Ignoring the obvious

Carol had not seen Lothias in four days. This was not unusual, considering the circumstances; downtown Nachton had been on fire and without power with city officials scrambling to come out looking like heroes in the media, Duibne Industries again assisting the local hospitals including the city's crown jewel Nachton Hospital in accommodating the injured and burn victims within its state of the art facilities, and the police and fire department accepting help from outside cities as well as contracted security agencies within Nachton itself. It meant Lothias and his crew was working overtime. Of course. Why wouldn't he be doing that?

It wasn't as if he was actually doing double manned shifts at Duibne Industries with the other Pipers as DI took care of Charlie; Charlie who was supposedly visiting his ailing adopted mother back home in Germany, not lying near death in the very building that she worked at.

No, that's not happening. Nope. And that's what she kept telling herself when he finally crawled into bed with her on the fourth night. Exhausted, tired, and smelling of smoke. When he put his arms around her, she didn't tighten up into a ball and cry like she wanted to, like she had been doing, in fact, for the past four days, instead she nestled against his chest and told him he smelled stinky and needed a shower. He took one, she joined him, and they made love despite her screaming in her head, terrified of what he was.

Was she terrified? That was the million dollar question, wasn't it? Turning toward Lothias in bed, Carol looked at his sleeping form and could not help but smile.

"Are you sleeping?" Carol asked softly.

Lothias' face was flushed still from their rigorous love making and he sighed deeply. "Yes," he said with a slow smile. He opened his eyes and snuggled closer to her. "Why, feel like having another go at me?"

Carol smiled and touched his face softly. "Don't you want to sleep?" She marveled at his sky blue eyes and how his lazy grin made her heart ache for him.

"I am a little tired," he chuckled. "Been a long couple days."

'Yeah, I'm sure it was,' she thought to herself. "So how's Charlie's mother?"

"My aunt, actually. His adopted mother."

"Right, how is she?"

"Not doing well. He might be gone for a couple months. He's taking it hard."

"Is he," Carol said slowly. Charlie's status was still critical. She knew this because she saw the daily reports that went out to their Alpha Xephier and Cyclops Hammerthynn. "I miss him already."

Lothias LT Jameson 12 years ago
His life with Carol had been perfect thus far. She had changed her schedule to be with him at night, never questioned what he did when he had to disappear for days at a time, and adored his Pipers. They had been together two years this February and he could not imagine his life without Carol. Her thirtieth birthday was coming up soon and he wanted to do something special for her. The thought of it made him nervous though since 'special' usually meant advancing onto the next stage of their relationship.

Lothias' eyes focused on Carol for a moment when she brought up Charlie's name and his smile faltered. "Yeah, I miss him, too. He'll be back soon hopefully."

Carol's mood had been somber since he had gotten home. He spent his evenings with her, sleeping in her bed, but was always gone before dawn. They had most weekends together but she had never once complained about his time away. Like she knew not to ask.

LT wondered for the first time if maybe she didn't know.

"Is something wrong?" he asked quietly. "Did I do something?"

Carol smiled brightly and kissed him. "No, silly. I just worry when you're gone being all billy bad-ass."

"My job's not like that. We just help with security with the college. I've told you that."

"Yes, yes you have," she said slowly. "I just...I love you and stuff."

LT grinned, "And stuff?"

"Yeah, all that junk."

Carol propped herself onto her elbows and rested her chin in her hands. She kicked her toned legs up behind her and smiled prettily at him. Reaching out he grabbed a strand of her hair and wrapped it around his long fingers.

"What are you thinking of?" she asked from behind her fingers.

LT sighed and touched her lips with his hair laden fingers. Her blond hair still shimmered in the darkness of their bedroom. Looking at Carol now, with her cat like shaped eyes and long lashes, hair spilling down her bare shoulders, and the slope of her petite body running down the length of the bed - he wondered how he could ever live without her; to not be able to feel the softness of her skin or the warmth of it against his, the taste of her kiss, or the flowery notes of her scent. Would she still love him knowing what he was and all he could offer her?

"Just wondering if I asked you to marry me, if you'd say yes," he said simply, looking into her crystal blue eyes.
Carol 12 years ago
Kissing was like eating a Kit Kat. It was also a win-win to what could potentially be an awkward situation. If Lothias had asked that question four days earlier, she would've immediately said yes and fuck him retarded. But this was not four days earlier, thus putting her in the proverbial 'oh shit' moment.

Carol smiled and kissed Lothias so deeply and passionately she figured she gave herself a good five minutes of making out before she had to answer - if her actions weren't already being interpreted as an answer to begin with. So here was the situation, Carol thought to herself as she did filthy things with Lothias' tongue:

The man she loved, above all others (even Simon) was pre-proposing to her. Why was this a problem? He was a werewolf and she not only worked for the vampires, she helped run their empire, and of course fucked their leader for the better part of two years. Awkward.

The man she loved was a werewolf. Again, why was this a problem? This meant she had to add another choice to an already confusing array of choices. Did she want to eventually be turned, preferably before her boobs sagged or did she want to be a werewolf and become hairy and a dog for a couple days a month on top of having a period.

Or did she break up with Lothias now, refuse being turned, and stay human? Really, she thought. These are my options?

Carol clearly needed more time to think before answering Lothias' question, so she rolled on top of him, preparing to initiate another round of hot monkey sex to stall when he pushed on her gently, stopping her.

"Carol, are you going to answer me?"

"I kind of planned on fucking you first."

Carol watched as Lothias' expression changed from slightly amused to concerned. "I thought you wanted to get married? You said you did at that Cemetery thing that you did want to."

"I did say that. Then." Oh this was bad, Carol thought. Shaking her head, she sat back onto her knees and cleared her throat.

"Why are you stalling?" The concerned look on his face transitioned slowly into cautious hysteria.

"I'm not stalling. I'm trying to explain my logic here." Lothias raised his eyebrows and waited for said logic. "You're Uncle Brian. Let's look at him."

"Why? What does he have to do with us?"

"How old is he? What, fiftyish? He's not married."

"He proposed to Vivienne and she's pregnant."

"Oh, wow finally, huh? Wondered when that was going to come out." She said to which Lothias just nodded with his eyes wide, waiting for her to answer. "I'll have to call her then. Um, ok."

"Carol, what are we doing? Have we run its course now? Because if it has for you, I'm just going to go now."

Lothias looked at her, his face void of the shock that had seeped into his features and was replaced with that poker face men used to avoid showing the hurt that was so obviously there.
Lothias LT Jameson 12 years ago
"No, no that's not what I meant."

LT shrugged, trying to brush off the frantic feeling he was feeling in his gut as he tried to sound nonchalant about Carol not wanting the same thing he wanted - what he thought he wanted, at least.

"It's fine if this is all you want. I'm not trying to pressure you into anything, I just thought it's been two years and I don't know, it's been two years."

"You said that twice."

"At least I'm saying something."

They both sat there, naked, and in Carol's bed. He wasn't sure if he should be angry or just embarrassed. At that moment, yes, he wanted to marry Carol. He wanted to tell her the truth about everything; about who he was, what he did, and introduce her to the pack. But it didn't seem to be what she wanted, at that moment. So he took it all back.

"It's fine if, at this moment, it's not what you want. It's a huge step and it would require a lot of, uh, soul searching neither one of us is prepared to have. But I love you and yes, some day, I'd like to maybe consider marrying you. If you don't feel the same way, if you're not the marrying kind, then you really need to let me know now, but I'm perfectly fine with just fucking around."

The second LT said that he literally felt his heart break. He was not perfectly fine with fucking around with Carol. He was not perfectly fine with her not seeing him as worthy enough to settle down with. He was not perfectly fine with dirtying what he thought was an amazing and perfect relationship that could have been something worth holding onto.

Inside LT was dying, but he just shrugged at her and smiled.
Carol 12 years ago
Carol felt her heart squeeze in her chest as Lothias calmly pulled away from her. He was either on the verge of making her a booty call or breaking up with her completely, and that would be another man she thought was the love of her life walking away. No, Lothias wouldn't be 'another' love of her life. Carol could not lump Lothias and Simon together into the same category. Her love for Simon was so different than what she felt for Lothias. Looking back, Simon was thrilling, passionate, and evolving into something that she didn't think she could live with. Despite Ellis being back in his life, Simon wasn't the One. She knew that now being with Lothias.

Lothias may be a werewolf, but he was also the One. The Only One.

Carol pointed at him and got angry. "No. No, I don't just want to fuck around with you. There's no 'at this moment' bullshit. And I'm not saying this because it looks like you're about ready to run because you think I'm not down with marrying you. I love you. I love YOU." She took a deep breath and touched his face.

"If you asked me now, right now, I'd say yes. Because I can't imagine my life without you. I want you to marry me, impregnate me with like four kids, (which I will snap right back to my pre-pregnancy weight after each one, thank you), and spend the rest of my life with you. I love you...no matter what, Lothias."

"Honestly?" he asked quietly.

"Honestly and truthfully."
Lothias LT Jameson 12 years ago
No matter what.

Sitting up in the bed, LT gave her a small smile as he leaned back against the cool, wooden headboard. Carol said she'd love him, no matter what, but he didn't think she knew exactly what that meant. Looking down at his hands, he took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, trying to will the sense of dread in his stomach away. He should happy about what she had said, wanting to live the rest of her life with him, but the same fear that kept him from telling her the truth about not just who, but what he was, was drowning him still.

Carol worked at Duibne Industries, granted she was a low level secretary and he knew the vampire secret was hidden very deep in the shadows, but what if she ran into him at DI? What if, for some reason, she found out about Charlie? All the lies she wholeheartedly accepted would immediately become scrutinized. LT felt the thick blanket of his guilt suffocate him as he licked his lips and felt Carol move close to him, snuggling under his arm and hugging him gently. He put his arms around her and inhaled her scent deeply. Her soft, heather scent with deep undertones of his own musky scent so deeply entwined. He had already infected her with the virus that carried the dormant werewolf gene that would change her with a single bite from another werewolf. She was already vulnerable and he did that to her.

Lifting the blankets, he slid back underneath them and draped his arm around Carol, letting her snuggle up against his chest with her back to him. Kissing her hair softly, he whispered into her ear.

"Going to get some sleep?"

"You should."

"I have to be up early and be back before dawn," he said softly, looking out the large picture window in their bedroom.

"You sleep then. I'll have my way with you later." He grinned into her hair, playing with it with his free hand. "Oh, it's about time Brian and Viv came out. They've been doing it for months, you know."

LT snorted, "You could have told me."

"Couldn't. Girl book. It was in the vault." He heard her yawn softly. "We should have them over. I miss seeing her."

"Sure," he said as he watched the moon peek through the dark clouds in the sky and shine in the window. It was almost full again, hanging low in the sky, calling out to him with the softest of melodies. He'd have to tell her his shift was changing again, four days on, three days off like every month. Carol would be fine with it though, she always was. It was such a small lie, but he knew one day all those small lies would ultimately become one big one. And where would he be then?

Hopefully with Carol, if she'd still have him.

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