Come out, come out where ever you are (lock please)

Silence is a funny thing, because every one has a different version of it. It can be the silence of a golden afternoon, sipping lemonade on your back porch with the silence of birds and rustling leaves. It can be the silence of dawn as it slips over the horizon and sends you into deep restoring sleep. But for Kat, right then, her silence was the soft woosh, woosh of the cars passing the small alley where she'd concealed herself in the shadows of a dumpster, listening for running footsteps to break the silence.

She pulled the knife that hugged her left leg, it was a black blade so wouldn't catch the weak light of the alley and waited. There... the tread of the shoes that had been following her for a while now, and had started running when she did. She was playing with her assailant, but he didn't know that.

He stopped at the edge of the alley and she heard him sniff the air.
"Come out, come out where ever you are!"

His voice had a sing-song lilt to it and made her spine shiver. You know it wasn't her fault her first night back in the city after chasing down a lead in Nevada had her being chased by a loony toon.

She had abilities at her disposal that could make him just go away, but where was the sport in that? He stepped into the alley, sniffing again.
"I smell you, here among the garbage. You can't hide from me."

His voice had taken on a playful tone that set her teeth on edge.

He moved closer, still sniffing the air. She moved then, pulling the wicked black that lay along her spine, a new addition from a brief foray into Death Valley. "My what a big nose you have."

He blanched at her weapons, not knowing she'd had them when he began his chase. "Seems to me you got two choices, pal. One, you could turn tail and run, which will be fun for me. Or you can stand and die like the man you think you are."

"Mother fucker, what the hell are you?"

Kat grinned a rather toothy grin at him. "C'mere, I'll show you."

"Fuck that lady, I'll go find something else to play with."

She inclined her head at him in a small shrug "You could try that, or you could stay and play with me, I'm loads of fun."

He tensed, turned and began to run, Kat caught him up before he'd taken three steps, and dangled him by his collar.

"Did you really think I was going to pull my pretty knives and then just let you leave to rape some other girl?" She tossed him against the wall and caught him by his throat before he fell. "Tell me why you picked me? Is it the skirt?"

She was wearing a micromini leather skirt, topped with a black and red lace corset, covered by a black leather jacket and thigh high boots completed the look. He shook his head and choked on a word. "What's that couldn't hear you."

"Pretty." He choked out around her hand. "Talk like that will turn a girl's head. What's say you and me play a little game. You tell me what you planned and I'll react appropriately. Sound good to you?"

His eyes bugged out and he shook his head at her, and she sighed. He wasn't any fun anymore. "You were ready to play earlier."

He kicked at her and she was suddenly bored. Sliding the knife back up along her spine, she used both hands and snapped his neck. The police could thank her later. Goddamned lunatic humans. How come the really crazy ones were among the breeders?

She wiped her hands on his surprisingly clean shirt, and left the alley, now she needed a damn drink. She'd left her quarters at the Domicile to eat and find some fun, not get run down by and have to kill some nut job doodle head.

At the end of the alley she took stock of the part of the Strip she'd landed on. The fucking tail end, not in her plans that evening. Oh, but goody, the HoP was not far, she'd be quiet able to blow off the steam there.

((ooc Kat out...nothing like violence to get your feet wet, eh?))