Quietly Peeks out of hidinng...

Hi guys!

First, I'm sorry for leaving anything and anyone hanging!

I've really missed writing, but life got really hairy for a long while there and things have finally settled back down, only now we're buying a house, so that's not really true.

Lots of scary health stuff happened, and then scary work stuff, but all is calm. Everyone is well and healthy and work is back on an even keel. I finally got to open up and begin writing on my novel again and that made me yearn for this amazing place.

I can't promise I won't disappear again, so I'll make sure my characters stay on the fringes of the big interesting plots. But if you guys don't mind too terribly, I'll do my best to catch up and then reintroduce my characters. I've got to come up with a reason they've all been missing for...um...a really long time.



Mara 10 years ago
Welcome back Sarah, it's good to know you're all right and doing reasonably well! Can't wait to have you writing and being all vampire-y with us again.

Jin 10 years ago
Welcome back! Glad to hear that everything is going well. =)

I'd say come play however you like and we'll find ways to deal with it if you need to go again. =)
Eiryk 10 years ago
Life does that now and then, glad to hear things are more or less OK at this point and look forward to seeing you about more
Panos Mehalitsenos 10 years ago
Glad your doing well!
Simon Huntington 10 years ago
Hey Sarah! Was thinking about you today. Glad you're doing well =) Welcome back!
Kai 10 years ago
Thank you guys for the the warm welcome back! I'm really excited about writing again. Even my hubby, who isn't particularly fond of vampire stories, was happy to see SA on my screen again. He was beginning to worry about me.
Mai 10 years ago
If you have threads that you want someone in just let us know. =) I can't visit Kai though I think Xeph might frown upon the little stoat running amok through his pack's haven.

Werewolves are great fun to chase though.
Dana 10 years ago
Thanks Mai!
Simon Huntington 10 years ago
I'm in the process of outing Brig in a thread so I can say hi with him =D
Mai 10 years ago
*chases werewolves around in the OOC thread*

Yay Brig! =)
Kai 10 years ago

Wee! Brig will be... interesting.
Simon Huntington 10 years ago
Well yeah, considering now he's knocked up the VR female he's been secretly having an affair with and is now engaged to her, much to his father's dismay. O_o
Dana 10 years ago
I read that, it made me chuckle. Your characters have a delightful way of getting into the stickiest situations.
Vaughn Emiliano 10 years ago
And just WHAT is wrong with VR females?