Beat back the Night

Gris had settled himself in a the small set of room in Shady Pines. He'd see about renting a condo somewhere else off the compound later. Right now he was content to be among his own kind and...hopeful. Greer was the only Grayson around, among these R'asa he was the same as everyone else. He could shine here, make a difference without his past getting in the way.

He followed the sound of drumming, his doumbek balanced on one hip. There was a large bonfire keeping away the chill in the night air. Spring was just beginning to arrive but the nights still had a little wintery edge to them. With a fire and some activity everyone would be warm in no time.

Sliding through the group of dancers, he moved closer to the flames in order to warm up the head of his drum. This one didn't need it like some of the others but it was something of a habit. Besides it was a good excuse to stay near the fire for a few minutes himself.


Therese 12 years ago
Thérèse blushed slightly. She was apparently being blinded by lust. She really would have liked the excuse to... There was simply no getting around it, she wanted him again. Fantasy and memory did not keep you warm at night. The full moon would have been a wonderful and convenient reason to feel him again, his weight, his scent, to curl close afterward. She jerked her attention from those thoughts and back to Gris.

"A month?"

That was forever. But certainly better than never again. No, he was right, if she could just wait. If they could both wait and then talk about it with clearer heads.

She gave him a look that very clearly questioned that. She was in her fifties, not old for their kind but how many of his female relatives had already mated and had children by her age, more than one. The look didn't last long as she recognized he was trying to cheer her up. She smiled.

"I think we might be able to manage that. After the full moon then. We'll see how things stand."

Her heart wouldn't change, but maybe her head would get control over it. Eventually she might be able to consider someone else. That would probably take a year or more, but you had to start some where.

"Oui. It is quite large a good place to run. It is possible we would run into the others. How are your diplomatic skills?"

The preserve was open territory belonging to neither pack and distressingly frequented by the mulo. Still it would be safer. Even her keeper didn't bother her around the time of the full moon. He had that much sense.

"You should run with the pack. It will be your first here."

It would be good for him. If he insisted she would let him run with her one day out of three but the others should be given to family, to run to hunt to get to know them and let them know him. It wouldn't be right for a new comer to the city -not- to be there. It would also be safer, if the mulo got brave, or stupid.

She chuckled at his answer, expecting it.

"G, PG, or R all are options. I would say X but you are not old enough for that. I would need a permission slip."
Greer Grayson 12 years ago
"Don't look at me like that. You're beautiful and smart and he'd be a fool to let you go. I'm sure he knows that and is thinking about you even now." Gris smiled. "Wondering whether he can live without you and maybe." He squeezed her in a comforting hug. "maybe he'll find he can't. We'll just see, hmm? "

She explained what the park was like and said that they might run into others. Gris raised his eyebrows slightly but smiled. "I am the very embodiment of charm, milady. I don't think we will have any problems."

Her words echoed his earlier thoughts but Gris shook his head. "One moon is as good as the next one. You're family already. I can run with them next moon."

As the topic turned back to what to do in the city he smiled. "Oh, I see, we're saving the good stuff for ourselves. Don't make me pull your hair or throw a tantrum...cause I will!" Gris laughed and shrugged. "We can do something tame. I don't need to squeeze myself into latex just yet. Maybe a few months after moving the practice here and I will feel the need for something wild and crazy."
Therese 12 years ago
If he wasn't a fool he'd let her go rather than risk the fall out. But as directed she did stop looking at him like than and let him hug her. She should not have been nearly so reassured by a hug from Gannon's little cousin but he was as good as family, in a way no one else in Nachton was. It made her feel closer to home and safe. She'd rather have Vaughn's arms around her, but this was good too and she hugged him back.

Thérèse giggled at his protest. She didn't think he'd be fool enough to start something with the other Pack. And so long as the mulo left them alone it would be fine. They would talk closer to the full moon.

"And I am not above spanking you if you indulge in a hissy fit. You should act your age."

It was very hard to remain stern and not laugh at him as she teased, so she gave up and did so. With out realizing it she had relaxed and her shoulders unknotted a bit. This was the closest to relaxed she'd been since that night.

"Oh I think the effort of the latex would be worth it, and probably garner you some rewards."

Unabashed she eyed him. He had matured well and was more than pleasing to the eye.

"Shall we head back to the fire or let people think we are having a torrid affair?"
Greer Grayson 12 years ago
"Oh stop teasing me!" Gris smiled at her. "You should be warned. I might like that."

It had been a long time since they had seen each other and he had grown up quite a bit. His tastes no longer ran toward rugby and football and playing in the dirt. Gris had become an adult with his own troubles and that seemed to have happened around the age of 6.

He arched an eyebrow at her when she commented on the latex.
"I am sure that it would. However, let's start with something simple. Unless you want to go out to something more R rated. I hear there are some intense clubs here."

Gris grinned at the idea of them having a tawdry affair. His parents would be all kinds of pleased about that news. "Ooh, scandalous." Standing, he reached down to her and helped pull her up. "I am guessing your man is out there at the fire. Maybe we shouldn't torment him -too- much."

He reached for her hand and smiled.
"Maybe just a little bit."
Therese 12 years ago
Thérèse just grinned, almost suggestively, silently daring him to make good on that comment. He had grown up quite nicely and part of her was tempted to throw herself at him to distract her from this mess if nothing else.

"One or two you might consider wearing a tracking collar to so we can find you if you do not resurface in a day or two."

He might wish to go unattached to those, perhaps find some one to claim for the night. Although she'd also help him... go fishing. Sanding she smiled softly.

"Terribly scandalous, but yet you look rather pleased with the idea... "

Although Gannon might have first dibs. That thought disappeared when he mentioned 'her man'. He wasn't, yet he was. She nodded.

"Oui. I did happen to see him."

It had seemed he hadn't seen her, They hadn't even made eye contact. Even if he was still out there, she wouldn't join whatever group he was with and undoubtedly he was not alone. Maybe she could ask Tavi about her cat client though, or was that just a weak excuse?

She squeezed his hand.

"You are a wicked man."

But, hand in hand she lead them back to the fire. She needed to find her violin if nothing else.
Greer Grayson 12 years ago
Gris laughed at the thought of being kidnapped for his appearance in latex. Oh, to have that problem. It might get old after a few days but before then he might enjoy the life of a sex slave, just so long as he was not also required to write up legal documents during the off hours.

Therese confirmed that her man was at the fire. Gris nodded, wondering if it was the one he saw. He'd know who to steer clear of for a bit.

"Then let's go show him what he's missing." He smiled at her and displayed a mischievous grin. "And yes, yes, I am."

He saw nothing wrong with playing the drums and dancing in front of the fire with Therese. Let this married man see what he was losing out on while he waited. She was free and single and could dance with whomever she pleased.

"I'll show you my best toddler jiggle." Gris twisted from the waist briefly in between steps as they walked back towards the fire.

With the fire in view and a wicked streak that his family was known for, he turned to Therese and said.

"Did you ever hear the joke about the lawyer who's dog keeps getting lose?" Gris continued. "The dog gets loose and steals a nice roast from the butcher shop. So the butcher, knowing that its the lawyer's dog, asks him a question. If a dog is running around unleashed and steals a piece of meat from my store do I have the right to demand payment from the owner? The lawyer told him, absolutely.

So the butcher smiles and tells the lawyer that he owes him eight fifty for the roast that his dog stole. Without a word, the lawyer pays the eight fifty to the butcher."

Gris smiled and finished the story.
"A week later the butcher gets a bill for a hundred dollars due for a consultation fee."
Therese 12 years ago
"At least you are honest."

She quipped about his evilness.

Knowing he was as trapped by this situation as she was Thérèse had actually been avoiding these gatherings. She'd been going out of her way to avoid Vaughn really, half hoping what she felt for him faded if she wasn't in his presence, hoping he'd forget her too. The last thing she wanted was to cause him pain.

Gris had apparently guessed she would go pensive and quiet and without a word set about keeping that from happening. Which was for the best, she couldn't dance and sulk at the same time and she did want to dance. She was laughing as they stopped back into the clearing and rejoined the group around the fire. Warmth and light washed over them and only a few people even noticed them, and that was less because they had disappeared into the woods (-that- sort of thing happened frequently enough) and more because Greer was a new comer and people were curious.

"Will you dance or play?"

She wanted for his answer before kissing his cheek and sliding into the group of dancers. She had had some dance training, not a lot but some. But that didn't serve here, these were not formal dances, these were things that you learned buy doing, that changed each night and that she like many of the Pack had learned buy clumsily imitating them as a child. It was just part of who they were. She danced totally oblivious to any one who might be watching, this was not a show, she danced just to enjoy the freedom of moment, the contrast of hot and cold as the fire warmed one side of her but the other stayed cool and most of all to simply stop over thinking things. She even managed not mostly suppress the wish that Vaughn could get up and join her and studiously kept from looking where she'd seen him last.
Greer Grayson 12 years ago
Gris smiled when she laughed, achieving his goal. He checked on his drum, mostly to make certain that it was out of the way, not because he believed anyone would have walked off with it. Not amongst the R'asa.

He then joined Therese at the fire.
"I promised to show you my excellent moves." Gris twisted his hips a few times before actually getting down to dancing. He moved with her, not touching her but focused on Therese. He also acknowledged the other people at the fire, sharing a twirl here or a slide there as people's movements around the circle brought them close. He felt that Therese likely did not want to seem that she was dancing for him and while it might be obvious that they were dancing together he wanted to make sure anyone watching would see the difference.
Vaughn Emiliano 12 years ago
Vaughn had tried not to notice how long Therese was gone but he counted the minutes, every one an eternity. He saw them when they came back to the fire, hand and hand. She was laughing, smiling at the young blonde that she was with. It hurt to watch, far more than he had any right for it to hurt. Every part of him wanted to go to her now, place himself back into her life.

He couldn't help but watch her dance. The light of the fire caressing the muscles on her long beautiful legs. Her movements had a sensuous grace about them. Therese danced with a glorious freedom that was intoxicating to him. Vaughn rarely felt able to be so uninhibited. He would claim that he didn't know how to be but she had shown him that was not true.

After his song ended he sat down the guitar and looked up at his daughter. There was no way that he could concentrate on playing while Therese was there able to watched but not able to be touched. Tavi seemed to understand and while he could not admit to his daughter his reasons, he felt she knew them anyway. He reasoned she had suspected them before and his first reactions tonight would have confirmed any guesses. Vaughn knew he would need to be more careful in the future.

Standing, he picked up the guitar turned to Tavi,
"I am going to go back to house. There are things I need to work on."

Why did he feel like such a coward for leaving? Every part of his soul rebelled against moving away from the fire and he had to brutally squash his instincts with an iron will.

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Octavia Emiliano 12 years ago
Tavi was aware of Therese and her blonde friend when they came back to fire. She was not surprised when her father sat down the guitar shortly thereafter and said he was done for the evening. It had to be painful to watch. She was not sure how much had gone on between Therese and Vaughn but it was obvious to her that he had strong feelings for the Frenchwoman whether they had been acted upon or not. What's more, it would seem that Therese had felt the same way the other night. Tavi was less sure of that, but she intended to find out.

She was tempted to ask her father to stay, ask him to come dance with her but they rarely did such things together. Vaughn rarely danced though she knew that could from the few times that she had witnessed the act. It would be odd and she wasn't sure that he would agree so she let him go. Leaving was probably difficult enough as it was without an excuse to stay and move closer.

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