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Continues from The Reveal II

Viv thought back to the meeting they had with the Pipers not an hour earlier at the Den. She tried to gather her thoughts as the cold chill made her hair fly around the hanger, remembering how wonderful it felt to tell the Pipers the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Her mind had wandered, always to the same thing, as she recalled it.

"How do you feel?"

You'd think that would be the one question she'd hear the most from people when they found out she was pregnant, and not just pregnant, but almost four months pregnant. No, instead she saw them doing the math in their head, trying to figure out just 'when' she got pregnant. She had only been in Nachton since August, so if she was four months pregnant, and it was still January...?

It was either that or 'The Commander?'. Yeah that was a bigger surprise to people than she thought it would be. Their fights apparently preceded them, but apparently Marko and Marthinus had known almost the entire time, so when she pressed about why they didn't tell the other Pipers, Marthinus said it was no one's business but their own (to which she kissed him right on the mouth) and Marko said he thought they already knew where the Commander had been spending his nights. He caught hell for that, she was fairly certain.

Smiling to herself, Vivienne dangled her legs off the table in the conference room just off of the Situation Room for the Pipers. The distinct scent of her mate and father of her unborn child sidled next to her, putting his hand on her thigh now that he could without having to hide it.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Oh, just secrets," she said, drawing out the last syllable.

"Well, ours is out. It's kind of a relief though, isn't it?"

"Yes and no. A Vyusher R'asa is having the Commander of the Alpha's Pipers baby. I'm thinking it might get frowned upon. I'm just speculating though - wild guess."

"Are you worried about what Vigo will say?"

"Hammer seemed to think he'd be happy. I honestly don't know, but it's your father I'm worried about. I'm fairly certain he's only ever saw me as Vigo's, I don't know, dirty secret or cleaner. I'm sure Duncan had plans for his oldest."

Viv was terrified of what Duncan might say or do. He wasn't the type of man to shut any of his sons out for taking their own path, but none of them had fathered a child and planned to marry a VR, not that she felt like she was a R'asa. It wasn't like she could help her markings, but she spent the last fifty years living for the Kadzait, she thought eventually they'd let her in the house. But now?

"I'm worried about Duncan," she said plainly.

Brig turned and rested his left arm down behind her on the table and fingered her now openly worn engagement ring as he leaned in to give her a long, reassuring kiss. "I love you, that is all that matters."

It wasn't, but she wasn't about to argue with Brig when he was so close to her, inundating her with his scent. She rubbed her cheek against his, capturing more of it and murmured happily, "I love you, so much."

The door opened and the Pipers who weren't standing guard over Charlie filed into the room along with Hammer. Brig slipped off the table but leaned against it, close to Viv. It was odd, not having to hide it anymore, and she felt a bit awkward at his easy closeness. She'd get used to it, but hiding was what she did best.

There was the normal chorus of 'ma'ams' and 'sirs' from the men as they took their seats on table tops or chairs. Hammer stood next to them and crossed his arms, his features betraying no emotion. The Pipers on the other hand were smiling and anxious to hear more about the relationship between the two most unlikely candidates in their world. Viv jumped into it and asked, "Questions?"

Red lifted his hand and said, "Oh my god...when?" The Pipers laughed and waited anxiously for answers.

Viv looked at Brig and murmured, "How detailed are we getting here?"

He shrugged, "I'm good with whatever you want to tell them."

Viv scratched her chin and took a deep breath. "We met the night before I arrived at the property. Chance encounter at the Park Reserve. I had flown in earlier that day and wanted to get a run in around midnight. We met as wolves and all we knew was that I was VR and he was Kadzait. Something," Viv paused, having a hard time explaining exactly what happened, "our scents drew us together."

"Your scents?" Hammer asked.

"It was almost instant. It was like finding the answer to a long forgotten question." Viv looked over at Brig and saw him smiling at her, his arms crossed. "I don't know how to describe it."

"So that next day at the Alpha's office?" Hammer said slowly.

"Yeah, a bit of a shocker," she said with a laugh. "We had no idea."

Brig added, "We did, I guess you could call it, avoiding one another for about a week or two before we gave into it."

"Tinta Roja, right?" Marko asked.

Viv raised her eyebrows and grinned. "Yeah, but how...?"

Red was nodding, "Ok, now that makes sense. The way you two danced together. That thin line between love and hate," he laughed and then looked at Viv's hand. "Is that an engagement ring?"

Brig nodded and added, "I proposed to her on New Year's eve."

Red made an O face and then verbalized, "Ooooh snap. So when I stopped Charlie from kissing you," he said pointing at her.

"Yeah, thanks for that by the way," Viv said with a grin.

"Oh you really do owe me, Commander," Red snorted.

"I still got to kiss her," Brig said with a smug smile.

"I know, I saw it," Marko said cheerfully.

The Pipers reached out and punched him on the arm. "I cannot believe you didn't tell anyone about it," Lewis squawked.

"You didn't ask me!"

Lewis' phone chirped and he checked the incoming message. "The Elders plane will be touching down within the hour, sirs."

Viv slipped off the table the picture of perfect calm, but inside her heart was racing a million miles per hour. Looking over at Hammer, he dropped his arms and held his hand out to the door for her as Brig put his hand on the small of her back, comforting and possessive at the same time. She would need both.

Brig Jameson 13 years ago

Brig looked down at Vivienne as she hugged herself. She had worn the gray cashmere dress he so loved on her, allowing room for her growing stomach, even though she hadn't even started to show yet. From what he understood she might not until her fifth month, but that was rapidly approaching.

It was two days after the Sewer explosion and they had spent it together, either squabbling over her moving into his apartment or holed up in her apartment making fervent love. He was just happy to be able to hold her without having to hide it.

"This is fine," she replied staring out at the runway. "Unless you're offering to hold me, then yes I am freezing."

Brig looked down at her and kissed her smile as he pulled her into his arms. They were leaning against the SUV they had come in with Hammer down at the other end, quiet as usual, ray ban sunglasses on so Brig could not tell if he was watching them. He held Viv in front of him, his large body engulfing her small one. The smell of jet fuel and the wind blowing could not temper the softness of her scent and he inhaled deeply as he pressed his cheek against her ear, rubbing some of his scent on her. Brig closed his eyes and felt her warmth, immediately becoming aroused as he entwined his fingers with hers. Viv laid her head back and turned her lips toward him and he kissed her, soft at first, but her scent began to send him into a frenzy and the kiss deepened.

"Jesus, I'm right here," Hammer mumbled.

Brig pulled back and smiled, resting his chin on the top of Viv's head. Hammer kept looking straight ahead but he shook his head slightly with a chuckle. Brig was relieved his cousin seemed to be taking Brig and Viv's relationship without question and it made him wonder if Hammer knew all along as well.

"I have to watch you and Lily canoodle. Just returning the favor."

Hammer grinned at that comment as he leaned against the SUV. Suddenly he stood upright and took his sunglasses off. "There it is," he said nodding toward the east as the Families' jet circled to land.

Brig slowly released Viv from his grip and Hammer tucked his glasses away. "How do you want to play this?" he asked Hammer.

"Only one way to play it, cousin, " Hammer said as he stepped away from the SUV and the three of them walked out of the hanger to the tarmac as the plane finally landed and taxied to them. "Let's start with the report of the explosion."

"All right," Brig said as Vivienne took her place behind the two men and waited quietly.
Vigo Hammerthynn 13 years ago
Vigo Hammerthynn shifted uncomfortably in his chair as the jet taxi'd slowly to the private hanger. His brother in law and best friend sat across from him, his chin in his hand, and stern look on his face. Neither men were happy with the situation before them, but there wasn't anything they could do about it.

The three new Pipers were repacking their personal electronics, readying themselves to take their positions within the Alpha's Nachton Pipers. Vigo's eye fell on Paulson, the newest of the three with the least in Piper training but most in physical combat; an American who only recently found out about his heritage and had been gifted within the past year. Still, he had proven himself a capable man during the siege on Glenveagh and Vigo had no doubts about him.

The other two: Phillips and Richardsons, both hailing from Europe were just as capable and excited about the new Command. Vigo had noticed Paulson slowly separating himself from the other two, but he didn't think it was due to shyness, Paulson just seemed to be more focused on his job than on camaraderie. That might be his only weakness, but he'd figure that out for himself.

"You ready for this?" Duncan asked looking at Vigo now.

Vigo rubbed his face, "Which part?"

Both men shared a small laugh but sobered as the jet came to a stop and Phillips stood to pop the door. Standing, their heads grazed the ceiling of the plane as well as Paulson. Reaching up, the Piper touched his head.

"You'll get used to the height," he said with a blank expression.

"I think I've grown six inches. I had no idea."

"Jamesons are tall men, reaching easily six foot four, even taller. You'll fit right in."

"I'm just worried about running into door frames, sir," Paulson said with a rare smile.

"You'll get used to that, too," Duncan said with a grin and held his hand out to the three Pipers who exited first.

Holding their gear in front of them, they descended the stairs and touched US soil. Duncan looked out one of the windows and said in a monotone voice, "Vivienne is with them."

"Good," was all Vigo said as both he and Duncan exited the jet. The three Pipers threw their bags over their shoulders and approached their new Commander and the Beta. Vigo watched as they all shook hands and walked in the direction that the CO pointed them to in order to clear customs. Carrying their own gear, both men walked side by side, looking intimidating and exuding power, as they approached their sons.

Hammer whispered something to Vivienne and made her stand in between he and Brig. Vigo narrowed his good eye and walked up to his son, holding out his hand.

"Been busy, Beta?" he said without a smile.

"Welcome to Nachton, Elder Hammerthynn," Hammer said with an authoritative voice as he shook his father's hand.

Not even privately did they use their family monikers, but the situation was not a pleasant one. For Hammer and Vigo to meet face to face, an event had to have happened that would require the attention of the Pack's Beta and the Families' Elder. It was all business. Vivienne on the other hand.

"Vivienne," Vigo said with a deep sigh. "I trust your orders here in Nachton are completed." It was not a question.

"Aye, sir," she replied with an emotionless face. Vigo would not have expected any other type of emotion reaction from her.

"Son," Duncan said holding his hand out to Brig who took it and smiled at his father.

"Good to see you, father. Mother well?"

"I wouldn't know, you and your Pipers have been keeping us busy," his tone wavered from humored to irritated. Vigo watched as Duncan looked at Vivienne and then to her clasped hands in front of her. He reached out and took Vivienne's left and looked at the ring. And that's when Duncan lost it.
Duncan Jameson 13 years ago
Duncan Jameson was Vigo's polar opposite. A generally well liked man, with good looks and charm that he passed to his four carbon copy sons. Brig was his oldest son and the most accomplished, but that was not unexpected as a Jameson within the Pack. Duncan served as the Elder of the Jameson family alongside his best friend and brother in law Vigo Hammerthynn, the Elder of his family. It had always been that way for generations and there was no reason why it would not continue to be so.

Brig had waited longer than his other brothers to settle down, despite his four marriages, but he had produced no off spring to take his place in time for him to step up into Duncan's Elder position when the time came. That honor would undoubtedly go to Duncan's grandson, Brig's youngest nephew, Lothias whom Brig had raised after his youngest brother's death. Hammer would parallel Brig's path and step up into his own father's position, but his own son had turned out to be the recent Alpha, previously thought to be the now deceased Liam Xephier son. And Hammer was also engaged to marry Liam's widow. Some thought it was scandalous, but Duncan privately thought it was the way it should have been. Liam's madness in the early years manifested in a violence most despicable, but as the Alpha's support structure, one had to develop a blind eye, much to Duncan's shame. Hammer did what he did and suffered for it. As far as Duncan was concerned, Hammer was getting what he had long deserved.


As for his own son, Duncan looked down at Vigo's Fixer and saw the white gold diamond engagement ring and nearly spit steel. This was not what he wanted for his oldest son.

"Is this," he started, closing his eyes but holding Vivienne's hand up to Brig, "you're going to marry her?"

Brig's face had turned to stone and he held his father's glare. "Yes," was all he said, but really, what else was there to say?

Duncan looked at Vivienne now, her eyes narrowed yet emotionless. "So when I asked what you had been doing for two months, the answer really was 'my son'."

Vigo immediately stepped forward, anticipating the Commander's response and put his hand out to stop him from crossing that line with his father. 'At ease, Commander."

"You know," Vivienne said in a slow, quiet voice, "I almost said that when you asked."

"Vivienne," Hammer snapped.

"We sent you here to fix a situation between our sons, for the families' sake, for the future of its leadership. You were here to evaluate the break and help mend it. Is this your idea of cleaning up a mess?"

"Meeting and falling in love with your son and inadvertently becoming pregnant? Of course not, but what's done is done."

"We had no idea, father. We met before she even came to the property."

"Do you know what this will do to our family? She's Vyusher R'asa. Vigo is still suffering for his decision to spare her decades ago. What do you think the families will think, will do, about your union with a VR?"

"That really depends on you, Elder Jameson," Hammer said, looking at Duncan. "They're in love, they're with child, and it's done. You're the Elder of your family and your authority reaches far and wide. If you don't accept this, you're condemning your own son."
Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
Hammer had told her not to stand behind them, but in the middle with them, and gently pulled her to the spot indicated. A show of subservient behavior would only make things worse. If Brig was her mate, she stood with him, not behind him.

Viv was surprised at Hammer's helpful advice. She didn't understand Hammer's complete one eighty, and she knew it surprised Brig as well, so she took it with extreme caution. After her retrieval from Siberia, Hammer had been lethal with his retribution, hitting her so hard without warning that it had sent her to the ground in a heap. There was no cavalier attitude, no witty quip. He had laid her out flat and then stepped on her neck, crushing her wind pipe with the sole of his massive boot.

She knew it was the Blood Memory pushing Hammer into such unheard violence. He was a massive, incredibly formidable man, but violence in a flash was not his style. She had barely stepped off the helicopter with Brig, the LT, and his Piper team when Hammer walked right up to her and nearly killed her inside of one minute. Brig could only look on, not that she blamed him - it was the Blood Memory as well as his position. The Beta trumped the Piper CO. If it hadn't been for the LT's quick thinking, invoking the family name and the ties to the Alpha, they knew full well that the Alpha had no decision as the grandson of the Elder, he did as the Alpha.

And Alpha trumped Beta any day of the week.

So with great hesitance, Viv watched Hammer with careful eyes. Maybe it was the realization of her relationship with his best friend and that the child she carried would be the Elder Jameson's oldest son's heir, Hammer felt compelled to protect her and the relationship.

Who the hell knew? She sure as shit didn't.

"Everyone keeps calling me Vyusher R'asa, but I spent maybe 2 minutes as one. I've lived almost my entire life for the Kadzait, the Alpha has welcomed me into the pack, here, where the core of the Pack is and where leadership reigns. Really? I'm kind of sick of this shit.

"Becoming pregnant, hell becoming involved with the Commander was not part of a master plan. I was sent here to ensure that both your sons did not fuck up a good thing. They figured that out for themselves, but yes, not unfortunately and very unexpectedly, I fell in love with your son, Duncan. Deeply, truly in love with him. He asked me to marry him before even I knew I was pregnant. I said yes."

"To being his fifth wife," Duncan interrupted sarcastically.

"To being the only one that loves him for the man he was, is, and will be. You don't have to like it, I know you never will; your son marrying the VR pup your best friend took pity on, but I have never once betrayed Vigo or you for that matter. I live for the Pack and the families and tolerated some ridiculous bullshit, staying away from the pack when I all I ever did was serve it faithfully and without hesitation."

Viv took a long breath and pulled at her hair, twisting it around her shoulders. "The situation at hand now is after the Sewer incident, something we like to refer to as 'when half the Downtown Strip blew up' has resulted in Sergeant Hammond being mortally wounded. He is currently being treated by Duibne Industries."

"Who do we have to thank for that debacle," Duncan asked dryly and in a monotone voice.

"Me, actually. And you're welcome, sir. Your Piper is alive will be fully healed within the next couple of months."

Vigo interjected, "We want to see him."

"I make one phone call, that's it." Pointing over her shoulder in the direction of the new Pipers Viv added, "The Alpha has reassigned me to stay in Nachton to evaluate the incoming Pipers and maintain mental evaluations on the current ones to ensure that the incident with Michaels does not reoccur. The Commander has copies of all my reports."

Viv looked at Brig who had the hint of a smile on his face as he looked at her.

"Now, if we can get you gentlemen through Customs, we'll head to the Den to speak to the Alpha and make nice nice."
Brig Jameson 13 years ago
Brig watched his father insult his mate right to his face and it took everything not to lay him out flat on the ground. Vigo had already stepped forward and stopped Brig from pushing the line of respect, but the fact that his father was reacting the way he did was more than just odd. Brig looked at Viv as she took no shit and barked back at Duncan, making him realize the validity of her theory of the Blood Memory. Hammer's reaction to Viv taking off for Siberia and ultimately her return were so out of character for his 'speak quietly but hold a big stick' cousin that his father's reaction only added credence to possible twisting of the Hammerthynns and Jamesons. Brig decided not to bring up the issue, not right then, out of prudence or it could have been the pulse of the migraine invading his brain. Whatever it was, he dropped it immediately.

"We can argue about this later, father. Let's get you and Elder Hammerthynn through customs and go home."

Brig's father focused his intense glare onto him and adjusted the luggage strap on his shoulder. Both he and Vigo were wearing their colder weather gear, not really needing them, but for appearance sense; thigh length brown leather jackets with their khakis and button ups. With a shake of his head, Duncan moved past Vigo and Hammer and stalked off toward the direction of the other three Pipers.

Once he had exited, Vigo looked at Brig and spoke plainly. "He's upset. We both are," and then left without another word.

Viv closed her eyes and hung her head. "Fuck," she muttered and walked away from the SUV.

"Where are you going," Brig asked her.

"I'll have one of the Pipers pick me up. One VR is one too many." She walked through the hanger and headed toward the gates.

All at once Brig felt torn. His mate or his father. He looked at Hammer who just shrugged and put his ray bans on his face. "What would you do, Hammer?"

"You know what I would do," he said quietly. "I would have let her go."

"But I can't."

"I didn't say you should, Brain, I just said that's what I would have done. I waited sixty years, but," he paused turning his face toward Brig, "I missed everything. That's a suffering you don't want to go through, cousin. Whatever you decide, I'm here."

Hammer put his hand on Brig's shoulder and then left to assist their fathers.

Not living life with Vivienne was not an option. Not living without her and their unborn daughter was not the man or father he wanted to be. Brig knew what would happen: his younger brother Victor would force Vivienne to let the baby live within the Jameson household and Vic would not make it easy for his mate. Then the baby would be a painful reminder of what he gave up for the sake of the family. But in return, if he chose Vivienne, his position within the pack would be in jeopardy, unless his father gave them his blessing. He'd have Viv and their daughter, though. One loss was just too great.

Well, he thought to himself, he'd just have to convince his father.

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