Unforgiven (Invite Only)

As he looked at the wall looming up over him Amir knew he had never done anything harder than this. He glanced down at himself. He was wearing casual clothes; leather jacket, jeans, tee, hooded sweatshirt. Normally this close to Xephier's territory he'd be covered in silver, bristling with weaponry, and ready for a fight.

He had been told to kill werewolves. He had never been told to prepare himself well for it. That had been left to understanding. It was a small loophole, the only one Amir could find.

He didn't want to admit to himself that he was terrified. The next few minutes would be crucial. If Xephier managed to overcome Amir's Commands, as he had come so close to doing before, Amir was dead. If Xephier had backup before Amir had a chance to say anything, Amir was dead. If... if, if. Amir was dead "if" a lot of things.

He didn't want to die. But he was tired of being a pawn.

Amir felt naked. No blades. No silver. No tricks. Just himself and his body, which was a formidable weapon all by itself. But to give Xephier a chance at all Amir had to do it. One on one even the Alpha was not his equal. Amir fixed the bag on his shoulder and heaved himself at the wall that surrounded the acreage behind Xephier's home.

Crossing over it fairly easily Amir landed on the other side without trouble and walked until he reached the huge house that belonged to the wolf.


Amir's voice rang through the forest. He waited, trying not to lose his nerve. He thought about Mara. He thought about Bao.

"Xephier! Get out here!"

He heard him before he saw him; he came up from behind, from down in the woods. Amir turned just in time to come face to face with the enormous Kadzait Alpha as he skidded to a halt just in front of Amir.

Xephier changed himself back, the transformation as always looking painful to Amir, who slid from jackal to human shapes without so much as a drop of sweat. Amir took the bag from his shoulder and threw it at the ground at Xephier's feet.

"You're going to need that. And some band aids."

With that, and a conscious effort of his own that left him nearly gasping with the strain it took to go against even the most subtly implied Command, Amir dropped every compulsion he'd ever laid on the Alpha.

"You're free."

Xeph 12 years ago
Xeph was running that night, with some of his wolves. It wasn't a moon night. It was just a free night. Nikhila had given him her blessing to go out and be wild, and he would return the favor tomorrow, watching Noah while she ran.

It was cut short, however, by a yell that resounded through the Long Run, a familiar voice. Xeph's hackles immediately rose. The jackal. Here. In his home. He would kill him this time.

He snarled and turned, his ground-eating stride carrying him quickly to where the jackal stood in front of his house, of all places. Xeph skidded to a halt as the vampire turned. He Changed and crouched. Fighting with himself he tried to follow his instincts. Attack. Kill. Tear the jackal apart.

And then... the impossible happened. Xeph stared, his jaw nearly dropping, as the dark-haired man threw his bag toward Xephier. Xeph immediately recoiled but smelled no silver.

And like that, his mind was free. Absolutely free. He stared some more, frozen in place, unable to move from the complete shock and surprise. This was a trick. This was some sort of mind game.

Xeph snarled and lunged, but didn't attack... the Pack did it for him.
The Pipers 12 years ago
Lewis was leaning back in his chair, feet propped up on the table, in the one place he loved the most. Reaching out, his arms raised above his head and he cackled manically.

"Who has done this and carried it through, calling forth the generations from the beginning? I, the LORD--with the first of them and with the last--I am he." His voice boomed as he began to laugh, his eight monitor set up cast a blue light on him making him look more like a large smurf than the Almighty, he realized this, but he still went with the moment.

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the...," his voice cut off as the alarm for a breached perimeter. Kicking his feet down, he scrambled forward and zeroed in on the intruder standing in front of the Alpha's home. Domingo and Marko were on patrol that night and Lewis called them in, but they were already on the move. Lewis narrowed the cameras in on the intruder and paled.

On his console were many buttons, pretty buttons, but none like the shiny, candy apple red button directly in front of him, just above the main console. Reaching out, Lewis slammed his fist down on the button, sounding the Piper alarm and connecting him directly with all Pipers on deck.
Brig Jameson 12 years ago
Poised over his fiancee, Brig kissed Viv deeply in her bed when his phone began to ring a special tone that they both recognized. Shoving him off her, Viv backed away and let Brig pick up his phone.

"Where? Get the Beta. ETA thirty seconds," and he jumped naked off the bed and opened up Viv's window. Turning back he looked at her and she stood up on her knees.

"Jesus christ, just GO! I'll be down with Lewis, GO GO."

Brig took two steps back and hurled himself out of her window, dropping the two floors and landing on the Den lawn with his giant paws digging deep into the grass, kicking up huge divots as he ran off in his wolf form toward the Alpha's home.
Iov Hammerthynn 12 years ago
Hammer was already on the move, tearing through the Den in wolf form and bursting through the back deck doors, shattering glass. On his six was new Piper Paulson and the LT, skidding through the glass and following him in their own wolf forms.

Like Hammer, the LT was a dark reddish brown massive wolf with his piercing blue eyes and jaws like steel. Paulson was black, his brown eyes bright and hellish with the girth and breadth of the Beta himself. The three of them tore through the Long Run and broke off, covering the intruder's flanks.

They were down to the Alpha's home in fifteen seconds with Brig, another massive red, reaching Hammer at the same time. Hammer silently signaled to Brig with the wave of his bear like head and he and his cousin circled, putting the intruder in the center, coming up on their Alpha's flanks.

Hammer recognized the intruder as the Silu who attacked leadership at the Reserve, that had in fact, hurt Lily. His wolf lips pulled back, revealing white, lethal fangs and Hammer lunged with Brig ready to counter. Silver be damned, Hammer thought, he was going to fuck this vampire up.
Reese E Deardon 12 years ago
Red and Marthinus entered the Alpha's home from the back, weapons drawn, clearing the rooms and securing the Alpha's mate and son.

"Lewis, we're in," he said pinching the vox com on his throat. Nodding to Marthinus, the old man moved toward a front window and looked out.

"Looks like just one."

Red knew Domingo and Marko were on patrol and already searching the outer perimeter for more with the CO, the Beta, the LT, and the newbie Paulson flanking the position. Quietly Red moved toward the Alpha's mate's bedroom, opened the door and made visual with the mate and child.

"Visual on Rosebud and Little Hammer. Secured," he replied again into his vox com and he waited till the tell tale sign of the Beta's barking and growls filled the night air.

"Roger that, Red."

"And here we go," Red said standing by the bedroom door, looking at Marthinus.
The Pipers 12 years ago
This was his first rodeo as an Alpha Piper, but definitely not to combat. Glenveagh had been the worst and best learning experience any Piper could have, and he used what he learned to do his job.

He had wondered how the Pipers coordinated their fights - it wasn't like they could yell out audibles in the middle of plays. Paulson learned quickly that there were a set of signals, noises, and positioning that helped the Pipers move as a cohesive attack pack. The CO and Beta together had such extreme control over the Pipers that it almost stunned Paulson at the natural and innate commands that as a pair they gave. On the Beta's six, Paulson watched as the Beta lunged at the intruder with an unthinking fury he had never seen. The Commander readied himself, waiting for the hand off as the Beta threw his entire weight low at the incredibly stupid man standing in front of the Alpha's home and realized it wasn't just a man when the intruder deflected the brunt of the blow.

Paulson felt his hackles rise, hurting his skin. It was a vampire and by the look of the speed it was moving, not your average one.

The Beta managed to get a hold of the back of the vampire's leg and twisted his entire body, hurling it back and toward the CO who was ready and waiting with his massive body stopping the movement with a bone shattering thud. Next was the LT who used his speed to thrash the vampire, his jaws ripping and tearing but mostly clothing. Paulson went next, rushing from another direction to throw off the vampire's balance and used his jaws to clamp down on a sweet, soft spot but found nothing but hard, steel like flesh. He brought back nothing but the sleeve of vampire's jacket and shirt.

The four of them circled as Domingo and Marko came back from the perimeter search and the six of them circled the vampire, each with jaws dripping with saliva.
Amir 12 years ago
Amir watched Xephier for a moment. The Alpha lunged at him and Amir raised his arms, only to be surrounded by wolves before either of them exchanged a blow. Quietly Amir deflected the lunge from the one-eyed Hammerthynn but after that it was, literally, a dogfight. Something grabbed his leg from behind and Amir was hurled like nothing at all, to fetch up against another wolf with a snap of bone. It was something in his arm but he paid it no mind.

Amir righted himself and moved fluidly, spinning and dodging the wolves' blows and losing a good deal of his clothing in the process. Better clothing than flesh though. This was where he had to prove himself.

"Open the bag, Xephier," he yelled. He ducked and kicked. He was compelled to fight. He had to. For once in his long life he didn't want to. He tried to pull his punches but he wasn't always successful.

"Just open the damned bag, you worthless mutt!"
Xeph 12 years ago
Xeph aborted his movements as he saw the Pipers spring into action. As much as he wanted a piece of this bastard he couldn't join in the carnage. Someone had to keep his head here.

But his eyes blazed with approval as his wolves leaped at the jackal, tossing him around like a rag doll. They didn't appear to be doing much damage but he knew from experience that this particular vampire was a tough bastard.

He had the presence of mind to yell at Xephier again. Xeph didn't want to obey another command ever again. But this wasn't voiced that way. The compulsion was not there. There was only desperation.

Xeph grabbed the bag and pulled it close. Kneeling, he signaled to his Pipers to continue playing with the jackal. They had a score to settle with him. Let him hold his own while he could.

When Xeph saw what was in the bag he looked up and stared. Looked at the vampire, as if he were someone Xeph gave a shit about.
Lothias LT Jameson 12 years ago
This was the silu from the night at the Reserve with Ringo and the Nakubili. LT's eyes flashed with hate and spared no aggression and damage on the vampire, tearing at its hard skin with his sharp claws. They had started off one at a time, trying to disorient the vampire, but it progressed quickly into a full out frenzy. All six of them, the Pipers and present leadership, dog piled the vampire till the blood began to run. They were tearing the silu apart, limb by limb, bone by bone.

Amir. This one's name was Amir, LT remembered from his long ago visit with the Duban woman. The smell of her skin and the thrill of his hate for her reignited the fury in LT, channeling the blood memory as he bit into the vampire's leg and finally snapped his femur. Amir was beginning to slow, now that the Pipers had begun to draw his blood, but the idiot still managed to yell out to the Alpha and instinctively he wanted to turn and stop their leader from opening the bag, but the need to rip the vampire apart was just too great.

Covered with blood on his front paws, his entire face, and throat, LT continued to rip at the vampire called Amir and he loved every single second of it.
Xeph 12 years ago
Xeph watched in shock as the vampire moved. Every time he made a motion Xeph could see chains binding every action, every kick and punch. When he pulled one the chains seemed to shatter and spray out from him but then they gathered themselves back up and wrapped around him once more.

The scent of blood was in the air and Xeph had to work to force his Change away. Not this way. He didn't want it to be this way. He wanted to bring justice to the one responsible for decimating his family, injuring his Packmates. But if this man had done the deed, he might not have been driving the bus.

Xeph's intuition was rarely wrong.

"Enough," he said, his deep voice cutting through the Pack without him having to raise it. "Stop."

Xeph picked up the pack, walked toward the vampire's prone form, and dropped it again. From inside he pulled a roll of duct tape and four chain collars, such as you would collar a dog with.

One chain for each wrist and ankle. Tape over the vampire's treacherous mouth. Xeph growled. if this vampire had some form of honor, any at all, he had to respect it. He had vowed not to bring down the fury of the Nachton vampires upon his Pack. He needed to know the story here.
Brig Jameson 12 years ago
The moment the Alpha spoke, Hammer and Brig responded, pulling away but snarling at the vampire. The Pipers fell in line, backing off a second behind them. The blood in the air was mesmerizing, but the Alpha's voice cut through the haze of the frenzy and calmed the wolf in him in an instant.

Swinging their massive heads back and forth, Brig and Hammer pushed the Pipers back until they formed a tight circle around the Alpha and vampire. Brig looked at Hammer's lone, gray eye and felt his cousin's restraint and it calmed the wolf in him further. But with one word from the Alpha, they would finish what they started and decimate the filthy piece of shit.

Brig let out a sharp bark, calling on the Pipers in human form within the house. Immediately Marthinus stepped out the front door and crossed the lawn, weapon drawn. Hammer growled softly, long and low, then finally ended it with a bark.

Marthinus put two sleep darts into the torn vampire and thus concluding this evening's main event.
Amir 12 years ago
Amir might be reckless and impulsive but he wasn't stupid; he knew that Xephier's wolves could take him down if he went in unarmed and unprepared. But there was his loophole. Subira had assumed Amir would go armored and prepared. And normally he would have.

No matter how well he fought he was fighting an uphill battle and the odds were vastly against him. He'd wanted it that way. Every rend in his flesh, every laceration, each broken bone brought him closer and closer to freedom. If it didn't happen one way it would happen the other.

The snap of his femur nearly made him scream but he bit it back and growled instead. There didn't seem to be any intervention forthcoming from Xephier, which Amir had half expected. And for a risk like this, half hadn't been too bad. Amir searched for Xephier but he saw nothing but blood and wolves.

Fine, then.

He closed his eyes.

Suddenly he did hear the voice of the Alpha. Amir tried to raise his head to look at the man but found he could not. Something was broken. There were two small, sharp pains in his side and he realized they'd darted him with something.

A dark shape loomed over him as the muzzles of the wolves swirled together into one blurry shape.

A hand descended and there was nothing after that.
Xeph 12 years ago
Xeph's head told him to let his Pipers rip this deity-forsaken silu to shreds on his front lawn. This man had tormented him, them, throughout the years. Killed countless werewolves. Killed Xeph's own stepfather.

Xeph could not deny his own abilities though. Like tonight, this moment, they were often more curse than blessing. So while logic told him to rid the world of another vampire his heart to him to look with his other sight. What this vampire needed was plain to Xeph. Every time the vampire restrained himself from injuring a Piper the chains Xeph saw fell away. When he failed, they wrapped tightly. The loosening of the chains was what stuck out at him; the vampire needed to be freed.

Xeph didn't want to free a vampire. Bu if it was true, if the one wasn't directly responsible for the deaths of his Packmates but had instead been forced to somehow, Xeph couldn't kill him. He was the Alpha. It was his job to sort the truth out and not start a war by slaughtering a vampire, no matter how desperately badly he wanted to.

He watched the too-young face relax as the sleep darts quickly took effect. With that peaceful expression on his face the vampire looked almost innocent, vulnerable. Xeph leaned forward as the vampire fought for a moment. He held in his hand a piece of duct tape. As the dark eyes fluttered closed Xeph clapped his hand over the vampire's mouth, mindful of the fangs, and sealed it with the duct tape.

Using one of the choke chains on each ankle and wrist Xeph tethered the vampire. He handed one chain each to four Pipers.
"Keep these taut," he said. "He can change his shape like we can."

He gestured for his Pack to follow him, toward the Castle, the original building on the property that was actually a small castle.

Complete with dungeon.

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