What Doesn't Kill You... (private)

Amir woke up.

That, in and of itself, was an achievement.

Two hours later he tried to open his eyes.

An hour after that he succeeded.

Amir 12 years ago
The first thing Amir noticed was that his mouth was taped shut. Good for you, Xephier. He tried to raise a hand to remove the tape and could not. His wrists were chained, his arms spread apart. Fine. He lifted his head instead, a motion that made whatever room he was in rotate dizzyingly around.

Dropping his head back onto what felt like a cold stone floor Amir began to flex his muscles, each in turn, from his toes up. It took some time but when he finished he decided he was much more awake, whole, sore but uninjured, and very cold.

He let his memory filter back. He remembered where he was finally and what he was doing here. So this was how it was going to be? He looked around. He was underground. He could tell by the dank air, the chill, the smell. He seemed to be in a small room. There was space enough for him to lie stretched out but that was it. There was a single thick door with a very small barred window. Everything else seemed to be solid stone from what he could tell.

There was a vestibule of some kind outside his cell. He could see a wall through the small opening in the door and on that wall, another window through which he thought he glimpsed moonlight. He stifled a surge of panic and tried to ignore his location. Xephier couldn't have picked a better spot if he was aiming for mental stress. Amir had a profound fear of being buried alive.

Best get used to it. This might be the last place you see.

He concentrated on moving his limbs as far as he could until he heard a noise in the vestibule. Falling still he watched the door as a shape moved outside. Someone stood there and after a moment a packet of some sort was dropped into his cell. Amir couldn't see what it was but he could certainly guess at the identity of his visitor.
Xeph 12 years ago
Xeph had been monitoring his unwanted guest through the subtly placed cameras in the cell. When the Pipers had notified him that the vampire was waking up he made his way across the Tikerak to the Castle.

At first Xeph had thought the Castle was a charming replica made by an eccentric landowner. When he'd had the chance to do some exploring, however, he had discovered it was the real deal. It had three separate underground chambers all done in the same heavy stone the rest of the building was made of. This one in particular was well built and accessible through a small subtle door beneath a back room on the ground floor. It hadn't occurred to Xeph to actually use it, however, until this had happened.

It had been a very small matter to install the cameras while the jackal slept off the drugs in his system. Xeph didn't expect him to stay restrained for long once he awoke, but he had confidence that the heavy stone walls of the cell could contain him.

As he entered the vestibule he approached the enormous, thick oak door. Peering through the window Xeph slid the cold package in his hands through it.

"Good evening."

A pair of black, black eyes glittered up at him.
"Don't get up."

He stared at his visitor a little bit.
"I don't know why you came to me for this. I see the problem though."

Someone else might not have understood. Someone else might have treated him with compassion. Xeph didn't think that was what the jackal wanted. It was hard to refer to hm as Amir. Xeph didn't want to name him.

"I'll be watching you. You can stay here. But if you think for a moment I trust you, or that I will let you out of that cell, you're dead wrong. I guess... we'll see what happens."

He turned and walked away, shutting and locking every door between him and the vampire. The Pipers already had orders not to enter this room. Xeph could only hope they would obey this order to the letter.
The Pipers 12 years ago
Lewis tapped into the cameras into the cell the silu intruder was in with wide eyes and ramrod posture. Behind him watching his monitors were both Elders, the Beta, the Commander, Vivienne, the LT, and acting Sergeant Red. They had entered the room quietly and watched with great interest. The Alpha had given orders to stay away from the cell, and they did one better: Domingo, Marko, Dougie, and Marthinus stayed only within the vicinity of the castle, ready on the Alpha's need but that was as close as they dared. Piper leadership watched from the Situation Room beneath the Den.

"I'm surprised the Pipers didn't claim the castle underground," Viv said quietly.

"Logistics," was all the Beta said in reply .

Lewis dared not turn around, but instead listened.

"This is the vampire from Park Reserve?" Elder Jameson asked. It was the LT who answered.

"Aye, sir. His name is Amir. That's all we know."

"From what source did you receive that information?" Elder Hammerthynn asked in a monotone voice.

"Huntington and Duban," Vivienne replied in an equally monotone voice. No humor, no sarcasm, not at all like her, Lewis thought to himself. "They didn't know much about him, either."

"How does it know the Alpha?" the Beta asked. Lewis noticed the Beta never once referred to the Amir character by name, harsh language, or even a gender specific pronoun. The vampire was always 'it'. No one seemed to have an answer for that question.

"It's our duty as Pipers to protect the Alpha," Elder Jameson said with a harsh edge to his tone.

"We can't help him if he doesn't let us, sir," the Commander replied with a huff.

Lewis tapped his fingers quietly on the edge of his console and nervously watched the monitors as the Alpha entered the area where the vampire was being held, spoke to him, slipped a package through to the Amir character, and then left again. They all leaned over his shoulder, watching the screens and crowding him. With a nervous breath through his mouth, Lewis waited, mourning his personal space.
Amir 12 years ago
Amir listened to Xephier speak, concentrating on maintaining his focus through the last lingering haze of sleepy fog that enveloped him. The Alpha's words were short but to the point. Amir watched him as he spoke, unable to see much of his face but interpreting his tone. When Xephier finished Amir simply nodded his head once.

He heard the footsteps recede and the closing and locking of several doors. Dropping his head back to the cold stone floor Amir considered how to free himself. It wasn't as difficult as it appeared; the chains had some tension to them somehow so Amir couldn't shift himself free but if he could manage to get a little leeway on one, he should be able to slip loose.

He stretched one arm out as far as it could go, grunting with the effort of doing so since it meant he had to tighten the other chain while he did. Jerking several times he finally felt the one chain loosen. Carefully he worked his wrist around, getting it halfway out before the chain slid down and he was tethered again.

Amir sighed.

It took three more tries but he finally wormed one hand free. He sat up, yanked the duct tape from his mouth with a grimace, and slid his other hand out of the chains. The cell spun again and he stayed where he was for a few moments, crossing his legs and sitting still with his palms flat on his thighs. Presently he rose and examined his new room.

It wasn't exactly luxury. But he wasn't here for that.

Crouching next to the packet Xephier had dropped into the room he looked at it and then picked it up. Amir grimaced. It was blood. Frozen dog blood. What did he expect from a veterinarian?

Amir stared at the little bag, considering it seriously.
Amir 12 years ago
Amir sat on the hard floor, holding the cold bag of blood in his hands. His stomach rebelled at the idea of ingesting it. He closed his eyes briefly and attempted to fortify himself. His nose wrinkled and he swallowed.

He could go without. But for how long? Amir had never developed the ability to go without blood for long periods of time. Clearly Xephier did not plan to kill him; not immediately. Otherwise he wouldn't have bothered with all of this. But neither did Amir expect to be well cared for.

He rubbed his hand over his thigh, which still ached as his previously broken femur healed. Looking at the cold blood in its disgusting plastic package he took a deep breath. He was going to be here for a while... if this was to be the fare he should get used to it.

Slowly Amir raised the bag to his mouth and bit into it. The blood in it was still half frozen; he tore the plastic with his fangs and sucked out a mouthful of sludge-like blood. It tasted like plastic and dead canine.

Gagging, Amir spat it out. He set the bag aside and focused on controlling a dry heave. He sucked in a breath of air, trying to clear the taste from his mouth. It only made him gag again.

Getting himself under control Amir picked up the bag of blood once more. He didn't breathe at all this time but plunged his fangs into it once more, drawing hard to free the frozen slurry from its plasticky container. He swallowed convulsively several times to get it down and set the bag aside once more.

Easing himself back into his lotus position once more Amir forced his body to keep the blood down so it could start doing its job, however sluggishly.
Amir 12 years ago
It was not difficult to keep track of the days in his cell. The little window outside faced east; every morning the sun rose and shone right through it for about ten minutes, the tiny point of light barely enough to brighten the area Amir was in, but definitely enough to cause ten minutes of discomfort. He spent those ten minutes curled up in jackal form in the front corner of his small area, where the light barely reached.

Four days had passed. It was just enough for him to start feeling the effects of his self-imposed captivity. He'd thought he might get used to being underground but he had not; the strain of spending a prolonged amount of time underground with however small a window to the outside was making him jumpy and irritable. Having no outlet to vent his irritation Amir just ended up panicky and that annoyed him even more.

Furthermore he was having issues staying fed. Xephier had shown up once more with the same thing last night; a bag of frozen dog's blood. Having barely finished the first one Amir fell upon the second; he was used to feeding every evening and skipping nights was going to tell on his strength, not to mention his mental capabilities.

There was nothing in the cell but himself and a few small rocks. Trying to pass the time and calm himself Amir went through a series of martial arts disciplines as well as he could in the confined space. When he finished that he sat and recited Sun Tzu under his breath.

Four days. Out of at least a month. This might have been more foolish than he'd thought.
Reese E Deardon 12 years ago
Red was asleep. He knew this because he could hear himself snoring in his sleep. How could he hear himself snoring in his sleep? Because watching the Amir vampire in his cell was quite possibly the most boring thing he had ever done in his life.

Oh, now he was falling. Falling and snoring.

"Huh, ack!" Grabbing onto the Sit Room's console counter top, he pulled himself back up into the chair. Glaring at Lewis who was snickering behind his shoulder, Red rubbed his face and repositioned himself on the chair.

"Really? You couldn't stop me?"

"I was watching the vampire."

Red rolled his eyes and looked back up at the monitors.
"What day is this now? I've totally lost count."

"Day four." Lewis made a face. "The Alpha brought him blood again."

Red held his stomach and looked away with a queasy expression.
"That's disgusting."

They both shuddered and continued to watch the vampire in his teeny tiny cell.

((Pipers and Red out))
Amir 12 years ago
By his sixth night in his semi-self-imposed captivity Amir was feeling the pressure from multiple directions. He was sure he was going to die here and he didn't like it. He didn't want to die. He was going to suffocate. The weight of the stone over his head was oppressive. On top of that he wasn't sustaining himself the way he was used to. Every two nights Xephier showed up with the same bag of frozen blood, wearing something in his ears so that Amir's voice couldn't impact him. Smart wolf.

On top of that Subira's commands were clear. He was supposed to fight, with everything he had. It was easy to try and resist when he was strong. But as he began to feel weak, mentally and physically, those commands took over.

Amir's temperament burst through when Xephier left on that sixth night. As the wolf retreated, locking doors behind him, Amir threw himself at the stout barrier of his prison.

"Get back here! Let me out damnit. Xephier! Open this door!"

When no response was forthcoming Amir hurled himself against the solid wood. It didn't budge. Snarling he hurled himself against it again and again. When he heard a snap he gave a roar of triumph. Panting, he looked at the door. It looked whole.

It hit him in a rush of dizzying pain as he looked down and realized the door hadn't given way but his shoulder had. Staring for a moment Amir swayed, in disbelief. Finally he sat heavily down, hissing as he jarred his shoulder.

Amir stared at the door. Then he looked at the detestable bag of slurried blood. He felt around on his shoulder, trying to determine if it was broken or dislocated. It proved to be the latter so he rose to his feet and spent the next minute or two angling himself properly before slamming his shoulder against the wall again. It crackled back into place and he bit his lip against the repeated pain.

Sliding down the wall to sit on the floor again Amir looked out the tiny window up to the starlit sky outside. This was stupid. Why had he done this again? There was no sense in it.

Picking up the cold bag of blood he bit into it, suppressing the gag. Barely.
Vivienne Sena 12 years ago
"Oh shit," Viv mumbled as she stood next to LT and Hammer, watching the vampire completely lose his shit.

"How much longer is the Alpha going to leave him in there?" LT asked leaning forward and planting his hands on the console.

Both Viv and LT looked at Hammer for answers. He was the Alpha's father and the Beta, but Hammer just shrugged with his arms crossed.

Viv close one eye and peered up at the monitors as Lewis came in from the bathroom and stopped short, looking at them. "What did I miss?"

"Dislocated or broke his shoulder trying to break the door down," Viv said pulling Lewis' chair back for him to sit in.

"Man, I always miss stuff," he said sitting down in a huff.

"Guess it was dislocated. Look he's going to pop it back." There was an audible snap and they all winced.

"What day is this again? Five?"

"Six," LT, Lewis, and Hammer answered in unison.

Viv pulled a face but continued to watch as the vampire bit into another bag of dog blood. Whatever the Alpha had planned for him, she wondered if the vampire was going to live to see whatever happen. She almost felt bad for him. Almost.

((OOC Hammer, Pipers, LT, Viv out))
Amir 12 years ago
By the beginning of his second week in the cell Amir thought he was going crazy. He was irrationally angry and despondent in turns. By day he avoided the tiny bit of light in his cell and dug frantically in the corner in his shifted form, until his claws chipped, broke, bled, and repaired themselves. When that lost its appeal he shifted back and looked for a way, any way, to escape. He could find none. He bruised and battered himself repeatedly against the walls of the tiny room but had to concede that there was no escape.

He didn't know if his anxiety was because of his inadequate blood supply or the fact that the tiny underground room seemed to be suffocating him worse and worse with ever passing hour. He knew Xephier and his wolves were watching and he managed to locate the two cameras placed overhead but he couldn't reach them and wasn't sure what he'd do with them if he could.

Amir was alternately cold and hot, as if fevered. He spent hours shivering in a corner of the small cell then hours shifting restlessly as he tried to cool off again. Xephier hadn't been by to deposit the usual detestable bag of dog blood in two nights and Amir was sure he was starving. His veins felt like they were aching, everywhere, all throughout his body.

Trying to calm himself he sat, lotus style, and place his palms on his thighs. He tried to still himself, facing the blank stone wall. Staring was pointless. He tried closing his eyes.

An hour later he realized he was rocking back and forth, hitting his forehead against the wall of the cell every time. He reached up, felt his head, and brought his fingertips away bloody.

Amir stared at them.

Slowly brought them to his mouth.

Waste not, want not. He sucked his own blood from his fingers desperately, shuddering when it was gone. Dully he stared down at his wrist, at the four chevrons that, to him, seemed to be pointing the way.

He knew it wouldn't help to feed from himself, not really, but he needed to drink. He had to feel warm blood flowing past his lips and over his tongue. He had to. He absolutely had to.

Still facing the wall of the cell Amir cradled his own arm to his chest, hunched over it furtively as if not wanting to be captured on camera for a pack of wolves to snicker over. It didn't matter. He was going to do this whether or not they had cameras on him.

Fiercely determined, having made up his mind, Amir raised his wrist to his mouth and bit into his own flesh, closing his eyes tightly and drinking, drinking, drinking for all he was worth. There was no return on it but as he swallowed convulsively, hating the taste of his own blood, tainted with dog's blood, he felt calmer. He could handle the next few hours. Maybe the next day.

Hours later, as he sat there contemplating the depth to which he'd sunk, wondering how much lower he could go, Xephier appeared at the doorway, ears covered as always. Amir didn't move.

"That's pretty pathetic," he commented. Amir raised his head sharply; Xephier didn't normally speak to him.

"I'd offer to set you free but you came here for something else. The chains are still there, scavenger."

Amir didn't answer him. He just bit his lip and remained sullenly silent. He couldn't argue, much as he wanted to.

With a sigh Xephier tossed the bag of blood through the cell window. Then, after a long pause he sent something else through as well. And then he walked away.

Amir fell upon the cold blood like a vulture on roadkill. It wasn't enough. It didn't fill him, didn't appeal to him, didn't do anything except give him a tiny edge to cling to. He took it.

The second package was surprising as he tore it open. There were several items inside. The first was a radiant heat blanket, folded into a tiny square. Amir stared at it in shock but lost no time in huddling under it. It was still cold at night in Nachton and he wasn't immune to that. It was worse here in the cell. He spent the time in his shifted form but the little blanket would be useful. The next item was a wrapped antiseptic wipe. The antiseptic was unnecessary of course but it was moist and perfectly useful for cleaning the blood away from his forehead. The last was a simple watch. Very small, nothing he could take apart and play with even if he were mechanically inclined. But it told time and had a date on it. And somehow, looking at it, he felt slightly better.

He didn't want Xephier's sympathy. But he wasn't going to turn it down either, at this point. Watch in hand he curled himself under the thin metallic blanket as night fell, positioning himself so that when the small amount of sunlight filtered in the next morning, he wouldn't be burned.

It was a small kindness but even Amir admitted, they owed him none whatsoever.
Xeph 12 years ago
Having watched the jackal for most of the afternoon, Xeph left the Sit room with a disgusted look on his face, almost appalled at what he was going to do. He hated this bastard with a ferocity he'd never known before. But thus far their captive had made no moves against them, sitting quietly restrained whenever Xephier visited. After over a week Xeph had to admit he wouldn't want one of their kind treated this way if they were in the company of vampires, voluntary or not.

He made his delivery and returned to the Sit room to find the vampire gone beneath the reflective blanket, unmoving.

"He's here for a reason," Xeph said. "And he's here because he needs to be. Don't feel sorry for him. Don't feel anything for him. The second I see what I need to see from him, he's gone."

He crossed his arms over his chest and frowned.
"Can't happen too soon if you ask me."

Beneath the radiant blanket, he swore he could still see chains.
Brig Jameson 12 years ago
"Oh. Oh that is not right."

Brig grimaced as he, Hammer, the Alpha, and Viv watched the vampire. Lewis had asked to be excused once he realized what the vampire was about to do and Brig silently dismissed him, letting Viv sit down in his place. His mate just stared at the monitors with a confused expression.

They watched when the Alpha left and appeared on the monitors a short time later, delivering two packages to the vampire this time. He returned thereafter and they listened as he coldly explained the purpose of the vampire's confinement, odd though it still was.

Brig looked at his cousin who looked back at him, silent as ever. Hammer hadn't said much during their vigil watching over the vampire. None of them took pleasure in it. It did seem almost cruel, but Brig didn't feel sorry for the vampire. The Amir creature came out of his own volition, so his captivity was his own choosing, and the Alpha did say that they were going to release him when whatever needed to happen, happened.

Brig could not wait.

He put his hand on Viv's shoulder and she immediately turned her cheek to touch his hand. It seemed odd touching her gently as they watched the vampire suffer. They watched it for a little while longer, till Amir curled up with the blanket and took solace in part of the cell where the sun would not touch him. Lewis returned and Viv stood, pulling gently on his hand.

"All right," he said to Hammer who flicked his lone eye at him and nodded. Putting his hand on Hammer's shoulder, Brig and Viv took their leave.

((Pipers, Viv, Hammer, Brig out))
Amir 12 years ago
Amir was closing in on the third week of captivity. It was wearing on him. He was starting to dream, when he slept, about being suffocated. He would open his eyes and scream, sure the walls of the cell were about to crumble and fall in on him. And when he stood it was only to try to batter himself against the stone in a blind panic, breaking bones, bruising muscle, lacerating skin.

When he came to his senses he would realize he was wasting a valuable and precious resource; his own blood. He was running low; he knew he was. He'd never felt like this before. Always, he fed himself every night. Sometimes every other night or every two, but that was rare. Xephier grudgingly donated a bag of dog blood every night to him; sometimes every two. It was not enough. It wasn't nearly enough.

Now he curled up beneath the thin blanket, clinging to its warmth gripping the little watch in both hands and staring at it, not really looking at it. His veins were burning. It felt like his own body was trying to burn itself out.

He was covered in half-healed wounds, self-inflicted, painful but non life-threatening. Most shameful of all there was a row of bite marks on his left wrist and another on his right. It was easy to tell which wounds were recent; he wasn't healing quickly at all. The earliest ones were tiny pink dots. Tonight's were angry, red, and barely closed.

But it was keeping him sane, Amir thought. Drinking his own blood wasn't doing him any good or any ill physically, but it was keeping him from going completely mad with the urge to feed.

Amir forced his hands to let go of the watch. He wrapped his arms around himself. The burning sensation would not stop. It went on and on. Soon he began to moan with the strain of bearing up under it. As the long hours passed his voice grew louder until he was howling, screaming, tired of the unending pain that was turning into agony, terrified beyond rationality at the vision of the walls falling in and the sensation of suffocation.

Eventually he lost his voice, his body unable to regenerate as quickly as he was shredding his own vocal cords.
Xeph 12 years ago
Xeph entered the tiny, dark, damp cell. It was quiet. It had been quiet since the vampire had once again burned his voice out screaming. He had sen no movement beneath the radiant heat blanket throughout the night. It was now early in the morning and he knew his prisoner needed to be fed again. He also suspected what he was giving him was not enough, but there, Xeph's hands were tied.

There was only so much supply of whole canine blood he could get his hands on without alerting the AVMA. He wasn't willing at all to risk a human. Nor would he take bagged human blood from someone who truly needed it. No, the jackal would have to make do on what Xeph could safely, legally procure. He had to admit that to his credit the vampire had not commented on it. Or anything else since submitting himself to the Kadzait over three weeks ago.

Xeph peered into the door of the cell. It took a few moments but he finally saw the vampire crouched in the corner, staring dully at him from the shadows.

"You look like shit," Xeph said frankly.

He was gaunt, as if he'd been living in a concentration camp for months. There were dark hollows beneath his glittering, feverish black eyes. His skin seemed clammy from what Xeph would see and there was an unhealthy greyish cast to it. He was filthy and disheveled; his short hair had grown out a bit and stuck out in spiky angles from his head. He was covered in bruises and scrapes that weren't healing as rapidly as Xeph had seen them do before. He had long since ceased turning himself into a jackal and no longer pounded himself against the door to his cell. Xeph wasn't sure he could even stand.

Still, he'd seen the ridiculous feats this particular man was capable of. Xeph had no room for compassion or sympathy. He didn't trust him even now. Instead, as he looked at him, ragged, torn, broken, and still wrapped in imaginary chains, Xeph felt only pity.

Every time he looked at the vampire, though, he saw lengths of chain falling off. He knew from his sight that this was what the vampire needed. It wasn't always easy to provide what someone needed, particularly if the cure was worse than the disease. Or, in this case, you didn't even want to help. But Xeph was a fan of fair play. He just wasn't sure if his captive would live.

"You had best not die in my territory," he finally growled. "So help me, if you turn into dust in that cell and bring your family down upon my Pack, I will not rest until they all join you."

With that he slid the bag of canine blood into the cell and sighed, frustrated. Shaking his head grimly, Xeph turned and left.
Amir 12 years ago
Dreaming. Dreaming of sunlight. Every time the little hand goes around it burns. It used to burn. Now, nothing. And everything.

Amir sat leaning up against the wall of the small cell, waiting for the brief period of sunlight. Had stopped avoiding it. Couldn't raise his hands to pull the blanket over his head. It burned his face and his neck. And it didn't heal.

Buried again. And again. No light, no air. Endless death. Unremarked. Unnoticed.

He had no recollection of succumbing to his fear of being buried. In his head he was still fighting it, with diminishing return, but fighting. No matter where he turned the walls fell in on top of him. In the end he had positioned himself in front of the tiny window in the door. The sunlight burned but for that few minutes while his face blistered, he was no longer entombed.

Eyes in the dark. Eyes from the sky. The sky is raining blood. Raining blood unfit to consume but I do. And I die.

He almost recognized the face at the door. Almost. When it showed up there was hope. And despair. The promise of sustenance, the torment of finding it inadequate. And he burned, from the inside out. Fire and brimstone that thundered through his veins.

He lunged forward to try and grab the packet of blood with a skeletal hand. It didn't work; this one had long since broken and failed to mend. The fingers were twisted, bent in some places, swollen in others. He could not grasp with them, nor could he do much with the similarly broken wrist. Amir did not recall how many blows he'd rained upon the door before the pain had registered. He hardly remembered doing so at all now.

Sprawled upon the floor with his face in the dirt he used his other hand, the one that wasn't as broken, to drag the half-frozen bag of blood toward himself. Tore into it with his fangs, ignoring the pain the icy cold caused, spilling some of the contents in his haste to ingest it all and prolong his torture for another night or two.

In desperation he swiped his tongue over the dirt floor to gather everything that had begun to thaw and soak in. He burned as his body tried to use what it had been given but there was so little. Amir panted in pain as he writhed on the floor of the cell, unable to scream anymore. He couldn't muster the strength to move himself back into the corner. He lay there, exhausted, broken, eyes glassy and unfocused as the sun rose and slowly streamed in through the tiny window.

He smoldered. And burned. And tried to open his mouth to scream in terror, in pain, but no sound issued forth.
Vigo Hammerthynn 12 years ago
Vigo stood stoically watching the vampire suffer. He felt no compassion for it, no desire to help ease his pain or hasten his demise. Nor did he have an understanding of what it was going through mentally. His eye narrowed as he watched the vampire weakly burn in the visible sunlight.

His daughter to his left, his son on his right - together the three of them wordlessly watched the vampire for over an hour before Hammer began speaking to Vivienne.

"Vivienne?" Hammer said without moving or turning his head in her direction. Vivienne's only reaction was to inhale deeply, acknowledging him silently. "Why are you here?"

She waited a minute before answering. "I suppose the same reason you're here, Hammer."

Vigo could see the swell of his daughter's belly in the peripheral of his good eye. Despite her unemotional reaction to the suffering vampire, she laid her hands on her belly, seemingly comforting the growing female pup in her. Viv wouldn't show any other type of emotion when gauging an enemy. He had taught her better than that.

His son stood shoulder to shoulder with him as they watched the silu speak to their Alpha, grandson and son respectively. Xeph was giving something the vampire needed to it. There would be no other reason why he hadn't allowed his Pipers to kill it. The three of them wordlessly wondered when the Pipers would get that chance, avenging the attack on leadership months earlier.

The reason why Vivienne was there, standing with her adoptive father and brother, was to gather as much information as possible on the vampire's demise. To learn, to somewhat understand, and to use the information in a cold, dispassionate way. Also to gauge the length of the Alpha's cruelty. Vigo was proud of his grandson, in a way, for not letting compassion interfere with whatever the reason why the vampire was there. The Alpha gave just enough blood to sustain the silu, but not let it heal. It was an acceptable form of cruel compassion, a means to an end. And his other two children watched without even a remote sign of empathy.

Inwardly, Vigo smiled.
Xeph 12 years ago
Xeph frowned at the unmoving picture. He would have thought the cameras were bugged or looping if he hadn't been beneath the Castle to see for himself. The vampire had not moved in well over a week, closing on two. For more than a month he had lain in that cell, growing increasingly agitated at first, and then even that had tapered off. Xeph hated this man with a passion; or at least he thought he did.

He looked at him now, though, and noted with clinical detachment that he saw something different when he observed the vampire with his other sight. He nodded to himself.

Walking out of the Sit room he headed over to the Castle, threading his way through the labyrinth-like building and making his way to the concealed cell underground that held his guest. He didn't bother with the ear plugs this time. The vampire hadn't so much as budged. If Xeph hadn't known better he'd have thought he was dead.

Yes, it was true. He looked through the bars of the cell at the battered, sallow, dirtied skeletal form within. The last bag of blood he'd tossed in still lay on the ground beyond reach of the twisted hand.

"The chains are off," Xeph said neutrally. "I hope you had a plan B."

He watched for a few minutes more. He didn't want this vampire dying in here but it had occurred to him more than once that his enemy had come here because he did not want to be found.

"Whoever is coming for you had better do it soon."

And someone would be coming. Instead of chains, Xeph now saw in ghostly shapes about the vampire, several pairs of blood red hands reaching out. Whoever they were, they signified what he now required.

"I've had enough of you for a lifetime."

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