman hadn't been in the water, which made Nikhila feel a little better about things.

"Ah, you should take your paperwork outside. Or wear a jacket."

She teased lightly. That was something Nikhila did when ever possible much preferring to work outside weather and schedule permitting. Thanks to cell phones and instant messengers she didn't usually feel bad about it. Besides, most of her staff and students knew where outside to find her.

"I think we had only just started, but if we do wind up back this way hank you very much. That is quite kind of you."

She had no idea how far they were planning on going. Nikhila could typically run for miles, usually she wore down most people. Today though she was feeling a bit tired already, but that was probably just a side effect of motherhood, despite the fact that Noah slept often and more soundly than either of his parents. So she was determined to push through it.
Greer Grayson 13 years ago
Gris chuckled at Xeph and then laughed a little louder when Nikhila was less than convincing in her defense. The couple were cute together and he found them both entertaining company.

He wondered what would possess a person to go to the arctic circle when Kai mentioned just returning from there and waited to see if that bit of explanation was forthcoming in further conversation. It did at least make sense for why this weather would not seem very cold. He knew that his relatives that lived up close to the border of Scotland would have thought this plenty balmy.

Sliding his eyes toward Therese, Gris elbowed her again, grinning at her remark. He hissed softly


From the menacing glare that his pack mate received for her words, he concluded that Nikhila spoke French. Snorting at the mention of the drink with the umbrella, Greer thought it lucky for Therese that she was a fast runner. At the rate his friend was going there would be several people chasing her.

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Xeph 13 years ago
Xeph was plenty happy to let Nikhila lead this conversation. He sidled close to her and smiled knowingly at the idea of a drink with an umbrella in it. He'd tell her later. Not with everyone around.

He did grin at Therese.
"She is a wonderful little mother," he pointed out, "and if she decides to mother the entire world I'll help her."

He gave voice to his previous thoughts because Therese's seemed to have run along the same lines as his own. And Nikhila was small, to him. And delicate and very very pretty especially now.

He remained silent, only nodding his agreement to Kai when Nikhila mentioned her kindness and slipping his arm around his mate's waist.
Kai 13 years ago
Kai gave a small snort of laughter. "The last time I had an umbrella in my drink I tried to take my eye out. I'll stick with a water bottle, less menacing to the eyes that way."

She grinned at Nikhila. "Yes, ma'am, but if it's all the same to you I'll wear it around my waist. I really don't want to wear a coat and/or jacket again until like next December, if I can get away with it."

She made a motion up toward her board and towel. "I'm planning to be here for a couple more hours, and I may even brave the water later. It can't be worse than swimming with penguins."

A small wink and chuckle follow and then her face lit up. "Oh! I have some passes in my bag for you. If you wind up back this way I can give them to you then, or I'll track you down tomorrow with them."

She smiled again, kind of ready to be back on her towel listening to music. "Um I'll let you guys get back to your run. But you know, feel free to stop on your way back."
Nikhila 13 years ago
She heard Thérèse quipped in a light and friendly manner, "Safety first." but she also smiled with some sympathy about the umbrellas. But she wasn't terribly satisfied with that answer from Kai and pulled offer he sweatshirt.

Feeling Aidan's arm around her waist she rested her head on his shoulder for a second. He already did help a great deal even with a Pack to manage and a... side project... he was not an absentee father.

"In case you change your mind, and to be sure we stop back."

Nikhila said with a smile.

"The passes sound lovely, we can bring Noah. Now, if you will excuse us... I have something I need to see to."

She easily slid from her mate's arms and tor off down the beach after Thérèse, who was not only laughing, but was faster and already had a bit of a head start. The only thing Nikhila could hope for would be to wear the French woman down.
Therese 13 years ago
"When have I ever?"

She half teased and half flirted with Greer, right before giving him a rather healthy shove. If he was going to play little brother, she was going to be the big sister.

After slightly teasing Kai she sighed slightly, almost imperceptibly at the two Kadzait. It was an almost wistful sound. Just because she was happy for them didn't mean she wasn't slightly jealous.

Feeling the professor being half amused half irritated she started to back away and jog off.

"It was a pleasure..."

Giggling she turned and ran in earnest knowing Nikhila was on her heels. Eventually she did slow down and Nikhila caught up and there was a light and playful scuffle and the men rejoined them.

When some one pleaded fatigue they turned around and started back.

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Greer Grayson 13 years ago
Gris shrugged and shook his head in response to Therese's question. "Jamais?"

Laughing at the health hazard of little umbrellas in drinks, he said. "It could be worse. They could have put in one of those little swords!"

At least the little umbrella was softer on the end nearest the face, but the sword you could just toss into the drink to get it out of the way without worrying if it got wet. Perhaps they were safer that way. Gris rarely had time to drink anything that came with accessories unless one counted the little coffee stir straw as an accessory.

He watched as Therese started to sneak off, getting a head start away from Nikhila. Turning to Kai and Xeph, Gris tossed up his hands.

"Never did play fair." Looking at the taller man, he tilted his head. "Shall we? Before they chase each other to the state line?"

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Xeph 13 years ago
Xeph was a little quieter than he would normally be, considering the news he was processing regarding Nikhila. He'd always been very tuned to her particular needs but this was something else. It was exciting and frightening and he wasn't sure how she'd react, given that little Noah was so new in their lives but it was what it was.

He smiled at Kai and nodded.
"Thanks Kai, that was sweet of you. We'll swing by with the pup."

Turning to Greer he pondered for a moment, a big grin on his face.
"Oh I don't know, now you've got me curious to see if they really will get to the state line."

He picked up a run anyhow, loping easily along. He enjoyed physical activity and running was one of the things he liked. He wasn't the fastest of the four of them although his long legs helped, but he did have a good deal of stamina.